Ebola: First US Diagnosis of Ebola Amidst Growing Concern

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(David’s note:  There’s a serious mix of information in this post…both news reports from Barbara (Diva) on the man who flew to Dallas with Ebola as well as several interjections by me with historical and 10,000 foot observations on Ebola, as well as a bio-weapons expert and geneticist that I consulted.  PLEASE read the whole thing…it changes focus and pace several times, so scan sections if you need to, but PLEASE read it to the end.

It’s vital that you remember that Ebola is currently a 3rd world disease.  Here are some of the reasons why the disease has been spreading:

1.  Afterlife rituals that involve the use of the blood of the dead.
2.  Re-use of syringes and IV needles without proper sanitizing.
3.  Putting a patient with complaints of elevated blood pressure into the bed of someone who JUST died of Ebola without changing the sheets or sanitizing the room (see below)
4.  Neighborhoods with no running water or sewer systems where human waste (fecal matter and vomit) goes into the street or open air ditches where people and animals walk and children play.
5.  Medical systems with less than 1 doctor to 100,000 people.
6.  Bad decisions made by healthcare workers spawned by compromised mental states due to no sleep, extremely long work hours, exposure to a high level of death and suffering, limited resources, frustration, lack of infrastructure, and more.)
7.  Belief by locals that Ebola is witchcraft, isn’t real, and therefore, they don’t need to seek medical care.
8.  Hot, non air-conditioned medical spaces that make it very difficult for medical workers to wear full protective gear.

What am I trying to say?  Use the news of Ebola to get prepared, but there are a dozen other diseases coming across the Southern border that I’m more concerned about for my family than Ebola.

Countries have been enamored by the thought of weaponizing Ebola for 20+ years and, ironically, it kills it’s host too quickly, isn’t contagious enough for a long enough period of time, and doesn’t spread easily enough to be considered a “weapon.”  Unless and until Ebola goes airborne…and nobody’s been able to make that happen in 20+ years…it won’t be a major problem here.)

(From one of my bio-weapons experts:  “In one of the articles you shared, I noticed the mortality rate was around 60%.  Overall, that is the correct figure, although Ebola Zaire had a 90% fatality rate.

The current strain seems to be less virulent, which is actually bad news with this particular iteration.  In the past, Ebola has burned through villages in Africa so fast that it often overran itself.  It killed all of its hosts before they could spread it to someone else.  This one seems to be more ‘patient’, with a lower mortality and a longer expression period.  (21 days as opposed to 7-10 with Zaire)

That’s twice the amount of time for a carrier to infect more people.  I think one thing that is being missed in the shuffle is the fact that men express the Ebola virus in their semen for up to 21 days AFTER they are symptom free (provided they survive the virus).  That is a whopping 42 (FORTY TWO) days that a male Ebola carrier needs to be quarantined.  I can guarantee you that that is not happening with the lack of health care access and supply we are seeing in West Africa.

If you do some rough math, and say 40 percent of 6000 people are surviving this illness, leaving 20 percent of those as males assuming a 50/50 split, and cut that to 10% as being sexually active males, you’ve got several hundred men running around over there who have already survived the illness who are unwittingly infecting others.

Basic epidemiological quarantine procedure operates on the Halo principle, where you put a ring around an outbreak, let the disease run its course, contain it, and move on to the next outbreak.  With the dearth of willing and/or able-bodied health workers, I can also guarantee that those halos are being broken down or are virtually ineffective, until essentially everyone over there gets their turn with Ebola.” [more from him on Ebola being airborne in a bit])

On Tuesday, while writing Friday’s update on the Ebola virus, the first U.S. Diagnosed case of the Ebola was announced.  At the time of the breaking news, the man’s name was withheld, as was his flight information from Liberia to the US.  When questioned, CDC director Thomas Frieden  stated that as the patient was not displaying symptoms of Ebola when he came to the US on September 19th/20th, he would not have been infectious.

Since the initial Tuesday announcement, it was discovered that the patients name is Thomas Eric Duncan, who is from Monrovia, Liberia. Not surprisingly, news has been flooding in about the circumstances of this first reported Ebola case in the U.S., therefore this week’s post is somewhat in-depth to get you up-to-date.

It is believed that from 80 to 100 people may have been exposed to the Ebola virus through contact with Duncan, which includes five children.  It was further disclosed that when Duncan sought medical treatment on September 26, he informed a nurse that he had traveled from Liberia, but according to authorities,  this information was not relayed to the full medical team.  Duncan was subsequently prescribed antibiotics and released.

(David’s note:  This is infuriating, but not for the reason you may think.  The hospital staff gave him antibiotics without knowing what he had going on. 

1.  Antibiotics work on bacteria, not on viruses.
2.  Over-prescribing of antibiotics and incomplete use of antibiotics leads to drug-resistant bacteria.
3.  Any time antibiotics are used, they wipe out the good bacteria in the gut, along with up to 80% of your body’s immune function and a lot of your ability to release energy and nutrients from food.

This type of malpractice is happening in almost every hospital in the country, throughout the day, every day of the year.  It hurts the patients immediately, in the short term, and it is setting the stage for drug resistant bacteria.  If you’re in healthcare, PLEASE think twice before handing out antibiotics unnecessarily.  If you’re a patient, PLEASE question any healthcare provider who prescribes antibiotics without a good reason.)

The following report is from ABC NEWS, Good Morning America, Ebola Patients Texas Contacts Zoom to 80, Authorities Say  was released on October 2, 2014.

The number of people who came into contact with Texas Ebola patient, Thomas Eric Duncan, has zoomed from as many as 18 to 80, health officials in Texas announced in a statement today.

Duncan, a Liberian man who is the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the United States, is being treated in an isolation unit at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas after being brought to the hospital by ambulance earlier this week.

Medical authorities initially said that they were interviewing and monitoring 12 to 18 people, including five children, who had been in contact with Duncan since he arrived Sept. 19. But today Dallas Health Director Zack Thompson told ABC News affiliate WFAA that 80 people who may have come in contact with Duncan are being interviewed.

Thompson said four or five members of Duncan’s family are under a “control order” to stay inside their homes.

It’s not clear if these four or five people under the control order are the five school age children who were told to stay home from school.

Dr. David Lakey, Texas health commissioner, talked addressed the control order.

“We have tried and true protocols to protect the public and stop the spread of this disease,” Lakey said in the statement. “This order gives us the ability to monitor the situation in the most meticulous way.”

Authorities say the family members do not currently have symptoms of Ebola, which include fever above 100.5 degrees, headache, nausea, diarrhea or abdominal pain. The order will continue until at least Oct. 19.

Thompson said he was aware of news reports that Duncan had been vomiting before being admitted to the hospital, but said he was not concerned about the vomiting (emphasis added).

Duncan flew from Liberia to Brussels on Sept. 19. He continued to Washington’s Dulles Airport, before flying to the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport on a United Airlines flight.

Authorities with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have said airline passengers and flight crew members aren’t at risk for Ebola because Duncan wasn’t exhibiting symptoms until days later, but his diagnosis has left residents in Dallas on edge, with scrutiny for Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, which allowed the man to leave after he told a nurse he had come from West Africa.

Duncan returned to the hospital by ambulance two days later. He remains in an isolation unit, listed in serious condition.

Mark Lester, the executive vice president of Texas Health Resources, said a communication issue was responsible for the lapse.

Regretfully, that information was not fully communicated throughout the full team,” Lester said.

Five children who members of Duncan’s family have also been told to stay home

Authorities also scrubbed down area schools , trying to contain the disease’s spread.

Duncan spoke on the phone Wednesday with family members who live near Charlotte, N.C.

We talked today (with Duncan) and we prayed together with his mother and sister here,” said Joe Weeks, who lives with Duncan’s sister Mai.

Weeks said that the family is concerned that Duncan was admitted to the hospital and put in isolation on Sunday, but hasn’t received the experimental Ebola drugs.

I don’t understand why he is not getting the Zmapp,” Weeks said.

The manufacturer of the drug has said they have run out of the experimental medicine.

Duncan’s former boss in Monrovia, Liberia, said the patient had been his driver for the last year or two until he abruptly left his job in early September.

“I really don’t know,” why he left, Henry Brunson, general manager of Safeway Cargo, told ABC News. “He didn’t resign. He just left the office. He just walked away.”

(David’s note:  If you smell a rat with him mysteriously leaving his job, contracting Ebola, lying about it, and then flying to the US and coming into contact with more than 100 people, you’re not alone. )

You can read the entire ABC report HERE.

* * *

A Reuters UK edition report,  dated October 2, written by Lisa Maria Garza, Up to 100 possibly exposed to Ebola patient in United States, which is supplied here in its entirety:

DALLAS/MONROVIA, Oct 2 (Reuters) – Up to 100 people may have had direct or indirect contact with the first person to be diagnosed with the Ebola virus in the United States, and four of his relatives have been quarantined in an apartment in Dallas, health officials said on Thursday.

