Top 10 Reasons Why The Future of America Depends on Survivalists & Preppers

Welcome to this week’s Survive The Coming Collapse Newsletter  This week, I’m running what has become my annual day-after-Thanksgiving article with a few timely updates throughout.

On with this week’s issue…

I hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  I’m very thankful for family, friends, and the others who read this newsletter and send in great emails and comments.  I really appreciate you.  Although I don’t have time to reply to every comment and email, reading comments and emails from readers is always one of the favorite parts of my week.  Thank you.

One of the things that I kept finding ironic this weekend is that the first Thanksgiving was a celebration by the pilgrims of having enough to eat after switching from a collective socialism to a free market economy.  As we celebrate their success, our leaders are rapidly trying to repeat their original failed collective experiment…the same one that has failed every time it’s been tried throughout history.  So, this weekend, I’m very thankful for the rights and freedoms that I do get to enjoy on a daily basis.

I realize that our rights are being eroded on a continual basis…and that some “rights” that we “enjoy” are more of an illusion than a reality, but I still do my best to enjoy them while at the same time staying politically active by supporting politicians active in preserving and expanding individual freedoms.

I think it’s safe to say that this erosion and instability will continue, which means that it’s going to be that much more important for families to be self reliant.  Self reliant people and preppers have always been and will always been a stabilizing force and a foundation for societies, and with that in mind, I present the case for why “preppers” are a stabilizing force for any neighborhood, city, region, or country.

There has been a lot of derogatory talk lately about “preppers” and “survivalists” and I’d like to take a minute to point out 10 reasons why preppers and survivalists have always been vital to the United States and why it is essential that we have as many as possible to survive future disasters.

1.  FEMA–The cost for local, state, and federal agencies to plan, equip, and staff for EVERY disaster that might happen is cost prohibitive.  When disasters strike, government is quick to talk, quick to “ramp up”, but government help is slow to come and inefficient when it arrives.  The majority of the front line first responders are great people, but they’re hamstrung by bureaucratic sludge at every turn.

Survivalists and preppers on the other hand are able to act quickly and efficiently to take care of their own house and provide stability, structure, and assistance for their streets, neighborhoods, and beyond.

2.  Stable Base–An organization (or nation) of people with specialized skills may accomplish great things when everything is going smoothly, but it quickly fall apart when trouble comes.  The survivalist & prepper mindset of “Jack of all trades, master of ONE” makes for a stable organization (or nation).  This statement is often misquoted as “master of none,” but that is incorrect, both in terms of the origin of the quote and in real world experiences.

3.  Joseph in the Bible–Preppers/survivalists have been around saving the day since the beginning of time.  In Genesis 37-50, Joseph sees trouble coming and prepares for seven years.  At the end of seven years, a severe drought/famine hits that lasts for the next seven years.  Because of Joseph’s preparations, Egypt survived the drought/famine and was able to help the surrounding nations.  Before Jonah?  How about Noah.  God told him that trouble was coming and that he should prepare.  Thankfully, he listened.  Fast forward to the New Testament, and we see that Jesus told his disciples to sell their extra robes and buy a sword.  And, in the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus didn’t scold Peter for being prepared and having a sword…or for knowing how to use it.  In fact, rather than telling him to throw it to the ground or get rid of it, he told him to re-sheath it.

4.  Founding Fathers–With the Constitution and Bill of Rights, our founding fathers recognized that centralized power was a cancer and pushed responsibility from the federal government down to the individual citizen and promoted a survivalist/prepper mindset and way of life.  They did it with the 2nd and 4th amendments, they did it by example (Washington leading a mostly barefoot, sick, famished, and under-armed army across the Delaware,) and they did it throughout their writing, “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.  Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the vote.”  –Ben Franklin

5.  Siege warfare–Many of the things that happened after Katrina are textbook examples of why siege warfare is so effective.  The normal city has a 6 hour to 3 day supply of food.  The normal prepper has a 6-24 MONTH supply of food.

Which do you think is more stable in the event of a siege that is due to disasters or war?  If you ONLY focus on food and water supplies, a city/county/region/country with many preppers will be much more resilient to being cut off from outside help than one with few preppers.  This doesn’t have to be because of a malicious act…having a basic supply of food, water, and supplies keeps families from becoming refugees in natural disasters on a regular basis.

Food also keeps people who are “on the bubble” from going to the dark side and doing immoral and illegal things because they are hungry.

6.  Independent from the government–How much leverage does an energy tax (or most other taxes) have on a family who’s living off the grid?  The more self-reliant you are, the less control the government can exert over your life through taxes.

7.  Criminals fear the aware and prepared–This is fairly straight forward.  Preppers & survivalists gradually become more aware and prepared than the average person.  This will show itself in your walk, in your eyes, and how you carry yourself.  In short, you stop looking like a wounded gazelle and more like a badger…cute & cuddly, but ready to do anything necessary to stop a threat to him/herself or loved ones.

8.  Tyrants fear survivalists and preppers–In addition to living a lifestyle that insulates them from siege, some taxes, and being nannied, survivalists and preppers are usually well armed & seek advanced training.  Good men have nothing to fear from an armed populace, but tyrants who seek to control the lives of others will always try to disarm them first through confiscation, taxation, or pressure through media and the educational system.

It worked for Hitler, Mao, and many more narcissistic, mass murders suffering from munchausen by proxy throughout the ages.  So far back, in fact, that Aristotle spoke extensively about how, in any society, those who control the arms control the state.  (munchausen by proxy syndrome is where a caregiver exaggerates the sickness and helplessness of someone they’re caring for to get sympathy, admiration, aid, and to justify taking care of their every need.  Many believe that Congress, as a whole, suffers from this syndrome)

9.  More preppers = fewer refugees & faster recovery from disasters—After a local, regional, or national disaster, the number of refugees will be inversely proportional to the number of preppers & survivalists in the area.  In other words, the more preppers you have in an area, the less strain the hospitals, volunteer organizations, and government run refugee centers will have.

10.  More able to help their fellow man—After a disaster, you’re not going to see very many refugees donating their food/supplies/time.  It’s not that they don’t want to, but rather it’s because they are in a fight for their lives and may be dehydrated, hungry, and tired.

Preppers and survivalists who have food storage, water or water treatment tools, and who have prepared themselves psychologically for disasters will be able to help in several ways.  First, they’re less likely to become refugees or use the time/resources of first responders.  Second, since they ARE prepared for disasters, they can help the people in their immediate area which will lessen the load on first responders and reduce the number of refugees.  Third, by helping themselves and their neighbors, preppers will increase the quality of care for people who DO end up still needing first responder care or to relocate to a refugee center.

In short, the more survivalists and preppers that we have, the more stable our families, cities, and the country as a whole are.  If you believe in this message, please forward it to your friends and family, tweet it, and link to it from your website or Facebook page.

Please let me know what you think about this by commenting below:

Tell me if you love it, hate it, or have additional points to add.

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God bless, have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and keep making forward progress on your preparations.

David Morris.

About David Morris

David Morris is the creator of the Survive In Place Urban Survival Course, the Fastest Way To Prepare Course, Urban Survival Playing Cards, Tactical Firearms Training Secrets, and other books, courses, and articles on preparedness, survival, firearms, and other tactical topics. He lives with his wife, 2 boys, and 2 dogs.


  1. These ten points remind me of what happened with me in my neighborhood after Katrina. I basically saved two old people who were stranded in there severely damaged home who were without food or water and off there meds. My home was completely destroyed but fortunately my pantry canned food fell to the ground underneath. I also found an artesian well broken pipe with a ball valve on it. Collecting some jugs, spoons and my canned food I provided for them for four days until the responders could cut there way through to our neighborhood. I sought refuge in a stranded sail boat for shelter during that time. Didn’t really like disinfecting my severely cut leg with orange cleaner from the boat but it kept it from getting infected each day after drudging through the mud collecting my few belongings. I think I will print this ten point list out for the future. You just never know when those military skills will come in handy.

  2. Excellent article, David. Thank you.
    It should be noted that another symptom of munchausen by proxy is the intentional injuring of the one being cared for. You know…it DOES sound like the government, doesn’t it?

