5 Important lessons from the Ferguson Shootings

Emotions are still running high following the August 9th shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, just outside of St. Louis.  But if you step back a little bit, there have been some incredibly valuable lessons that could just keep you alive if you ever find yourself in a self-defense situation…regardless of whether it’s with […]

3 Firearms Training Myths (and Quick Fixes)

Summertime is peak firearms training time for many people.  Thousands of individuals, couples and families are taking off of work and traveling to great schools all across the country. In almost all cases, the schools are delivering great instruction. But most students leaving these classes are buying into one, two, or three of the following […]

Do These 7 Things For Wilderness Survival

Welcome to this week’s newsletter, brought to you by former Force Recon Marine, Chris Graham’s 30-10 At-Home Pistol Training Program–Guaranteed to put you in the top 10% of all shooters in the next 30 days.  Learn more now by going >HERE< If you needed to bug out at a moments notice, would you be able […]

Do you make these 3 Firearms Training Mistakes?

As a responsible firearm owner, you know how important it is to train with your firearm on a regular basis. It makes it more fun to shoot by yourself, more fun when you’re shooting with others, and it could just make the difference between going home or to the hospital in a lethal force encounter. […]

New Years Resolution : Prepper Style

Welcome to Survive The Coming Collapse newsletter, brought to you by the Journal of Tactics and Preparedness—If you haven’t signed up for the Journal of Tactics and Preparedness yet, I want to encourage you to do so right now.  It is the best source available for continual cutting edge tactical and preparedness training and, during […]

The Basics: “Bug out Bags” and what should be in them.

Before we start the most important tool you possess is your mind, with proper preparation and training you can be ready for almost any situation. Under “TrainingEducation” on this site there are some very good resources to get you started. Lately I have heard a lot of discussion about bug out bags and the discussions […]

Active Shooter Training Plan

What is your plan if you find yourself in the middle of an active shooter situation? I want to share with you, briefly, a response plan for active shooters based on the proven model used in Israel.  In fact, this model was so effective that it forced suicide attackers to abandon guns in favor of […]

(Reader’s Story) They almost mobbed me – for ICE CREAM!

This week, I’ve been talking about one of those areas that a lot of fellow preppers and gun owners neglect… “social chaos”. A gun and empty hands fighting skills are great tools, but it takes a different skillset to deal with a mob of angry (or even just a mob of scared) people.  If you […]

Rifle Dry Fire Drills For Hunting Season

Hunting season is coming up fast and if you’re a hunter, like me, you’re getting a little bit excited.  I’m spending more time looking for spoor, I’m keeping my range finder close by, and I’m headed out this week to freshen up the batteries in my cameras and check the memory cards. And, if you’ve […]

Own The Night By Seeing Better In The Dark

When you go from a light room to a dark room or when something goes “bump” in the night, are you comfortable operating in the dark?  Here are 3 quick tips for being more comfortable operating in the dark… First, don’t look directly at what you’re trying to see.  In VERY simple terms, your eyes […]