The worst outbreak of the contagious, haemorrhagic fever on record has killed at least 3,300 people in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, overwhelming weak health systems and crippling fragile economies and threatening to cause hunger .

Liberia has recorded nearly 2,000 of those deaths and aid agencies say they need hundreds of beds for patients.

The case in the United States has heightened concerns that Ebola could spread globally and could raise further questions about travel restrictions from the affected countries.

Liberian authorities on Thursday said they could prosecute Duncan if he returned because he had filled out a form before flying falsely stating he had not come into contact with an Ebola case, when he had actually helped a neighbour with the disease days earlier.

Liberia’s President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf told Canadian Broadcasting Corp. she was angry with Duncan for what he had done, especially given how much the United States was doing to help tackle the crisis.

“One of our compatriots didn’t take due care, and so, he’s gone there and in a way put some Americans in a state of fear, and put them at some risk, and so I feel very saddened by that and very angry with him,” she said.

“The fact that he knew (he might be a carrier) and he left the country is unpardonable, quite frankly,” she said.


Duncan initially sought treatment at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital on the night of Sept. 25 but was sent back to the Dallas apartment where he was staying, with antibiotics despite telling a nurse he had just been in West Africa.

By Sunday, he needed an ambulance to return to the same hospital.

Police and armed security guards were keeping people about 100 yards away from the apartment on Thursday, with orange cones blocking the entrance and exit. Maintenance workers using high-pressure water were scrubbing the parking lot with bleach. The workers were not wearing any protective gear (emphasis added).

Officials said none of those thought to have had direct or indirect contact with the patient were showing symptoms of Ebola. The disease can cause fever, bleeding, vomiting and diarrhea and spreads through contact with bodily fluids.

* * *

As of September 29, 2014 the CDC reports the Ebola virus has infected 6,574 people, leading to 3,091 deaths.  Some are claiming higher numbers, which cannot be substantiated.  Liberia continues to be the hardest hit, followed by Sierra Leone, Guinea, Nigeria, and Senegal that reports 1 confirmed Ebola case.

New Study Warns Of Worst-Case Scenario: 1.5 Million Could Be Infected By January Without Improved Control Measures

As reported by International Business Times, writer Jayalakshmi K, September 28, 2014, Ebola Could Infect 1.5 Million Soon, Says CDC.

The following is an excerpt:

The forecast supports drastically higher projections released earlier by epidemiologists at the VBI, who modeled the Ebola spread as part of the National Institutes of Health-sponsored project Models of Infectious Disease Agent Study (Midas).

The World Health Organization (WHO) had predicted that 20,000 cases could be expected before the pandemic is controlled, but the new modeling shows 20,000 people could be infected in just one month.

If control measures are improved, the numbers could significantly reduce, said the forecast.

“If the disease keeps spreading as it has been, we estimate there could be hundreds of thousands of cases by the end of the year in Liberia alone,” said Bryan Lewis, a computational epidemiologist with the Network Dynamics and Simulation Science Laboratory at VBI.

The VBI’s work with Ebola began in 2000 and is largely funded by the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency: a little-known US military agency which attempts to predict global threats, including pandemics and attacks using weapons of mass destruction.

Health Care Worker’s Are Being Infected While Health Facilities Are Overrun

In Liberia, a huge concern is the dwindling health care force and available beds to care for those infected with Ebola, as Science AAS reports in September 8th, 2014, Liberia’s Ebola problem far worse than imagined, says WHO.

The following excerpt describes the battle being fought against exploding Ebola cases:

Some 152 health care workers have been infected and 79 have died. When the outbreak began, Liberia had only one doctor for every 100,000 people in a total population of 4.4 million people. Every infection or death of a doctor or nurse depletes response capacity significantly.

Liberia, together with the other hard-hit countries, namely Guinea and Sierra Leone, is experiencing a phenomenon never before seen in any previous Ebola outbreak. As soon as a new Ebola treatment facility is opened, it immediately fills to overflowing with patients, pointing to a large but previously invisible caseload.

Of all Ebola-affected countries, Liberia has the highest cumulative number of reported cases and deaths, amounting, on 8 September, to nearly two thousand cases and more than one thousand deaths. The case-fatality rate, at 58%, is also among the highest.

Situation in Montserrado county:

The WHO investigation concentrated on Montserrado county, which includes Liberia’s capital, Monrovia. The county is home to more than one million people. The teeming West Point slum, which has no sanitation, little running water, and virtually no electrical supplies, is also located in Monrovia, and is adjacent to the city’s major market district.

In Montserrado county, the team estimated that 1000 beds are urgently needed for the treatment of currently infected Ebola patients. At present only 240 beds are available, with an additional 260 beds either planned or in the process of being put in place. These estimates mean that only half of the urgent and immediate capacity needs could be met within the next few weeks and months.

The number of new cases is moving far faster than the capacity to manage them in Ebola-specific treatment centres.

For example, an Ebola treatment facility, hastily improvised by WHO for the Ministry of Health, was recently set up to manage 30 patients but had more than 70 patients as soon as it opened.

Boots On The Ground as U.S. Troops Are Confronted With Ebola

IBT, as reported by Jayalakshmi K reports on September, 29, 2014: Ebola: US Military Struggles To Keep Pace With Racing Virus.

Although it was hoped that troops sent to help with the Ebola effort would be highly trained to avoid becoming infected with the virus, the following excerpt explains the reality of what our military are experiencing:

US cargo planes have begun landing with huge rolls of plastic sheets for tents. With a poorly equipped airport at Liberia, even unloading becomes a big task, not to mention the climate of fear.

“Some companies would rather go to Afghanistan than come here,” the plane’s loadmaster has been quoted as saying, while a nervous first officer in the cockpit who shared a pen with a Liberian rushes to wash his hands, asking: “Am I going to be OK?”

One of the clinics at the airport site will only hold 25 beds meant for health workers, the ones at maximum risk.

While it is hoped that other countries will send their own nurses and doctors, as CDC’s head of Ebola response in Liberia, Frank Mahoney says: “It’s hard to know where all they’ll come from.”

WHO has estimated that 1,000 to 2,000 international health workers are needed in the region.

Out of the 2,900 beds that are currently needed according to WHO, countries have promised around 737.

This is an indication of the dire situation on the ground in West Africa and a reflection of the sporadic and half-hearted global response.

Currently, under 18% of those who report symptoms are able to find a treatment centre and a bed, the rest are sent back home.

According to experts, unless 70% of the patients can be placed where they will not transmit the virus, the epidemic is likely to worsen.

Beds fill up as soon as new centres come up, reports Fox News. And still they are not enough. Most patients are directed to holding centres where they await their turn when beds become available.

“If this outbreak continues, the sheer caseload will make it much more difficult to contain,” said Dr Bruce Aylward, assistant-director general in charge of emergencies at WHO.

“We will need more health workers to take care of them, more PPE (protective suits), more hospitals, more of everything.”

Clinics unable to afford protective equipment are reportedly washing and reusing protective gear that is meant to be worn only once.

Even Amidst The Bad News, There is Hope

Reading news of the Ebola outbreak is difficult.  As Preppers, we are hard-wired to be aware of and to prepared for what challenges may come our way.  It is possible that a full-blown Ebola outbreak will not occur in the U.S., but if it does, the number of trained health care professionals and the nations state-of-the-art equipment will help to combat an out of control outbreak as is being experienced in West Africa.

A September 26, 2014 CNN article, Woman saves three relatives from Ebola, written by Senior Medical Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen, offers hope, even against incredible odds.

The following is a portion of the article:

(CNN)It can be exhausting nursing a child through a nasty bout with the flu, so imagine how 22-year-old Fatu Kekula felt nursing her entire family through Ebola.

Her father. Her mother. Her sister. Her cousin. Fatu took care of them all, single-handedly feeding them, cleaning them and giving them medications.

And she did so with remarkable success. Three out of her four patients survived. That’s a 25% death rate — considerably better than the estimated Ebola death rate of 70%. (Note: the death rate reported here is far greater than what the CDC and WHO numbers reflect)

Fatu stayed healthy, which is noteworthy considering that more than 300 health care workers have become infected with Ebola, and she didn’t even have personal protection equipment — those white space suits and goggles used in Ebola treatment units.

Instead Fatu, who’s in her final year of nursing school, invented her own equipment. International aid workers heard about Fatu’s “trash bag method” and are now teaching it to other West Africans who can’t get into hospitals and don’t have protective gear of their own.

Every day, several times a day for about two weeks, Fatu put trash bags over her socks and tied them in a knot over her calves. Then she put on a pair of rubber boots and then another set of trash bags over the boots.

She wrapped her hair in a pair of stockings and over that a trash bag. Next she donned a raincoat and four pairs of gloves on each hand, followed by a mask.

It was an arduous and time-consuming process, but Fatu was religious about it, never cutting corners.

UNICEF Spokeswoman Sarah Crowe said Fatu is amazing.

“Essentially this is a tale of how communities are doing things for themselves,” Crowe said. “Our approach is to listen and work with communities and help them do the best they can with what they have.”

