Why SEAL Team 6 and I Switched To Target Focus Training

What do SEAL Team 6, Matt Fury (Combat Conditioning), Tim Schmidt (USCCA), Ignatius Piazza (Frontsight), and myself have in common?
We all have access and exposure to every self-defense system available to the general public and even some that are normally only available to military and law enforcement and we have all chosen at one point or another to personally use and endorse Tim Larkin’s Target Focus Training.

**Many of you took advantage of the DVD training package that Tim put together for my readers back in May, but some couldn’t afford it and the timing was wrong for others.  Well, he’s put together a “Lethal Weapon” DVD training package that’s available to my readers at a significant discount for this week only.

This is the same training that my wife and I depend on to protect ourselves and our young sons.  I’ve used the training for almost 16 years, have every DVD and VHS course that Tim’s put out, and I’ve flown around the country to go to the live trainings multiple times.  In other words, it’s great material that I use and believe in.  I encourage you to check it out by clicking on the following link:

m260.infusionsoft.com/go/DMHW/DM << Special pricing available through this link.**

Now, if you’ve been reading my materials for long, you know that I’m a big fan of martial arts training.  I’ve trained in many disciplines, and fought in the “wild west” days of MMA on blocked off dance floors in bars in the middle of the week before they added rules to protect fighters and make it a sport.

You could say it wasn’t as “clean” as it is now.  In fact, one of the guys that fought in my area had a signature move of picking his opponents up and slamming them into the edge of a speaker box that was on the dance floor in one of the bars.

Self defense and sport fighting training are great, but they don’t focus on drugged, drunk, and deranged psychos like that who would rather cause you permanent damage to get what they want than fight a gentlemanly fight.

Surviving real violent crime like muggings, car jackings, and home invasions require quick, effective, and brutal action.  Not fancy moves or 3 rounds of trading blows.

If you know what you’re doing, everyone but you should be on the ground, helpless, in just a few seconds-regardless of their size or skill level.

The Target Focus Training “Lethal Weapons” series will show you step-by-step how to learn this in your own home, but the big question is, how long does it take to learn this stuff and how much does it cost?

The answer will surprise you.  To find out, go to: Target Focus Training

This isn’t your ordinary martial arts/self-defense/sport fighting stuff that you’ve seen before.  It’s a radical evolution in how to quickly and efficiently stop a violent attack and it’s actually MUCH quicker to learn.

Tim’s Target Focus Training is different than any other system currently available.  You see, in the mid-80s, the Navy SEALS decided that they needed a complete overhaul of their combative system.  Tim had gone through BUD/S (SEAL training), but never got to wear the trident because of rupturing his eardrums in a diving accident.  Even so, the Navy offered Tim a job in Naval Intelligence and one of his jobs was to find or create the new combative system for the SEAL teams.

What they’d found is that many of their hand-to-hand encounters happened to guys who had been self-supported in the field for the previous 10-40 days.  Many were mal-nourished, dehydrated, exhausted, starting to get ill, and they were weighed down with 100 pounds of gear.

It was similar to Hell Week in BUD/S, but this time the bullets were real, the threat was constant, and mistakes had lethal consequences.

Sounds kind of like what life might be like in an urban survival situation, doesn’t it?

Anyhow, Tim had to figure out a system that these guys could use when the deck was stacked against them.

A system that finished fights in seconds against attackers who didn’t have all of the handicaps that the SEALs were dealing with.
You can about the system they decided to go with here: m260.infusionsoft.com/go/DMHW/DM

But to make a long story short, Tim found a system that did everything that the Navy wanted and they adopted it for the SEALS.  And since then, Tim got out of the Navy and has spent the years since then refining the Target Focus Training and teaching it to Spec Ops, SWAT, and executives around the globe.

He’s offering the at-home version of the Target Focus Training “Lethal Weapons” system to my SurviveInPlace.com Hotlist members at an incredible price.  If you haven’t already, you really need to check it out.  Like I said, I started using Tim’s training 16 years ago and it IS the real deal.

Here’s an email that I received from one of my readers who’s been through Tim’s training.  It is from a very satisfied student of Target Focus Training and I think you’ll appreciate it.  As a note, the email has been edited for length.


Recommending that your subscribers learn to defend themselves is a great idea, but traditional martial arts may not be the best solution.  Traditional martial arts will take years to really master, and even then, may not prove to be street worthy. Rarely can you use today what you’ve learned today. There is a better solution!
Tim Larkin, like Bruce Lee, believes that “self defense” entails waiting until one is attacked (and possibly injured), and therefore recommends that his students always be the ones who attack. Not that he recommends starting fights, but recognizes that most of the time, the violent street thug will give away his intentions before the first blow is struck.

Larkin’s aggressive application of the techniques in life-or-death scenarios was just the approach I needed to learn.

There is no special flexibility requirement as he doesn’t recommend kicking people in the face, or any other of the flashy, Hollywood-style fighting techniques.
Everything they teach is simple, and easily mastered by anyone, (I’m 5’8?, 220 lbs, pushing 60 years old) and are easily patterned into your subconscious, not be forgotten, or made more difficult under stress or fatigue.

I think you’ll be impressed, and may want to recommend them to your subscribers!

Best of Luck!”

Lawrence (Name withheld for privacy reasons)

Thanks, Lawrence…and I too have been VERY impressed with Tim’s training.

If things get REAL bad, you’re going to want to have these skills.  If your guns are ever taken away, you’re going to want to have these skills.  If you’re ever unarmed when a violent attack occurs, you’re going to NEED these skills.  Please don’t delay.  Take the next step today by going to:

Tomorrow, I’m going to talk about the 27 reasons why you should NEVER throw a punch to the face in a survival situation.  It only takes a sentence to explain, but it could completely transform your thoughts on effective self defense training.


P.S.  Like I said, this is the same training that my wife and I depend on to protect ourselves and our young sons.  I’ve used the training for almost 16 years, have every DVD and VHS course that Tim’s put out, we watch them and practice them together every week and I’ve flown around the country to go to the live trainings multiple times.  In other words, it’s great material that I use and believe in.  I encourage you to check it out by clicking on the following link:



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  1. jeremiah king says:

    Tft looks like a brilliant system.Grounded in science.The real deal.

  2. That all sounds good but what about Susie Q citizen, age over 50 or 60?

  3. I had practiced and taught marital arts for upwards of 15 years before I had found out about Tim Larkin.

    TFT has totally changed my perception of violence and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in surviving a life-or-death confrontation and going home the his/her loved ones.

    In fact, I discovered this blog through Tim Larkin, so I’m glad to see that (once again) you’re putting this info out there.

  4. Chuck Van Meter says:

    After 30 years in law enforcement, primarilly corrections, I can tell you that all training is good. It will provide you with more tools to use in a physical confrontation. The problem is that most people will take the training and not practice the techniques taught therein.

    Practice and repetition will refine techniques to the point that conscous thought is not necessary. Then, and only then will a technique become effective in a survival situation. If you have to think of how to apply a specific technique, you are so far behind the curve that a draw is the best outcome you will achieve.

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