Food Shortage Riots-Video Preview

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Welcome to this week’s Urban Survival Newsletter, sponsored by the Urban Survival Course, and (Which Glenn Beck mentioned yesterday as a must have Christmas gift.)

If today’s newsletter doesn’t reinforce your decision to become more self reliant and store up food, water and supplies for upcoming shortages, then nothing will.

We’re going to talk briefly about riots, we’re going to look at some examples of “mob” mentality from the last few Black Fridays, AND I’m going to show you some videos of how primal people get when they’re hungry, food is limited, and they have to depend on food handouts to feed their families.

Let’s start by looking at a video from Black Friday, 2010.  You might have to click on the video twice, depending on your browser:


That’s your fellow man…if you’re in the US, it’s your fellow Americans.  It could be argued that people are fighting the crowds to buy gifts for loved ones, but they’re not fighting for food, water, medication, or other essentials.  These people all got in line for non-essential goods.

As I’ve mentioned several times, the average city has enough food on the shelves to provide 9 meals for the population.  If people are acting like this to save a few bucks on toys, games, and electronics, how much more aggressively will they act if a family member’s life depends on them getting what they’re after?

You might have to click on the video twice, depending on your browser


In this video, we have some great examples of riot behavior.  I wouldn’t really call this a “riot” but it is a good example of a minor breakdown in civil order.  I’ve set the video to start 38 seconds in…it’s 38 seconds of “boring and peaceful.”  But a few seconds after that, you see someone reach in from the left hand side and take a box before they’re supposed to.  What happens next is that EVERYONE starts grabbing at boxes.  And this is important.

In a riot/mob/breakdown in civil order, there are some key components:

An agitator: Someone who’s increasing the intensity of emotions in the crowd.  In this case, both the WalMart employee is agitating the crowd AND the crowd is agitating itself with pushing, facial expressions, and talking.

An instigator: This is the person who takes the first non-civil action.

A trigger: If the crowd isn’t sufficiently worked up, the instigator will be a loner and looked at as an oddball by the crowd.  If the crowd IS sufficiently worked up, the actions of the instigator will trigger a response by the crowd.

Agressive follower: These are the people who won’t start the trouble, but are looking for any opportunity to cause trouble.

Sheep/Lemmings: These are the people who, once they see the instigator and aggressive followers breaking the rules/laws, will jump in because “everyone else was doing it.”  This is when the unacceptable quickly becomes seen as acceptable and people who are ordinarily squared away get caught up in the moment.  People who normally obey authority figures suddenly ignore them with reckless abandon.

This video is such a great example of this that you might want to watch it again.  If you’re squeamish, it’s a great learning tool because there’s no real violence, people are laughing, and the behavior patterns are easy to spot.  Once you start understanding mob/riotous behavior, your ability to identify and sense it will shoot through the roof.

Here’s another one showing pent up demand from a few years back:

You might have to click on the video twice, depending on your browser


And this one gets a little more ridiculous, with a headbutt 20 seconds in by a guy in a striped shirt and pushing/pulling that escalates to punching after 30 more seconds:


So, we’ve seen how Americans treat each other when luxury items are up for grabs.  How does it look when survival is really on the line?


This next video is a PERFECT example why decentralized solutions, in the form of individual preparedness is the only effective way to survive disasters.


And one more food riot.  This one in Somalia when merchants suddenly stopped taking the country’s official currency.  Residents holding Somali Shilins that had value the day before were just stuck not being able to buy food for their families.  Could this be what things look like here if the dollar collapses?


How do you avoid getting caught up in riots and mobs of people trying to get food after a disaster?  One of the core fundamentals is to do everything you can now to make sure that you never have to become a refugee and depend on governments or aid organizations to provide food, water, shelter, and protection.  In short, you want to have the ability to hunker down wherever you happen to be and Survive In Place when disaster strikes.  This will give you the luxury of being able to choose to time your escape to a retreat location, or ride out the disaster right where you are when it happens.

And one of the best ways to achieve this goal is to follow the step-by-step process laid out in the complete Urban Survival Course.  It will show you exactly what you need to do to make sure that you don’t have to fight against a mob of people stripping grocery store shelves like swarm of crazy locusts.

