Video Showing Why Police Can’t Protect You

I’m incredibly pro-law enforcement.  I would consider my family to be in a law enforcement family, I train law enforcement, I train with law enforcement, and many of my friends are law enforcement.

But law enforcement just can’t protect you or me from violence.

It’s a simple matter of math.  Many departments only have 1 officer (including admin) on duty for every 4,000-10,000 people at any given time.  There’s no possible way that they can be everywhere, all the time.

As the saying goes, “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.”

But even if police response times are less than a minute, sometimes even that’s not fast enough to protect you.  Watch this 47 second security video posted by the Springfield MO Police department and see what happens 40 seconds in.

**Warning:  Graphic violence.  I have no control over the videos that LiveLeak recommends at the end and can’t turn off the option…don’t click on anything you don’t want to see.**

Why is this important?

The police show up 40 seconds after the attack starts!  40 seconds!  That’s AMAZINGLY fast and you couldn’t ask for anything more.  But in that 40 seconds, the man was still struck 20-30 times, the girl struck several times, and the Springfield Police posted this video because they weren’t able to apprehend any of the attackers and wanted help identifying them.

There were some obvious things that the couple could have done differently…like avoiding the alley/fatal funnel, being more aware of their surroundings, having a bright flashlight, pepper spray, or a Taser in their hand, or really doing ANYTHING other than strolling down an alley outside a club after midnight completely oblivious to their surroundings.

But what it all comes down to is the fact that YOU are responsible for YOUR safety, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of where you are, how close (or far) the police are, what you’re wearing, or what you’re doing.

And that’s why I’m going to suggest that you do one or both of the following…

Empty hands combatives (not martial arts) and situational awareness are the 2 core skills necessary for surviving surprise, fast, violent attacks that are common in many parts of the world and becoming more and more common here.

1.   Regardless of whether you THINK you have a solid grasp of empty hands combatives or not, you need to check out Target Focus Training.

Here’s why.

It’s important to see that none of those 20-30 strikes were “fight enders.”  As soon as they stopped hitting him, he immediately got up and acted like nothing was wrong.  It’s obvious that he had SOME damage, and they looked impressive, but none of the strikes were truly effective.

Let’s flip things around and assume that you defended yourself by striking an attacker 20-30 times the way that this man was struck.  At that point, you’d probably be worn out and ready to leave…but as soon as you stopped striking him, he’d be free to get up and start returning the favor…either with strikes, a knife, or a gun.  That’s why it’s SO important to understand targeting and why I recommend Target Focus Training.

The founder, Tim Larkin, was going through BUD/S (Navy SEAL training) in the 80s and had a catastrophic eardrum accident while diving that medically eliminated him from becoming a SEAL.  Instead of sending him back to his old unit, he was asked to stay at Coronado and fix the current SEALs empty hands combatives system and redesign it from the ground up.  He found the best of the best and the system worked incredibly well for the SEALs.

Fast forward to today…Tim got out of the Navy and has spent the last 2 decades with the other Target Focus Training instructors refining both the system AND their teaching methods so that people can learn them as quickly as humanly possible.   TFT is now used by military, government, and law enforcement units around the globe and is one of the most effective empty hands combatives programs available to the general public.  Want to learn more?  Check it out by going >HERE<  You won’t believe who’s been through the training or how affordable it is to get started learning the system.

2.  Use situational awareness skills to avoid potential violent attacks.  Look at your environment and look at the people in your environment, and don’t be afraid to leave if you see trouble coming.

Sun Tzu said it this way,

 “The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.

-Sun Tzu

Regardless, if you can avoid conflicts with pre-fight skills, then hopefully you will never have to find out whether your martial skills are adequate or not.

You probably realized this, but the skill of being able to avoid and deter confrontation becomes more and more valuable as you get older.

It may not be as sexy as gun play or opening up a can of whup-ass, but you get to use it a lot more and it might save you from a conflict escalating to where you have to use your gun at all.

How can you practice situational awareness?

1.  Every day, watch people and situations.  Study them.  Evaluate the people around you and your surroundings to get a general feel for how safe or unsafe you are.  Then, BE COMFORTABLE LEAVING situations when things start getting hairy.

