Chris Kyle/Larry Yatch American Sniper Benefit

If you haven’t seen American Sniper yet, it’s an awesome movie and I strongly encourage you to see it.

Here’s a quick TV interview that my friend, Retired Navy SEAL, Larry Yatch recently did about his tour on Team 3 with Chris and about the movie:

I got to spend some time with Larry in Vegas at SHOT this week and we had a chance to swap stories about Chris.  To be clear, we had very different relationships with Chris.  Larry went to war with Chris and they were close friends/brothers.  I felt an instant kinship with Chris when I met him, thought the world of him when he was alive, and was devastated when he died, but I feel like it would be less than honorable to call him a “close friend” because of the lack of time that I spent with him.

One really neat thing is that I had Chris sign & autograph a copy of American Sniper to Larry…not knowing just how close they were.  Chris was going to give a copy to Larry the next time they saw each other.  Chris died before they saw each other again, but I was able to give Larry the copy that I had Chris sign for him.

One thing Larry and I both noticed is that Chris was much more jovial in real life than in the movie.  One example was from the party below.

OxChrisDillardme, Chris, and Dillard

We were standing in the kitchen talking at 1-2 in the morning and a guy who was there because his girlfriend was invited came in and asked Chris for some of his snuff.

Chris told him something along the lines of “you don’t ask a guy for his last bit of dip”, but the guy was insistent.  So Chris made him a deal he didn’t think he’d accept.  Most people wouldn’t understand or appreciate what happened next, but the simple version of the story is that the guy ended up unconscious for a few seconds, swallowing his dip, and spending the next half hour in the bathroom puking until his girlfriend dragged him home. Good times 🙂

Shortly after his death, Glenn Beck auctioned off his signed copy of American Sniper and raised $16,000 for Chris’ wife, Taya.  As soon as I heard this, I got in touch with Glenn, sent him a copy Chris had signed for me, and we raised another $16,000 for Taya.

This week, Larry is doing another fund raiser in Minneapolis.  On the 26th, 27th, 28th, and 29th Chris and one or more other SEALs (depending on the night) are hosting a $75/seat fundraiser/showing of American Sniper.  They’ll be giving a presentation on BUD/S and the SEALs before the movie, showing the movie, and then doing a question and answer session afterwards.  There are only 1,000 available seats and Larry told me at breakfast yesterday that they were down to about 50.  Proceeds will go to the Chris Kyle Foundation.  If you’re in the Minneapolis area on the 29th (the rest are sold out) or have the ability to be, here is the link:

For more information on retired Navy SEAL, Larry Yatch and the Concealed Carry Masters Course, go >HERE<  We’ll be donating 20% of sales through this link to the Chris Kyle Foundation along with the proceeds from the movie showings.

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  1. The idiot-crazy poster at the top of the page is a real work of art isn’t he/she/IT?
    Like Michael Moore is an epitome of honor and justice while Chris is somehow a “bad guy” for following orders and doing one of THE most difficult and personally affecting jobs in the military.
    Regarding Chris beating Ventura in a fight, I wouldn’t doubt it! Not that I don’t like Jesse OR don’t appreciate his service to our country. It’s just that Jesse is a lot more of a showman now that he ever was when he honorably served as a SEAL…

    Personally, I’d be HAPPY to help sponsor a similar American Sniper movie showing to help raise funds for Taya here in the my home town! I’m going to contact Larry to try and do exactly that!

  2. ***WARNING AND NOTE: This turd has never posted here before. He is not in my database. He’s simply one of the dozens of internet trolls looking for articles on Chris Kyle to crap on. With that in mind, you may wonder why I’m approving it. The reason is because it’s important for my readers to know how organized and evil the disinformation campaigns are that we deal with on a daily basis.***

    It’s unfortunate to have to read, and watch, this level of propaganda.

    I respect people for their level of character, not skill. Chris Kyle was a documented liar. He lied about Jesse Ventura, which was proven in court when Ventura won.

    The movie, like the sudden glut of ridiculous SEAL worship movies, is complete government propaganda. Period. This man was not an honorable man. And he repeatedly mentioned in real life his regret at not being able to kill more people.

    The government is preparing and psyching the stupid population up for another global military conflagration. It’s going to be hell.

    War is hell, enough so when the cause is just, but a complete mockery of our humanity when the interests served are evil and corrupt.

    Then, to discredit the objective thinkers like myself who haven’t yet been put into a trance, the same psyop masters trot out Michael Moore as the cartoonish villain to Chris Kyle’s ridiculous idol.

    I’m an American, and the American public may literally be the dumbest upon the surface of this planet. It’s really embarrassing. Really.

    And Kyle’s wife is in no need of our assistance. Check into that.

    Kyle was assassinated by the same folks using him for this propaganda. Dead hero’s are even better, while being unable to talk.

    They build the image of these guys into superheros, but then you’ll note how easy it is for them to kill them. I.e. Kyle, and the SEALs ambushed on that chopper and massacred to keep the fake Bin Laden capture under wraps. But that’s been exposed.

    Increasingly, large numbers of people are awakening to the corrupt nature of our government. Those real heros and honorable men in the military have undergone a purge, which continues.

    In life, the moral high ground is all that matters, after faith in the Good Lord. As the Proverb goes, mightier is he who masters his own spirit than he who conquers his soul.

    The ultimate bad ass is the man of honor, who bows only before the Truth, and Justice, and does not sell out.

    Stop being so foolish and childish in your worship of other human beings. If not completely deceptive.

    High level training is one thing, but that plus unwavering honour and morality is a whole other level of shut your mouth.

    Right makes might. Not the other way around. I’m absolutely sick of the lies, and of degenerates masquerading as honorable.

    This man completely fabricated a story, upon orders, about beating up Jesse Ventura for bad mouthing SEALs. He lied, and he lost.

    And then he died. When you sell your soul, they may require your life at any time.

    Me, however, I will not die on my knees like Kyle. And I will continue to stand for Truth.

    And the deceitful clown that wrote this article will one day have to answer for their own actions as well.

    I hope that writer is just simply as stupid as the rest of the populace, and not overtly lying their assess off.

    You wanna be truly bad ass, do the right thing… This crap is nauseating.

  3. Dale Bailey says:

    I have not yet seen the movie ,I have read his books . Though I was never privileged to meet Chris Kyle , I feel the loss of an a true American hero .

  4. Shirley stieger says:

    When you come to the Kansas City area to do the same thing, let me know. We are going to see the movie tonight but living near an Army base (Leavenworth, KS ) I think there would be a lot of takers for the fundraiser. Or maybe if local retired SEALS spoke before or after the show it would continue go bring in money for the family.
    Thanks for doing this.
    Shirley Stieger
    Leavenworth, KS

  5. Saw Sniper yesterday. The only downsides to the movie: we lost an American Hero and I’ll never have a chance to shake his hand.

  6. Seen it yesterday loved it. We need more American with his attitude.

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