Two doctors for 85,000 people

She emphasized, of course, that it would be better for patients to be in real hospitals with doctors and nurses in protective gear — it’s just that those things aren’t available to many West Africans.

No one knows that better than Fatu.

Her Ebola nightmare started July 27, when her father, Moses, had a spike in blood pressure. She took him to a hospital in their home city of Kakata.

A bed was free because a patient had just passed away. What no one realized at the time was that the patient had died of Ebola.

(David’s note:  This lesson is consistent whether you’re in the US or a 3rd-4th world hell-hole…don’t go to hospitals unless you need to.)

Another comment from my bio-weapons expert:  “As an afterthought, it is misunderstood that Ebola isn’t spread through the air. 

As a matter of fact, droplets between 5-10 um have been shown to spread the virus in laboratory settings.  A sneeze, basically.

As a second afterthought, the reason Zmapp is in such short supply is that it’s created using monoclonal antibodies.  These are the ‘magic bullet’ type vaccines that are primarily used in cancer therapy.  They take a long time to create and manufacture because the antibodies are grown in mice for a specific antigen (hence the mono) and then a vaccine is developed using those antigens.

For comparative purposes, most of us are very familiar with polyclonal antibodies, as we usually receive a polyclonal vaccine every year in the form of a flu shot.  They take several forms of flu that they predict will be most prevalent, mix them all together, and that’s your vaccine.)

(David’s closing note:  We’re going to have a problem with Ebola until we completely prohibit travel from Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea and prohibit anyone who’s been to any of those countries in the last 21-28 days from coming to the US.  We will continue to have new cases until we effectively quarantine the countries that are having outbreaks from international travel.

I am updating lesson 5 of the Survive In Place Urban Survival Course to not only cover H1N1 flu, but also H5N1 and other flu strains, as well as Ebola, Chikungunya, Enterovirus D-68, and other viruses being rapidly introduced from Central and South America through the southern border.  People who have taken the course in the past will receive the update automatically as soon as it’s available.  Click >HERE< to learn more now.

Are you preparing for an epidemic, whether Ebola or another potential epidemic?  Do you have concerns over reports surrounding the first diagnosed case of Ebola in Dallas, Texas;  U.S. Military efforts to help combat the Ebola outbreak in West Africa; or continued allowance of travel to and from West Africa?  Please sound off by commenting below.

God bless and stay safe,

David Morris and Survival Diva

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  1. Fresh crushed garlic kills viruses in a couple of hours as does fresh ginger root tea with honey. I have had swine flu, malaria and herpes for a couple of hours, even had a friend cured of swine flu overnight having suffered from it for two weeks. I live in a mosquito infested area and get malaria ever couple of months. When the symptoms hit I crush a clove of garlic, swallow it, chase it with water and go about my business. I’ve been doing this for years. Used to take the garlic every day and mosquitoes didn’t like me but I guess I’ve gotten lazy in my old age.

  2. Hi David,

    Wicked post, I’m a convert.

    Checking this out I’ve been doing a little digging. Having worked in microbiology in the past (in hospitals) I believe many recommendations from some organizations.

    In the UK there is a Viral Haemorrhagic Guideline people can read or skim through here:


    A few take-aways that contradict some of the comments here (and I’m all for an open mind) are:

    Page 74 – Viral Haemorrhagic Fevers have been known to survive for two weeks or even longer on contaminated fabrics and equipment.

    The take-away has to be use disposable gear.

    Page 73 – Guidelines on bleach are 10,000PPM for spillages and 1000PPM for cleaning, and for bleach to be left 2 minutes to work. People should also take into consideration aerosols (for example if you spill bodily fluids while caring for a person, they need to be allowed to settle).

    Page 47 – unless people are going to buy some sort of HEPA filter and clean your family under a laboratory hood then safety masks aren’t about stopping the virus as such. There about offering protection of your mucus membranes from aerosols and splashes etc in a similar way to eye protection. And – hey – something is better than nothing, right?

    And love that example of the girl your looked after her family.

    I believe the only real treatment is decent quality care and probably doing what we can to all be as healthy as possible. I won’t be putting all my money into Vitamin C though.

    Keep up the good work.


  3. Being exposed to a germ is not being infected by it. A person who has a strong immune system, either naturally or by design, can be exposed and not infected.
    I think we have lost sight of this basic fact here.
    Does anyone remember the nuns at Lourdes, who send diseased people to bathe in some holy body of water, and then, at the end of each day DRINK THE WATER? They grow old in the Order and do not get infected.
    Would love to know what if anything they do to keep themselves invulnerable (besides, I’m sure, prayer). Probably excellent diet, for starters.

    • Ebola is NOT an easy disease to catch (read The Hot Zone for info). The ONLY airborne strain was Ebola Reston, which didn’t do anything to humans but wiped out the Monkey populations in the Reston Monkey house. Twice.

      The Zmapp everyone is talking about is NOT a sure thing. Has barely been tested and they really don’t know if it really works (google it). There IS a cure for Ebola, one that most Doctors don’t know–IVC, or large doses of intravenous IV of vitamin C. And yes, there ARE documented cases (mostly overseas) where this has cured the patient (I won’t go into the whole molecular thing on how it works–you can google that as well and read it).

      I’d suggest those that don’t want the flu or Ebola, start taking (talk to your Doctor before starting a regimen) herbal anti-virals. Some of these supplements are dirt cheap, such as Garlic and Olive Leaf (there are tons more herbal antivirals). They’ll beat most viral illnesses you might happen to catch.

      Here’s a link with 20 of them (there’s more, just google herbal anti-virals)
      www.sustainablebabysteps.com/antiviral-herbs.html. Some of the antivirals are less than 5 bucks a bottle, some 5-10 and some very expensive. Get it from a good quality source, such as puritan’s pride or swanson vitamins (swansonvitamins.com). These supplements are awesome to use during the flu season!

      There’s a wealth of information on the internet (from verified scientific sources) on herbal and supplement anti-virals. Such as, cinnamon (GREAT for your blood sugar and heart!) There’s Echinacea angustifolia (great for colds, PLUS it’s a natural antibiotic!) Astragalus Root, Cat’s Claw, Ginger & Oregano are also antivirals. Those I listed above are dirt cheap (well under 10 bucks). I highly suggest them–haven’t had the flu in over 5 years since I started taking my choice anti-virals…and twice in 2 months I forgot to take them and ended up with a cold (now I never forget them).

      As an added bonus, most of the ones listed above have other health benefits–Ginger is great for arthritis and inflamation, and is great for digestion. There are other benefits as well.

      Hope this helps!

  4. I think this ebola crisis should be handled the same way that the plague was finally dealt with. It’s harsh, but a few sacrficed to save the many is more important at this time. All carriiers & contractees should be isolated , all places where this virus has been exposed should be burned to stop further spreading & those that are infected need to be destroyed also. No one can guarantee that if someone is supposedly cured that they won’t still carry & later infect people again. Life’s too short to have to worry about protecting those that are destroying our would with any type virus or deadly disease they have been infected with. hope someone does the right thing to protect those of us who aren’t infected.

    • Thomas Beckett says:

      Pretty cold-blooded thinking there, Billy. Comparing an outbreak of a lethal virus in today’s world to the plague of the Middle-Ages might be a stretch, don’t you think? Using your logic, I can see the possibility for all kinds of mischief by our government….(euthanizing the carriers of the virus could easily be transferred to carriers of extremist political ideas, such as “prepping”).

      But let’s put the question back to you: If you caught the virus, would you willing surrender yourself to the authorities to be terminated and burnt to ash? What about a family member? Or would you off yourself when you decided it was time to check out….maybe you would decide to save the bullet since you are going to die anyway, but who is going to pick up your disease-ridden carcass and take it to the incinerator to be lit up? Tough talk, Billy….it’s easy to do when you are not in the situation of having to make tough decisions.

      Just understand this: you and your ilk, with your simplistic solutions, are a lot more deadly than some kind of virus which will run its course and die out. People like you never seem to die out but are a plague that spans the centuries. But maybe you are an ISIS sympathizer and like their particular brand of ruthlessness toward anyone whom they consider infected with the virus of apostasy and non-compliance to Islamic principles. Hell, Billy, I might go along with your “solution” if it were applied to the ISIS virus.

      • Actually, he did say that those infected should be destroyed as well.
        “,,,those that are infected need to be destroyed also. No one can guarantee that if someone is supposedly cured that they won’t still carry & later infect people again.”

        While I agree that his views are extreme and unreasonable, one needs to be able to see what is actually there – rather than what you think is there or your own views become just as unfocused and unreasonable.

        Do the research and find out what the real risks are. Gut reactions are what get lots of people hurt and killed. Think through the problem, get all the facts, then formulate a reasonable response.

        To your (and our) health!

      • I replied on this earlier thinking that Thomas misunderstood Billy, but I was corrected and I apologize. Billy really is suggesting that people who are infected be “destroyed” and I’m hoping that he MEANT to say something along the lines of this:

        “We should do everything we can to safely treat and take care of the victims of Ebola, but once they die, we should cremate or otherwise isolate and sterilize their bodies so that the disease isn’t spread.”