It’s designed to give you the peace of mind that comes with KNOWING that you’ve taken solid steps to prepare.  This isn’t simply another run of the mill survival book.  It’s a course that focuses on helping you take meaningful action towards keeping you and your family from ever having to fight mobs of people for limited amounts of food.

To read more about the course and to see how you can get started within the next 5 minutes, please go to

Need proof that it’s as good as I say it is?  If so, go to and read over 80 reviews from people just like you who’ve gone through the course.  And, by this point, I can assure you that someone like you has gone through the course.  Everyone from 80+ year old single women to career SpecOps operators.  From tiny apartments in SoHo to multi-million dollar mansions in Dallas.  From people living in the projects in Detroit to small towns in Kansas.  And, of course, people like me…just another married guy with a wife and a couple of kids to take care of.

What’s the common element?  We all see the potential for trouble on the horizon.  Terrorists, economic troubles, natural disasters, everyone’s main reason is different, but we all have a common desire to take positive, proactive steps today to keep from being victims tomorrow.  Does that sound like you?  Then please go over to and get signed up today.

What are your thoughts on this?  Any tactics you’ve developed for reading uneasy crowds?  Any experience with riots and lessons learned?  If so, please share by commenting below.

Until next week.  God bless and stay safe!

David Morris

P.S.  I’ve already received more links to “riot” videos that I’ll post below, so keep checking back through the weekend.  If you’ve got any good ones that teach specific lessons, please let me know..

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  1. David, God bless you, This collection of videos helped me convinve my girlfriend on the need to prep. She was onboard with the weapons (she likes guns) and I am upgrading her tired 38 special to a glock 21 with lazer sights, she loves mine. Thank you again for this wake up call. I was allmost fully prepped 2 years ago in NM byt my wife ran off with my ranch hand taking all the food guns and ammo with them while I was in CA setteling my fathers estate. I am sooo much better off now but I miss my food and ammo (got the firearms back) oh well….
    Clinging to my religon and guns
    Mike Mihelich
    The left coast (SO CAL)

  2. People had better wake up and start to prepare because what is happening in Europe WILL come to our door and those that think the almighty government is going to be there to help them, are in for a rude awakening.
    When the crap hits the fan here, ( and it will), the almighty government will provide for the government and the rest of us will have to survive on our own!

  3. Larry Duncan says:

    Hello Dave, I have read your book and watched the dvd. Super!! My personell experience with what you have seen on these videos. While going through boot camp ( with the Navy) back in 1966,my parents would send” care packages”. The first two went ok with the rest of my company.Every one recieved something. The Third package became a shark feeding frenzy! Members of the company grabed the box and took off with it, to be goobled up out of sight. I wrote my parents asking not to send any more. The second encounter was going thru Sere training in California. We were all enlisted men in this group,and gathering food,well was not shared with outhers! I broke a tooth and had to be sent back to the base for dental work. I was sent with the next group leaving the following morning. Later I found out this group was all Navy Pilots. I learned first hand about team work and looking out for others. No one was “self centered” As you can see from the videos it is “mob Rule” Now trans pose time for tomarrow and in your town,this is how it will be! Only killing for food. And that is what this current government wants,so they can bring in UN TROOPS.

  4. These people have lost their minds – if the intended purchase is for themselves then they have their priorities upside down. If the intended purchase is for someone they love then that person’s request illustrates their priorities being out of reality.

    These video’s are of pathetic people but when you use them as educational examples of how we would behave for food… Wow. Yes, in that case I believe anyone would work that hard to get into a store to get their loved ones food.

    First it’s scary. Then it’s motivational – empowering – educational. I’m getting the urban survival plan and we already have begun the steps listed growing and canning food, storage & finances, relocating. Thanks as always David-

  5. What about long range possibility of showdown: China, Russia, India (major gold hoarders) forcing showdown of new monetary unit ( euro?) based on
    gold? Possible scenario for this being devastation of resources (food and
    water worldwide) leading to world chaos: thus percieved need for one international monetary unit to restore “equity”.

