Review of Doomsday Preppers on Nat Geo Channel Episode 1

In the first episode, Doomsday Preppers interviews 3 preppers. First up, Paul and Gloria Range from Floresville, TX. They’re retired and are full-time preppers, spending up to 50 hours per week. Some notables: -They’ve got 50,000 pounds of food -Their house is made out of 9 40 foot long steel shipping containers -In the show, […]

10 Minute Bug-Out Drill

Welcome to this week’s Urban Survival Newsletter, sponsored by the Urban Survival Course and, my monthly EMP proof print newsletter. This week, we’re going to go over another fun preparedness activity that you can do alone or with your family…bug-out drills. A short time back, I decided to run through a solo 10 […]

Survival kits, 72 hour kits, GOOD bags. A Layered Approach

Welcome to this week’s Urban Survival Newsletter sponsored by: Urban Survival Guide and A few weeks ago, I answered a question about the 5 items to always have on you and then I talked about some micro/minimalist survival kits.  There were several responses to both of them that pointed out items that the […]