  3. j l morehouse says:

    Hello David
    Thank you for this article , I pasted it on my Facebook and I wasn’t surprise from the comments I received mostly negative remarks.I had only one positive response his name is Mike and he said if it wasn’t for the prepper family on his street in Lebanon Illinois after the tornado’s that hit there town , him and his family wouldn’t had a warm safe place , they feed him and his family ,cared for them as if they were family. They took them in and they are still there even now.
    I am worried about the future most of my family have the blind eye to reality attitude , I can’t shake this feeling that we as a country is heading into a black hole soon. I hear people always talking about something is coming and they can’t put there finger on it. Sometime I think I’m paranoid and then something happens in this country , this past month we been hit with bad weather near where I live , we weren’t affected but about 20,000 people were with out power for nearly a week.
    Part of the reason I am well prepare is your helpful articles and other preppers who have shared there knowledge. Happy Belayed Thanksgiving!


    Great article Dave and i think whatever the disaster that may fall upon our nation it is patriotic preppers that will help restore our country to it’s greatness again and i share your religious beliefs proudly.

  5. Dr. Prepper says:

    I am new to prepping, but prepping I am. I just ran across something that scares me more than anything else I have encountered, as I prepare for the shtf. It was awhile ago and MUST have been buried by the media. It was when Katrina hit ,and according to this report,
    the law enforcement agencies took it upon themselves to confiscate law abiding citizens weapons… gunpoint. There was also video on youtube of this very disturbing situation. I am very PO”D about this if it is true. I have questions:
    1] Is it true?
    2] How can you defend yourself against this ?
    3] And how are we as Americans going to stop this abuse?

    • It is true. You can buy a DVD that the NRA put out on the topic or do a search on YouTube to watch several, if not all, portions of it.

      You can protect yourself by moving somewhere that respects the Constitution and individual liberty.

      At least 15 states have passed legislation since Katrina that basically restates the 2nd ammendment and says that it will not be infringed in the event of martial law in the future.

      • Dr. Prepper says:

        WOW!! So law enforcement confiscated legal weapons from American citizens during the Katrina crisis at the time they needed them the most. Scary fact!
        I know you[David] said that up to 15 states have restated the 2nd amendment to the effect that it will not be infringed upon in the event of martial law in the future…….Can we REALLY trust them to do so when the shtf?
        I mean look at their track record about LYING to the American people to tell us what we want to hear so we will just shut up and go away.

        So how do I find out which 15 or so states have adopted this stance? I live in Az, and if I had to guess, it would be Az is one of them. We [luckily] have one of the best [IMO] States to own firearms.

        I thank you for your swift response to my 1st inquiry even though I am not yet a member
        [That is going to change today as I can no longer put off being uninformed].

        Thank you for the service you provide to us “NEWBIES” and veterans alike.

        Your friend in prepping,
        Dr. Prepper

        • Here’s the federal version:

          Here is a partial list of the states that have passed similar legislation: Alaska, Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming and Utah. They are all somewhat different, but all started out with the intent of preventing the confiscation of legally owned and posessed firearms during a declaration of emergency/martial law.

        • ‘Moving to a different state’ is a glib answer. There are many, many folks who can’t move for a myriad of reasons. I would have no problem temporarily burying my weapons, or hiding them where they could not be found. I, for one,will not be fodder for rioters or anarchists.

          • Soylent Green says:

            Dear Wapitiman,
            And just how do you propose to protect yourself from rioters and anarchists with buried weapons? I suppose you could keep one or two of them out to be confiscated. But when you feel it’s time to bury them, it will probably be the time you need them the most.

      • Alan Palagy says:

        It is only true if the law enforcement personnel follow the law

  6. Love your ideas and newsletters. I’ve been “prepping” with research for almost 40 years, and with practical application (land,seeds,equipment,mindset) for almost 30 years. Prior to that, I was part of a couple of “movements”, one religious, one political, that I thought might make a difference. Unfortunately, I found that as these groups gained momentum and a following, the infiltration from statists, socialists, and even government informants quickly contaminated both the purity and the direction of the original concept. This is obvious now in the OWS and the Tea Party movements. As a KKK leader once said “You can tell the FBI man because he’s the first to want to blow something up!” And as all Machiavellians know, when you want to control the direction of your efforts, you create your own opposition. Love your country, Inform your neighbors, Protect our Constitution!!

  7. I have tried to send this e-mail several times, and my efforts to warn others have been thwarted. The senators plan to discuss passing dangerous legislation to detain rebellious Americans anywhere in the world without trial or charge. Seizure of civilians by the military
    are slated to be detained indefinitely. They are also discussing repeal of the anti-torture methods of interrogation. This is scheduled to be discussed on Monday morning. S 1867 was drafted by Sens. McCain and Levin.

  8. Apparently, these Americans are considered to be dangerous because they protest the actions of the banksters, who broke the system in 2008. The senators are proposing some dangerous legislation to rein in the rebellious Americans by military seizure without charge or provision of trial by indefinite detention. The Bill, S.1867, is to go on the senate floor, in a closed committee. The president can order the military anywhere in the world to imprison
    these civilians. Monday morning is the plan. They also are considering repealing the
    anti-torture, interrogation measures. Just go the the ACLU Blog of rights, you’ll see.

    • If, by “these Americans” you’re referring to the OWS crowd…you’re incorrect. They’re not dangerous because they are protesting the actions of “banksters.” They’re dangerous because they’re Socialists.

      • constance taft says:

        uck. so David….. I am interested in the survival info. I do believe we are in for some major upheavals, but seeing that you are anti-OWS, I am going elsewhere for my information since you are obviously ignorant of what the real threat is to us. and it ain’t the OWSers!
        the bad guys are our gov’t in collusion with evil corporations. SUCH A NO-BRAINER!!!

  9. David,
    Your so right about Preppers/Survivalists being on the front lines when disaster strikes. Living in a hurricane zone I have witnessed this with each emergency. There are always those that head to the local shelters to await governmental assistance. However, there are so many that prepare to survive in place. Many may not even consider themselves preppers or survivalists however, once a disaster has passed they move out into their neighborhoods with chainsaws, food, water, or other necessary aide for those around them. After Kitrina all anyone heard of was New Orleans, however Mississippi was devastated. Alabama had areas that were destroyed. However, Alabama was easier for FEMA to get to so aide flowed. Having family in Mississippi and being unable to reach them for days I decided to gather some supplies and head that way. At the shoppping centers when shoppers and store managers heard I was heading to Mississippi to deliver supplies they filled my SUV with all possible manner of survival supplies. It filled my heart. This is what America is about. We all do what we can to assist those in need. I drove to Mississippi and headed to my families house, all was well. They took only what they needed. I then headed toward the the shopping center at what was once the head of town. Families had made camps with what ever had survived; tarps, blankets, tents, sheets. I pulled into the shopping center and watched as each family took only the supplies they needed. I will never forget the care that those with nothing but the clothes on their back and a few cans of food showed to each other. They knew which family there had a baby and needed the baby items, which ones needed a tarp, ice, or blankets. With everything around them destroyed they shared all they had. It was nothing like what was seen in New Orlearns where you saw people stealing TV’s and other items that would do nothing to aide in there survival. As we prepare to care for our family when disaster strikes remenber there will always be those looking for TV’s to steal, but there will also be those willing to take only what they need. In Alabama we were without power for seven days, we cooked all the food we had in the freezer and shared with those around us. We saw others grab their chain saws and cut the trees that were blocking our roads. Neighbors helping each other. Even as we see our Country collasping around us we must each decide what kind of person we will be. Will we assist where we can? Are will we add to the problems? Will the skills we have help those around us, and will we use them? America has always been know for giving to those in need, will we give to those in our communities to aide in the recovery of our cities and states? The time to decide is now, not when emotions are running high. Faith in God will lead the way for those of us that believe. However for those of you that do not believe in God, still you must define your path for your family and your community. God Bless America! Thank You David, to you and your family. May God Bless and lead you as you assist the world community in self sufficiency.

    • Di Spearman says:

      Thank you LILBKP for sharing your experiences and words of wisdom about each one setting their minds to be as Daniel of the Old Testament was, faithful to abide in season as well as out of season, Often, it is in unparalleled distress that we experience unparalleled deliverance in the most unexpected ways.

  10. David,
    Thank you for saving lives..ours, our loved ones. Your course is “spot on” and filled with good practical information. I also much appreciate the suggestion we also rely on faith to guide us through the possible nightmare senarios. Without faith, one easily can fall into despair and barbarism. I do believe something greater than ourselves is key to survival also.

    Saddens me that some folks make resistance to you suggesting a spiritual basis more important than your life saving information.

  11. David; I like your website, and read it religeously. As a prepper, I can connect with you. But, you have no idea of what the “Occupy Movement ” is all about! Capitalism has degraded to the point that it has become a support for unbridaled greed – worldwide! I have enjoyed running my own business – but have never done so at other’s expense, and have always given back… can’t say that about the Waltons of Walmart! It is the GREED that is collapsing this country – which is what I’m preparing for! Yea “Occupy”!

