Survive the Coming Collapse News & Views

Survival Diva here with exciting news for the forum. David saw the need to add a daily news update on preparedness related subjects along with regular weekly posts. News and Views will include current information and news on preparedness, the economy, legislation impacting self-sufficiency and enlightening how-to’s via articles and podcasts. Links are provided for easy access. So […]

Supply Chain Breakdowns In The News & Last Minute Christmas

Welcome to this week’s Urban Survival Newsletter. With the threat of yet another Government shut down over spending playing out like a Kabuki dance in Washington, I thought you’d find this ‘serious spoof’ informative… As you watch it, know that it’s not real, but it could be all too soon: This week’s issue is […]

Top 10 Reasons Why The Future of America Depends on Survivalists & Preppers

Welcome to this week’s Survive The Coming Collapse Newsletter  This week, I’m running what has become my annual day-after-Thanksgiving article with a few timely updates throughout. On with this week’s issue… I hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  I’m very thankful for family, friends, and the others who read this newsletter and send […]

San Diego Power Outage-Occupy Wall Street-Anonymous Hacktivists

Last week’s newsletter on firearms confiscations and FEMA camps created a firestorm of comments.  It was interesting to see people passionately criticizing me for not taking the threat seriously enough while, at the same time, people on the other end of the spectrum said I was “fear mongering” by even talking about it.  Good thing […]

An Embarrassing Confession…

Welcome to this week’s Urban Survival Newsletter, brought to you by the Urban Survival Course and I’ve got a somewhat embarrassing confession to share with you today.  It wouldn’t be embarrassing for most people to find themselves in the position I’m in, but it is embarrassing for me.  For the last 6 days, I’ve […]

Mary and Joseph's 80 Mile Bug-out-Politics, Religion, and prepping

This week’s Urban Survival Newsletter is going to be a quick one.  It’s been a great/busy week leading up to Christmas and I’m guessing you are as short on time for reading as I am for writing. There are a few quick things that I want to go over this week, starting with some BIG […]

This is what people are saying about the Urban Survival Course…..

The single most important thing that your series offers is the organization and manageability of the information. Just a short note to thank you for the informative series. I have been involved quite heavily in preparation for about 11 years. Although I have seen a lot of this information before, I will tell you that […]

Healthcare…Time to get your plans in order!

Welcome to this week’s Urban Survival Newsletter! This week was kind of a kick in the gut for me….and many Americans. Between the increasing number of foreign threats that want to destroy us and the domestic threats to our liberty, the last few days should serve as a wake-up call to make sure you are […]

The Truth About The UN Small Arms Treaty

I get emails ALMOST every day about Obama and Hillary signing on to the UN Small Arms Treaty. They usually say that it happened “last Wednesday” and try to combine it with some current event. In short, these emails are lies/hoaxes/cons sent out to make gun owners look stupid.  Don’t fall for it.  If you’re […]

Deploying to Haiti & Preparedness While Traveling

To begin with, I want to thank everyone who is or will be deploying down to Haiti to help with the recovery and stabilization efforts. I will be praying for you. If you or anyone you know is among those deploying to Haiti, please get in contact with me ASAP. I am getting in touch […]