Economic Recovery: Lies, Lies & More Lies!

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Ask the 1.3 million people who just lost their unemployment benefits if they believe the U.S. is recovering from the current economic recession, and they’ll likely tell you, “no.”  These same 1.3 million people who lost extended unemployment benefits on December 28, 2013 will now be counted as having “left the labor force” by government officials.  This is excellent news for the current administration, because these 1.3 million desperate people are now off the tally of the unemployed, and within a few months, we will be told the good news that the unemployment rate has dropped again, a sure sign that the economy has turned the corner and is on the upswing.  Don’t you believe it!

Those who recently lost extended unemployment benefits and the millions more who will be joining them in 2014 may not have a fallback position if they don’t have loved ones to turn to.  It’s unlikely they will be able to tap the equity in their homes now that many in the U.S. are upside down on their mortgages.  And forget personal loans.  Even the gainfully employed are finding it difficult to secure a loan with ever-squeamish financial institutions.  With escalating food and gasoline prices, it’s doubtful even the most conservative of those whose benefits have been cut off were able to put aside a slush fund for this worst case scenario.  

Those of us with jobs and homes as we head into the 2014  New Year  are indeed blessed.  We are blessed  in other ways as well; we’re ahead of the curve by understanding the importance of preparedness, we’re brave enough to face the truth, and we have places to go for the information we need to survive.   

Each week, the comments shared by readers is nothing short of amazing and together, we’re making inroads. I appreciate each and every one who contributes and asks questions.  It increases the opportunity to share knowledge and to learn.  

For those who are new to Prepping, or have been waiting for the flag to drop that tells you to kick things in gear,  I would encourage you to invest in food storage and prep goods now.  Prices continue to skyrocket.  Your investments today equates to savings tomorrow!

And judging by the demographics posted below, now is a good time to get up to speed with whatever skill-sets that need work.  As David has advised many times over the years, hands-on experience is the best way to perfect those skill-sets.  It’s the only way to uncover weak spots, allowing you to make improvements before those skills become critical for long-term survival.

Many are warning that 2014 may be a bumpy ride for the U.S. economy.  For some, 2013 heralded economic distress, bringing hardships never dreamed of.  If you doubt this, have a look at the economic statistics that should be splashed across every newspaper in America.  

Facts The Media isn’t Telling  Us

  • 49.7 million Americans are now living at poverty level.  Poverty level, as per the Census Bureau, is $11,720 for one person, $14,937 for two people, and $23,492 for four people. 

  • 1.2 million students who attend public school are homeless, a 72% climb since the economic recession began in 2007/2008

  • Since 2000, the number of people receiving food stamps has risen from 17 million to 47 million (this is due, in part, due to increased need and part due to advertising and promotional efforts to get more people to sign up for food stamps)

  • 49% of U.S. households have at least one member who receives some form of monetary benefits paid to them by the government

  • 40% of U.S. workers make less than $20,000 annually (this includes kids and part time workers)

  • If the government were to count those who exhausted their unemployment benefits, but are still searching for work, it’s estimate the real unemployment rate would stand somewhere between 11%-20%

  • It has been estimated that 5 million homes have been foreclosed on since 2008.  Foreclosures, per capita, are expected to exceed that of the Great Depression. Home prices have already plummeted lower than what was experienced during the  Great  Depression.  In addition, banks are waiting to foreclose on another 2-4 million homes, but aren’t so that the bottom doesn’t drop out of the market

  • Approximately 30% of 18 to 34 year-olds now live at home with their parents

  • The exact number of the  U.S.  homeless is not known.  However, it was reported by the New York shelter system that 2013 surpassed 50,000, which includes over 21,000 homeless children, a 19% increase from the previous year 

How can these statistics possibly point to an economic recovery?

Another reality not being reported on is the growing number of homeless who have resorted to living in tent cities or their cars due to unemployment or the loss of their homes. 

In October of 2011,  I wrote an article that was published in The Final Hour, titled Tent Cities: The Secret That Won’t Go Away which discussed the sharp increase of homeless who turned to tent cities which were popping up all over the country.  Sadly, many of these tent cities were dismantled, or bulldozed, and the occupants were forced to find shelter elsewhere or were arrested.   

Those  who tried to lend a helping hand, such as Cross Roads United Methodist Church who offered pancake breakfasts to the needy, were told by a judge their efforts were illegal, and they were shut down.  A couple in Houston, Texas who had been feeding the homeless every night for over a year were ordered to stop because they did not have a permit. 