    • After spending several days at Occupy events in multiple cities/states, I think I actually DO have a firm grasp on what the Occupy movement is all about.

      You may not like WalMart, but they’re in the middle of a $2 BILLION anti-hunger campaign that includes giving away 1.1 BILLION pounds of food in the US and give millions of dollars to dozens of organizations:

      They wouldn’t have that money to give…and they wouldn’t have thousands of stores…if people wouldn’t make the concious decision on a daily basis to shop at WalMart.

      What they’re doing by providing items that people want at prices they can afford is very different than crooked companies and politicians working together to enrich themselves and keep themselves in power.

  12. David,

    After watching the ridiculousness of the Black Friday mobs on the news today, I become more and more unable to believe that the general populace has the ability to come together when the SHTF. The masses continue to bewilder and disgust me. If the riot mentality rules over a $2.00 waffle iron, what will it be like when those same people don’t have clean drinking water.

  13. Thank you, David and all of you who write in. I can usually glean some good ideas or advice when I read the comments.

    I have put together a group of about 20 people in my community and we will be meeting for our 2nd monthly meeting next week. I am running these meetings based on your Survive In Place program. Several have already bought it for themselves to have a copy. I feel a huge weight is lifted by teaching what I know and am still learning. Keep it coming and God bless.

  14. Warfighter says:

    Michael Howell wrote:
    “When it does come down, (NOT IF) There are only going to be 4 things that are worth anything…. You can’t eat gold.
    1. Food
    2. Fuel
    3. Firearms (and Ammo)
    4. Water.
    Everything else will be basically worthless in the trade cycle. You will have to have the intelligence, Knowledge, and Mindset to survive and save your family. I highly recommend Frontsight for a mindset education. My wife and I went through it and came home and started teaching our children and Grand Children. All 5 of them are now total believers and I know we will survive almost anything”

    Mr. Howell, you are 100% SPOT ON!!

    HOWEVER…IN ADDITION to these very ESSENTIAL survival preparations, you MUST also have the KNOWLEDGE, SKILL, TACTICAL ORGANIZATION, AND MANPOWER TO PROTECT YOUR HARD EARNED SUPPLIES, AND RETREAT SITE from those elements of society who believe that they are ENTITLED TO TAKE whatsoever they wish, by means of their SHEER NUMBER, and their ABILITY TO WAGE WAR!

    Hell’s Angels, The Breed, The Chosen Few…these are but a FEW of the renegade, outlaw biker gangs, who along with the Entitlement/Welfare crowd, and their “homies” the Crips, Bloods, La Raza, Los Zetas, MS-13, and other various and sundry SUBSPECIES CRIMINALS and STREET THUGS, WILL DESCEND on the major cities, AND on areas where preppers are known to have their retreats, once they realize that their WIC/Welfare debit cards no longer work, and their Food Stamps are worthless!

    Folks…these people are RUTHLESS, AMORAL, and THEY WILL KILL YOU, AND YOUR FAMILY in order to take up residence in your retreat, or like the locusts they are…take your supplies and move on!

    I have SEEN what these types of criminals and deviants are capable of, and unless YOU are TACTICALLY TRAINED, or your group has a good sized, MILITARY TRAINED SECURITY FORCE within its ranks…these deviants will EASILY OVERRUN, KILL YOU, AND TAKE WHAT YOU HAVE!!

    I STRONGLY RECOMMEND that preppers and survivalist groups consider tactical alliances with any of the well-established, well equipped Title 10 CIDG units in your areas. (Militia units) The militias can prove to be an invaluable ally once TSHTF, as THEY ARE trained in MILITARY TACTICS, and the MAJORITY of militia members are combat veterans, from various military service branches.

    IT WOULD BEHOOVE YOU to consider such critical alliances, since once TSHTF..ALL BETS ARE OFF, and you’ll not only have to worry about society’s CRIMINAL ELEMENT, but also the CRIMINALS IN D.C., and their NWO agendas! They will most likely have FOREIGN TROOPS, along with U.N., FEMA, and NORTHCOM THUGS combing the countryside, looking for any “pockets of resistance” to “pacify” as dictated in U.S. Civil Disturbance Plan 55-2, also known as Operations Garden Plot, and Cable Splicer.

    I spent many years in SPECOPS, and have seen these documents. THEY ARE NO JOKING MATTER!! They WILL use tactical airstrikes, and LEVEL any area where “criminal resistance” (read militia, patriot, or survivalist groups) is encountered. Without folks who KNOW how to knock down a helo, or how to disable a tank, you’ll ALL be naught but cannon fodder for these NWO thugs. I therefore STRONGLY recommend that all prepper and survivalist groups consider tactical combat alliances with the militia units in your areas.

    Here in my home, the Sovereign Republic of Texas, our TItle 10 militias are more than ready to ally with preppers and survivalists, in the common cause of restoring the Sovereign Republic of Texas to her rightful place as a FREE, SOVEREIGN, INDEPENDENT REPUBLIC. We are going to make DAMNED SURE that these NWO THUGS REALIZE EXACTLY WHAT “DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS” MEANS!! I suggest y’all consider doing the same in your AO’s

    God Bless, Protect and Restore the Sovereign Republic of Texas!

    Proud Southerner, Texian Free Man, and Soldier of the Sovereign Republic of Texas.

    • David’s note: While most will find their heads nodding their heads as they read the first half of this comment, many will find the 2nd half to be a little extreme. For most people, the best thing that you can do is focus on preparing your family with basic necessities and skills, including self-defense. There is a big difference between self-defense and small unit tactics and most people would spend their time better learning other marketable skills rather than small unit tactics. Are small unit tactics useful in a “Mad Max” scenario? Yes. Will they help your family between now and a Mad Max scenario as much as other skills? You’re probably not going to need to know how to do a bounding retreat or an L-ambush at lunch today, but you might just benefit from negotiating skills, situational awareness skills, and self-defense skills.

      I’m not saying that community defense groups are catagorically good or bad…because there are groups that are INCREDIBLY bad and will put more unnecessary targets on your back than you want and there are groups that are very good. In general, I will say that this is something that you might want to wait to explore until you have all of your basic foundational preparedness taken care of.

  15. David, I consider myself a Prepper and a Survivalist. However, I want you to know that I do not share your religious and political views. Your ill-informed views of the Occupy movement sound like they’re straight from the mouth of Rush Limbaugh or Glen Beck. I suggest you spend a little more time studying economics, monetary history, and the looting of the world by multinational corporations and banksters. Otherwise, stick to something you know, like prepping.

    • Randal, It’s time you woke up. The OWS is a total farce. They are vilolent, rude, crude and completely anti American. Most of them want to turn America into a Socialist/Communist duplicate of Europe. Just look at their signs to see the truth. They are anti-corporations, yet most of them use the products of the same coporations they’re protesting against (cell phones, laptops, twitter etc). If this is what you support, fine, but don’t downplay the idea that these people are enemy’s of Capitalism (what this country was founded on). OWS is a joke.

    • Really!!!!! If you really consider yourself a prepper you could not possibly follow the logic and response of the Occupiers… They are your enemy and will bring and create the chaos you are foolish enough to think you understand and support. They are not supporting capitalism and the Republic our founders created. They are destroyers and anarchists….Not what I support or encourage… Get a grip and read what your founders gave you… if you are intelligent enough to understand their words… I DOUBT IT…

    • I am sure more than one person thinks you should study a bit more also. OWS has nothing to do with bankers or corporations. It is about increasing Gov’t power. Look at who is behind it. Teaching these useful idiots (marxist term) how to get arrested is just one example. This was done by union communists.
      If you really studied economics you would see Capitalism, while not perfect is what works.
      If you don’t like a product, don’t buy. No other options? Make one yourself and sell it. If you think the Gov’t should regulate it, you are a liberal, socialist or communist.
      Prep all you want. Just don’t tread on me.

    • Randal,

      If you take religion, politics, money, and sex out of all of your conversations, it makes for a very boring conversation 🙂

      But really, I’d dare say that I’ve spent more time at more Occupy events than Glen and Rush put together and have a firm grasp on how evil they are.

      The TEA (Taxed Enough Already if you don’t know what it stands for) Party is against crony capitalism, looting, and immoral politicians and business people too–they just aren’t socialists and don’t want to confiscate your life’s labor and tell you you’re too stupid to decide how to live your life. If you don’t like crooks in suits, then we’re on the same page. If you think that socialism is the answer to crooks in coats, then we’ll have to agree to disagree.

