Happy Memorial Day

Just a quick note to wish you a happy Memorial Day. And, if you did or still are serving our country, I want to say “Thank You.” This applies to almost every one of my readers, but I also want to thank those of you who have lost friends and relatives who died while protecting […]

Final Hours For Tim Larkin Target Focus Training Special

Just a quick reminder that there are only a few hours left to claim the special SurviveInPlace.com pricing on Tim Larkin’s Target Focus Training “Human Weapons” DVDs.  This is the last notice I’m going to send out on this.  m260.infusionsoft.com/go/HW/DM/ Several people have signed up already and will start receiving their packages on Monday.  I’m […]

Home Invasion Survival Strategies And Statistics

Welcome to this week’s Urban Survival Newsletter, Sponsored by SurviveInPlace.com and this week, by Tim Larkin’s Target Focus Training. Home invasions are currently a very real threat in the US and are likely to increase in frequency as the enconomy slides.  Of course, in a civil breakdown situation, the number of occurances will likely skyrocket. […]

You don’t STILL practice punching for self-defense, do you?

Have you ever wondered why professional mixed martial arts fighters can kick, elbow, and knee each other in the face but still have to tape up and wear padded gloves? The reason is that when you use your fists against somebody’s face, you’re rolling the dice, at best, on whether you’re going to walk away […]

Here's what SEAL Team 6, Matt Fury (Combat Conditioning), Tim Schmidt (USCCA), Ignatius Piazza (Frontsight), and myself have in common

What do SEAL Team 6, Matt Fury (Combat Conditioning), Tim Schmidt (USCCA), Ignatius Piazza (Frontsight), and myself have in common? We all have access and exposure to every self-defense system available to the general public and even some that are normally only available to military and law enforcement and we have all chosen at one […]

This is what people are saying about the Urban Survival Course…..

The single most important thing that your series offers is the organization and manageability of the information. Just a short note to thank you for the informative series. I have been involved quite heavily in preparation for about 11 years. Although I have seen a lot of this information before, I will tell you that […]

Why Helicopter Pilots Aren't Frozen by Fear

This week we’re going to talk briefly about the difference between preppers who get paralized by fear and preppers who live rich lives. I’m also going to unveil the new forum & blog, and tell you how you can now buy individual lessons from the SurviveInPlace.com Urban Survival Course. My father and brother are helicopter […]

The Survival Mindset

IT has happened! Choose any emergency or catastrophe you can imagine. Are you mentally and emotionally ready to deal with it? If you do not have the Survival Mindset, most likely you will not be able to handle the situation and you and yours will perish. Right now you must understand that in the case […]

Water: The Basic of Basics

Every prepared family or individual should start by stocking up on the most basic of life sustaining elements – water. All living things consist mostly of water. 60% of your body mass is water. Water comprises approximately 92% of blood plasma, 80% of muscle mass and 60% of red blood cells. Water moistens the tissues […]

Friends, Families, and Bubba's

I will rarely admit that when I was a young boy my nick name was “Bubba”. As I grew older I realized I never fit the stereotype. I have all my front teeth, never owned a pair of bib overalls, and have graduated from high school and then some. I will admit to owning a […]