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Are you prepared to handle an medical emergency on your own if an ambulance wasn’t able to reach you and hospitals and doctors weren’t available?  This week’s post “Test Your Medical IQ” is a fun excersise to test your medical readiness.

We’d love to hear your feedback on this week’s quiz.  And please, tell us what Prepper-related subjects you’d like to see included in future quiz’s with your comments.

Have fun with the quiz!


God bless and stay safe,

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Test Your Medical IQ

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  1. soak with water? Bah humbug. If there’s a crust, for any reason, put on Neosporin
    or knock off brand which will soften it, first spray whole surface with disinfectant
    spray, then tear off the crusts and put the antibiotic cream on. use fingernails for
    maximum efficiency, scrape and put disinfectant under nails, spray down surface
    and anything nearby in case of bits falling on them.

  2. Well, don’t get gangrene with me around. I take some issue with the answers to high fever. I’ve always been taught to use tepid water, not cool, to lower temperatures. Now, that is not true for heat emergencies like exhaustion or stroke. The temperature needs to come down NOW and cold water is the correct answer. My background is EMS, not PA, or MD, so take it for what it’s worth.

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