For those of us lucky enough to have a roof over our heads, it is difficult to comprehend the hardships these displaced people must endure.  If we were to believe what the media tells us about the plight of the homeless, their numbers are a result of addiction or mental illness, but the truth is that many who found themselves on the street were no different that the majority of the populace.  They were two paychecks away from destitution when then the unthinkable happened; they lost their job, or had their hours cut, or their mortgage arm loan climbed to unsustainable levels. 

Some were making six figures when their fortunes abruptly took a turn for the worse.  To view the real-life stories Tent Cities In America has several eye-opening videos.  

We will never know just how many people have become homeless since the beginning of this economic recession.  Only shelters keep records.  Those who had to resort to tent cities or living in ther cars do not leave a paper trail to follow.  What we can know is that it’s up to us to plan ahead for lean times, because based upon how those down on their luck are treated by authorities, we cannot expect to be rescued. 

Have you noticed an increase of the homeless in your city or town?  Do you have family members who are now living with friends or relatives due to a job loss, a pay cut, or a home foreclosure? We might not be able to get the facts on the evening news, but by comparing notes, we can come closer to the truth.  Please sound off by commenting below.   

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God bless and stay safe,

David Morris and Survival Diva



  1. duggy dugg says:

    the fed is the enemy ..created the 18 trill nation crushing debt ..end the fed

  2. just read the article about homeless/unemployed/”underemployed” Americans,etc.
    This comes from an experienced person in South Central Ohio…I have been able to “soldier on” over the past 2 years after watching my personal business spiral down since 2008, losing 1 temporary job at Kenworth, then watching my marriage disintegrate, etc…i was in a “tailspin” in several ways, but i have been blessed with enough common sense to not give up, and to network, and share with other Like-minded “preppers and survivalists” in my local area.
    Life is not as simple, easy, or joyous as it used to be, but through teamwork and tenacity I am regaining my dignity, and integrity that I thought had nearly faded like our much-battered Constitutional rights and privileges.
    To coin a phrase, …”hand in there, we are all in this together!…”
    Best wishes to all concerned.

  3. I have been prepping since this administration took office and have tried to get others (mostly family members) to understand the “why for” of this activity. It has cost me a lot of grief and deemed me “crazy”. I have lost my grandchildren to CPS in this guise/deceptive move by relatives that only wanted an excuse to take the children from our home. However, I feel that I am doing the right thing and will continue in this fashion. The time will come that they will understand.

    • CountryVet says:

      I will pray for you and your grandchildren, that they may be returned to you where they can be loved and provided for by someone who “sees the writing on the wall” and can see to their long term wellbeing.

  4. Sue the Frugal Survivalist says:

    In 1976 I began commuting daily from Sacramento to San Francisco for a new job. I used the Greyhound commuter bus from downtown Sacramento to downtown San Francisco. In San Francisco I used local bus service to reach my work site.

    I was shocked at the number of homeless in San Francisco in 1976. They slept on sidewalks and begged for money to eat. They were very dirty, ragged, and pitiful. Many appeared ill and in need of assistance. One day I saw a man, bleeding from the forehead, crawling on the sidewalk. I ran into the bus station to a security guard for assistance, only to be told the man was probably a con artist, and just ignore him. And that’s what everyone else on the street did. They walked around him as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening.

    That was in 1976…in San Francisco. In Sacramento, my home, we never saw homeless people. People didn’t beg from street corners and they didn’t sleep outside in the cold on city streets. But that was 1976. Sacramento is different now.

    In 2013, I see homeless people daily in Sacramento. Our city has beggars on every major intersection. They sleep behind dumpsters, in vacant lots, under highway overpasses, and we see them every time we travel five blocks from home. They’ve taken up residence in abandoned homes, by sneaking in a back door or window after dark. It breaks my heart to see them, but there are so many now, the public has just accepted their presence as normal. I’m 63 years old, and I can remember when our country wasn’t like this. When my husband and I lament this terrible state of affairs to my daughter and her friends ( 30 year olds ) , they are surprised at our comments. They can’t remember a time when the homeless weren’t a common sight. Our country has become like India or Mexico, a place where abject poverty and hunger on our streets no longer shocks us.

  5. j l morehouse says:

    I am prepping and preaching about prepping to people at will listen, Yet I still see these stupid people spending money on material thing that they feel they need. Christmas is over and the curb side is filled with emptied boxes of all sort All the latest popular items people must have-expensive junk. Most of these people can’t afford this stuff. I guess I am ranting but How do you get people to stop buying into wasteful spending and focus on the important thing in life.