    • Hey Susan,

      I’ve done quite a bit of research on this and had actually scheduled to write on it for this week’s newsletter. The long and the short of it is that the dollar, euro, and yen are the only current currencies big enough to handle global trade. And picking one of them is like looking into a clogged toilet and trying to pick the turd that stinks the least. There is no good choice…only a least bad choice that changes depending on what your criteria is.

      As to gold…it could work. But citizens are the only ones with an incentive to move to a gold system. It would be based on paper money that represented fractions of an ounce of gold, but since central banks have the ability to raise taxes on citizens by inflating money and since they have the ability to pay off bond holders with future (deflated) money, central banks don’t have an incentive to switch to gold.

  6. Yep. During a natural disaster or an economic crisis the best in men does not come out. Most generally it is the very worst. Couple of things I would like to make mention here about survival. First and foremost. It doesn’t matter how much food and water that you have if you can’t keep it. Be prepared and capable of protecting your life, and food and water in one of those scenarios or a SHTF scenario it is your life. An often over looked item during these types of conversations is clothing. Your first shelter, you need to make sure that you have enough clothing to protect you during the summer and during the winter. Summer you can get by with less, winter you can get by with less.

    Gold and Silver is often talked about as what will be currency. In short folks NO IT WON’T. It will be worthless also. Gold has absolutely no value to a hungry man, or a man dying of thirst. It has no value to his children, when they are starving to death. If you can’t eat it, drink it, or shoot it to get or protect those things. It isn’t going to have value in those situations. You think about it long enough and hard enough, and you realize, gold and silver, will be “thrown in the streets because it was worthless.” In my opinion for myself I don’t waster my time or effort on gold, or silver, or any precious metals or stones. Because I can’t eat or drink them. They can’t keep me warm, or cool. They can’t and won’t feed my family.

    Food, water, clothing, lead and skills, will be the currency of the day. There are several examples of this in other countries. Bullets could be traded at anytime, anywhere nearly for a meal. Gold, silver, not so much. Gold can’t shoot an animal, to feed your family, it can’t protect you when the enemy is at the door. Similarly silver can’t either. But bullets if you have a weapon that can use them, can do all of those things.

    Final analysis. Prepare as best you can. Hope for the best, prepare for the absolute worst and hope you fall in the middle, and the rest you have to leave in gods hands. It’s all you can do.

    Good post Dave. I enjoyed it and agree with your assessment. let the unprepared rob and steal the walmarts and grocery stores, I will be prepared. God bless you bud.

    • Hey Nicholas,

      The big joke here is that by your analysis the US Dollar and all other fiat currencies are worthless too.

      But seriously…societies need to have an efficient medium of exchange, something for people to use to efficiently transport wealth, and something non-perishable for people who produce a perishable good. Gold and silver have filled that role throughout the ages, while also having intrinsic value.

      Ironically, the reason that gold and silver aren’t used more in 3rd world countries around the globe is because the US dollar has taken their place as the global standard for commerce. If/when the dollar collapses, there is no reason to believe that some other medium of exchange won’t replace it, although it might be different for local, regional, national, and international trade.

      Food, water, clothing, lead, and skills will be valuable, but what if you have planned well, you’re not living from hand to mouth. And, assuming that people will always live from hand to mouth for the rest of time is like saying that ALL people everywhere will never move past entry level positions…ever.

      But what if you ARE able to move beyond hand-to-mouth and you are able to save and store or transport wealth? If/when this happens, you’ll need something portable that you can store or hide that will retain it’s value until you need or want to use it.

  7. hi from el paso texas and living right next door to the most violent city in the world and from this weeks example of stupid people geting violent for toys and other worthless crap can u imagine if this was food the shtf and there would be gun fire in the store for what little food there was and the police confiscating guns long guns and shot guns from the public why dont they confiscate guns from the criminals and other illegal elements and let us keep our guns and third katrina was a wake up call. People who are so afraid of guns, GET OVER YOUR FEAR OF GUNS AND LEARN HOW TO USE ONE.

  8. Dear David:
    You are on right on the mark and could help a lot of people. Unfortunately, most folks think “this will, never happen HERE..” and they do nothing. They are the type of people in your video. But the people in your video are either economically or intellectually deprived — people here are not. For them to persist with the “ostrich sticking his head in the sand” mentality.