    • Thomas Beckett says:

      Oh, and one more thing: your last sentence tells me a lot about you….”Life’s too short to have to worry about protecting those that are destroying our would with any type virus or deadly disease they have been infected with. hope someone does the right thing to protect those of us who aren’t infected.”

      I thought you preppers were self-sufficient, self-reliant and tough enough to survive a nuclear blast but here you are sounding like a girlie-man, hoping “someone does the right thing to protect (you).” And just who is that “someone” you would like to put their lives on the line to protect you so you can talk tough without having to back it all up? You go, Billy Boy, life is too short to be bothered with idiots as well as diseased innocents.

      • You touched on something else that I want to address. Despite what hit-piece TV shows try to portray, there really isn’t such a thing as “you preppers.” Preppers are not a homogenous group. “Preppers” span the gap from people who put extra gloves, food, and coats in their car in the winter in case they get stuck to people who buy abandoned missile silos to live in “just in case.”

        Most people think it’s smart to have an emergency fund set aside of 1, 3, or 6 months. This is preparedness.

        Most people think it’s smart to carry an umbrella or a rain jacket on a sunny morning when rain is forcast for later in the day. This is preparedness.

        Not everyone who prepares is self-sufficient or self-reliant. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that most people prepare BECAUSE they’re not self-sufficient or self-reliant. And the more they prepare, learn, and do for themselves, the more un-self-reliant and un-self-sufficient they realize they are.

        So, you might be having a rough day and need to blow off some steam, but this is a serious site for serious people and going off half-cocked on someone because you misread what they wrote doesn’t really help much. Please re-read comments before going off on them.

        • Yep so agree…we are ALL going to need each other and help each other out when SHTF like never before! I wager that most of us, no matter how much faith we have, what we have set aside for emergencies and prepared for whatever all, will be scared for ourselves and our families…because we have not experiences such in our nation before….for a long time that is! So let’s start now being more compassionate and like Americans used to be; people with common sense and respect for each other.

  5. It makes absolutely no sense to be sending our troops into any area where there is Ebola.
    This is going to be a disaster.

    • Agenda 21

    • Lorraine Magarian says:

      Yes, indeed, but our government is not concerned about their soldiers’ health nor ours in the states. This is a money-making business as the CDC or NIH have a patent on the virus; s0 you have to wonder what is the motive here.

    • This ebola is reported to be a patented bioengineered virus, attenuated with lassa fever virus, developed by US department of defense. It actually can spread via inhalation but not as effectively as influenza or common cold. The paradoxical, unusual response (and false reassurances) by the US government would suggest that they are intent upon promoting its spread in the USA-perhaps as their final push towards martial law. Watch this space and take nothing at face value that is said by the CDC or this president or his cabinet.

      • I have to agree with you. To create a lethal virus in a laboratory for the purpose of using it as a weapon is pure insanity. Well, now they have released it into the populations of third world countries either intentionally or out of carelessness. Don’t we have enough weapons in the world to kill us off that they have to create more of them? Governments are controlled by madmen and women with the desire to rule the world by killing off those who are not useful to them. They make war with one another and watch how many humans can be eliminated by it and if that doesn’t accomplish their goals they break out the Bio-weapons to speed up the destruction of human life. It’s about money too because the death of others makes them very rich.

      • Thanks, Lorax, but your comment is a mix of things that ring true and things that don’t.

        1st sentence: If it is a patented, bioengineered virus, it’s a horrible failure. It sucks as a weapon.
        2nd sentence: If someone projectile vomits or coughs bloody mucus through the air, then it’s able to be spread through inhalation.
        3rd sentence: The response of the US government is as likely to be an indication of cluelessness, incompetence, or being forced to make decisive actions when they don’t know all the facts as much as it’s an indication of malicious action.

  6. Great info. Fantastic comments from so many. So glad I came here.
    I ALSO DID SOME RESEARCH ON THE BOOK MENTIONED by one individual. It is also is available in PDF format.

    The Book Primal Panacea (Preface in PDF—FREE Download)


    available form Amazon instructs you how to use Vitamin C to prevent Ebola and all other disease and toxins. Basically you can use high dosage amounts of vitamin c by making your own liposomal vitamin c that is as potent as IV vitamin c. Just got my ingredients and machine from Amazon today.

    Chapter 1 in PDF Format (FREE)


    (FREE Download of entire book in PDF format


    (You need to “sign up & give a credit card # but they do not use it)

    Video on YouTube Vitamin C: The Primal Panacea (1/7)


    The other 6 come up for viewing as well

    ALSO REGARDING THE FACT THAT Obama should stop incoming flights and the influx from Mexico…

    It is insane and dereliction of duty for our Chief in Nothing Leader to IGNORE and NOT SHUT down travel to Africa! 


    Read the petition here—Please tell the FAA to ban ALL incoming flights from any/all ebola-stricken regions.



    • I haven’t heard anybody saying anything about spreading ebola via money. As a former retail clerk who has gotten flu and cold through handling dirty money this concerns me.

      • That’s because Ebola has a *very* short “shelf life” when it’s out of the body. Honestly, it wouldn’t live long enough to infect someone. Ebola is NOT easy to catch!

  7. Richard Fuchs says:

    What a perfect scenario for a National emergency, to call off national elections in the interest of the public’s good health of course.

  8. I find a false sense of security is being of offered by those who assert that we will not have a massive outbreak of Ebola (or any other highly communicable disease for that matter) here in the US because our health care facilities are so much better than the rest of the world’s. I agree, they are, which is a good thing and may lead to controlling the spread of infectious diseases, at least keeping them from rapid, rampant escalation. However, lest one think that having multi-million dollar hospitals in every community guarantees our health and safety let me point out one glaring and oft overlooked fact: “In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated roughly 1.7 million hospital-associated infections, from all types of microorganisms, including bacteria, combined, cause or contribute to 99,000 deaths each year.” I have been associated with hospitals professionally for over 30 years, and one thing that is crystal clear to me is that hospitals are cesspools of infection as the above CDC factoid states. It “comes with the territory”, so to speak, as a hospital is the one community location where the sick, infirmed, and dying are housed. Additionally, the number of true isolation beds (which are required for Ebola patients) available in a typical hospital is less than 2% of all the beds available. So, that means that in a 150 bed community hospital you may have only 2 or 3 isolation beds at best; maybe! That means in a widespread outbreak that 147 beds would be filled with highly contagious patients, which, even using the most stringent aseptic techniques for patient care, would still result in the “cesspool” of germs becoming unmanageable in a very, very short time!

    • You’re right. My comments about Ebola being a 3rd world problem don’t translate over to other diseases AT ALL. Wargames have proved out that our medical system can be completely overwhelmed and reduced to impotence by a simple strong flu, let alone a bioweapon. Recent history has shown us that they can be overwhelmed by local disasters.

      Remember that medical facilities don’t stock a lot more than they expect to use in a VERY short period of time. They don’t staff in such a way as to have dozens of extra people on hand to handle outbreaks.

      They’re staffed and stocked for normal, everyday patient flow and a slight, short term bump when disasters happen. They’re not staffed and stocked for an epidemic or pandemic.

      In short, take ownership and responsibility for your health and healthcare and take care of yourself whenever possible. Our medical system is awesome, but that doesn’t mean you should stop taking care of whatever you can on your own.

    • Survival Diva says:


      You’re concerns are valid. We need to have enough food storage, water, and supplies to last for a long enough duration to isolate, if need be. As David has mentioned, the best approach is to take care of our health as much as possible BEFORE going to the hospital. In my opinion, we also need prayer.

    • It may be helpful to know that, since there is nothing special about the type of room that the “isolation” that ebola requires, any room can be an “isolation room” for an ebola patient. Just slap a notice on the door so that caregivers going into it can glove and gown appropriately, plus or minus a mask.

    • Why, in a widespread outbreak, can’t rooms be easily and economically converted to negative-pressure isolation rooms using plastic and tapes, complete with entry/exit “sterilization chambers” to house hundreds of ebola patients?…for that matter, special-designed plastic tents with filtered ventilation systems? This should not be an issue. And if they started using ventilators rather than filters, the loss of medical personnel would not be a problem either. The claim that it is not “airborne” is a matter of semantics, and may even be false, especially considering the likely possibility that this version of the virus was deliberately engineered and either accidentally or deliberately disseminated thru the Military-sponsored/funded viral weaponization research lab that was located in Guinea and operated by Tulane (and forced to move by the Guinea goverrnment after the breakout). That fact, plus the fact that the US CDC claims ownership of the Ebola virus in 70% compatibility with their patented Ebola, and ALL Ebola vaccines now or in the future. See these:



      Bill and Melinda Gates have VERY strong ties to all this Ebola shenanigans, too, as outlines in this very good research:


  9. Rich Hunsaker says:

    I’m confused. How can man be considered clear of the ebola virus and then released from quarantine, when there is still the virus in his body? I mean obviously it’s still in his body if it’s in his semen for 21 days. Also, what kills the virus off after 21 days if it’s still i a host? Just asking.

