Gold vs. Food–Which to buy first

A very common question for people who are getting started with preparedness and changing to a more self-reliant lifestyle goes something like this…I’ve only got $X. I know that I need to stock up on food, and I should probably have some gold & silver on hand, but what should I get first?

Dry-fire training technique, finding other local preppers, and prescriptions after disasters

In this weeks Urban Survival Report, I’m going to share an incredibly effective, yet
almost unheard of dry fire technique, give you a resource to find other preppers in
your area, share some strategies on what to do about prescription meds.

Deploying to Haiti & Preparedness While Traveling

To begin with, I want to thank everyone who is or will be deploying down to Haiti to help with the recovery and stabilization efforts. I will be praying for you. If you or anyone you know is among those deploying to Haiti, please get in contact with me ASAP. I am getting in touch […]

Practical Survival Gear For Daily Carry

I get emails fairly often asking me what survival gear people should carry on a daily basis. I can’t tell you what will work best for you, but I will tell you what I carry everyday. As a gear-junkie-minimalist, my tendency is to carry any and every cool toy that I have access to, but […]

Scary Zombies & Surviving Breakdowns in Civil Order

You see, “zombie” is code for the masses of
unprepared people who wander about in a daze
after natural and man-made disasters.

They loot, steal, and do whatever they have to
to survive.

Sun exposure to fight the flu

“let me thank you for your work. The depth of research and articulate presentation is very sincerely appreciated. I’ve been a “growing survivalist” for about 4 years now. I started your course with many preparations already in place (GO bags, vehicle and office kits, shelter-in-place home kit, food/water storage, multiple cooking/fire methods, etc.). Even so, […]

Book Suggestions

:Lesson two begins to hint that we are going to get into the “meat” of the topic soon. I look forward to heavier/weighter/meater lessons. So far, I have enjoyed both lessons, but am looking to really getting into the “weeds” so to speak, and not another overview from 5-miles up. (Don’t get me wrong, or […]

Only Prepper in my area

I hope I’m wrong, but seemingly all my neighbors are the most “situation white” oblivious folks you could find.  I’ve always fantasized/hoped about finding aware alert neighbors who were interested in forming “sleeper cells” for our local security.  This is why I’m really digging the Survive In Place training.  I feel that there must be sheepdogs in […]

Mobility questions

Great info.   Trying to keep it all moving forward. I’ve been working on kit for a while now.   One for the car, house and most of my items in my motorhome.   I have never used a GPS.   I will rely on my own sense of direction.   Don’t they have a locator.   I personally am more […]

Do You Make This Critical Firearms Training Mistake?

This is a sponsored message from our friends at Tactical and Preparedness Solutions (David Morris) According to the FBI, 60-80% of all Law Enforcement shootings happen in low-light environments and in at least 39% of those, lighting was cited as a critical factor. It’s a safe bet that civilian numbers are similar. So I’d hope […]