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David Morris is the creator of the Survive In Place Urban Survival Course, the Fastest Way To Prepare Course, Urban Survival Playing Cards, Tactical Firearms Training Secrets, and other books, courses, and articles on preparedness, survival, firearms, and other tactical topics. He lives with his wife, 2 boys, and 2 dogs.

3 Firearms Training Myths (and Quick Fixes)

Summertime is peak firearms training time for many people.  Thousands of individuals, couples and families are taking off of work and traveling to great schools all across the country. In almost all cases, the schools are delivering great instruction. But most students leaving these classes are buying into one, two, or three of the following […]

Linear Range Training Scars

You’ve probably heard the saying before, “Train the way you want to fight because you’ll fight the way you trained.” This is wisdom that you can take to the bank.  When your stress level gets so high that your mid-brain takes over control from your frontal lobe, you lose most of your critical thinking ability. […]

This $27 “tool” Prevented Her Rape, Kidnapping, and More

There are a couple of things I want to talk with you about today…one is a $27 tool that kept a mother of 3 from being kidnapped, raped, and possibly more.  The second is about the brutal killing of a 56 year old man at an Amtrak Station in San Antonio. A couple of weeks […]

Vision Training For Injury Prevention & Shooting Better

I’ve got a great video for you today on how vision training can not only help you with shooting, but also in decreasing concussions in young athletes and decreasing falls among the elderly from Dr. Eric Cobb. I’ve introduced you to Eric and his “Vision Gym” in the past as a tool for improving your […]

Southern Border Crisis, Epidemics, and Pandemics

There’s a troubling pattern that’s emerging with our Southern border situation that I want to talk with you about. 5-6 years ago, one of the most feared government and wargaming scenario being worked through was one where a rapidly spreading virus (think of primary flu infection) followed by a secondary infection (think hemorrhagic pneumonia) overwhelmed […]

Interview between Andy Curtiss (3rd Special Forces Group) and Chris Graham (Force Recon)

Chris Graham sent over a video today of an interview that Andy Curtiss did with him. If you don’t know, Andy Curtiss served in the US Army 3rd Special Forces Group, is a professional MMA fighter, and runs a self-defense school in Dallas that you can find out more about by going to: knife-and-h2h-combat.com Chris […]

200 yard shot with a Glock 17? (First try!)

Today, I’ve got a fun video for you to watch of former Force Recon Marine, Chris Graham, having a little friendly competition and shooting a steel gong at 200 yards, with a Glock 17, on his first shot. Another guy throws lead for the first 1:20, and then Chris nails it with his first shot. […]

Tactical Tuesday…The BEST caliber for defensive pistols

If your hackles went up and you assumed a war footing when you read the title of this article, you’re not alone. The debate between projectile sizes has been raging since Cain was deciding on whether to use a small rock or a big rock to kill Able (if, in fact, he used a stone […]

Lasers, Shotguns, & Dog Food, Oh My!

Welcome to this week’s Urban Survival Newsletter, brought to you by The Journal of Tactics and Preparedness. This week, we’re going to talk about some preparedness and survival myths that many people have bought into that could get them seriously injured or killed including “lasers and pump shotguns”, “Wasp & Hornet Spray”, “Rappelling With Paracord”, […]

Caches for Tornadoes and Other Disasters

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people who have lost their lives, loved ones, businesses, homes, and more this week.  So far, 35 people in 6 states have died and more tornadoes will surely hit this summer, as they do almost every summer. Like many of you, I’ve had intimate encounters with tornadoes […]