Pistol Training In Your Car That could make you a safer driver

Sometimes (actually quite often) I find crossover between what I’m doing on the firearms training front and the rest of my life.

Vision training is one of those areas.  The same exercises that help me pick up my front sight faster also help me keep my eyes on the road more when I’m driving and help me scan a room/crowd faster.

In this case, the drill is one of the drills from www.DryFireTrainingCards.com that I’ve adapted to do in my truck (without a pistol) at stoplights.  It’s easy, quick, and INCREDIBLY powerful.

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Once you get in the habit of doing this drill, you’ll quickly notice that you’ll be watching the car ahead of you, flick your eyes to your speedometer and back and be shocked about how clear everything was and how quickly you were able to refocus both times.

When you get back to the range, it might actually take you a little bit to get to where your timing catches up with your newfound visual speed.

Like I said, this drill is one of the drills from Dry Fire Training Cards.  I started doing the drill because of work I did with Eric Cobb and Matt Seibert.  Since vision is arguably 80% of the shooting equation, they’ve both dug deep into vision performance as it relates to tactical applications.

Matt’s course, which I’ve only offered to past students of the Deadly Accuracy course covers speed shooting and eye dominance and is absolutely cutting edge.  You can learn more about it and see a couple of videos from the class >HERE<

Eric’s course comes from work he’s done with several Tier I units.  Again, depending on the situation, the mind gets roughly 80% of it’s sensory input from the eyes, so improvements to vision allows people to see more, identify threats faster, and generally interpret and interact with your environment more efficiently.  Last year, Eric and I worked together on some instructional videos that we’re going to start selling.  Right now, you can see three of them for free by going to Shooters Vision Gym.  They’re a SMALL piece of a larger training package called “Vision Gym” that you’ll learn about on the page.

That’s it for this week…lots of video and a TON of valuable content to absorb.  If you commit to doing the eye exercises in your car at stoplights/stop signs this week, I can almost guarantee that you’ll notice an improvement in your shooting in the next 7-10 days.

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  1. Very cool every-day application Ox, I’ll definitely try that.

    I’ve been doing similar vision drills while out in nature as well. Walk head-up, focus as deep and far into the woods as possible, instantly bring focus back in to near-by objects (trees, rocks etc), repeat.

    These drills have translated very well to my shooting (target to front-sight focus).

    Keep ’em coming bud!

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