      In this case, OWS is made up of the very people who want to put cities, regions, or the entire country into a grid-down situation where survival skills will be critical.

  16. David i have a question.I took your course{survive in place) and it was a real eyeopener but that was in the past.Now i’m wondering if it would be a good idea to take it again as you said you’ve refined it.What do you think?janice

  17. As always, hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. Then, whatever might happen, you are ready.

  18. 25 yrs ret USN, 4 yrs in country on river boats. Would you say that less than 1% of the folks
    are ready for the up comming disaster.Looking for like minded men and women in the north Texas southern Oklahoma area. Serious inquiries only.

    • 21 years in Air Force. What is your idea? We are preping here in East Texas. Will share ideas, and knowledge. Worked 44 years as a clinical laboratory tech and lab director, garden, hunt, and fish.

    • Skinnyboy, I realize it has been 2 years since you posted on David Morris’ website, but yes, I am interested. I am a middle aged female with a disabled husband, so I have some strikes against me already. If you are not interested I certainly understand, but I do have some abilities and knowledge to offer to a group. I live in SW OK. You can contact me at the above website. Thanks.

  19. Jim, if you have not read “Patriots” byJames Wesley Rauels, it is fiction. but honestly shows what can happen I highly recommend it. I have a list of 12 books+3 blogs I recommend to all 912 groups I attend as a recruiter for the NRA. More and more people are telling me I am buying extra food, water, a gun, and ammo. Texas will be an army if needed.

  20. I just recently finished reading “The American Book of the Dead” by Baum and, although it is a work of fiction, it is a wake up call too. In the book you can see the very real necessity of being prepared for anything – and I do mean Anything! We live in a troubled world that could implode at any time. I sincerely hope that those who do happen to live in urban environments are able to “survive in place” but they need to understand that it will probably be much harder to do so than if they lived in a rural environment. Thanks David for doing what you can to help us all prepare.

  21. Our 912 book club just finished ” The marketing of Evil” and are considering “The Survivors Club” as our next book. Keep up the good work. We may be the new Patriots that save this country.

  22. Jim Farmer says:

    From the article: “the first Thanksgiving was a celebration by the pilgrims of having enough to eat after switching from a collective socialism to a free market economy”

    The pilgrims arrived in Autumn, after the growing season, and with supplies depleted from the journey of three months. So, they had very little food during the coming winter. They shared what little they had, but it was not sufficient for everyone to survive. That was the cause of the starvation, not the system of governance. Then, the next spring, they were able to start gardening, and by the following autumn, they had sufficient food for the next winter.

    • Hey Jim,

      They actually went a couple of growing seasons with horrible results. The first growing season was poor, but by the 2nd growing season, the people who had produced the lions’ share of the previous season’s crop but who only got the same “portion” as the rest of the colonists decided that they didn’t want to carry the load for the entire colony. In response to seeing the big drop in productivity, Bradford portioned out land to the colonists so that they could all do with it whatever they saw fit. The combination of fear (no safety net) and reward led to much better crops and living conditions.

  23. My wife is slowly coming around, although the cost of each step is from my pocket.I have food,water,and defence covered for at least 3mo .I have talked with the local family about prep but not had a satisfactory responce(that I have seen) and fully expect that if teotwawki happens they will be at my doorstep. So I have started to layin supplys to support them. I have seen some changes in a neighbor(altho I don’t think he knows it).I am having a very difficult time finding other serious preppers in my area. I forward your articles to the family just to get them thinking.I do thank my youngest daughter for getting me thinking about survival and preping. I have just seen an indication that my older daughter and family may be prepping. the big problem is that one is in Colorado and the other is in Alabama,and I live in California (at least for the next year or two). After all the rambling I guess the point is this newsletter and Davids books have helped me and I am now a prepper not a zombie(a term my weapons instructor used for non preppers). And I am telling all I can that they need to actively prepare for survival.

    • If you are only temporarily “in Calif”, how long-term is your preparation? What do you plan to do with or how will you move supplies and equipment if you leave your current location to one far away– perhaps with one of your daughters?
      I can see having several months or a year’s supply of food, etc “in case”, but that’s a lot to move if you plan to relocate soon. And pretty “visible” to new neighbors, etc. if you move it to your new location en masse.

  24. MIchael Scott says:

    I really enjoyed the info. I am a prepper and of course most of my family and freinds think I am crazy, even with all the examples of didsators over just the past couple of years. My philosophy is the extra food and supplies I stock up on will never go to waste as they are things I am going to need anyway. Also the prices are never going to go down. I am a Christian by faith and believe God will meet my needs but alos believe he will give us the wisdom to be prepared for anything as best we can. Pray for the best but be prepared for the worse. Thank you for the article as it made alot od sense and is helpful
    God Bless

  25. David In trying to find out how long will food last. Like canned goods,dried food, Meat is another story. As a child we butchered pigs and cut the meat so as there was not too large a chunk. We browned it in a large frying pan. And of course there was lots of fat which was rendered. Placing the meat in a large crock of 30 gals we then poured the liquid fat over the meat. Then placing a large cover over it. It stayed in the pantry and used until April- May when all was consumed. living on my farm has many positives in growing almost all what we need. Its just how long will our food last. befor it becomes bad. Ok, like powered milk in 50 lb bags. Sugar, wheat flower. The list goes on. I have a 4 inch drilled well. I’m looking into a way to place a hand pump on the pipe 1 ft above the ground. But the food thing is a very important part of what we are trying to do. So, burr

    • From what I’ve been able to find out– properly canned foods will last as long as the container isn’t punctured/opened in some way. It will lose some nutrients over time, but still be edible. This applies to both commercial and home canned foods. If they bulge or leak– throw them out!
      The “use by” dates on commercial foods are just “suggestions” for “best” flavor/nutrients, etc. from the manufacturer. There have been a couple of articles recently on this in the news. Also, there have been testing of old (WWII era) C-rats/K-rats, and it was found they still are edible and provide essential nutrients.
      Dried foods– like wheat, white rice, pasta, dry beans– can last 25-30 years if packed in an O2 free container. Brown rice and dried vegies can last at least 5 years in O2 free containers. (Per LDS Cannery labels and website info)
      Canned (commercial) meats– looks like most have a 2 year “use by” date. Same for commercial jerky; how long they “really” last, I don’t know. I don’t have a pressure canner, so would not want to “home can” any. I would think that homemade jerky vacuum packed/packed with an O2 absorber in a jar/can would last at least as long as commercial jerky– not that any of what my in-laws made ever lasted that long (eaten too quickly!). Pemmican is supposed to have a very long “shelf life” without refrigeration or canning — personally, I don’t like it at all, but some people do, or at least, tolerate it.

  26. Jeannie Printz says:

    Yea you!!! I loved your newsletter and thank you for it. I am nearly 70 and somewhat handicapped but am well prepared as much as I know to be and am able. I have you and only you to thank for that. So again Yea YOU! Thanks!
    Jeannie Printz – Midland Tx

  27. hey david thanks for your efforts and your information. I have a nieghbor close to my house who sells rain barrels, he tells me a few of the churches nearby are buying these things by the truck load, sometimes hundreds at a time. I am preparing the best I can for my family. I have 1 freind who is actually taking things seriously. we will proably do this togather. I talk to my family and they act like they agree but they are doing nothing to prepair. I am astonished at the so called educated ,smart, good people including my god fearing family who are blind to anything bad acutually happening. my family doesn’t say it but I really think they believe I am just parinoid. I have even told them in as nice a way as I can that I can only try to provide food for my wife and kids & that they better pay attention. to whatys happening in the world. I am about to the point of not talking about the sudject of food storage anymore as it does not seem to help. I live in the country about 30 miles outside of a very large city.& only 10 miles off a major interstate hwy. I am thinking I will stay in place if something bad comes down. The way our country is going I think there is a good chance of things changing in a way we cant imagine. I hope my gut feeling is wrong, but thats what it tells me. anyway god bless you and your family & thanks again.

  28. David
    I have been telling people the same thing for years. and they all keep telling me I am nuts. glad some one else is saying the same thing

  29. Thanks for the great post. I’ve been working on my plan for about 3 months now, based off your approach. I’ve also read in many of your posts that skills are a really important element to any plan. You provided a great overview here: My question is, what resources would you recommend that would guide someone through the specific skills. An example, step by step to build a fire, covering different situations or ignition sources (flint/steel, friction approach, etc…).  Are there good books on this? Or perhaps video sites? Or your own material? 

    Thanks again for all the info you provide!

    • Hey Pete,

      If you’re starting from scratch, I’d start by doing things that you have a VERY high probability of succeeding at.

