DHS Is Gaming Civil War…Are You?

Awhile back, a highly respected security expert was recently approached by a DHS informant who told him that DHS is preparing for Civil War due to a collapse of the dollar, hyperinflation, and the resulting chaos that they expect to happen as a result. The thing that surprised me is, frankly, why anyone was surprised […]

Survive the Coming Collapse News & Views

Survival Diva here with exciting news for the forum. David saw the need to add a daily news update on preparedness related subjects along with regular weekly posts. News and Views will include current information and news on preparedness, the economy, legislation impacting self-sufficiency and enlightening how-to’s via articles and podcasts. Links are provided for easy access. So […]

This Week's Natural Manmade And Economic Threats

Welcome to this week’s Urban Survival Newsletter, brought to you by the www.SurviveInPlace.com Urban Survival Course and the www.LamplighterReport.com, my monthly print preparedness newsletter. I want to start off by wishing everyone a Happy Independence Day and welcome all of our new Sovereign Man readers this week. Whether you are new to the Urban Survival […]