Review of Doomsday Preppers on Nat Geo Channel Episode 1

In the first episode, Doomsday Preppers interviews 3 preppers. First up, Paul and Gloria Range from Floresville, TX. They’re retired and are full-time preppers, spending up to 50 hours per week. Some notables: -They’ve got 50,000 pounds of food -Their house is made out of 9 40 foot long steel shipping containers -In the show, […]

Geocaching as a Fun Family Preparedness Activity

From time to time, I like to share ideas for fun activities that you can do on your own or with other members of your family that have a “hidden” preparedness component. Today, we’ve got one that’s perfect for Easter weekend…whether you’re traveling or looking for “unique” Easter eggs, geocaching is a great activity. Geocaching […]

Colony Episode 9 – The Virus – Psychology, Scouting, and Revenge

We’re only a couple of episodes from the end of season 2.  Episode 9 was called “The Virus.” This week’s episode starts out with a mob of 20+ outsiders lifting the corrugated fence off of it’s hinges and walking into the compound.  They’ve got gas grenades, OC (pepper spray), and sticks.  Again, it makes for […]

Colony Episode 8 – Useful Idiots & Survival Psychology

We’re 44 days into the 2nd season of The Colony on Discovery.  I have to tell you, it is a GREAT show for figuring out situations to game in your head or with others.  Again, don’t watch it for any examples of what to do in a survival situation.  You’ll be very disappointed if you […]

Reality Based Fighting, Self Defense, And Martial Arts For Survival [Video]

I’ve been getting questions this week about the special “Lethal Weapons” package that Tim Larkin from Target Focus Training put together for my readers. It’s a combination of a training that Tim and Chris did at an undisclosed federal training facility for Federal Agents and one of my favorite trainings that they’ve done on how […]

Jason Statham Fight Tactics From The Expendables

I took a couple of hours on Friday afternoon to watch a matinee showing of the new Stallone, Bruce Willis, Jet Li, and Jason Statham movie, “The Expendables.” It was an entertaining action flick.  The good guys guns never jammed, they aimed perfectly on full auto, and seemed to have 200 round mags.  I wish all the […]

Urban Survival Lessons From Colony Episode 4 Season 2 On Discovery

Episode 4 of The Colony (Season 2) titled “To Have and Have Not” starts out with a “scavanging” group coming back from looting another group.  Like always, there are some good lessons from this episode. -Stealing is not scavanging.  I talk about this in the “Lessons From Katrina” lesson of the SurviveInPlace course, but theft […]

Urban Survival Lessons From TV???

Over the last year or so, there have been several survival shows like “The Colony” and “Worst Case Scenario” that have come onto the market and it’s looking like several of them are coming back for 2nd seasons.

Book launch and training with airsoft

Today is Good Friday…one of my favorite days of the year, and one of the days that is most important to me : ) This week, I’m going to talk about using airsoft trainer pistols as a training aid. But first, if you haven’t claimed your copies of my new book, “Urban Survival Guide”, I […]