      Start by making fire with a lighter and an accelerant.
      Then move on to splitting wood with a pocket knife to make various sizes of wood and lighting a vaseline soaked cotton ball.
      Then do the same, but use 1 match rather than a lighter.
      After that, use a firestarter.
      Then practice making tinder and char cloth & starting a fire with that.
      Then, find someone who has a proven bowdrill set and practice making fires with it.
      Finally, learn to make your own bowdrills.

      That’s not meant to be an EXACT set of steps. The point is to start making fire in a way that you’re VERY likely to succeed at and gradually make it more and more primitive until you know that you could make a fire with a shoe lace and whatever you find in your environment.

  30. i am also a prepaired pepper and with help in this order family first then close friends and one neighbor who has the same mind set and the rest they are on their own and if you need keep it quiet and not to give the enemy the intelligence they need to take your gear oh by the way the walking dead is on tonight and it should be a good show with lots of good hints and talking points to see how th survive will chat with you guys later bye for now

    • Soylent Green says:

      I too am a big fan of the ‘Walking Dead’. I love the ‘gore’ factor. BUT, if you want to ‘get any good hints and talking points to see how to survive’, then you really need to watch it to see what NOT to do in a survival situation. Those bozos would have been dead in a week if Zombies were real! It is Hollywood’s idea of survival just like the Discovery Channels ‘The Colony’ was. Entertaining yes, but their actions in both scenarios would be total BS in the real world.

  31. David, I have learned things from you that are so simple most people don’t even think about it. I now access every situation I come to, no matter how insignificant it seems at the time. Also I have been learning new skills. Being aware of your surroundings is easy once you get used to doing it. I always also think of what I can put away for “the time”. Thank you for making all this info available to us. I pray that many people take advantage of your knowledge of prepping.

  32. Diddydumdiddy says:

    If cities are so great, then why throughout history do people flee them under duress? Why do they send their children off packing away from the cities in times of distress?
    We moved away from a HUGE metroplex area, but only by about 40 miles. It’s still too close. We are out in the country, in a rural pocket near a metroplex. The bottom line is… we can’t leave. My whole family work. We don’t have any way to buy land (not even collectively); head to the hinterland; live without jobs; sustain our large collective family; find adequate shelter in such a situation. So, we are stuck, at this moment. And bless Bess, we have to find a way to survive where we are today. Trying to evacuate is out of the question in a SHTF scenario… unless there is some type of pre-warning (like a hurricane.) But exactly where would we go, packed like Grapes of Wrath gypsies? I sure don’t want to get into a situation where I would have to ditch my car on the side of the road and hoof it with kids to who knows where.
    At some point, you just do all that you can… and then stand, in faith.

    • Great post.

      As to people fleeing cities during duress throughout history, you’ve generally got 7 types of people:

      1. Those who flee like rats any time they face a challenge.
      2. Those who retreat strategically when the cost benefit analysis favors relocating.
      3. Those who stay put because they can’t physically or financially relocate.
      4. Those who stay put because they are in denial.
      5. Those who stay put because the cost benefit analysis favors Surviving In Place.
      6. Those who stay put because they see the opportunity to loot and prey on others.
      7. Those who feel duty bound to stay, see the most opportunity to help by staying in the city, and who feel that their life and talents will be put to the best use by staying put.

      The whole city/rural debate is NOT clear cut. Every single aspect of it is gray. Advanced medical care is better in cities, but life is simpler in rural areas. Specialization is better in cities, but stability is better in rural areas because there are more jack-of-all-trades.

      After a disaster, utilities will be restored to urban areas faster. Factorys and major employers will locate wherever they can find a big enough qualified workforce…which is most likely going to be an urban area.

      But at the same time, urban areas are richer terrorist targets and are more vulnerable to virus outbreaks.

      See what I mean? It’s not black and white. Cities are bad places to be after disasters, but so are rural areas. They’re just bad in different ways. Fortunately, they’re GOOD in different ways, too.

  33. jim from alexandria says:

    Good advice David.
    In the past I asked for advice (twice) about a product line from a company called Millienium, out of Provo, Utah. These were purchased during the Y2K build-up.
    I want to know if this stuff is still edible? Does anyone else have anything from these
    guys? I have a bit of their product and need to know if I can count on the product when the time comes.

    • Hey Jim, I replied to you before, but the advice is worth repeating because of how common your problem/question is. I don’t think that anyone should wait until “the time comes” to make sure their long term food storage is still good. If the food isn’t good enough to rotate into your diet a few times a month, than I wouldn’t want to depend on it in an emergency.

      As you use your long term storage, replace it with more of the same if you like it or replace it with food that you normally eat.

      Whatever you do, I would plan on working through all of your food storage every 5-10 years at the most.

  34. Like physical fitness and a positive mental attitude, good preparation is its own reward. More than gear and supplies, training, experience, skills, and mindset; problem solving is best acquired before the learning curve turns vertical.

    Someone far wiser once said, “the best way to get a good idea is to have a lot of ideas.” The good ones tend to stand out.

    There aren’t many people who have done what you have done for the rest of us, Dave. That you have done so, is another reason to give thanks.

    Good preparation is probably one of the top “laws” of self preservation.

    Thanks Dave.


  35. Thanks again David. These are just the things I teach my volunteers. Take care of yourself
    and family first. Then and only then see if its appropriate in an extreme low key fashion if
    you can or should assist your neighbors/neighborhood.

    You must know your neighbors! You must pick your associates very carefully! Don’t be afraid to background check somoen before
    you divulge any of your preparations.

    Be safe all and have a blessed holiday season.


  36. David I screwed up my mail. So starting over. With my home problems and run away father left me very sad and need to do something. leave it as it is. I have become very appreciative of you and your seeing with a sensitive attitude toward life and living. The Tea Party set on fire many people so as to unite with thoughts of our great need to do something about it. I feel and want to do with your program as the Tea Party did with theirs. I don’t want to sound stupid, or obnoxious, but there is certainly a place for such. As you have so well educated many to unite to the cause, saying we must unite with an understanding of circumstances that befall us. Is it at all possible you have the same feelings?? All my life I have directed my labors to just what you are talking about. My daughter and I have been part of sustainable gardening, farming,program, and the likes. Having a farm where there is Pear, Apple, Blueberry, Hazelnuts, and a acre garden that gives us more then one can eat. So I feel a need like you have said, be very careful to not advertise so to cause me trouble. So I have fine tuned a small group so as to do just what you have been doing. We are all well put together with hunting, Fishing, and taking care of our own, and understanding the world in trouble. We don’t agonize over it but search for ground work to a safe, fulfilling, healthy, good life. I need not go on about this. An answer on your input would be appreciated. I know this may be a very large undertaking, but a reasonable approach to some of our questions, and answers, will go a long way. Thank you. burr

    • Thanks, Tom. Its great how you’ve risen above what happened to you. It’s also admirable that you learned/practiced preparedness skills with your daughter. On your question, I apologize, but I’m not sure that I understand what you’re asking.

  37. I’m a old Australian and see the same thing happening here. I have fuel food and harsh skills. To be a prepper in this country one has to break the petty laws all the time. There may come a time when we will have to refuse to help many dumb people as family comes first. I built a big house years ago expecting to have to house kids and grand kids some day. We have a small unspoken net work of tough friends who would be safe houses. Lets hope that the sheeple are right and it won’t happen but keep your powder dry.

    • Good luck, Bob. It won’t surprise me when the same government that is telling everybody to always have 3-7 days of supplies on hand will turn around and declare it to be “hoarding.”

  38. THANKS for the information! I share it with other people who are like minded and they LOVE it too!

  39. David….I was born in Dominican Republic…I have been through several survival experiences in my life (Hurricanes David, Frederick, Andrew, George) (Civil war and civil unrest – 1965 & 1984) (also many riots). I have been without electricity, gas and communications for months. I learned to be prepared. I enjoy reading your newsletter. I was one of the guys thinking to go to the woods when SHTF. I live in the woods, but you have changed my views of survival. To your readers: Do not worry about what other people call you or think of you…..Be ready….they will be asking for your help and time comes…..It has happened to me……BE SAFE AND READY

  40. Hello David,

    Good for you. I have been a preper for 5 years now, Food, Fuel and power I feel is the way to go.A few strategic solar panels are smart as well. I have a well and water is never an issue.

    My Grandparents were missionary’s in Ethiopia for 20 years. Before My Grampa died he said to me, He would not see the disaster, my Mom might but my siblings definitely will. I am 49 years old, I have enough food for 6 people for 2 years and add more every week.

