Dry-fire training technique, finding other local preppers, and prescriptions after disasters

In this weeks Urban Survival Report, I’m going to share an incredibly effective, yet almost unheard of dry fire technique, give you a resource to find other preppers in your area, share some strategies on what to do about prescription meds, and an give you an update on the Urban Survival Playing Cards!  I’m also going to touch VERY briefly on Facebook and privacy.

First, there’s more and more news coming out of Haiti that affirms two of my key positions on preparedness:

1.  Never put yourself in a position where you must depend on a government entity (or an NGO).  No matter how many good people make up their ranks, they’re still not as fast, nimble, or effective as prepared individuals and groups acting locally.

2.  The more prepared a group of people are, the more resilliant they will be to disasters and the quicker they will be able to recover…with or without outside help.  As we’re seeing in Haiti, the opposite is true as well.  And while many Hatians live in survival mode their entire lives and CAN’T effectively prepare, most Americans CAN prepare and don’t have the excuse that Hatians do.

I’ll be doing an entire piece on Haiti very soon, but for now, our prayers are with the Haitians and those who are on the ground helping them.

If you’re a prepper who includes firearms as part of your preparations, but can’t afford to shoot as much as you’d like, (who does) you’re going to love this training tip!

It should go without saying that you should follow all of the rules of safe dry-fire training, but, unfortunately, I have to say them, just in case:

1.  Make sure to get proper training from a qualified firearms instructor…even before dry firing.

2.  Always double check that your firearm is unloaded.  this should include both a visible confirmation and a physical confirmation (with a finger.)  If you are training with more than one person, every person should AT LEAST double check the firearm.

3.  Make sure that you do not have any life ammo in the room where you are practicing your dry-fire drills.

4.  Make sure of your backstop…don’t dry-fire towards a room with people in it.  Don’t dry-fire towards a neighbor’s house.  Don’t dry-fire towards a big screen TV.

5.  If you have them, use plastic training rounds.

6.  Even better, if you have it, use a replica, trainer, or airsoft firearm that matches your real firearm.

OK…now on to the training exercise.

Basically, the goal is create muscle memory so that you automatically aim your firearm at your target as you are presenting it from a holster or ready position.

This techinque works with any firearm and is amazingly simple to do:

1.  Holster your firearm or put it in a ready position.
2.  Pick out a spot on a wall/bookshelf/etc. across the room or 10-20 feet away if you’re outside.
3.  Shut your eyes. <<This is the key!
4.  Present your firearm and aim at the spot while keeping your eyes closed.
5.  Open your eyes.
6.  Correct your aim, paying attention to how it feels.
7.  Repeat.

Practice this technique aiming at targets directly in front of you, at angles, with both one and two hands, and with both your dominant and secondary hand. (Don’t call it “weak”)  Again, this works with ANY firearm.

By doing this technique, you’ll quickly see what a difference your grip has on your natural point of aim.  To improve your consistancy, try to concentrate on using the exact same grip every time you present your firearm.

This is one of my favorite dry-fire techniques.  Let me know how it works for you or any questions you have by posting your comments or questions at: urbansurvivalplan.com/membersarea/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=92

Local Meetups :

One of the keys to surviving breakdowns in civil order after disasters is to have a solid group of prepared friends that you know you can depend on.  One way to do this is by meeting up with people that you meet on our forum.  

We’re adding new cities every few days, but even now there are people from Howard County, Maryland, to San Antonio, Texas, to Redondado Beach, California.  To meet up with other preppers or to let others know that you’d like to meet up, go to urbansurvivalplan.com/membersarea/viewforum.php?f=23

Prescription Medications After Disasters :

This can be a big hurdle for preppers who take daily medication AND for people who don’t ever take medication but want to be prepared for handling pain/infection after a disaster.  Take a look at the strategies that other preppers are using to get over this hurdle, including thoughts on first aid gardens, generics, skipping doses, & more.  If you have different techniques that you’re currently using, please share them at:

Update on the Urban Survival Playing Cards:

The cards got finished last week and we FINALLY got a tracking number from the printer for the next printing of the Urban Survival Playing Cards today. 

I’m going to honor the current pricing at urbansurvivalplayingcards.com/hotlist for anyone who pre-orders before we receive the shipment. I’ve also got to add in that the orders will be shipped out in the order that they were received and we’ve already sold about 875 of the 1000 decks in the current order.  So if you want to get yours, act fast.  

Until next week,

David Morris



P.S.  You probably noticed that I am on Facebook now and wondered what narcotic I was under the influence of when I decided to do that 🙂  

I’m going to cover OPSEC and Facebook more in an upcoming article, but basically Facebook is a great tool for meeting new people who share similar interests.  It’s also a better way for me to communicate with those of you who want more frequent (and more interactive and informal) contact with me.  I’m not going to be monitoring Facebook all day long or sharing private or personal information, but I will be letting my Facebook followers in on some of the inside workings of my company, as well as asking for help & feedback on new projects before they’re released.

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