Thanks Everyone! Here’s The Final Movie List, With a Few Book Recommendations As Well

Original Top 20 Apocalyptic/Survival Movie Recommendations

A Boy And His Dog

American Blackout–TV miniseries

Amerika–TV miniseries–difficult to find–check You Tube

Children Of Men

I Am Legend/The Omega Man 1971-second remake and a classic/The Last Man On Earth 1964–All 3 films are based on Richard Matheson 1954 novel, titled I Am Legend. 

Jericho–TV series

On The Beach

Red Dawn (1984 Version)

The Book Of Eli

The Postman

The Road

The Road Warrior (AKA Mad Max 2)

The Stand

Tomorrow When The War Began

Take Shelter

12 Monkeys

28 Days Later (NOT to be confused with 28 Weeks Later!)

Blast From The Past (Humor)

Tremors (Humor)

Swiss Family Robinson (Family/PG)

* The Following Are Reader’s Movie Recommendations

Panic In The Year Zero

The Siege

No Blade Of Grass

One Hundred Mornings



The Day After

Soylent Green

Planet Of The Apes

World Gone Wild

Escape From New York

Escape From LA


The Walking Dead–TV Series

Goodbye World


Joe vs. the Volcano

Tank Gir

City Of Ember-PG

Revolution-TV Series



Atlas Shrugged

V For Vendetta

Survivors (BBC 2008)

Ever Since The World Ended


The Andromeda Strain



The Divide

*The Following Are Reader’s Book Recommendations 

Alas Babylon

The Hot Zone

The Demon In The Freezer


One Second After 




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