3 Tips: Reuniting Your Family After A Disaster

One of the most common questions I get from readers about their survival plan is… “How can I rally my family back together if we’re separated in an attack or disaster that comes without warning?” This is a great question because those initial moments of an “instant crisis” create a lot of confusion and panic. […]

Prepper Response To The Sandy Hook Elementary Mass Murders

On Friday, as you know, a deeply troubled boy entered Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut and killed 20 young children and 6 adults.  It’s horrible, but politicians and the media have been warping the truth on what happened and attempting to use it as a way to centralize power and take guns away from […]

Balancing OPSEC and Resilient Communities

Welcome to this week’s Newsletter, brought to you by the SurviveInPlace.com Preparedness Course…designed to help you create a plan to survive wherever you spend the majority of your time, even if that happens to be a non-ideal location. Many people who have been watching “Doomsday Preppers” on National Geographic are wondering why in the heck these people are […]

Finding Other Preppers & Flu Prevention

Welcome to this week’s Urban Survival Newsletter, brought to you by my new Fastest Way To Prepare survival course. I want to start off by wishing all veterans happy Veterans’ Day and all Leathernecks a belated happy birthday.  I’m reminded on a daily basis how fortunate I am to have generations of people who came before […]

Prepare Alone or as a Group?

This week’s newsletter is sponsored by a Maryland doctor with an unconventional retirement plan.  If you meet 2 simple requirements, he can show you how to live a rich retirement with just $10,000 in savings.  Click here for full details… www.surviveinplace.com/a/retire2 One of the early realizations that people have as they’re starting to get prepared […]

Improvised Weapons, The Election, and finding like-minded preppers

**As a note, the 5-Nov-10 notification email had a link to this page.  The correct page for the Quantitative Easing article is here:  secretsofurbansurvival.com/489/what-quantitative-easing-means-for-you/ Welcome to this week’s Urban Survival Newsletter, brought to you by Tim Larkin’s Target Focus Training and UrbanSurvivalPlayingCards.com.  This week, we’re going to talk about tactics for using everyday items to […]

Individual Preparedness vs. Group Preparedness?

Earlier this week, my friend Jeff Anderson from Home Defense Tactics  surveyed his membership and asked the what their biggest concerns were about Urban Survival. He compiled the concerns, filtered them down to the top 5, sent them to me, and we discussed them during an interview yesterday. My responses were pretty meaty…when I typed […]

Friends, Families, and Bubba's

I will rarely admit that when I was a young boy my nick name was “Bubba”. As I grew older I realized I never fit the stereotype. I have all my front teeth, never owned a pair of bib overalls, and have graduated from high school and then some. I will admit to owning a […]

Dry-fire training technique, finding other local preppers, and prescriptions after disasters

In this weeks Urban Survival Report, I’m going to share an incredibly effective, yet
almost unheard of dry fire technique, give you a resource to find other preppers in
your area, share some strategies on what to do about prescription meds.

UV Water Purification and Weapon Safety Around Kids

Two questions that I get asked often are about water purification and weapons safety around kids. Will UV Water Purification Work In An Urban Survival Situation? In short, it CAN work.  UV purification is very effective at killing viruses, bacteria, and protozoa and is used by municipalities, restaurants, and many households to purify not only […]