Do People STILL Think You’re Paranoid For Preparing?

Welcome to this week’s Newsletter, brought to you by the Urban Survival Course and the ultra-fast preparedness course. We wrote this article awhile back for another site.  It had such a good response that we moved it over here. This week, we’re going to talk about whether or not you’re paranoid for taking […]

Surviving Extreme Heat and Power Outages

We’re to the part of the summer when the heat and thunder storms take center stage as big news stories. Conveniently, everyone seems to forget that it gets hot and we have thunder storms EVERY summer, so it makes good news. Along with heat comes power outages, primarily from increased air conditioner use, but also […]

Countering The Myths of Gun Violence

A quick thank you to almost 2,000 of you who completed the 30 second survey I sent out yesterday about the article topics and courses that you most want to see for the rest of this year.  I really appreciate your taking that half-minute out of your day to help. Everyone who completed the survey […]

1 Weird 2 Cent Trick For Precision With A Pistol

Ox here with a little 2 cent trick with you that may very well completely change how well you shoot. There are several factors that impact how well you can shoot a gun. Some of them are controllable, and some you just have to deal with. And some are a combination of both. As an […]

DHS Is Gaming Civil War…Are You?

Awhile back, a highly respected security expert was recently approached by a DHS informant who told him that DHS is preparing for Civil War due to a collapse of the dollar, hyperinflation, and the resulting chaos that they expect to happen as a result. The thing that surprised me is, frankly, why anyone was surprised […]

3 Great Lessons From Getting Disqualified at Indoor Nationals

Ox here, from Dry Fire Training Cards… A couple of months ago, I sponsored and shot in the Smith & Wesson IDPA Indoor National Championships. Many of you knew I was getting ready for it and heard rumors of what happened, and I want to share exactly what happened. It was simultaneously horrible and awesome, […]

4 Hacks To Improve Your Self-Defense Mindset

Ox here… The response to Tuesday’s article on the Coyote vs. Moose was great. Several of you signed up for training, commented on the article, and emailed in. One of the comments reminded me of 4 lessons that I’ve learned over the years training with Tim and Chris. The commenter said, “piss on the rules, […]

The BEST Pistol Shooting Technique

Ox here…This article is going to blend an important life lesson with shooting in general and pistol shooting in particular and I’m sure it’ll ruffle some feathers. I guarantee it’ll be entertaining and educational. There’s a school of thought in pistol training that you want to pick and use techniques that will work on several […]

Top 10 Reasons You Should Shoot Competitively

Ox here…Summer is almost here, and along with it, there will be thousands of opportunities across the country to compete in local, regional, and national shooting sports events that can make you a better defensive shooter. Specifically, IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) matches, PASS (Premier Action Shooting Society), USPSA (US Practical Shooting Association) matches, and/or […]

Pistol Training In Your Car That could make you a safer driver

Sometimes (actually quite often) I find crossover between what I’m doing on the firearms training front and the rest of my life. Vision training is one of those areas.  The same exercises that help me pick up my front sight faster also help me keep my eyes on the road more when I’m driving and […]