Southern Border Crisis, Epidemics, and Pandemics

There’s a troubling pattern that’s emerging with our Southern border situation that I want to talk with you about. 5-6 years ago, one of the most feared government and wargaming scenario being worked through was one where a rapidly spreading virus (think of primary flu infection) followed by a secondary infection (think hemorrhagic pneumonia) overwhelmed […]

Interview between Andy Curtiss (3rd Special Forces Group) and Chris Graham (Force Recon)

Chris Graham sent over a video today of an interview that Andy Curtiss did with him. If you don’t know, Andy Curtiss served in the US Army 3rd Special Forces Group, is a professional MMA fighter, and runs a self-defense school in Dallas that you can find out more about by going to: Chris […]

200 yard shot with a Glock 17? (First try!)

Today, I’ve got a fun video for you to watch of former Force Recon Marine, Chris Graham, having a little friendly competition and shooting a steel gong at 200 yards, with a Glock 17, on his first shot. Another guy throws lead for the first 1:20, and then Chris nails it with his first shot. […]

Lasers, Shotguns, & Dog Food, Oh My!

Welcome to this week’s Tactics and Preparedness Newsletter, brought to you by The Journal of Tactics and Preparedness.  This month’s paid issue covers Carbine Reloads, Anti-Fragility, Processing Game, Your Digital Footprint, and more.  Get instant access to 100+ past high speed articles and videos plus numerous bonuses by going >HERE< now. This week, we’re going […]

Caches for Tornadoes and Other Disasters

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people who have lost their lives, loved ones, businesses, homes, and more this week.  So far, 35 people in 6 states have died and more tornadoes will surely hit this summer, as they do almost every summer. Like many of you, I’ve had intimate encounters with tornadoes […]

My Recommendation for Gold and Silver

Why are the world’s central banks and billionaires like Donald Trump, John Paulson, and Kyle Bass not only buying gold but telling others to as well? Well, in an interview with Newsmax, Trump said, “I think gold will go up as long as people don’t have confidence in our president and our country. And they […]

72 Hour Kits

Today, we’ve got a great video on 72 hour kits from a buddy of mine, Myke, from  Myke is career military and has had combat deployments both as a Marine and as a Soldier and knows his stuff. You’ll see that Myke and I do some things quite differently.  We agree on the fundamentals, […]

North Idaho as a Strategic Relocation Option

Today, we’ve got a special article from Chris Walsh, who is a former US Army Scout and who is a prepper, relocation specialist, and Realtor ( ) in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho…he and his wife are also personal friends. Chances are good that you or someone you know has thought of moving to north Idaho, […]

10 Minute (Eye) Exercise Reverses Aging?

I want to share something with you today that has helped to drop my eyeglass prescription from -1.75 down to where I was recently able to pass my drivers’ exam without corrective lenses or surgery! These exercises have helped me see more clearly, shoot better, and enjoy life more without surgery and if you or […]

Neural Pathways & Myelin Sheaths For Shooting & Self Defense

I’ve got to apologize…yesterday’s article got just a little bit geeky yesterday talking about myelin sheaths yesterday without explaining what they are or why they’re so important.  Let me have my co-author, “Ox” explain what all of that was about. Ox here…I’m going to give a quick primer on neural pathways and myelin sheaths and […]