Survival Lessons From The Colony on Discovery:Episode 2

We’re on week 2 of season 2 of The Colony.  The colonists FINALLY decide to get serious about security. – Exhausted, dirty, & sore.  If your normal, everyday life is not strenuous, you need to expect the first few weeks of survival to be exhausting.  You also need to be prepared to take care of […]

Solar Flare To Hit Earth On 3-Aug-2010

In case you didn’t catch it on the news, there’s a solar flare headed towards Earth that will hit tonight and tomorrow.  Now, technically, a solar flare spawned a coronal mass ejection that’s headed towards Earth, but “solar flare” is a much more recognized phrase than “coronal mass ejection.”  I’m going to tell you what’s going on with […]

Survival Lessons From The Colony on Discovery Episode 1

The season of The Colony on Discovery started tonight.  This season takes place on the Louisiana coast in a 10 acre abandoned neighborhood. In it, 7 strangers agree to attempt to live off of the grid for 50 days in a post pandemic urban environment. Over the 50 days, they’ll have to manage basic survival, […]

Happy Memorial Day

Just a quick note to wish you a happy Memorial Day. And, if you did or still are serving our country, I want to say “Thank You.” This applies to almost every one of my readers, but I also want to thank those of you who have lost friends and relatives who died while protecting […]

Double Duty – # 2 – 9 March 2010

Double Duty – #2 When you figure you may have to carry your three day BOB, (Bug out Bag), yet want to have everything you can think of to do what you need along the way, you must make everything as double or as multi duty as possible. Every BOB should have a Leatherman in […]

Mindset – #3 13 March 2010

Mindset – #3 Mindset is probably the hardest thing to teach to people after they grow up. It involves KNOWING that no matter what the sprites throw at you, you will Survive. In style. Martial arts classes work at this. For some reason I never hear it discussed in mechanics classes, but it applies. Because […]

Healthcare…Time to get your plans in order!

Welcome to this week’s Urban Survival Newsletter! This week was kind of a kick in the gut for me….and many Americans. Between the increasing number of foreign threats that want to destroy us and the domestic threats to our liberty, the last few days should serve as a wake-up call to make sure you are […]

AR vs AK?

Heya Preppers, Well I finally found an AR that had the features I wanted or required for a price I considered affordable, so I took the plunge. The weapon I purchased is a Delton kit built AR, with removable carry handle, and if the shipper can be believed a Wilson barrel. I paid $700.00 for […]

Costco Tactical Flashlight Review

A couple of notes… This flashlight is on sale for $15 as of 30-March. One problem that another user and I have both had is that the switch is very sensitive and turns on in our pants pocket. Solution: This flashlight may not be the one to carry in your pants pocket. It still has […]

A Call to Arms!

A Call to Arms! If you are anything like me, you’re just as fed up with all our politicians and the games they play as I am. I’ve had enough. It’s time that we get off our butts and do something about this mess in Washington. Thomas Campbell said, “The patriot’s blood is the seed […]