An Open Letter to Our Elected Representatives

An Open Letter to My Senators, Congressmen and The President of the United States of America. The 1st Amendment to the United States Constitution provides for the people to “petition the government for a redress of grievances”. That is the purpose of this letter. In short, I’M FED UP!!! The Constitution of the United States […]

The Warrior Way

The Warrior Way By Dr. Leonard M. Breure, PhD Every society has its warrior class. America in the 21st century is no exception. Whether it’s the soldier defending their country, the police officer guarding their community or the private citizen protecting their home, all are warriors in the battle between good and evil. The starting […]

We Want America Back!

We Want AMERICA Back! By Dr. Leonard M. Breure, PhD Somehow we have allowed this great nation of ours to become derailed. Spend 5 minutes watching the news and it becomes obvious that we are no longer on the tracks that the Founding Fathers set us upon when they created this Republic that we call […]

BOB’s; or, Surviving Somewhere Else – #6

BOB’s; or, Surviving Somewhere Else – #6 Can it really happen? Can your whole world go into the potty in moments? You better believe it. One of my hobbies is Volunteering for the American Red Cross. The more glamorous occasions sent me to Louisiana and Mississippi to assist folks flooded out of their homes. But […]

#7 – Making a Will

DISASTER PREPAREDNESS- #7 A WILL Disaster Prep can run the gamut of preparing for holing up at home to a mad dash to run away. Food Storage protects during financial crisis, quarantine from disease, or simply unexpectedly running out of “eggs.” The “Grab and Go” kit is for sudden disasters that run you out of […]

#5 – Gold

#5 – Gold – 22 March 2010 A big question going around right now is, “Should I save up in gold?” The answer is a big MAYBE! Gold as a storage medium has an extremely limited use; it is a great way to move about great amounts of wealth more easily. (That’s why we invented […]

Book Suggestions

:Lesson two begins to hint that we are going to get into the “meat” of the topic soon. I look forward to heavier/weighter/meater lessons. So far, I have enjoyed both lessons, but am looking to really getting into the “weeds” so to speak, and not another overview from 5-miles up. (Don’t get me wrong, or […]