2.  As you find yourself in disagreements and conflicts, begin the practice of disciplining yourself to add water to the fire, rather than fuel.

3.  In disagreements, step back mentally while they’re happening and “take the temperature” of both yourself and the other person.  Pay attention to the impact of the words you use, the volume, and your body language.  And be prepared to physically leave and regroup if one or both of you can’t calm down or you run out of verbal tools to calm things down.

These are vital skills that you’ll use on a regular basis throughout your life, regardless of whether or not you carry a firearm.

In fact, they’re ESPECIALLY important if you carry a firearm so that you can avoid and deter conflict whenever possible and avoid the legal and financial mess that comes with defending yourself with a firearm.

Concealed Carry Masters Course hits this head on.  In addition to the other SEALed Mindset instructors, retired Navy SEAL, Larry Yatch spent extended time operating covertly in hostile countries in both urban and rural areas where his life depended on his skills.  In other words, this isn’t his first rodeo and he teaches material that he has personally battle tested.

In addition to cutting edge firearms training, Concealed Carry Masters’ Course will teach you a simple 2-step process for determining your REAL threat level accurately and automatically.

It’s the holy grail of situational awareness–WAY more awareness while being way more relaxed.

Best of all, it integrates seamlessly with the firearms training in the course.

Learn more now by going >HERE<

Between Larry’s situational awareness training and Tim’s empty hands combatives training, you’ll be ready for anything, any time, whether you’re fully armed or stepping out of the shower in your birthday suit.

About David Morris

David Morris is the creator of the Survive In Place Urban Survival Course, the Fastest Way To Prepare Course, Urban Survival Playing Cards, Tactical Firearms Training Secrets, and other books, courses, and articles on preparedness, survival, firearms, and other tactical topics. He lives with his wife, 2 boys, and 2 dogs.


  1. Joseph-Lee Morehouse says:

    I see this type of violence in real life ,police are worthless . The couple should have been aware of there surrounding and armed with at least common sense with a group nearby ,pepper spray would dealt with most of the punks – some simple self defense would have scared them off. Most group of bullies usually back off when you can hurt one or two of them they loose there courage when they see members of there group gets hurt they usually think twice before continuing a fight. But for the few who willing to continue a fight a pen or keys can do damage in the right place last resort box cutter does wonders.

  2. The girl was a tiger.

  3. Sue the Frugal Survivalist says:

    I wonder what the young white man did to anger the group of young black men into attacking them? Were they coming from a bar, where the young man attacked one of their friends? This does not appear to be an attempt at robbery. This group obviously deliberately attacked this young man, who seems quite adept at fighting. Probably has a lot of practice.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if he hadn’t pummeled one of their young friends to a bloody pulp. He also could be a rival gang lord who ordered a drive-by killing of one of their family members.

    I think it’s rare for this type of violence to be perpetrated on a stranger. I live in gangland in South Sacramento. Usually such violence is confined to gang members and those they associate with. It usually involves their drug sales and drug selling turf.

    This is not the sort of violence ordinary folks must contend with. I believe more people are murdered by family members and close friends than by strangers.

    • In all cases, be armed. A double tap on several of those pukes would have put a stop to the attack.
      Semper Fi

    • I’ll tell you the back story, but it really doesn’t matter what color the parties were or who angered who for our purposes. All that’s important is the effectiveness (or lack of effectiveness) of the techniques used. You can learn good technique from watching bad guys just as easily as you can from watching good guys.

      The lady stepped outside of a club and the attackers approached her and started touching her sexually against her will. She went back inside and got her boyfriend (who was working as a DJ at the club) to help her get a description for the police. While they were looking for the men, they ran up from behind and attacked them.

    • Unbelievable says:

      A lot of assumptions. Filling in missing facts with your own opinions?

