You Don’t Still Plan On Punching Attackers, Do You?

I was listening to Mike Seeklander’s podcast last week where he interviewed Craig Douglas and it reminded me of this article and how timeless the information is… Have you ever wondered why professional mixed martial arts fighters can kick, elbow, and knee each other in the face but still have to tape up and wear […]

Improvised Weapons, The Election, and finding like-minded preppers

**As a note, the 5-Nov-10 notification email had a link to this page.  The correct page for the Quantitative Easing article is here: Welcome to this week’s Urban Survival Newsletter, brought to you by Tim Larkin’s Target Focus Training and  This week, we’re going to talk about tactics for using everyday items to […]

Reality Based Fighting, Self Defense, And Martial Arts For Survival [Video]

I’ve been getting questions this week about the special “Lethal Weapons” package that Tim Larkin from Target Focus Training put together for my readers. It’s a combination of a training that Tim and Chris did at an undisclosed federal training facility for Federal Agents and one of my favorite trainings that they’ve done on how […]

Why SEAL Team 6 and I Switched To Target Focus Training

What do SEAL Team 6, Matt Fury (Combat Conditioning), Tim Schmidt (USCCA), Ignatius Piazza (Frontsight), and myself have in common? We all have access and exposure to every self-defense system available to the general public and even some that are normally only available to military and law enforcement and we have all chosen at one […]