    • Survival Diva says:


      Hopefully a physician on the site will be able to answer your question. I have been looking online for an answer, but haven’t located it.

      • It’s because sperm is held in the testes for 2-3 weeks before being broken down and reabsorbed by the body. The rest of the body has already been addressed by the immune system, so it is free of the virus.

        • Survival Diva says:

          Thank you for this explanation, makes sense.

        • Unless it exits the body during that time … and there are such things as nocturnal emissions. So the question remains, why do they allow these guys to go back into the population without a good long stay in the hospital, with continued protocol for taking care of soiled sheets and clothing?

          Heck, think about it … his PJs could end up in Goodwill.

  10. When top government officials are given jobs as favors instead of subject knowledge, how can you really trust their statements?

  11. I was planning a trip to Dallas next weekend to visit the State Fair. Monitoring everything I can to make a decision on going. The game is there that Saturday. 100,000 people there just for it. And coming from everywhere.

    • Survival Diva says:


      What about watching the game from the comfort of your home? 100.000 people attending the game and David Morris’ last post about Islamic Terrorist groups requesting Ebola infected volunteers to be carriers to bring it to the U.S. (not that they’ve been successful) may be a deal breaker.

    • I’m not an absolute conspiracy theorist but… It really makes me wonder about the “coincidence” of E-Bola getting to Dallas, Texas about the same time as the State Fair where tens of thousands from all over the country will congregate. WOW… The way to contaminate the entire country. Makes me wonder!

  12. I’m sure we all appreciate the in-depth coverage that David gives us on the myriad of topics that he covers. His third paragraph that listed the eight reasons that the affected nations have in common is both brilliant, and sad. In a way, it is an assessment tool. When we immediately begin to compare our country’s infrastructure, hospitals, and medical access to the eight points David listed, we can see that they simply don’t. If anyone is in panic mode, just look at the list one at a time, then close your eyes, and try to get an image of what the statement describes. Then create an opposing image of how that scenario plays out here, and you will feel a considerable calming reaction.

    If Ebola cases show up, know that the fatalities will be much fewer. I know that thought alone won’t comfort us much if it hits our family. But, one of the most important points is recognizing symptoms, and the effects of dehydration that might be occurring. Elevated temperature, vomiting, and diarrhea is losing a lot of water from both ends and the skin. In a hospital, I would hope that someone will recognize that weakness if not delirium would require a drip bag or two of lactated ringers solution, low dose saline, or glucose depending on a blood plasma analysis, and the patient’s chronic medical conditions.

    Reading all of David’s post caused me to click every link in the comments. I followed one early poster’s thoughts on colloidal silver. I googled it and at one point hit a page with ads at the bottom from University of Michigan’s epidemiology department. I clicked five of their epidemiology links, and thanks to David’s blog post, am at a minimal anxiety.

    Yet, getting back to what David (no he’s not paying me – we’ve never met) is all about is prepping. He has us thinking about normal prepping, and goes beyond to scenarios that we have never faced. Leaving Ebola behind, we face similar potential problems with west Africa in a bugout situation. A simple injury without hydrogen peroxide, 90% alcohol, or Betadine would leave us as vulnerable as the Africans. Gauze, bandages, splints . . . we can’t carry everything we need.

    While you have received accolades from several, I must tell you that, at the very least, I truly appreciate you.


    • Thank you very much, Welles.

    • Ebola also [extremely quickly] depletes the body of nearly all Vitamin C, resulting in acute scurvy, which results in extreme hemorrhaging, which results in organ failure, which results in death. So extreme DAILY doses of [likely] 300-500 GRAMS of IV-delivered Vitamin C (or ~50 to 90 GRAMS of orally-delivered Liposomal C ), as a treatment may well stave off acute scurvy long enough for the immune system to recover and subdue the virus. Of course hydration and immuno-therapy as well as plenty of as much good nutrition as can be tolerated (or given via IV) would all help recovery tremendously, too. Also, there are some contra-indications to high Vitamin C dosing for some rare cases of individuals, so study must be done on the subject by qualified persons. However, I’m not sure if contra-indications would be at a high enough level to counter the indications FOR use due to ebola… 🙂 You and your “doc” should obviously figure this all out…:) And remember, despite what the FDA may claim …only God cures.

  13. Thank you for all the information that you have put out! I really appreciate the knowledge and it gives me some semblance as to where I can get a handle on protecting myself and family from the coming storms.

    • Survival Diva says:

      Sandy T,

      CD just posted about hydrogen peroxide and I had just discovered similar info. as it’s being effective as a sterilizing agent. Glad the post and comments are helping!

      • Is this 3% Peroxide or another %?

        • Survival Diva says:


          Here is CD’s explanation:

          Lysol now makes peroxide products. I would look to see what the difference is in percentage of H2O2 in anything you are considering for general cleaning. The 70 percent products listed by the CDC is for serious disinfecting of difficult to clean and infected items and areas. I am sure there are a lot of handling precautions with this material. I consider vomit from someone (even if not known for being infected with a deadly virus) as qualifying. The brown bottles you purchase at the pharmacies, Costco and Walmart, is 3 percent. The contact time is longer than bleach, partly because of the dilution. You can buy the large 16 oz bottles of peroxide and transfer it to an opaque spray bottle (peroxide is light reactive) and spray it on to surfaces, then let it air dry, without having the issues of chlorine. Some pharmacies and online you can find 6 percent, which is a lot more reactive. Dentists use 6 percent to easily remove tooth stains. You need to be careful in handling 6 percent as it can give you a very mild chemical burn if mishandled. Pure peroxide is a rocket fuel oxidizer and is really nasty material, so don’t plan on finding any of it. The peroxide is also better on mold. Chlorine will simply bleach mold white. You still have to remove it with scrubbing. Peroxide kills it.

          . . . which tells me either 3% purchased over the counter or 6%, purchased through a pharmacy will work. 6% would be more affective, as it requires a shorter time to disinfect, but could give a slight chemical burn if not used carefully.

          • I get food grade peroxide (35%) at the health food store and have been using it for many years to purify water from the tap. I got a little bit on my fingers recently, but it just tingled a little and turned the tips white for about half an hour, then they returned to normal.

          • Survival Diva says:

            With your FYI, I’m checking the health food stores : )

          • dona thompson says:

            you can get 40% at the beautyssupply store very cheap

          • Survival Diva says:

            I like cheap! With so many to prepare for, cheap is always best. Thanks for the tip!

            As for bats. . . I can’t argue, they are like winged rats, and it’s possible they could be a vector for spreading the Ebola virus. What we are fighting against right now is that sensitive information is NOT being shared with the public. They are doing any and everything to avoid panic and public outcry. Hopefully this sort of information will be available to us, soon, as those in the know come forward.

          • I purchase 29% from my local hydroponic store.

          • Survival Diva says:


            Thank you for the tip. This is good news.

  14. I suggest you also get professor Keith Scott-Mumbys MD, PHD, etc. take on this. He has a website and puts out newsletters that I have monitored for some time now. He echoes much of the same information as your friend does. Scott-Mumby poo poos much of the hype that the Media, CDC, WHO and others are spewing to scare the living crap out of everyone. With sanitary conditions in the US, chances are that we will not experience a serious outbreak. Until the African nations can get their act in order they have a problem. I’m more concerned about the Entero D64 virus now in 42 states hitting the kids primarily. That is a hell of a lot more serious. We need to close down our borders to immigration and ISSL , etc. if the Feds would ever wake up…..

  15. Can bad virus such a Ebola get picked up by rats, mice, bats and/ or fleas ?

    • Survival Diva says:

      That’s an excellent question. It’s reported that bats are the suspected vector of Ebola in West Africa, as is infected “bush meat”. To my knowledge, there is nothing published about its being carried by mice, rats or fleas. If I find something, I’ll post it.

      • SURVIVAL DIVA — In Texas, the Ebola victim barfed in his front yard and I read that the barf had been washed away with water only. …
        Rats and mice eating the barf in the disposal system would now be carrying Ebola. … Then the fleas living on the little critters would be carrying Ebola. … “The Black Ebola” could be upon US. …

        One last comment. .. There is a virus hitting just about EVERY state NOW in our young kids. … The only way that this can happen is due to the Obama kids with the virus coming thru Mexico and being sent to every State with the virus. ??? Thanks for your comments. … Joe K

        • Survival Diva says:


          The article that I included with Friday’s post stated that the crew cleaning the vomit was using bleach and hosing the area down with water. The crew was not wearing protective gear. The CDC warns against letting Ebola infected bodily fluids to become aerosolized. I am not a trained medical worker, but common sense seems to point to the fact that the crew was not trained in handling Ebola-related bodily fluids and that “spraying” the vomit has the potential to aerosolize it and anyone nearby could have been put at risk.