    • This has nothing to do with what the couple did to the perps. The perps were doing a ‘Knockout Game’. Random Violence (to the couple) at it’s worst. I have taken the TFT Course and attended a TFT Live Seminar. When I watched this video (putting myself as the guy being attacked) I was thinking, whose ankle can I break by stepping on it and flatten it to the ground while the perp’s body is still upright. Whose eyes can I jam all of my 10 fingers into all the way up to the knuckles into his skull. Whose throat can I crush with my forearm. Whose knee can I break backwards, whose groin can I destroy with my hand grip, etc…. Besides the situational awareness needed, this is how anyone (that means all of us) should be thinking all the time, especially, if they see something like this building up and are not armed with a gun. The guy should have been aware of the fast approaching group. When it was obvious what was up, he should have exploded into the first guy and not let up until the perp was down and out and move on to the next. Sure, you will be getting hit from all sides, but, as long as you can move and think, you can injure, injure, injure. If a prosecutor or cop tries to arrest you for the simple act of PROTECTING yourself (doing to the perps first before they do to you and notice I DID NOT say self defense; there is a difference, check up on it) against a group intent on hurting you, or worse, then they do not have the right to the job they are supposed to be doing. Because they would then be no better than the perps. Always keep aware.

    • Dean Winchester says:

      Ever hear of the knock out game???

    • Actually, Sue, it’s very, very common. They do it for kicks, robbery or both. In this video, to me, it appeared to be attempted robbery, but the goons seemed to be aware that the cops were on their way, and got outta dodge. They did so, though, only after stealing the stuff they knocked loose on the ground.

      In some places, black on white attacks like this happen all the time. One example (of many) is downtown Austin. It happens in FL, TX, GA, NJ, NY, IL, MI, WI, MN, OH, WA, OR, AZ … you name it. The best protection is definitely situational awareness/avoidance … combined with presenting the appearance of not being an easy target. Thugs like easy targets over difficult ones, even as a marauding group.

      The couple in the vid would have best been served by 1.) Avoiding the empty alley, 2.) Being aware they were being followed, and getting to an occupied area/building or their car ASAP while yelling as loud as possible for help, 3.) Looking like they were fit, aware of what was going on around them, mean/tough/in control/possibly armed, and 4.) As a last resort, taking a defensive stand, preferably with weaponry and/or fighting skills, and fighting to take out the alpha opponent(s) first (using any measures possible).

      If they had taken any of these measures, they would have been much better off … likely unscathed, from the looks of their opponents.

  4. cops… union workers who show up after the fact to take reports on occurrences over which they have absolutely no control or influence… not their fault, but they usually show up at least 10 minutes after the fact… they can not be everywhere… its your ass, you’d better be prepared to protect it…

  5. Armed Veteran says:

    The girl was not trained, I have seen the damage a high heel shoe can do in the hands of a person trained to use one. Soft tissue, eyes, throat, groin. That couple was unfortunate, they were unprepared and distracted by their attention to each other.

    I have told my children as they grew up, always tell you attacker the following:
    1. If you hurt me, my father will hurt you worse.
    2. If you kill me, my father will kill your entire family, destroy all records of your existence and wipe you from history.
    3. He does not understand how to fail, he will not quit and you cannot reason with him, he will show you no mercy.
    4. Choose how you want to proceed.

    Yes. I will wipe their genetic line from existence. Am I a monster? No. I am a father, husband, and all around nice guy. I help people daily. But if you want to meet a demon, hurt my family. There will be no apologies that you can use to make me stop. You will die last. Anyone one you are related too or associate with will die in front of you. Run away, does not matter, they will still die.


  6. Brian Heinz says:

    Understanding your surroundings is a weapon itself. We used to train and use different things in the room as a weapon during a fight a hole in the floor run your apponant into it or run them backwards into a set of chairs or anything that might trip or fall the other person. This is how we trained in GoJuRyu and Ive taught it to all of my students and so far none of them have had to use any kind of force you preempt the fight before it starts.

  7. left coast chuck says:

    At my age I am never without at least three self-defense weapons. One long range self-defense; one striking tool and one cutting tool. I may go down but I’m taking at least a couple of the thugs with me. It looked to me as if the girl put up a better fight than the guy did. Too bad she didn’t have a striking tool or a cutting tool, she would have really taken it to the b.g.s

    Condition yellow at all time unless safely tucked in bed, sound asleep.


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