This $27 “tool” Prevented Her Rape, Kidnapping, and More

There are a couple of things I want to talk with you about today…one is a $27 tool that kept a mother of 3 from being kidnapped, raped, and possibly more.  The second is about the brutal killing of a 56 year old man at an Amtrak Station in San Antonio.

A couple of weeks ago, Tim Larkin’s business partner, Ralph, and I were talking on the phone and he told me an unbelievable story from someone who’d bought the entry level, $27, Target Focus Training videos.  I’ll let him tell you the story in his own words:


“Dear TFT Team,

“I want to extend my heartfelt thank you for imparting your knowledge to me. A week ago, my girlfriend was at a bar with a couple of friends having a good time, and a predator chose her for a victim. He followed her to the bathroom and pushed her out of a nearby exit, pinning her right arm behind her back.

“She was terrified, but what came immediately to her mind was a light-hearted conversation she and I had a few days prior.

“She jokingly told me that if something ever happened she’d “punch them in the forehead.” I laughed, but told her that she should never use her fist and instead use her forearm, and aim for the neck and throat.

“All she remembered during the attack was me telling her to use her forearm. She swung with her left arm–without looking–and thank God she connected perfectly right on the side of his neck.

“She ran back to the door and glanced behind her at the predator, and saw him lying on the pavement, unconscious!

“She made it back home safely that night and told me the story, but the next morning she remembered nothing at all. . . the man had slipped something in her drink.

“Just knowing that she could do SOMETHING empowered her to act, and I am so grateful that she did.

“She is a mother of three, and thanks to you all at TFT she will continue to be here for her children.

“Thank you.

“Regards, Jesse”


Here’s what you should know about Jesse’s story:  at the time of the incident he describes, he owned a copy of Tim’s book, “Survive the Unthinkable” and the $27 Survival Pack intro video series that you can get >HERE<. That’s as far as he’d gotten with Target Focus Training.

Here’s the Amtrak story.  It goes very differently.

On Monday in San Antonio, at an Amtrak station, a 6’3, 250+ pound 21 year old was pacing back and forth, obviously irritated and/or disturbed.

According to eye witnesses, he went from pacing to pummeling a 56 year old man who was sitting on a bench waiting for the train.

Eye witnesses stood by and watched as he proceeded to beat the man to death, only stopping to look around and say, “I feel like killing someone today.”

When he finished, he went to the bathroom, took off his bloody shirt and put on a clean one, and went back to the loading platform as Amtrak security showed up.

It sucks, but lamenting about societal causes, sad families, the unfortunate reality of police response times, or anything else won’t help you if you’re ever in a similar situation.  What I’m about to say will.

1.  If you’re the guy on the bench, don’t think your gun, knife, Taser, or pepper spray would help.

This was probably over with the first strike.  Think further upstream–acceptance of the presence of evil people, the situational awareness to identify them when they’re in your environment, and the understanding of asocial violence that will cause you to take action and remove yourself from the situation.

2.  It would suck to be one of the bystanders who’s going to have to live with the fact that they were impotent and stood by while a fellow innocent human was beat to death while they watched.

Ironically, they probably did the right thing.  I’m guessing that none of them knew how to take out a young, strong, huge, deranged punk.  As UFC fights that go 3 full rounds have taught us…traditional martial arts don’t always end fights quickly.

But the only thing that kept them from knowing how to handle the situation is that they didn’t take action and learn how to ahead of time.

With violence – for sure, there are no guarantees.

It’s the reason I stress avoidance at all cost.

Nevertheless, when you can’t – then having locked in even the most basic of self-protection skills may offer you THE ONE OPPORTUNITY that ultimately saves your life, the life of a loved one, or the life of an innocent victim.

But only if those skills are. . .

. . .Based on scientifically proven concepts that are. . .

. . .Quickly learned, permanently remembered & immediately accessible, with each. . .

. . .Equally effective at creating disabling injury.

That’s what Target Focus Training gives you.  If you’ve been through it before, I encourage you to brush up.  If you haven’t been through any of the training, I STRONGLY suggest that you check it out.

This isn’t “martial arts”, “sport fighting”, or anything similar.  It’s a combattives system that trains your mind to successfully stop violent attacks from bigger, stronger, faster opponents, even if you’re compromised with injuries, age, or alcohol and roofies, like the first girl.

Learn more now by going >HERE<

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  1. I’d like to think that since the attacker had been knocked out the victim DID call police.
    I certainly hope he’s still on the streets looking for another victim.

  2. Segarolow says:

    I find a S&W 9 MM works just great every time.
    Just know how and when to use it. Know your rights.
    And IF you do use it.
    When the Cops come. NEVER TALK WITH THEM.
    Just give them your name…
    Be safe. Not sorry..

    • No question that a firearm is an incredible tool to deliver massive kinetic force at a distance.

      But in these cases, having a gun would have likely caused considerable legal issues.

      In most states, you can’t legally carry concealed in a bar or while you’re drinking. Others have the same limitations on carrying concealed as they do on driving–.08%, or whatever the state statute is for being “under the influence.”

      Amtrak, the last I rode them or checked, doesn’t allow concealed carry on their trains or in their stations. I can’t speak to what the legal ramifications are of carrying in this situation.

      In either case, most concealed carry holders are going to obey the law and would be good to know empty hands combattives.

      In addition, with the girl, she was abducted from behind and her arm wrenched behind her back. IF she had a firearm, it was probably in her purse and she probably left it with her girlfriends. If she had it with her–even on-body, how quickly do you think she could have gotten to it, grabbed it, and deployed it? Do you think her abductor would have calmly watched this 2-5 second process, or do you think he would have grabbed her other arm or slammed her head into a wall?

      In short, at bad-breath distances, a holstered firearm shouldn’t be your first and only option for defending yourself. In the 2-5 seconds that it takes you to deploy the firearm, you could put 4-15 debilitating, fight-ending strikes on your attacker.

      Guns are awesome, but they’re not always the best first option in a self-defense situation.

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