        • Ebola does not live outside the body. It dies very, very quickly when it has no host. Unless the rats & such were already in place and ready to dine when the guy threw up, there’s nothing to worry about. It dies outside the host. Which is why some outbreaks burn out so fast.

      • dona thompson says:

        aren’t bats just winged rats?

  16. Lots of info here but shockingly no advise, so here goes.
    Stock up NOW on the strongest anti vitals, water, if possible D5W and any IV fluid bags, and protective gear.
    Then pump yourself w as much probiotics your stomach can’t handle, zinc, D, C on an ongoing basis as part of daily diet.
    We’re screwed folks.

  17. Diluted bleach can destroy ebola, from what I’ve read. That is what they (cdc) use to disinfect shoes, clothing, and wah down after undressed.

  18. The Book Primal Panacea available form Amazon instructs you how to use Vitamin C to prevent Ebola and all other disease and toxins. Basically you can use high dosage amounts of vitamin c by making your own liposomal vitamin c that is as potent as IV vitamin c. Just got my ingredients and machine from Amazon today.

  19. As an ER doc for 26 years, with a special interest in WMD, I have two comments:
    1. FINALLY someone gets the reason this outbreak is so bad is the mortality rate is LOWER than previous Ebola outbreaks – I have been saying this for months.
    2. Quarantine is easier said than done. I’m a dual Canadian/American citizen, with an uncle who’s a pediatric orthopedic surgeon in Toronto, Ontario, Canada – which was hit by the SARS epidemic – two nurses in my uncle’s hospital died of SARS. Now, Canada is a First World country with socialized medicine – so health care is available to all – and people with diagnosed SARS who were healthy enough to be treated at home DID NOT FOLLOW quarantine suggestions – they basically were told to stay home until they were no longer infectious – they went out and mingled with the general population – and the governments did nothing. Something to think about.

    • Eric Wardrip, MD says:

      To David Morris,
      Your indictment of physicians who over-prescribe antibiotics is correct in part, but your lack of knowledge leads you to arrive at a simple conclusions for complex problems. You are partially correct, we have tended to overuse antibiotics, but I doubt that you have been faced one-on-one with a patient for whom you have the duty to treat who is dying from an unidentified overwhelming infection. It is not unreasonable to use antibiotics
      in such cases. FYI, we use prophylactic antibiotics (which are mandated by our federal government) in surgery in a majority of cases in the USA but which, IMHO, are not always necessary in order to prevent surgical-site infections. In primary care there is a definite tendency to keep patients and their families happy by giving them non-indicated antibiotics, especially in the setting of an acute viral infection. This is certainly a problem but is driven in part by medico-legal concerns, which are an unfortunate part of medical practice in our country.
      While I agree with some of your rant, you should resist the urge to pontificate about subjects about which you are fairly ignorant. You just haven’t “done the work”.

      • Hey Eric,

        I apologize if I brought up a topic that’s obviously painful for you.

        I’m not sure what situation you’re talking about, but they had no idea that Duncan was “dying from an unidentified overwhelming infection” when he first went to the hospital for help.

        They couldn’t figure out what was going on, so they gave him some pills and sent him home so they could free up a table/room for another patient.

        If they would have known that he was dying from an unidentified overwhelming infection, do you think they would have sent him home with some pills?

        In any case you might want to re-read what I wrote, check the facts of the situation, look at what you wrote, and let me know if you still think I’m as ignorant as you originally did 🙂

    • Survival Diva says:

      It’s a concern that society promotes entitlement. No longer working as a team, not treating others as you would like to be treated, can lead to what you describe with regard to SARS. It is reported that the family who had the closest contact to Duncan were upset about the quarantine they were placed under, and broke that quarantine, which led to an armed guard at their door. The circumstances were not of their doing–Duncan simply visited them–but the outcome was within their control to do the right thing, and they chose to do what was “comfortable” for them, personally.

  20. Our government will lie to us about anything and everything. This government is worse than the ebola outbreak. They spread faster, and unfortunately It doesn’t look like there is a cure. For the first time in my life I would like to find another country to call home. I served during the Vietnam conflict, and loved this country, however though I still love the people, this government is hell bound.

  21. pat gillette says:

    it is insane and dereliction of duty for our Chief in Nothing Leader to IGNORE and NOT SHUT down travel to Africa! Funny how we can shut down travel to Israel for one maybe attack threat..but not to Africa…maybe he plans to send for his relatives?

    Pray for God’s Protection people and follow Kosher cleanliness…for starters!

    • Survival Diva says:


      Until travel from West Africa is halted, we are at risk. The CDC claims that restricting travel would disrupt aid workers who travel there to fight the Ebola outbreak. Not so! Air travel can continue for healthcare givers. This situation is not “one-size-fits-all”. A little common sense could protect other nations, including the U.S. Officials are attempting to defend prioritizing political correctness when lives are in the balance. However, the back-lash is growing and we can pray that they wake up.

      • “disrupt aid workers”

        Complete nonsense from Dr. Tom Frieden. We could easily use military transports to take-in workers and supplies and bring them out again. To continue to allow unrestricted commercial travel is the craziest notion I ever heard. Hallmark of infection control is ISOLATION!

        Returning Americans could be housed for that 21 day quarantine at air fields.

        This is PC run amuck!

  22. M. Tucker Brawner says:

    Thanks for excellent summary and tidbits.

    1. Pretty sure OTC Lysol spray will kill the virus on inert surfaces. Example: carefully clear bulk of vomit or mucous from surface, allow film to dry a few minutes, then spray/soak entire area with Lysol. Always go well beyond visible area of contamination.
    (See if The Diva can confirm this.)

    2. Interesting take and critique of CDC by an emergency room physician:
    Unfortunately, the upper management of the CDC are more politician than doctor.

    3. Take a look at this and rethink “not airborne”:

    This has potential to be a catastrophe for America and our president seems to be more interested in being politically correct than the health of the people. The EV-68D virus leaking across the Southern border and then transported into every state in the union is no less dangerous…except it hits OUR CHILDREN!
    Write your representatives and senators to demand closing the border and instituting an air-flight quarantine from West Africa.

    • Survival Diva says:

      M. Tucker Brawner,
      I caught the Fox News Insider. The facts the doctor (who was protesting CDC) warned of were alarming. Stats he gave were 10,000 traveling from West Africa daily, and he warned that airport screeners were not using thermo-scan for fever/sings of Ebola infection, but they were asking passengers if they had transported alcohol or tobacco. I suspect that since his warning went viral, airports will be cleaning up their act.

      As far as over the counter Lysol to disinfect, until I can unearth concrete procedure on handling bodily secretions, I can’t give advice, as it could do more harm than good. I have been scrambling to find the answer for all of us. There’s been nothing forthcoming. I am continuing to search. The closest I’ve uncovered is CDC Infection Prevention and control recommendations for hospitalized patients for known or suspected Ebola:
      There is procedure shared here, but nothing about the safe elimination of infected bodily fluids.

    • Judith Heard says:

      My own common sense told me that the material from a sneeze travels much further than most people think. Someone yesterday was saying that they would have to sneeze directly into your face. That’s simply not true. I work hard at not getting virus’s. When in public I try not to move in the area that a person has just sneezed or coughed in. I have no idea how long that matter remains in the air. If I have to go through that space I literally hold my breath. Thanks to bolstering my immune system I have not had a virus in over a year now. I am hoping to continue that during this season. At any rate virus’s can mutate and who knows if it will become more transmissable through the air. What I do know is that they have been lying to us about air transmission already.

  23. I decided to pick up some more surgical gloves and masks from Walmart just in case. Pretty cheap right now but could turn into gold if a real epidemic does break out. Probably need more rubbing alcohol and Hydro Peroxide too. I hope it doesn’t happen here but it’s ironic and sad that Glenn Beck made the obervation 3 weeks ago that a large % of the Texas prison guards are from Nigeria and west Africa and travel back and forth regularly. Seth Meyers even mocked him in an opening monologue about how dumb Glenn was for thinking someone could bring Ebola back to texas.

    • Surgical masks are CRAP in protecting THE WEARER. They are designed to protect the patents and others from YOU. During the SARS epidemic, the CDC was going around training N95 masks are the best you can use as an OTC mask. Admitting surgical masks are not designed to protect the user was interesting to me, so I checked with an RN who worked in a hospital infectious disease section, who confirmed this was the case. Now days, you see surgical masks that have the form factor of an N95, but if it is not rated as an N95, it does not supply that level of protection.

  24. (anonymous) says:

    Like most people I am most concerned about transmissibility. In looking over all the (conflicting) information sources out there, one thing is certain: we do not have all the facts yet on this strain, so in my opinion, this will get under control but in the meantime we should assume the worst until we have more concrete data. For example, one credible source tells us the virus is present in semen up to 21 days after symptoms stop, while the CDC now tells us “Once someone recovers from Ebola, they can no longer spread the virus. However, Ebola virus has been found in semen for up to 3 MONTHS. People who recover from Ebola are advised to abstain from sex or use condoms for 3 MONTHS.” ( www.cdc.gov/vhf/ebola/transmission/ ). Bottom line: better safe than stupid – take maximum precautions with regard to transmissibility until all the facts are in and do not listen to any health “experts” in the media who immediately try to downplay transmissibility risks (trust me – they do not know all the facts yet either).