    • Survival Diva says:

      j l morehouse,

      Oh, how I wished there was a clear-cut answer to your question. After all the years of writing about prepping, I only have a guess as to why most people keep getting deeper into debt and do not prepare. I believe they are afraid to face the truth…and if afraid, they continue to spend on useless things to make their lives “feel” normal, believing they will be taken care of should anything bad happen.

      Many do not dig for the truth, and trust the media to inform them. Others have been spoon fed assistance, and have come to believe they don’t have to take care of their own needs. Some, I believe, feel they are entitled to the assistance they receive. Don’t get me wrong, there are many people receiving assistance who need it. But there are also those who do not.

      Anyway, my 2 cents is the reason why people do not prepare and continue to load up their credit cards is based on garden-variety fear.

  6. This administration had published 175 pages of new regulations ever day, 24/7/365 prior to the last election. Haven’t seen a reliable number since. These regulations that prevent the feeding of hungry people, the kids selling lemonade, and all the rest are not only useless but counter productive. This is what you get in a totalitarian regime that seeks to transform America and reduce everyone to a common level of misery. That is only fair you know! The lazy, incompetent, uneducated get the same as the formerly hardworking over achievers. If you voted for Obama, you are getting what he promised. If not, God help us all.

  7. so what are the open positions BReady that your husband says are available, so that we can know what to study. I have seen some people study only to be told at the end that that quota was filled! But it would be good to know what possibilities there are.

  8. Where are these so called jobs? My daughter graduated with a Master’s degree in August and she cannot find a job in her chosen field.

    • Jean,
      The devilish detail is “in her chosen field”. Remind her that ANY honest work is more attractive on her CV than a gap of inactivity. Back in the “Dark Ages” I did an array of unrelated jobs(ie: security guard, high school teacher, medical lab technician) prior to finding my proper place in the workforce. Never stop encouraging her and good luck.

    • My grand daughter graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering and had a line of job offers that stretched ceiling to floor. If you have a Doctorate in History, English Literature, and many other subjects, you will have to wait for an instructor to die or retire for a job opening. Too many of our young follow their passion into absolutely dead end degrees. Word to the wise with children still in school.

      • Paul O'Connell says:

        We even find the same issues in the IT field. Companies are actually looking for the purple squirrel. (Something that doesn’t exist!!) There are NO training programs for anyone who graduates college for open positions. MY ADVICE TO ANYONE IN SCHOOL NOW: GO INTO BUSINESS FOR YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GIVE IT VERY SERIOUS THOUGHT!!!!! THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE ALL GONNA NEED TO SURVIVE!!!!!!!!

        PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Michael Drouin says:

    My family and I have been caught up in this mortgage crisis for three years now . I didn’t take a bad loan , I’m not upside down in my Mortgage , I’ve paid ten years of the highest interest rates on the Mortgages I’ve held on the property . I’ve invested over a hundred thousand dollars into the property of personal and inheritance money . I defaulted on my mortgage due to the fact I had to go for heart surgery but tried bringing the mortgage current by offering thousands of dollars but they said it wasn’t enough . What they did next and thus far have been allowed to get away with , is record an assignment of Mortgage that is so fraudulent it reveals the flagrant disregard they have for the God given right for an American family to work hard and prosper . I’m disgusted with the powers that were created for our protection and the Travesty of Justice displayed by their actions towards these entities that are literally stealing our homes . Here is our case # 1:11-cv-00596-JL US DISTRICT COURT DISTRICT OF NH . The evidence is overwhelming against them… God Help us please!!!!!!

  10. My husband says his company has hundreds – HUNDREDS – of open positions; but they cannot find qualified people to fill them.

    If you cannot find work in your chosen field, you must learn a new one. There ARE jobs out there.

    • What field? What city? What company? Help us please.

      • They’re all high tech jobs; engineering & medicine (ie: Doctor). I DO know that the skilled trades are finding no problems finding work, provided they’ll cross state lines. But most of these open jobs that they don’t have qualified people to fill are high tech or high science (including medicine). One thing I AM seeing is a lot more males getting training for the job of Medical Assistant. You can learn it in a year (in some schools) and the field is growing by leaps and bounds.

    • If your husbands company has so many “jobs” why not let those know so they can apply and get into a better situation??? like Dick says”” What field?? What city??What company??””
      If it takes learning a new career and there are jobs why don’t the companies help with an apprentice(sp) program?? No one is born knowing all about any certain job…

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