    I feel diesel fuel to run an efficient generator that keeps my battery back up system charged is the ticket to freedom in a disaster. Power keeps the water flowing, heat on, refrigerator running and the lights on. I am not to worried about being over run by a hungry crowd as I have my own mote.

    I feel I am doing my part in the up coming catastrophe. THE BIG TICKET HERE IS, THE LESS SAID THE BETTER for any preper. While you stock up on food,fuel etc, the neighbor might think your nuts, but when the shit hits the fan, loose lips will sink your ship. A can of corn will turn a normally law abiding man into a common criminal out of hunger for himself and his family.I feel shame on him for not doing his part and being part of the problem and not the solution.

    PLEASE PREP, but pick and choose your friends wisely, THE LESS SAID THE BETTER..! Do not trust the government, they lie. Trust in yourself and your ability to help yourself and your chosen few. God Bless you all and good luck in your endeavours.

  41. Americans have refined day to day “survival” to the point that many people from third world countries view the middle class in this country as stinking rich and living in luxury. The problem is that most people in America have abandoned independence and fallen into the web of co-dependence on the “system.” The system is now refined to the point of providing a very comfortable “survival” for those who choose to become its slaves. The trouble with a communistic (oops, I mean co-dependent) society is that when the “system” collapses due to any number of disasters, each individual no longer has any resources–nothing! Think about it, everything you use/consume to survive is provided to you by someone else for a fee that you work to earn by providing services/products to others. That web is very fragile and we are watching it come apart before our very eyes. There are millions of people desperately hoping the politicians can turn things around, but I believe their valiant efforts will just make things worse. Eventually, the whole thing (our way of life as we know it now) will collapse and those who are not taken by starvation or disease will kiss our national sovereignty and prosperity good bye and join the rest of the “third world” in subservient poverty. However, David Morris is helping as many as will listen to be ready for the impending time of trouble. Like Moses leading the Children of Israel to gather as much as they could before the Exodus, David is showing us how to gather as many resources as possible to survive what may be a lengthy stay in the “desert” we all face in our future. Thanks David!

    • Right on, Roy. It’s great that we have such a high standard of living, but it makes us very vulnerable. If an EMP hit tribal village in Africa, it wouldn’t hurt them since they don’t depend on electricity.

      When I see primitive societies, I kind of laugh at the fact that our family considers batteries, generators, and solar panels “emergency” gear. It just brings home the point to keep the money you spend on survival prioritized. Shelter, Fire, Water, & Food will always be the big 4. Security and medical come next. Electricity makes almost all of this easier, but it’s not necessarily vital.

  42. Michael Howell says:

    When it does come down, (NOT IF) There are only going to be 4 things that are worth anything…. You can’t eat gold.
    1. Food
    2. Fuel
    3. Firearms (and Ammo)
    4. Water.
    Everything else will be basically worthless in the trade cycle. You will have to have the intelligence, Knowledge, and Mindset to survive and save your family. I highly recommend Frontsight for a mindset education. My wife and I went through it and came home and started teaching our children and Grand Children. All 5 of them are now total believers and I know we will survive almost anything.

  43. David;

    You are an “AMERICAN PATRIOT”! Thankyou for sharing, caring, and kind consideration to us all.

  44. C. Wayne Lammers says:

    Great article! The only thing I do not agree with is all the neighbor helping, unless you have a close group of like-minded people who are watching each others backs. Even then, your activities need to be as secret as possible.

    In a real disaster, mostly political, you wouldn’t be handing out food for thirty minutes until the goons would start to show up. The word would spread like wildfire. So, if you are truly on your own, you best keep your mouth shut and stay locked and loaded.

    I agree the best defense is to bug-out. Problem is that most people have no place to go. Buying a small piece of land now, and maybe building a “tiny house,” would give you some place to go and a place to store resources. I live in a city with some very rough parts, and I have no illusions about what will happen TDTSHTF. In a total collapse, there will come a time when staying in a city is no longer an option. Sooner or later you will have to leave.

    Other overlooked survival areas are major rivers. For example, the Mississippi river, from Memphis to New Orleans, is almost deserted with land on both sides and small streams and inlets. Check out the ones in your area and look on Google Earth.

    Rivers, and around lakes, are also great opportunities for what I call “Gorilla Gardening.” This is simply planting a small patch of vegetables in many different isolated areas. You don’t have to own the land. Some of it will survive for harvest and will allow you to plant all you need.

    I am not afraid, for a New York Minute, of some small disaster that could be over in three days. I worry about the political problems creating a total collapse. That is when it will get serious, and it is just around the corner. Just check the news on any given day. I think it is not only important to prepare, but to be willing and able to do what may be necessary when the time comes . . .

    • Hey Wayne,

      You’re absolutely correct on keeping your preparations AND your charity secret.

      Bugging out is not always the best solution, nor is it always possible. Cities will be full of first responders who take their duty to serve and protect seriously. Some communities even have plans to protect, feed, and house the families of their first responders in the event of a breakdown in civil order.

      Others will stay in cities because of medical conditions.

      And history proves out that the specialization and distribution efficiencies that exist in cities make long term survival VERY practical.

      When you look back over the history of mankind, cities were most often formed to help farmers form a common defense and to facilitate commerce. After a disaster situation, the same realities and benefits will still exist. I referenced a couple of articles that I wrote on this topic above and I think you would appreciate reading them.

  45. if anyone has seen the history docudrama after arrmagetton? one the persons michael bayen and said we are only nine meals away from anarchy and if katrina tells us something that we peppers are better prepared that the rest of the population and will be better off than the rest of the group and the ten reasons that we will be less dependent on the govenment to lend assistance.

  46. Richard Dowden says:

    Joseph although a man of God, was a socialist. He nationalized the nation’s grain harvests and when the seven years were done he owned all of the publics goods and land, for when the public came to get some grain for their families, they had to pay for it,

    • Actually, I think you could easily argue that it was not socialism, but much closer to a dictatorship under the Pharaoh.

      In any case, the big lesson is that God told Joseph what was coming, Joseph took prudent action and stored up 20% of grain production for 7 years in response, and the Egyptians were able to survive the lean years and have enough left over to help at least some of their neighbors (Joseph’s family.)

      I wouldn’t view the story as a lesson for a country or community to prepare, but rather for individual people and individual families to prepare.

  47. Finally the tide of ignorance is turning to waves of education! Thank you, Dave
    for publishing information (mostly free) that is full of common sense and wisdom.
    How ironic that the ‘preppies of the world ” [rich, elite, Ivy League schools, secret
    societies, etc.] are being out-classed by the Real Preppers who have earned
    Doctorates is Life’s Skills and Survival Wisdom.

  48. If you have not read ” The Creature From Jekyll Island” yet, put it at the top of your reading list. In it you will understand why we are preparing. Those that control the money are evil, plain and simple. If you have read the last chapter of the good book, you know we win in the end, But it is the time from now until then that we prepare for.

  49. After Katrina and after the Louisiana government allowed the police to confiscate the firearms of law abiding citizens, many states , ( in the wake of the federal court decision ruling this state act unconstitutional ) , passed legislation to prevent this from ever happening again. In KY , KRS 237.104, states: The right to acquire, carry, and use deadly weapons not to be impaired during disaster or emergency prohibited — was Effective July 12, 2006 Acts ch 240,sec 7

    I have a copy of this law stapled to the door of my emergency food and equipment locker. When you know the law and your rights and you can quote them chapter and verse, local officials are less likely to violate them.

    In the event that you are in a situation where you need to frighten away buglers or looters, do not underestimate the value of false advertisement. A note on your back door that says. Come on in Dad, I will be back in a minute . I’m picking up Bob”, will often deter a bugler.

    In the event of a disaster wherein looters are roaming and looting, a couple of false graves with fresh dirt and home made “Looter” signs stuck up over them will send looters on down the road.

    • Thanks, Bill! Great idea on posting the law on your emergency gear. I’m going to take a page from your playbook and do the same thing…but I wouldn’t consider it to be a “golden bullet.”

      Keep in mind that it will only help you with law enforcement personnel who believe that the oath they took to protect the Constitution was an oath to protect individual liberty from a tyranical government. My friends and relatives fit into this group.

      Government/law enforcement personnel who believe they are the only ones who deserve to be able to defend themselves and their families with the most efficient tools available won’t care.

      In short, you’re always better hiding your supplies so that you don’t have to depend on the judgement of the person going through your house.

      God bless…and I hope we never have to find out whether or not the paperwork is effective or not.

