Raised bed greenhouses from recycled materials

Making Raised-Bed Greenhouses from Recycled Materials By Pat Perry Sullivan Growing up in the woods, I developed a life-long passion for the smell and feel of earth.  I also came to understand our part as caretakers of this part of the Creation.  So it makes sense that I would learn as much as possible about […]

Affordable Firearms Training With Lasers

This week, on Tactical Tuesday, I’m going to share an incredibly effective firearms training tool that’s being used by everyone from suburban housewives practicing defensive skills to special operations teams drilling for direct action. What is it?  It’s called the SIRT (Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger) and it is a dedicated laser firearm training platform. While […]

Training For High-Stress Self Defense Shooting At Home

It’s Tactical Tuesday and today we’re going to cover a few quick tips on firearms training techniques that you can use to get your mind and body ready to use a firearm in a high-stress defensive situation that won’t cost you a small fortune in ammo. One axiom of firearms training is that you will […]

American’s Are Weighing In: They’re Not Giving Up Their Guns!

Welcome to this week’s Survive The Coming Collapse newsletter, brought to you by Tim Larkin’s Target Focus Training, which provides perhaps the absolute best framework and skillsets for the average person to be able to confront the threat of active shooters–especially when unarmed.  Over 108 people, just like you, took advantage of Tim’s generous offer […]

Why I Encourage My Wife To Claw My Face

(Copy your request for no preparedness info.  My email software requires that when people click on a link, I send them SOMEWHERE, so I sent you here.  It should be in line with what you want.) I talk a lot about protecting yourself and your family by hiding the fact that you are taking intelligent […]

Survival and Preparedness Q&A

Welcome to this week’s SurviveTheComingCollapse.com newsletter, sponsored by Tim Larkin’s Target Focus Training–the empty hands combatives system that I’ve personally used since the mid 90s.  I consider it vital training for dealing with violent attackers–regardless of whether you have a firearm or not.  Tim has put together a 50% off offer for my readers just […]

Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink

Water, water, everywhere–and not a drop to drink. For many, that will be the common cry of despair after they’re hit with a major disaster that wipes out utilities in their area. Whether it’s mud, raw sewage, road runoff, chemicals, or salt, knowing how to make water drinkable can quickly mean the difference between survival […]

You Don’t Still Plan On Punching Attackers, Do You?

I was listening to Mike Seeklander’s podcast last week where he interviewed Craig Douglas and it reminded me of this article and how timeless the information is… Have you ever wondered why professional mixed martial arts fighters can kick, elbow, and knee each other in the face but still have to tape up and wear […]

Why I Encourage My Wife To Claw At My Face

I talk a lot about protecting yourself and your family by hiding the fact that you are taking intelligent steps to prepare breakdowns in civil order.  Keeping food storage, camping gear, and firearms out of sight are all smart and necessary steps to take. But what happens if you still end up being the target […]

Get Started With Life-Saving Medical Supplies For $50

Welcome to this week’s Urban Survival Newsletter, brought to you by the FastestWayToPrepare.com family preparedness course. If you are looking for the FASTEST way to get your family prepared for disaster, this course can get you started in just a few minutes from now. To learn more, go >here<. We’ve been watching the events unfolding […]