    The 1,500 men under my command are all specialists in survival of every kind (Special Forces), yet even they practice what you are preaching and prepare at home for this eventuality. They know they will be with the Group when it happens so they have prepared and trained their spouses, children even neighbors in what to do and when to do it. But good luck in reaching the others. It just may save their lives!

    Name Withheld by Request
    Commander, Special Forces Group

    • “Swisspeas”, Commander Special Forces Group; Appreciate your thoughts . Can’t help but wondering if you are US Forces, or “Swiss”. Even in our United
      States military, unfortuanately not all members share the same sentiments.
      Would you care to comment on Forces being trained under UN control for
      containment of American citizens in event of “occupation”?

  9. Yep, this kind of insanity over deep fryers and playstations is just a small clue of what US society can expect, if things happen here that put us in a situation like Haiti, Somalia, Zimbabwe, Greece, Ireland, etc. Compounding the danger in the US is our right to bear arms. If we had a Haiti situation first thing the cops would do is confiscate all personal firearm protection from the law abiding, just as they did after Katrina then at food drops from helicopters, the criminal elements take over, because THEY kept their firearms. Plan your scenario now.

  10. Persons that attend/participate in this kind of action are setting themselves up for a MOB violence encounter… for a TOY?

    S T U P I D!!!

  11. Wow Dave.This sight has gotten realy big.It’s time to make us a club.This could be the facebook of survival.I’ll send you more.The more people we get ready the less I have to kill to keep order.

  12. I live in the Netherlands and for a while now I’ve been reading your mails with great interest becuase I am very worried about the near future. Over here in Europe, countries are collapsing and the Euro is about to become less worth than toiletpaper. So I started to built up an emergency supply.
    Years ago, when the Iracquies invaded Quwait, I bought a lot of botteled water and still have these today. Water has a shelve life of no more tha a year, so it says on the label, but when I opened one last week it still tasted very good.
    You just have to make sure you store it in a cool and dark place. Canned food also has a shelf life but as lomg as the can doesn’t start to bulge, the food is edible. In the past I’ve eten canned food which was over 10 years old.
    Another thing which I think is very important, and which most people tend to forget is to build up a vast supply of toilet paper!!!
    As for warming up food, I managed to buy an old gasolineburner at a fleemarket.
    It was part of fieldequipment of a german soldier out of WW 2, It burns perfecrly and you can use almost any kind of fuel. These burners are still available in campingshops under the name of Primus (made in Sweden)
    My garden is not very big but I grow a lot of flowers and shrubs and in between these I grow things like potatoes and carrots mixed whithin so a passer-by will
    think of them as a lot of weeds.
    Also money as we know it today wil be worthless so we will be back again to trading goods etc. It might be an idea to store some gold and silver coins because that will allways be accepted.
    One more thing about riots: Stay clear of them!! because once TSHTF, there won’t be an ambulance to take you to a hospital, even your “friends” will leave you lying there. And you have a great responsabillity to your family to stay healthy because you are the only one they can rely on.
    Good luck for everyone.

    • Luiken…

      Your comment about toilet paper is PERFECT!! Most people (I could be wrong) seem to prepare with food to put in their bellies, but forget to think about the cleanup when it comes out the other end! I just bought 2 more big packages of TP and my wife told me to stop because we’ve now got 4 of these stored in the house. But she’ll thank me later when she’s sitting there “thinking”… I don’t know about other guys, but my wife sure does go thru the TP. I’ve thought of putting up “his” and “hers” rolls to see how fast she goes thru it. But… I probably don’t want to get her mad at me anymore than she alreay is.

      LOL… good comment!

  13. I saw the perfect demonstration of your key components of a riot not too long ago when standing in line for energy assistance vouchers at our local Community Action agency. Upriver the week before over 200 people turned out for what turned out to be only 45 available vouchers. Needless to say they had the police on hand to help control parking and safety. At my location I arrived at 6 AM (doors opened at 8:30 AM) and some folks had camped out in line in sleeping bags and camping chairs. I was like #45 in line…. We all knew that the first 300 would receive an appointment to get a voucher. I was told later that nearly 500 folks showed up…. I overheard people talking about line jumpers and friends holding places and could see those in the line nearby getting very annoyed at people trying to cheat their way further up in the line that way. Thank God it didn’t escalate because the line was stretched out around the corner of the building and down and around the block. There wasn’t a “critical mass” of people feeding the fire, so to speak. But it could have easily if it had been a disaster scenario I’m thinking.

