Virtual Private Firearms Training

Most shooters would agree that, if time and money were no object, they would have a high-speed instructor train them, as often as possible.

This is the training model that almost all sports follow.

Martial arts, baseball, basketball, football, and soccer coaches all try to expose their students to the material as frequently as possible until the student is able to perform skills at an unconscious level.

If the coach REALLY wants to accelerate the training process, they find someone (a pro) who can perform the task perfectly to work one-on-one with a student and repeatedly model the task for the student to mirror.

Back and forth they go.  The student watching the pro, and then immediately trying to model the exact technique that they saw.  Over and over, until you can’t tell the difference between the pro and the student.

It would be great if you could do this with firearms training, but it’s both cost and time prohibitive to pay for the ammo and the instructor time to train like this—even though everyone agrees that it’s the best way to train.

One free way you can take advantage of this firearms learning hack is to find a video of your favorite shooter demonstrating a skill that you want to work on.

Then watch, copy, skip back, and repeat as many times as it takes until you can perform the skill at the same level as the shooter you’re trying to copy/mirror.

It will work to do this with recorded TV shows or YouTube videos, but if you’re serious about your training, you should really get the SEALed Mindset Concealed Carry Masters Course.

It was created by a team of 2 former US Navy SEALs, a Green Beret, a Force Recon Marine, and other military and law enforcement personnel with over 100 combined years of carrying guns professionally.

The main guy behind SEALed Mindset is Larry Yatch, who you may remember as a contributor to both Tactical Firearms Training Secrets and Dry Fire Training Cards.

One of the concepts that Concealed Carry Masters DVD Course takes advantage of is “virtual private firearms training.”  In short, the course is designed to be used interactively, so that you can shortcut the learning process as much as possible.

The drills in the course were recorded in a specific way so that you can watch the instructor, copy his technique with an inert training pistol, and repeat as necessary until you master the technique—it’s a revolutionary and completely unique combination of firearms training methods and accelerated learning techniques that you really have to see to believe

Learn faster
Spend less on ammo
Spend less on training
Shoot better under stress

If you’re like most serious shooters, you want to do all 4 of those things.  Concealed Carry masters Course will show you how.  Check out the special new-release pricing and bonuses by heading over to

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