  25. Joseph-Lee Morehouse says:

    Great Article , very helpful .
    Over the years I’ve work in different places like Vegas and on the Navajo Rez in Arizona , in Vegas we had a flu out break that was commonly called yellow flu as a joke with a lot of casino workers it came from Chinese tourist that were carriers of it originally. It spread like wild firer and the health care system was over whelmed , I don’t remember if anybody died from it but I do remember the huge crowds outside the hospitals and the local schools were shut down for about 2 weeks , national guarded came out and assisted with the relief effort and our soldier came down sick as well. I was sick for about 2 weeks it was the worst flu I ever had . What struck me odd it wasn’t mention very much on the national news.
    Years later I was on the Navajo Rez in Arizona When the community was hit with a odd kind of flu it was sorta like a cold that wouldn’t go away and there again the clinics and hospitals were not ready for this virus in this case I remembered a lot of people died mostly those with previous health conditions and the very old . The news stated there was only a few deaths , in the small town I was teaching at, every family lost somebody or new somebody that died . I didn’t realized how much censorship in the news there was until I left the REZ to visit family back east and nobody even heard about the epidemic we were having on the REZ.
    I guess what I’m trying to point out , if it wasn’t for you and other groups who on the web or the radio , spreading the word on different issues our government will tell us what ever they want and nobody would know the truth or what you can do to protect yourselves.
    So thank you again.

    • Survival Diva says:

      Watch M.Tucker Brawner’s posted links. Especially foxnewsinsider –it’s very informative. You experienced first-hand the spins created to marginalize the outbreak in Arizona. Now we are experiencing in on a nation-wide basis.

    • Navajo died from black plague for years when the military ships from Viet Nam carried infected rats, which infected prairie dogs. Ranchers deliberately gathered infected prairie dogs and brought them to their area so the dogs’ holes would not cause their horses to break their legs.
      It could be your plague in the Rez was actually another wave of black plague, hushed up.

  26. just another way to help destroy our country.

  27. Does anyone know what Duncan’s religion is? Saying that the family is praying does not preclude his being a Muslim that hates us with a passion like that cretin who recently beheaded a woman in Moore, OK because she and others in that business refused to convert to Islam.

  28. Thank you for this great informative article.
    A question I have is how long can the ebola virus survive outside of its host. Like if an infected person sneezes, how long before those droplets and the surfaces they have landed on are no longer a danger?

    • Survival Diva says:

      Bill B,
      Specifics on the Ebola virus are difficult to find, most likely because it hasn’t been studied thoroughly. In an earlier comment on a previous Ebola post, it was suggested 72 hours. However, until guidelines from the CDC are available, this remains unanswered. I will be searching for answers on how long the Ebola virus can live outside its host, and on the treatment of bodily fluids and will post them when they are available.

      • On zerohedge they had article on it. Commento. Ha link to msdsonline.That stated it could survive twety three days out o host.sunlight will kill it.

    • Ebola can survive on a surface for 6 days. Therefore, if someone sweating with a fever leaves the perspiration on an armrest or shopping cart handle or handrail, it is still infective. What I haven’t heard from any of the experts is what specific product can be used to kill the virus and can be used to disinfect such items.

    • I believe the answer to your question is “a matter of seconds.” Ebola dies without a host, and dies quickly (The Hot Zone–a book on Ebola).

  29. Marie and Bill Thomson says:

    Thank you, Mr. Morris, for you diligence in keeping us updated.

  30. just putting my 2 cents in. Saw on the news the Janitorial staff at the Dallas hospital had pushed back their masks and eye safety. I guess it was hot gear. Not very effective if you dont use it. Also in the same news report, Duncan’s family was not abiding by the isolation order…that is why they ordered police to oversee the apt. I will let you make up your own opinion based on the two facts above.

  31. left coast chuck says:

    I wish I had confidence in public statements being made by health reputed health professionals connected with the government. Unfortunately, government spokesmen have lied or not told the whole truth so frequently that my feeling of credibility in their statements is non-existent. I feel this country will suffer a significant ebola episode based on our present government’s reluctance to restrict travel from infected areas and to isolate travelers from those areas. It is further complicated by the government’s refusal to enforce border security. I have always considered a health crises causing significant societal breakdown as low on the list of possible causes of a general breakdown of society. Sadly, I am compelled to re-evaluate that consideration. Sending medical personnel to Africa willy-nilly as our government has been doing is a concern. I wouldn’t blame one military or medical person who refused orders to go, especially considering the chaos they are being delivered into. I wish this post could be more up-beat and that I had something positive to offer.

    • Military personnel can’t refuse to go once given an order to deploy. If they do not show for deployment, they would be charged with desertion… AWOL (Away without Leave) or could be charged with Dereliction of duty. They could be given administration or up to court martial proceedings.
      When you are in the military, you just can’t say…. I know you told me I have to go to Africa but I don’t like what is happening there so….. I think I’ll pass on it and stay here!
      When you sign on the dotted line that’s it…… Your free choice is taken away! You go where they say to go, when they say to go!
      Those that serve knew that when they signed up, and we still signed up anyways…

      • There’s more to this…there’s been reports this week about Islamic terrorist groups asking people to go to the areas hit by Ebola, get infected or obtain infected blood, and then go to the US. It’s a long shot and not a very high probability play, but that’s one of the reasons why US military personnel are headed to affected regions. It’s not as much about “fighting Ebola” as keeping Ebola from coming here.

        • I would like to address that: Last year there was an e-book that came out Called “Ebola K.” Which is almost exactly what you mentioned above (yes, it’s fiction). It’s a decent book, as well. 🙂 The plot is suicide “bombers” are brought into the Ebola area and asked to “help” the patients. They handle contaminated items, get exposed via handling blood & such. Then they are shipped off to the USA to start a huge ebola epidemic in the USA.

          So those “reports” might very well be taken from that particular (and popular) book from amazon.com. You may wish to look into that a bit more (then again, maybe they got that IDEA from the book!)

      • left coast chuck says:

        Sandy: I worked in the either battalion level or division legal offices all during my tour of duty in the Marine Corps, so am somewhat familiar with the UCMJ. I know what desertion and refusal of a lawful order entail. I signed up to defend my country and am willing to die in that defense. Helping infected people in a foreign country, may make some all warm and fuzzy inside, but does absolutely nothing for my sense of duty. So my choice is: Do I follow orders to go treat some folks who are dying of a highly contagious disease who have nothing to do with the security of the U.S. or do I just say,”Okay, give me a BCD or a general discharge because this order has nothing whatsoever to do with national defense and is a feel good gesture on the part of someone for whom I have absolutely no respect regardless of what position he may hold.”

        Can’t speak for everyone and don’t pretend to, but that’s how I feel and I extend my sympathies for others, no matter what their decision.

  32. “Weaponizing” the virus isn’t necessary. Just a terrorist or two willing to die for their cause could find a way to infect themselves, and spend a few days sneezing their way through your local shopping mall, grocery store, campus, etc. That’s what concerns me.

  33. Thanks for this post David. I have a short trip from Denver to Phoenix next week and have been considering canceling. Seems like the risk is fairly low though.

    Any thoughts on short air travel David?

    • The risk on any one plane on a day that someone decides to get squirrelly is minimal. The risk in any single seat on a plane where someone decides to get squirrelly is pretty minimal too. But if patient zero happens to be right beside you or right behind you, averages don’t matter. This is one of those situations where you play the numbers, but you either get it 100% or you don’t.

  34. Paul Barket says:

    I can’t thank you enough for the information offered on weekly basis.
    I live in South Africa where things can and do go Very Wrong, Very Quickly.
    Be it violent crime, corruption, disease, power failures or water / food shortages.

    This is Very Applicable information which I use on a daily basis.

    Thank you, you have saved my life time and time again.

  35. Ron Pevey says:

    Obama and his cronies should be tried for murder when the 1st American citizen dies of Ebola. The penalty should be forced exposure to the se virus.

  36. Great info! Consider adding colloidal silver to your medical supplies. It is antiviral and antibiotic. May strengthen your immune system enough to fight off the bad stuff.

    • I agree. colloidal silver is probably going to be the best hedge against this, BUT be careful and use it wisely. I’ve used it for years, but forgot that any antibiotic/antiviral will also kill intestinal flora if it’s not replaced regularly. If you’re going to use silver, also take probiotics at the same time or start asap. I almost died from killing off all my gut bacteria, however it only took about three days of taking good probiotics to initially get back on track. I’m on them permanently now & have no intention of ever being without them again. I”m stocking up on silver too.

    • Good idea, another great anti virus, anti bacteria, anti fungul product that has proven itself to our family for years is Olive Leaf extract. Taste like crap, but we have used it against flu’s many times, Parvo for our dog, and it knocked it out in a day, but I am no doctor, but this is a product I have learned to depend on.