  14. Glenna Reeves says:

    I haven’t been shopping on Black Friday for years but my grandson wanted an XBOX 360 so I went to Walmart’s (advertised specials to be available at midnight). I was surprised at what I found. Crowds were around displays and people were so thick you couldn’t even tell what the display was. Everyone was on a clock count-down til midnight. I could see the crowds were well behaved but extremely anxious and ready to bound at midnight. I left the store as I learned my item wouldn’t be available til 5 am. I was shocked and a little scared with the size of the crowds. I did not go back at 5 am and will probably not go shopping again. Your subject matter this week is extremely timely and I learned a lot from watching the videos.
    A couple of weeks ago one of the writers suggested using the government line to determine liked minded individuals. I have used the line… the gov (FEMA) recommends you have at least 3 days food/essentialsavailable, how about you? People are shocked that the gov puts that info out.
    I have been reading and learning things and sometimes feel like information overload, but I keep going. I am learning how to pack food stuffs so it doesn’t get bug infested. Recently found a friend who gets 5 gal buckets (with ice cream) and she is going to save them for me so I can store food.
    So much to do, so little time/money. Thanks David for all your insight and excellent lessons.

  15. Dave, I am so glad that you keep in mind for us all that we preppers are “in it” for different reasons. I am “in it” for the reason of possible Weather Emergency. The weather now is becoming strange and unpredictable. But, in the back of my mind, I know there are other emergencies that could come upon me and my family, including what you. and Glen Beck ,and other people are talking about. Myself, though, I am keeping the thoughts of these emergencies on the back-burner of my stove, in my mind. I do not want to keep focusing on the real negative possibilities. In other words, I do not think, “Oh no! I don’t want to be in a riot!” But, instead, I think, “This is interesting! I agree. I want to always be in a safe situation.”) But, I know that they are Possibilities. I have lived through Hurricane Andrew, but I was fortunate to have lived on the outskirts of what was hit. I was only close enough to hear and see some things that didn’t get TV coverage, and that I know I do not want to live through. (Or, to say it in a postiive way: “that I know I want to always live in a safe way!”) I was fortunate then. But, I thank you for the info on the riot possibilities. I thank you for all you are doing. In fact, I commend you for all your obvious hard and creative work. I will heed your warnings, believe me. I have been saving my money to purchase your e-book. I will need to send a moneyorder, postal money order, that is, and I would like to know how much it is and where I can send it, and will you email me this info, please. I am delighted to finally be able to purchase this. I hope that I will still get your emails. I look forward to them and find them enlightening, as well as the replies of your many followers. Thank you.

  16. Hello David & Fellow Prepers,
    I’m almost done with the studies but will continue to keep reading & preping to keep on top of things. David I’m glad I found your site you have given us so much & Bless you for caring.
    Irene a roll of coins will help with that punch,I keep a roll of dimes on me plus other things for my safty.
    Unons HA! They are a joke, they take the peoples monies & spend it backing Senators & other things they have no business doing. That money belongs to the Union People who earned to help them in times of need. I can’t stand a Thief in any shape or form.
    I did find another site that I have ordered from that I think is pretty good & I’ve had no problems at all. They answered every question & give alternatives if
    needed.Very nice people. The site , Plus I liked the free goodies they offer.
    Be careful Preppies, Things are already getting squirrlie out there, people you know can turn on you that you have known a life time.I found that out the hard way in a bad situation. Now I trust no one & keep them as aquaintiences more than friends. Especially when they don’t think in the same lines as yourself & thinks the world owes them in a bad times. I don’t mind helping people { Love doing that} but when they think I should give them everything I have crosses the line.
    I like situations where I can think & solve probles on the run, always been that way & Davids course has brought new insight to some of that on pur practices.
    Be Well & Safe Prepers,God Bless Us All.

