Jason Statham Fight Tactics From The Expendables

I took a couple of hours on Friday afternoon to watch a matinee showing of the new Stallone, Bruce Willis, Jet Li, and Jason Statham movie, “The Expendables.” It was an entertaining action flick.  The good guys guns never jammed, they aimed perfectly on full auto, and seemed to have 200 round mags.  I wish all the […]

Home Invasions, Terrorist Stats, and Recommended Survival Vendors

Yesterday, the Department of Homeland Security admitted that over the past nine months, the number of terror plots in this country have surpassed the number of attempts during any other previous one-year period. For those of you who have gone through the SurviveInPlace.com course, this is no surprise.  There are over 100 semi-independent terrorist cells […]

Home Invasion Survival Strategies And Statistics

Welcome to this week’s Urban Survival Newsletter, Sponsored by SurviveInPlace.com and this week, by Tim Larkin’s Target Focus Training. Home invasions are currently a very real threat in the US and are likely to increase in frequency as the enconomy slides.  Of course, in a civil breakdown situation, the number of occurances will likely skyrocket. […]

You don’t STILL practice punching for self-defense, do you?

Have you ever wondered why professional mixed martial arts fighters can kick, elbow, and knee each other in the face but still have to tape up and wear padded gloves? The reason is that when you use your fists against somebody’s face, you’re rolling the dice, at best, on whether you’re going to walk away […]

What To Do After Using Deadly Force to Defend Yourself

It is one thing to survive an attack, but you must also survive the legal system. Copy and print this article and keep in your wallet/purse for future reference. Before you need them find an attorney that is skilled in representing self-defense cases. Do some research and find the best that is available. It will […]

Specialized Items – #4 14 March 2010

Specialized Items – #4 Truly surviving in place will require stocking up on some specialized items that you will have to budget extra for. Most would not normally be in a home. Many of these items can be obtained at rock bottom prices if you watch for them at the local second hand store and, […]

Domestic terrorists, Twitter & OPSEC, Volcanoes & air quality

Welcome to this week’s SurviveInPlace.com Urban Survival Newsletter. We’re going to briefly touch on the FBI’s stance on domestic terrorism and a few of the groups that they’re identifying as domestic terrorists. I’ll also give you a quick update on OPSEC and Twitter, take a look at a lesson on air quality that we can […]