Do you make these 3 Firearms Training Mistakes?

As a responsible firearm owner, you know how important it is to train with your firearm on a regular basis. It makes it more fun to shoot by yourself, more fun when you’re shooting with others, and it could just make the difference between going home or to the hospital in a lethal force encounter. […]

How to “Deep Hide” Your Firearm for Survival

One of the key survival strategies that few people know is how to “deep hide” your firearm. This involves properly weather-sealing and burying it in a hidden location (called “caching”). As you probably know, I’m doing a series of articles on caching in the Journal Of Tactics and Preparedness with a former sniper from the […]

7 Lessons From Recent “Knockout” Attacks

New stories and headlines about victims of the “Knockout” game seem to be popping up every day or two. This is, in part, due to the media focusing their efforts on finding knockout incidents, and also in part due to kids seeing videos online and pictures in newspapers and wanting to try it, but unfortunately, […]

Top 10 72 Hour Kit Mistakes

I’ve tested and reviewed dozens of 72 hour kits and go bags for myself, friends, families, and clients and it amazes me how most of them have the same basic problems. Fortunately, most of them are easy and inexpensive to fix and I’m going to tell you how you can identify and fix 10 of […]

Time To Pull The Trigger on Strategic Relocation? (Picking an Ideal Permanent Retreat Location)

This week’s newsletter is sponsored by Vision Gym…the eye exercise system that I use to shorten the time necessary to acquire my front sight when shooting, transition between targets quicker, and widen my peripheral vision.  Learn more by going >HERE< This week’s newsletter is going to be quite a bit different than normal…it’s going to […]

Picking the Ideal Permanent Retreat Location

This week’s newsletter is going to be quite a bit different than normal…it’s going to primarily be a conversation among readers (and myself) and it’s an article that you’re going to want to come back to throughout the coming days to read and reply to the comments and responses. One of the most common lines […]

Is this really the fastest and easiest self defense tool available?

What if I told you there was a self defense tool that you could have with you, 24-7-365. You can take it into gun-free zones and other places where only those who are willing to break the law are armed. This tool had the ability to stop the 9/11 attacks, the Kenya mall shootings, and […]

Surviving a Bear Attack

Authorities sent warnings out this summer of an increase in bear attacks which included the states of Alaska, Michigan, Colorado, Wyoming, and Idaho. What becomes immediately apparent in the excerpts provided below is that no two situations are the same, nor is the outcome, as CBS reports (also provided on video) when in Estes Park, Colorado on July […]

Active Shooter Training Plan

What is your plan if you find yourself in the middle of an active shooter situation? I want to share with you, briefly, a response plan for active shooters based on the proven model used in Israel.  In fact, this model was so effective that it forced suicide attackers to abandon guns in favor of […]

(Reader’s Story) They almost mobbed me – for ICE CREAM!

This week, I’ve been talking about one of those areas that a lot of fellow preppers and gun owners neglect… “social chaos”. A gun and empty hands fighting skills are great tools, but it takes a different skillset to deal with a mob of angry (or even just a mob of scared) people.  If you […]