  17. Yes, what a shame people and economics perpetuate this type of behavior. We are more than prepared. We have the survival mind set and live by it daily. We grow all of our own organic food, eat real farm fresh eggs & drink real unpasteurized milk. We chose this lifestyle and took the responsibility and made the effort to change our lives in order to preserve our lives.. We rarely go to the store except for a few paper products and related items. Don’t think we sacrificed anything. Our priorities are what guides us to make choices. We are able to have 8 months of food storage and never go hungry. Along with this type of preparedness we train to meet the physical demands to be able to adapt to any severe environmental condition and effectively diffuse threats to save our lives if need be. There’s much more to staying alive than just having enough food and water. Survival fitness is important to have so the mind and body are ready 24/7.

  18. I hope people will wake up because this sort of thing will happen in the US if people are not prepared. Look what happened in New Orleans! NO FOOD,NO WATER NO BATHROOMS. People just are not prepared for a major disaster. Take for example I live in the middle of the country where the New Madrid Fault is. If we have a major earthquake literally NO supplies will be had unless they are brought in by plane or helicopter. All of the bridges or most at least are not constructed to withstand a major quake.I for one will not be relying on BIG BROTHER OR GOVERNMENT for my supplies at least for a time. I am going to take a cue from what has happened in the past to stock up or be prepared to exist for a while. I was raised on a farm and learned from my childhood to stock up because when times are tough then you will have at least food to eat. I grew up to the ripe old age of 17 when I had running water in the house. I was 20 when we actually had a bathroom in the house. You might say we had a 4 room house with a path.

  19. Yes the veneer of “civilization” is indeed thin. When the ‘buttons” of hunger are pushed, it can get very nasty out there.The globalists are ratcheting up their moves to consolidate their one world government agenda and control grid, so expect “false flag” events to become more and more common. These are done so that the government (pretty much all governments) can make the gesture of “we’ll keep you safe” by taking more and more of your/our personal freedoms/liberties away. Then they implement “programs” to get you dependent on the ‘big government teat” so that you/me are too tired/hungry/afraid to resist. This scenario has been used countless times throughout history.
    Become a student of history or be prepared to re- live it.

    I hope this recommendation does not get deleted/edited out. I would strongly suggest ALL of David’s responders to check out or if you want to see the “uncensored” view on what is incrementally going on all around the world.

    • Do your research on those two sites. A lot of gossip is talked about as if it is proven fact. I like Alex, and he throws in enough stuff that is verifiable to lend credibility to everything he says, but it’s just not all solid. In short, verify, verify, verify.

  20. And just a reminder, with out running water, sanitation is a luxery, with out proper diet and hydration and under the enormus loads of stress, the bodys immune system will be severly weak leaving you open to attacks you cant afford to recover from given the situation, having to wait in line with one person with a contagous disease be it the Flu or Chloria, just waiting in a line like this, could be the final nail in the coffin. People treat each other so horrible now over use less crap in times of prosper, people will be more willing to kill your entire family for what ever scraps of food they would be eating in times of despret need. Its the sickening uglyness of human nature. Be a Sheepdog, not a victim. Godspeed my fellow Prepers!

  21. I live in South Bend Indiana,all my friends and family are unemployed,most do odd jobs to get by.
    The offical unemployment in south bend is 10 % unoffical by the local unions and churchs say it more like 25 % ,I have witness men fighting over day-old bread in churchs parking lots to feed their familys.The food pantrys are empted and donations are low.
    My family saw this recession coming and we are prepared ,but were see so meny who had the money and the time to prepare and did nothing.Sorry to say people need to wake up not soon but now, before thing get worse.

  22. If people get this violent for a few toys and TVs that they really don’t need, what will they be like when they need food. And look what happened in the UK just because they raised the college tuition. This is frightening. I agree with staying away from the crowds. Always look for an escape route and/or an exit. And since I’m a 59 year old woman, who is long past being able to throw a decent punch, I always make sure I have my hands on something I can use as a weapon, whether it’s my car keys or the pocket knife I always carry, As for food storage, I probably have enough to get us through one or two months so far. I will be buying food as I am able for as long as I am able. I have also learned how to bake my own bread, since, if the time comes we have to ration our food, bread is a good filler. The good thing is, I am fortunate to have neighbors who are aware of what’s going on too, so we will be able to band together if we have to, Thank you David for continuing to inform us.