  50. Dave I have some inside information for you all.FEMA has ordered 20 FEMA trailers to be built by an RV dealer by me.Each trailer costs $200,000.Each trailer is a FEMA command station.Each trailer will be strategically placed all over the state of NY.FEMA is getting ready for something.
    This Thanksgiving I took a good look at all the food spread out on the dining table,(then in the back of my mind)I ask how many more Thanksgivings do we have left? Today I go to check my e-mail AOL news said we are on the brink of WAR.North and South Korea are at a stand off.The U.S. is sending a carrier to the yellow sea.We do not have the man power or the money to fight another Korean war.

    • If you can get any pictures or more specifics, I’d appreciate it.

      One thing to keep in mind is that FEMA is over several entities, including Citizencorps/CERT (Community Emergency Response Team).

      People simultaneously criticize FEMA for their slow, inefficient response after Katrina AND any time they do anything to prepare for future disasters.

      Don’t get me wrong. I don’t care for inefficient government solutions for problems that could be handled better locally, and FEMA is no exception. There are a lot of things that have been done by FEMA over the years that I don’t appreciate, but at the same time, I don’t necessarily think that everything that FEMA does is in preparation for internment camps or martial law.

      Here’s an example. Some of the experts who contributed to the Urban Survival Course have benefited tremendously from FEMA training over the years, including medical training, hazmat training, earthquake response training, and more. I actually appreciate this work, because the education is being pushed down to the local level and decentralized.

    • “FEMA” locations [interment camps for dissidents/’rebels’] are all over the
      United States. For years, rumours had said buildings were constructed
      at Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station, Havelock, NC for this purpose.
      They had been built years ago, and fast growing trees planted all around.
      Last year a friend of mine went looking for these buildings on that base,
      and found them. Still sitting there, unoccupied. just waiting?

      Stimulus “economic” recovery plan focused on upgrading major highways
      in North Carolina. These highway construction projects are allegedly to
      make transport of dissidents easier and quicker to FEMA concentration
      When you first hear about all of this, it sounds really ‘crazy and paranoid”
      to those who have been brought up to ‘be obedient to government’. Ten years
      of reading and research has convinced me; that yes, there really is a plan
      out there that is not friendly to freedom-loving Americans.

      • FEMA camps are a great discussion. One important thing to keep in mind with researching and spending time on them is to ONLY spend enough time on the topic to spur you to constructive action. If the topic paralyzes you or acts as a time vampire…sucking up all your time and energy researching, thinking, and talking about it, then it really doesn’t do you any good.

        Whether or not the camps exist and whether or not they are there to lock up people who have nationalist leanings rather than supporting the NWO is a huge topic.

        But if a solar flare, EMP, or terrorist attack knock out our electrical grid tomorrow or next week, I KNOW that time spent on pragmatic, practical preparations to help my family Survive In Place WILL be helpful. And I know that if there’s hyper-inflation that the skills we’ve developed for breakdowns in civil order will be helpful. And I know that if our family never goes through a long term life or death survival situation that our preparations are useful enough that they’ll make every day of our lives richer.

        Time spent researching FEMA camps isn’t so clear cut. Personally, it makes me very bitter and really doesn’t help me get prepared for disasters that are more likely to happen. That doesn’t mean none of them exist. And it doesn’t mean that they couldn’t be used for bad purposes. It just means that I see MANY other threats that are more likely to happen.

        If you are under the belief that FEMA camps exist, that they are in place to intern you and people like you, please share the specific constructive actions that this belief has caused you to take.

        Also, you might be interested in this article from Popular Mechanics where they did research on photographs that were supposedly taken of FEMA camps and then they found out what the facilities really were:

        Again, this doesn’t mean that FEMA camps don’t exist…I’m just suggesting that some of the stories about them are exaggerated.

  51. Jack AKA Hammer1 says:

    Dave: I repeat the comment from Bill completely as is states everything I wanted to say as well, “David, you have collected/arranged/dispersed a wealth of information that should guide anyone in the endeavor of preparing for whatever! Thanks so much for your continuing labor. Never in my experience have I found so much useful guidance in the art of “being ready.” Your course and the continuing flow of great information will prove to be life-saving for many. Again, Thanks”.

    In addition I have created a folder in my yahoo email Surviving Martial Law” where I have out ALL your e-mails for future reference. I have been working on my own survival plans and even though on unemployment and receiving food stamps I have a 30 day supply of food & water and my goal is to keep working to short termgoal of to get at least 3 months supply of food & water and hopefully get that to 6 months supply of food & water before TSHTF. Weapons and ammo should also be added to the mix as well as a good stocked “bug out bag” should you need to move yourself out in a hurry due to circumstances!!! Keep up the great work and g-d bless Dave

    Jack USA Ret 68-93 1st Air Cav RVN US Army Exchange Program IDF 72-74 Desert Storm Vet

    • That’s awesome, Jack! I’ve laid out a food storage plan that costs under $2 per person per day, but could you share how you got your food storage built up while on food stamps?

  52. Thank you for your teaching, I have found that my family is not alone that two of our good neighbors are also preppers, it is giving me courage to talk to some of my other good neighbors, having been a child of the drepression and world war 2. I now appreciate what my grandparents did for the family. God first and family plus prepping is where it at.

    • Thanks for sharing, Sylvia 🙂 I’ve found that people who went through the end of the depression and WWII kind of laugh at the whole preparedness thing.

      Not that they don’t agree with it…they just think preparedness should be common sense and are bewildered that there are actually people who AREN’T prepared.

  53. I am LDS (Mormon) and indeed we are asked to get a years supply for ourselves and a years supply for our neighbor. We also asked to have Bugout Bags, with what is needed for at least 3 days. Check with your local LDS people and see what is needed, they can help a lot. LDS = The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints.

    • The LDS members have already helped me by giving me a copy of their survival preparation manual concerning what supplies should be assembled to survive for a year.

      The survival manual contains very little religion. so it is appropriate for atheists and agnostics as well as Christians.

    • Also check if there is a LDS Cannery in your area– good place to stock up on staples, and most, if not all, are open to non-members. You can either buy “pre-canned” cases, bulk supplies, or can things yourself, depending on what the facility has available. LDS members are able to “borrow” canners and canning supplies for home “canning parties”– so that supplies not available at the Canneries can be canned– see if a LDS neighbor/friend would be willing to sponsor a “party” and invite you.

  54. I’m kinda like Mark, I’m the only one with the survival mindset. Having said that, it comforts me to know I’m somewhat prepared. Thanks David and keep em coming.

  55. I agree with everything stated. I would just add a little more emphasis on the community. Of course your community could be as small as your block or as large as your city or town albeit small city or town. How many of us have reached out in our own local community to find others who are like minded? Those who are willing to form a collation for community organization and survival? Not doing it for power or self gain though it’s hard to weed out what is in a man’s soul.

    Something as simple as a community/block/street daily walk. Each day a different family/household starts the walk at the same time. Anyone in the community is free to join. Several benefits can be obtain just doing this simple practice. Fitness is one, the more fit we are the better we can survive. Getting to know your neighbors. Finally discovering who is willing to be prepared by building a food supply and so on. Almost forgot, you can find out who is willing to defend the community if local and state law breaks down.

    There is strength in numbers and it’s easier for a community to survive than a single entity be it family or yourself.

    I have also found that by including the elderly in local discussions I have found a lot of skills and talents that that have been forgotten and not taught anymore. Simple things like how to use a dutch oven to prepare all meals with. How to knit and sew. Retired teachers who would love to home school neighborhood kids if the school system breaks down. How to grow a vegetable garden and use a root cellar. I could go on and on. The elderly for the most part want to be needed and be useful. They may not be able to build up much of a food supply but they can contribute in a lot of ways not many think about.

    • Well said, Dan. The trick is to get a feel for your neighborhood and develop your team without making all of the unprepared people think of you as the neighborhood pantry.

      After a disaster, people with food and supplies suddenly look like lottery winners…friends, relatives, and complete strangers ALL want a piece of you. It’s best to just keep your preparedness under wraps.

    • This statement couldn’t be any more true about the importance of community. I’ve looked at the same ideas of including community and have already started off studying the “habits” of my neighbors just to get a good idea of how easy (or hard) it would be to organize a survival community.

      Being out in the country while still being in a small community I believe gives us advantages as we do have the apparent safety in numbers while being far enough from the major urban areas that we may more easily avoid any chaos that may occur.

