Review of Episode 3 of Doomsday Preppers on Nat Geo

Episode 3 of Doomsday Preppers had an interesting twist to it…NGC said that they’d examined cultures from around the globe and that Doomsday Preppers was a part of their “ongoing look at American outliers.” Outliers? Really? I guess it’s crazy, in hurricane country to prepare for hurricanes, in blizzard country to prepare for blizzards, in […]

Review of Doomsday Preppers on Nat Geo Channel Episode 1

In the first episode, Doomsday Preppers interviews 3 preppers. First up, Paul and Gloria Range from Floresville, TX. They’re retired and are full-time preppers, spending up to 50 hours per week. Some notables: -They’ve got 50,000 pounds of food -Their house is made out of 9 40 foot long steel shipping containers -In the show, […]

The Colony On Discovery Season 2 Finale

Tonight was the conclusion of the second season of The Colony.  This episode was ironically called, “Don’t Look Back.”  I say “ironically” because the episode starts off with Tick and Jim scouting the “Militia Camp.”  These are supposedly the people who keep attacking the Colonists, although there are only 8 people there…not 30.  Jim and […]

Colony Episode 9 – The Virus – Psychology, Scouting, and Revenge

We’re only a couple of episodes from the end of season 2.  Episode 9 was called “The Virus.” This week’s episode starts out with a mob of 20+ outsiders lifting the corrugated fence off of it’s hinges and walking into the compound.  They’ve got gas grenades, OC (pepper spray), and sticks.  Again, it makes for […]

Colony Episode 8 – Useful Idiots & Survival Psychology

We’re 44 days into the 2nd season of The Colony on Discovery.  I have to tell you, it is a GREAT show for figuring out situations to game in your head or with others.  Again, don’t watch it for any examples of what to do in a survival situation.  You’ll be very disappointed if you […]

Episode 6 of The Colony on Discovery, “Skout”

LOTS of conversation on last week’s episode…and this week was another good one.  One thing that I mentioned in last week’s comments was that The Colony isn’t a show you want to watch to LEARN how to survive a disaster.  It’s a show to watch to start preparedness conversations with your friends/loved ones, to give […]

Episode 5 of The Colony on Discovery "The Abduction"

Here we are on episode 5 of the Colony, “The Abduction.” The episode starts out with one of the colonists, Becka, getting kidnapped and taken away.  The kidnappers leave a ransom note asking for medical supplies and gas. The abduction starts with one of the attackers putting a bag over Becka’s head.  She comments later that […]

Urban Survival Lessons From Colony Episode 4 Season 2 On Discovery

Episode 4 of The Colony (Season 2) titled “To Have and Have Not” starts out with a “scavanging” group coming back from looting another group.  Like always, there are some good lessons from this episode. -Stealing is not scavanging.  I talk about this in the “Lessons From Katrina” lesson of the SurviveInPlace course, but theft […]

Survival Lessons From The Colony on Discovery:Episode 2

We’re on week 2 of season 2 of The Colony.  The colonists FINALLY decide to get serious about security. – Exhausted, dirty, & sore.  If your normal, everyday life is not strenuous, you need to expect the first few weeks of survival to be exhausting.  You also need to be prepared to take care of […]