    • I have to agree with you Irene, I always have a sturdy walking stick in hand these days along with a stout pocket knife or two and a concealed weapon where it is permitted. I keep my EDC bag in the vehicle or on my shoulder depending on the situation. I keep rain gear and an extra change of clothes in the auto as well.

  23. There are a lot of people in dire straights in the good ole USA you can’t trust the media to keep you up to date any more. They are just trying to pretend that everything is alright for as long as they can.

  24. I saw the world thanks to Uncle Sam, during the turbulent 70s. What I noticed was that people would gather some place before a riot. Have some rousing speeches usually then all hell would break lose. In Roosevelt Roads PR I saw a three guys go up to the band and talk to them then I noticed groups of 5 to 10 people gather around all of my shipmates. I had just enough time to down my tequila sunrise and I was on the bottom of a pile of guys trying to do me great bodily harm. I was able to get may hand into my pocket and pull out my pocket knife and flick it open. The area cleared real fast. I closed my knife and joined the one of my buddy’s that was putting them down and we worked our way to a corner. Finally the military police came in and broke it up. My buddy and I slipped through a door to the chow hall and out the back door to freedom. We were luck that time. I was not always that lucky but I did learn how to avoid those full blown riots.

  25. Many people believe in the “innate goodness” of the human inhabitants of the earth. I believe that what we see is the thin veneer of civility. When that is stripped away, we see behavior like that in the first videos…all brought on by TOYS. I have more sympathy for people that are starving, but the reaction of the crowd is the same.
    If anyone does believe in the “innate goodness” of the human being, they could be DEAD wrong. Be careful.

    • Hmmmm…O’tay…….just my 2 cents worth…..civilization has always been a thin veneer……which we have taken for granted. Look at your ancestors past(and this is all civilizations which no longer exist…..where are they today?) No matter the civilization which has come before us….we are all related in one form or fashion. The problem with intellectuals and elites…they keep dreaming of utopias and camelots…pure fiction and a whole lotta of hooey. Most of these people couldn’t find their opposing butt cheeks if they weren’t attached to them. AND THEY ARE OUR CHOSEN LEADERS????!!!!! Man, are we seriously…(……..!!!!) What is consistent with past civilizations….the more complex a society….the greater the fragility of it’s inhabitants. Lack of self sufficiency, proper skills in survivability, and just plan common sense served with a small dose of humility and humbleness(which shows us our place in the universe) will go a long way towards surviving. My folks raised me with values and I try to adhere to them. I’m not rich or greedy, but I’m not stupid either. Yes, I prepare as well and I know that I am a long way from it, but like anything else…it takes time and money. I know this word…it starts with a P and ends with a D….and it’s not Paranoid!

  26. I too have personally witnessed mob behavior.
    I’ll be in line for the first hand outs, why would I want to start using my supplies right away? Or advertise to neibhors that I don’t NEED to recieve anything because I have supplies. You’ll soon find out who of those near you are like minded.
    If/when the mob begins the smash and grab behavior, remove yourself. After all being prepared IS being aware of your surroundings. You just need to be a bit smarter than the sheeple.

  27. You hear about people getting trampled at soccer matches in Europe quite frequently, and I have never understood why it happens. The Black Friday shoppers a freeking insane. Notice how the choppers in Haiti don’t even set down when tossing out the food. The people reminded me of a pack of Hyenas tearing into a wilderbeast. Absolute chaos and savagery. And you wonder why the White Star line employee started shooting people on the Titanic. If they acted anything like these videos, he has my sympathies.

  28. Hey Dave, I forgot to mention something in my last reply that I feel is noteworthy. I live in Delaware which happens to be the second smallest state in the country and recently we had (3) three major corporations shut down: Avon (Headquarters), GM and Chrysler. Now for a small state such as Delaware, it’s devastating. This past summer, I attended one of the local union meetings in Wilmington and it was important because it was during the upcoming general elections and there were a lot of local candidates present. One thing that opened my eyes wider than what they are is the UAW President spoke concerning the recent closing of the two automotive plants and said that since the two plants closed, there have been up to 300 former auto workers standing in line at the union hall begging for food. But not one mention of this on the radio or TV. Now share this one too!