  37. The info that males can carry the virus in their semen for 21 days after they are clear of other symptoms is not being widely communicated nor are males being isolated for the additional time to be completely clear of the ability to infect others. Is the CDC going to wait until this virus gets out of control here before they break from the pllitically correct line of info and tell the full story about this virus and it’s known ways of spreading?

    Relying on self disclosure to determine who has had contact with infected person(s) is the weak link in the line of defense against the spread of this virus. The widest net of isolation is the only safe way to limit the outbreak of this virus. Banning all entrance into the U S by anyone traveling from West Africa may be the best protection for our citizens. Tough but maybe necessary.

    • Was there any testing of female vaginal fluids? These fluids are part of the HIV transmission pathway. If you are thinking of ingesting colloidal silver, be aware it is a heavy metal which is difficult if not impossible to remove from your body. (Chelation therapy may work, but it is not easy or a quick process.) You also should avoid sunlight exposure. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argyria
      Virus and bacteria can’t survive exposure to O2 (peroxide), chlorine, (bleach) or UV (sunlight). As the length of time required to kill virus, the rules of water treatment and medical instruments is concentrations and CONTACT TIME. MINIMUM contact time (with proper concentrations of disinfecting material) for both water treatment and medical instruments is 20 minutes. As for UV, light wands and other UV sources require proximity to the surface being treated and again time duration. A standard kitchen sponge left outside in bright sunlight for a couple of hours is basically sterile. The CDC statement about the cleanup outside the apartment with bleach was flippant at best. The process needs to follow proper disinfecting protocols which include the chemical concentration and contact times. Having a group of maintenance workers without protective gear (and possibly no proper training in the protocols) is, in my opinion, criminal and immoral on the part of those ordering such an irresponsible approach to cleanup.

  38. Very detailed article, Thank you!
    A question, If this man is using the plumbing with fluids, all of them with, does the sewerage treatment staff need to be concerned?

    • Survival Diva says:

      I recall watching a news clip where a reporter asked if the doctor and assistant who were flown to the US for treatment could use the facilities without worry. The reply from a doctor who was treating them said that bodily fluids had to be “neutralized” and could then be safely flushed down the toilet. He did not say how it was neutralized, and I haven’t unearthed any info on this since. I’ll post how its done when I find the answer.

      • M W Baumeister says:

        Small particle silver solution has been proved years ago by US government experiments to defeat the Ebola virus by interfering with its ability to replicate. This information was made public in 2009. Now they are suppressing this information and along with WHO not allowing this small particle silver solution to be used to contain the outbreak of Ebola.

        • Here’s what you need to know about talking/writing about silver: It’s a warning letter from the FDA concerning talking about silver and Ebola. 1.usa.gov/1sRJALm

          Some of the materials being floated around are supposedly from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, but searching their site comes up with no results like what’s being reported:


          Similarly, searching the NIH for articles/pubs with silver and ebola comes up with nothing:


          When I dug into the supporting documents referenced in this powerpoint, what I actually found was that silver nanoparticles taken as a preventive measure actually INCREASED the likelyhood of becoming infected. Here’s a good summary: www.riskscience.umich.edu/nano-silver-used-treat-ebola-victims-nigeria/

          What am I saying? Nothing, really. Silver nanoparticles are in the sights of the FDA. That is a fact, regardless of whether or not silver is toxic, whether or not it can/does turn people blue, whether or not it is destroyed in the gut, whether or not it kills stuff in a test tube, or whether or not it kills stuff in the body. That means that if you say anything about silver, you need to back it up with linked references to studies and hard facts.

        • bob luhrs says:

          Silver colloids Ag+ and nano-silver Ag04 (silver sol), will always work in petri dish on virus like ebola, HIV, etc, but in the body it may not work. Ingestion exposes the silver to acids both in stomach and bloodstream which quickly degrade its activity. I’ve not seen any evidence of successful human usage of Silver Sol against various systemic viral infections that could be used to justify using it on ebola. That said, it is harmless and probably should be tried, at least. Unfortunately, the use of anything unproven is not allowed under law, typically. It would be up to doctors or researchers to instigate a project to try it on salvage patients with proper legal clearance. Until that happens, there’s legal obstacles to its testing. Colloidal silver, which anyone can make at home, is neutralized in the bloodstream in less than 8 seconds. So it does not work against HIV, for example, or anything else in blood. Studies that inserted it into arteries near the heart did show a reduction of viral load to undetectable, but it had to be placed right near the heart and kept going with an IV drip for it to work. Rebound of virus came back of course after stopping it. Sellers of colloidal silver do make unsupported claims and offer false hopes based on the inability of the silver to work inside the body. Silver Sol may be better than colloidal silver inside the body but there’s little solid proof it does what they imply it will do. They would have to recover it in urine and test for activity, they haven’t done that, though it would be pretty simple to take some urine of a Silver Sol user and try to kill a virus with it that plain urine does not kill. If that works, maybe there’s some hope.

          • bob luhrs says:

            one more thing: colloidal silver is used in hospital burn wards, and works very well, since it is sprayed onto skin, where it is widest spectrum, least side effects antibiotic known.

            So it does not degrade as fast as it would inside the bloodstream or digestive tract. Perhaps this limited validity drives some of the belief in it?

      • Bleach solution kills virus and bacteria
        1/2 cup of bleach per gallon of water (sodium hypochlorite 8.25%…yields 7.85% available chlorine in the concentrate)

        it should also neutralize it in urine

        • Judith Heard says:

          Bleach is a good catch all product. Have already bought extra. I have read somewhere in all this that bleach along with sun light will kill ebola. It was also used to wash down all surfaces in jail cells where HIV patients were housed. HIV itself was not suppose to survive without the host but there are other things in the fluids that will and are transmisable. I don’t know if it will help but I also bought some betadine solution too.

      • Read my comments about water treatment and medical instruments (such as endoscopes) sterilization. Basically, they collect all fluids, dump in a concentrated sterilizing agent and let it sit for some hours. They could also apply stream/heat to the material and boil it, but that would have other issues, such as capturing the vapors.

        • Survival Diva says:


          Thank you for the information. A few minutes ago, I unearthed info on Peroxal 70 and Spor-Klenz which the CDC lists in a PDF found here www.epa.gov/oppad001/list_a_sterilizer.pdf of Antimicrobial Products registered with the EPA as sterilizers.

          What was interesting is the first on the list was Peroxal 70 BIO, which shows it to be 70% hydrogen peroxide. Amazon sells the second on the list, Spor-Klenz Disenfectant for $45.65 for a 3.2 L bottle.

          It appears from the PDF and from what you state, that hydrogen Peroxide would be effective for disinfecting, and it is affordable.

          • www.ehow.com/facts_7416859_peroxide-cleaning.html#page=O
            Lysol now makes peroxide products. I would look to see what the difference is in percentage of H2O2 in anything you are considering for general cleaning. The 70 percent products listed by the CDC is for serious disinfecting of difficult to clean and infected items and areas. I am sure there are a lot of handling precautions with this material. I consider vomit from someone (even if not known for being infected with a deadly virus) as qualifying. The brown bottles you purchase at the pharmacies, Costco and Walmart, is 3 percent. The contact time is longer than bleach, partly because of the dilution. You can buy the large 16 oz bottles of peroxide and transfer it to an opaque spray bottle (peroxide is light reactive) and spray it on to surfaces, then let it air dry, without having the issues of chlorine. Some pharmacies and online you can find 6 percent, which is a lot more reactive. Dentists use 6 percent to easily remove tooth stains. You need to be careful in handling 6 percent as it can give you a very mild chemical burn if mishandled. Pure peroxide is a rocket fuel oxidizer and is really nasty material, so don’t plan on finding any of it. The peroxide is also better on mold. Chlorine will simply bleach mold white. You still have to remove it with scrubbing. Peroxide kills it.

            On a associated note, www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuPWkKwZ180
            is about the third year west African nursing student who cared for and saved 3 of her 4 family members through Ebola infections, inventing her own Hazmat gear. CNN interviewed her. WHO is learning from her trash bag/rubber boots and jacket approach. They need to get off their fat butts and hire this lady pronto.

          • Survival Diva says:


            I can’t thank you enough for sharing this information. It will help everyone trying to prepare for a “just in case” when so little info is available. I had no idea what the difference was between 3 percent and 6 percent hydrogen peroxide, but understand it now. Going to the story about the African nursing student now… far as I’m concerned, she is one brave lady! And I vote for their hiring her as well : )

  39. I don’t think we can trust our government to protect us from anything, much less ebola, or “eboly” as the President called it. Not that they don’t want to; they are simply incompetent. So start prepping.

    • The media keeps telling us he’s the smartest guy in the room. Judging from ALL the stupid moves of this administration, (especially with total lack of understanding unintended consequences) I have to agree, they are correct. The president easily must be the smartest one in the room. But then, that isn’t saying much is it.


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