      I’ve looked at the idea of how we may “secure” our area by blocking roads in to the area, leaving only one or two areas open and having them be guarded. But aside from that, I’ve observed how many people still grow large gardens, gardens that are larger than some houses, indicating that they are doing it as a means of sustinence more so than a hobby. A couple of properties, while poor, still have chickens and cows on occasion while a few others have large tracts of land with a butt-load of cows. Some also have small lakes which I can imagine are stocked with fish. Many others still hang their clothes on lines and just about everyone works on their cars. Many have horses that they periodically ride, which may be useful in a time when fuel isn’t available and real horsepower may spell the difference between being stuck in their homes or being able to get to the outside world. We already are good friends with one of our neighbors who’s an older lady who’s had us go to the local church which is right on the same little road that runs thorugh this very small rural neighborhood thats at what I like to think of as the core of our area. Many of the other people of the area are familiar with us as well so we’re not total strangers. My wife has travelled through the area introducing herself to other neighbors during the first few years we were down here, in turn introducing me to them as well.

      With all of that in mind, I feel pretty confident that if things really started to take a dump, it may not be too hard to get everyone organized to start trying to survive if something does happen, starting off with a meeting at the church. Also, plenty of us are armed, noted from the periodic gunfire that goes on from target shooting or hunting that occurs around us, further making defense of the area easier than if only a few of us were armed.

      Hopefully things will never come to that but if it does, I think we’ll make it pretty well.

    • That is one of the most inteigent statments I’ve heard on any post ,peple generaly leave out the elderly most of whom have forgotten more than we can ever find for preperation ,most of them have lived through what we are about to encounter and their experience bears listening to

  56. I love it. Preppers should have a GOOD name – not be known as conspiracy theorist nutjobs. Well, the day will come, unfortunately, when Preppers will gain respect and be looked to for leadership. My prayer is that we Preppers will have done much more than just stockpiling goods, but also developed good character. The country will need many will good character.

  57. I am using our governments recommendations to open the conversation of preparedness. I simply say that even our own government, since 9/11, recommends that we be prepared to be totally self sustaining for at least 3 days. Then I ask them if they have even read the government recommendations and have complied with them. No one has. At least it gets them started thinking about it. As the conversation goes a little deeper, I recommend this course and offer to visit with them about it some more if interested. I am running less people off this way.l

  58. What do you think will happen in a disaster when the food runs out after three days? The unprepared will start to riot and steal what ever food they can find. They won’t care how they get it either. And besides who’t going to stop them, when the police is just as unprepared as the looters, and just as hungry? When disaster happens, whether man-made or natural, I do not want to be near a city of any size because of the danger from criminals and otherwise hungry people.

    • Hey Randy,

      The fact is that many good, prepared people will be in cities after a disaster happens. And if you live in a city when a disaster happens, your chances of getting out and getting to where you want to go are slim unless you are able to leave within minutes of when an event happens and don’t have to go through any cities or town on your way to your retreat location.

      Most people’s plan is to get out of Dodge and go somewhere else. Most of them will not get out and will make it or not make it based on whether or not they prepared for surviving in place.

      I’ve written two articles on this that I think you’ll appreciate:

      Let me know your thoughts.

      • An American Woman says:

        These are excellent articles. If I am (out shopping) in the big city when the SHTF– I NOW know what to do–thanks to your writings. 🙂 I need more preprations but I am getting there. 🙂 Please Keep the (information) coming and God Bless,

      • I couldn’t agree more, David. I can’t help but think of the scene in the “War of the Worlds” remake when Tom Cruise and his kids get stopped and forced out of their van at gun point, then the gun toter himself gets mobbed and killed. I for one have no intention of trying to go anywhere if/when things get bad on short/no notice. That’s one reason why I bought your book and took your course. The other of course is that I don’t have the financial wherewithal to have a ‘bolt hole’ in the country. I also am in a field where I can’t move to the middle of nowhere to work, I have to live in or near a city. I don’t want to be too far from where I work because of the issue of trying to get home if TSHTF while I’m at work, and I need to get home to my family. Our plan is to stay put in our home until things get better/restored, or it’s safe to move out of town (i.e. the unprepared have moved on or, yes, died). We have enough at home to wait it out a long time, and my family is large enough we’ll be able to protect ourselves from anyone short of a small army laying siege to our home – and it will cost them dearly if they do.

      • Thanks for that article! It gave a more hopeful outlook to being in a more populated area when the SHTF.

    • Since I last spoke here, Long time ago…” bugged ” to 11,000 people. Nothing different here, mostly. A Few people have a little for a snow storm power outage. We got the drugs, all same as city 500,000.
      Also same attitude. I was in a well heeled store buying bulk pork. A well dressed guy said ” OH ! so You’re the neighbor we come to in an outage and eat everything in your freezer !!!!!! “. Another lady….can buy new tablet, much money x-mas, etc but ” I hope the neighbors will be able to feed me in event of trouble “.
      Find Like minded people ???? Been trying that for a decade. They Still do not believe how bad it may/will be. And, then they know ” you Got stuff “.
      I am willing to help as I can, but I !!! am very poor. I do with less daily food and NO luxuries to get what I got. I will not have a lot of sympathy for people who refuse to prepare even a little.
      I HAD hoped it would be different here. It’s not. At all, even now.
      The only person I know who is prepared is someone I got going. He…has been too open, to my way of thinking.
      Do not get me wrong. I am not horrible, selfish, lacking God. But I will NOT be wiped out in a day or two for people who did nothing.
      Like your hope, Dave, just do not see it, never have.
      P.S., your ” 10 ” of course, all true.
      Any advice ????

  59. Thank you reading helps me to realize that I am not alone, and that it has been done before, by others.

  60. Guy & Kimmy says:

    Thanks David, this is a great encouragement as well as reminder that preperation is the catalyst to survival.

  61. I couldn`t agree more. Thanks a million

  62. David, now you are starting to wipe away the illusion of the hypnotic BS that the elite thru the news media has tranced 99% of all ignorant americans to believe…That freedom will always be, and while we sleep the elected criminals in Washington are going to do “justice for all”.
    We have entered a New World Order…that Bush senior warned everyone of years ago. Most sat in front of the big screen and played the xbox as they planned to take away your quality of life,liberty and freedoms.
    If you have not practiced living w/o power and water,cooking w/o electricity…
    learning to eat things that would make a billy goat puke….sorry for you!!!!!
    Think I am RIDICULOUS ….then the joke is on you for the continual re-electing of the fiancial terrorist…. just because he promises you.. something for nothing…as for me and my house we shall be a force for freedom!

  63. I am the only prepper I know of locally even my family blows me off as paranoid ,eventhough over the years I hve helped in snowstorms wells out and emergency medical supplies . I think that they are all sheeple that thinks the govenvment will rescue them from anything

    • I experience the same reactions from people; that I have stopped speaking about the need for preparedness. It needs to be mentioned there is an equal need for weapons to prevent your effort from being taken away from you. Further concerning me is in referenct to “…those who control
      the arms control the state.” Isn’t Obama asking for an army of equal to the army we already have that will operate under his exclusive control within our boarders? What could the ramifications of that be?

      • This we gotta watch !!!! He is trying to get this up and running….

      • R. Neville says:

        I was recently speaking to a friend of mine, a very intelligent president of a large local bank. I asked him what he thought of what was going on in Iran with their quest for nukes, and how he thought it could affect us. He basically said he hadn’t thought about it. I was stunned! This guy’s a millionaire and is very bright. I have no answer for his ambivalence.

    • I think I fall in your catagory. But some of my family do believe and are helping.. maybe to humpor an old lady.. but it may prove the best humoring anyone can do. Some are now out of jobs and that tends to make believers where ther were none. And isee some hidden preparations that they don’t even want me to see.. so it is slowly working. We just need to hang in there. Blessings…

    • Hey Mark…everyone here has people in their lives who don’t get preparedness. Welcome home 🙂

      I wrote an article on this a couple of weeks ago that I think you’ll appreciate:

  64. As always, I love the information provided from David Morris. You can’t have too much “preparedness” information and his suggestions are fantastic. I took the survive in place course and there were ideas in it which I had either never thought of or didn’t even know about. Thank you so much for an excellent course.

    • Thanks a ton, Cheryl…and I always appreciate hearing from people who have completed the course. I have made clarifications and additions to the course as a result of quality feedback.

  65. Great article. Should be made required reading. It is my understanding that the Mormons encourage their people to store one year’s supply of food per household. This is very, very prudent.

  66. David, you have collected/arranged/dispersed a wealth of information that should guide anyone in the endeavor of preparing for whatever! Thanks so much for your continuing labor. Never in my experience have I found so much useful guidance in the art of “being ready.” Your course and the continuing flow of great information will prove to be life-saving for many. Again, Thanks.

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