  29. Thanks Dave. This is very instructive. I’ve long avoided crowds because I’ve seen people get unruly, stupid and aggressive. However, when people get desperate anything can happen.

    A little bit of preparation goes a LONG way.

    Thanks again!

  30. August 2010, a mass of 30,000 people gathered just to APPLY for a government subsidized apartments. They were told in advance that none were available. Is this really the “American Dream”? If this were for food, I would not want to be within miles.

    • It’s incredibly sad that, as a society, we have created so many dependent people. The oft asked question is, “Would that many people stand in line that long for a job?”

      • patty t., alabama says:

        this happened again in Georgia, people standing in line for money/heating assistance. they stood hours. i hear some camped out. in freezing temps.

  31. Excellent footage. I just wish more people would tune-in to the alternative news sites to get better informed. I was in the U.S. Navy and got sent to Port-Au-Prince in 1994 and I am a witness to what is actually going on in Haiti. Thanks for the video and I will pass it along.

  32. All of these are good reminders of what could happen. The best defense is to completely avoid situations with this kind of potential. Really, is it worth sinking to this level to save a few pennies.

    Putting yourself in these situations is like walking through an inner city housing project with $100 bills hanging out of your pockets.

  33. It just seems to me that one of the most important skills is to be aware of what is going on around you at all times – we no longer have the luxury of complacency when we are in a crowd. It takes a new mind-set for us lazy Americans!

  34. Excellent segment, Thanks for this data. Learning something every time I read Your information..

  35. David.

    I do not have a hide out in the hills or a secure retreat to go too.

    I have taken Survive-in-Place and feel very secure in using my home as my fortress, thank to your great course.

    Food and water are the biggest problem for all of us. How to purchase and pay for a true years supply for my entire family. My home will be the rallying point for 10. I also want to have some to share with my neighbor and friends.

    I have found eFoods Global for my food storage purchases and a very good way to pay for my food storage.

    I simple suggest, anyone interested in food storage, go to (Edited out by David. It’s a link to a network marketing company that is probably very good, but I don’t know anything about them. Since I live in the Network Marketing Fraud capital of the world, I’m admittedly overly sensitive to this. To be clear, I love the concept and belong to a few Network Marketing companies who’s products I use, but don’t actively promote.) to get to know a new company, that I think, has solved the food storage problem for us all.

    Thanks for you good work Dave and Merry Christmas to all.

    • DON–Is this*********** food thing for real? I’m 68 years old entertainer (still working) and have very little money to prepare although I see exactly what is coming our way. I don’t have much time, but I would like to be able to afford to store some food for me and my children/grandchildren when TSHTF…Also, the money, if it’s for real, would be a GREAT help paying some of my bills. Thanks!–ROBERT–

      • Vic Ferrari says:

        Robert, If nothing else, get yourself some 25 pound bags of rice, beans and a few other things that are cheap. Also get 5 gallon plastic cans for water. All that and a coleman or other cooking device and at least you can have a full belly without spending a lot of money. I hope this info helps.

  36. What’s sad is that many people are still clueless or “asleep”, thinking this ype of scenario “science fiction”. I hope and pray that it will never come to that here in America, but I’m glad that at least I’m prepared for myself and my family.

  37. Wade M. Page says:

    My advice during a situtation like this, is to put as much distance between yourself and the crowd as possible. If you see trouble brewing, get out to clearer , sparser areas with fewer people, so you don’t get pulled into the mayhem.

  38. Chuck Van Meter says:

    Excellent information presented in a timely manner. Everyone should have at least 30 day food on hand, an alternate cooking method and a water pruification system just in case.

    I fear hard times are ahead and we should all be prepared.

  39. In the first video, the guy who was trampled and probably needs some medical attention deserves “Shopper of the Year” award. He gathered himself and just kept on moving towards the sales. It must have been really worth it.

    • The interview with him and his brother (?) afterwards was even more disturbing. The brother went on to the TV section and the guy who got hurt basically said he did what he pulled himself together so he could get back to the TV section.

  40. Good stuff Dave….. Shows why you have to be ready, have a plan, and always update the plan to current conditions….

    Keep yourself informed, and never stop learning….

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