Long-Term Effects of Fukushima: Health & The Food Chain

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When the  March 11, 2011 9.0 earthquake hit off the coast of  Japan, causing a tsunami that reached levels as high as 133 feet in some locations, the news shocked the world.  It was the fifth most powerful earthquake in recorded history and the devastating loss of life and property was difficult to comprehend.

Soon, concerns turned to the level 7+ meltdown the earthquake and tsunami caused to three of the four Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant reactors.  Over the next months, people concerned with fallout being carried to the  United  States  watched the news and studied reported radiation levels, but outages of radiation testing equipment in several locations along the west coast hindered efforts.

As the writer of preparedness-related articles, I was concerned.  Not only do many of us consume fresh fish regularily,  Preppers  tend to store canned fish like tuna , sardines, and salmon in quanity to add protien to our food storage.  Yet, according to reports coming in during 2011, the  FDA  stated they didn’t see the need to regularly test fish for radiation caught in  Pacific  waters.

An article I wrote soon after the  Fukishima  disaster, “Food Shortages, Skyrocketing Prices and What We Can Do About It“, published in  Before It’s News  and elsewhere, discussed what little information there was available on irridiated fish that was a result of the  Fukushima  meltdown.

The following is an excerpt of the article:

Since the Fukushima meltdown, the F.D.A. says our food chain is still safe. In fact, safe enough that they do not seem to have committed to strict guidelines on testing fish caught in the Pacific Ocean (the one that Japan continues to spill nuclear waste into).

To date, Officials have underplayed the long term effects of consuming fish caught from the Pacific Ocean, yet recent studies reflect bottom fish and fish that travel close to surface of the Pacific near Fukushima are found to have high levels of radiation and new concerns are being reported on contaminated fish found in Iwa, Japan located 500 kilometers from Fukushima. Studies also warn of health risks with consumption of fish that have been affected by radiation poisoning near Fukushima that then travel beyond the affected area and are caught elsewhere in the Pacific-with tuna being at the top of list. Many countries have already placed a ban on fish imports from the belabored country.

Fortunately, the US imports less than 4% of its food supply-opposed to 15% of seafood’s– from Japan. However, the FDA has placed a ban on Japanese imports of milk products, vegetables, fruits and beef. Due to supply and demand, the recent ban on the relatively low percentage of Japan’s imports to the US market can have an effect on our food prices.”

* *  *

Even today, peoples concerns over eating radiated fish continues to be brushed off by the  FDA  but alarming reports begining in 2012, and increasing in 2013, trickled in that were not promising.  Since the  Fukishima  tradegy, fish caught in  Pacific waters are testing positive for cesium-134 and cesium-137.

Here’s where it gets dicey; some are claiming that the radiation levels found in the fish tested does not pose a health threat to those consuming it. Yet others, like  Gorden  Edwards  (see article excerpts below) disagree.

On January  16, 2012, The  Vancouver  Sun  released an article, titled Canada: Fish Eaters Threatened by Fukushima Radiation , written by reporter  Alex  Roslin.  Here are a few important excerpts from the article:

In October, a U.S. study – co-authored by oceanographer Ken Buesseler, a senior scientist at the non-profit Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Woods Hole, Massachusetts – reported Fukushima caused history’s biggest-ever release of radiation into the ocean – 10 to 100 times more than the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe.

“It’s completely untrue to say this level of radiation is safe or harmless,” said Gordon Edwards, president of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility.

Edwards, who is also a math professor at Vanier College in Montreal, said Fukushima has highlighted how lackadaisical Canadian authorities are about radiation risks – the result, he says, of the influence of Canada’s powerful nuclear industry.

“The reassurances have been completely irresponsible. To say there are no health concerns flies in the face of all scientific evidence,” said Edwards, who has advised the federal auditor general’s office and Ontario government on nuclear-power issues.

Other Fukushima impacts have been unexpected, too. The first debris swept into the sea by the tsunami reportedly started to wash ashore on the West Coast in mid-December, a year earlier than scientists and authorities predicted.

Below are the test results of fish caught in  Pacific waters reported in the article:

Cesium was especially prevalent in certain of the species:

• 73 per cent of mackerel tested

• 91 per cent of the halibut

• 92 per cent of the sardines

• 93 per cent of the tuna and eel

• 94 per cent of the cod and anchovies

• 100 per cent of the carp, seaweed, shark and monkfish

Some of the fish were caught in Japanese coastal waters. Other catches were made hundreds of kilometres away in the open ocean.

*   *   *

More recently, authorities are having a difficult time quelching independant reports that the  Fukishima  meltdown is much worse than previously admitted. In an  August  11 2013  Economic  Policy Journal, written by  Harvey  Wasserman:  The Fukushima Nightmare Gets Worse, states, in part:

“In the wake of the March 11, 2011, disaster, Tepco led the public to believe that it had largely contained the flow of contaminated water into the Pacific. But now it admits that not only was that a lie, but that the quantities of water involved–apparently some 400,000 gallons per day–are very large. Some of that water may be flowing from the aquifer. Much of it also, simply enough, flows down Japan’s steep hillsides, through the site and into the sea. Until now, the utility and regulatory authorities have assured an anxious planet that the contaminants in the water have been primarily tritium. Tritium is a relatively simple isotope with an 8-day half-life. Its health effects can be substantial, but its short half-life has been used to proliferate the illusion that it’s not much to worry about. Reports now indicate the outflow at Fukushima also includes substantial quantities of radioactive iodine, cesium, and strontium. That, in turn, indicates there is probably more we haven’t yet heard about.”

*   *   *

An August 30, 2013  Live  Science  article, titled Fukushima’s Radioactive Plume to Reach U.S. by 2014, written by  Jeremy  Hsu,  states, in part:

“Ocean simulations showed that the plume of radioactive cesium-137 released by the Fukushima Disaster in 2011 could begin flowing into U.S. Coastal waters starting in early 2014 and peak in 2016.”

The articles states the radioactive levels that will reach our shores will be diluted to levels that will not pose a threat.

*   *   *

Recent Reports Of Mysterious Illness of Sea Mamals

It’s puzzling…many excellent articles on radiation levels  (Canada: Fish Eaters Threatened by Fukushima Radiation) and articles reporting mysterious marine mamals illness that questions the  consumption of radiated fish as the cause are disapperaing from archives.  The following article  Is Fukushima Radiation Causing the Epidemic of Dead and Starving Sea Lions in Californiais but one example.  Originating from the  Associated  Press  and picked up by  ZeroHedge,  this article has unfortunately disappeared from Associated  Press  archives. Lucky for us, it continues to be shared on  ZeroHedge  for their reader base.

Here is an excerpt form the article:

“At island rookeries off the Southern California coast, 45 percent of the pups born in June have died, said Sharon Melin, a wildlife biologist for the National Marine Fisheries Service based in Seattle. Normally, less than one-third of the pups would die.   It’s gotten so bad in the past two weeks that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration declared an “unusual mortality event.” That will allow more scientists to join the search for the cause, Melin said.   ***   Even the pups that are making it are markedly underweight ….   ***   Rescuers have had to leave the worst of them in an effort to save the strongest ones, she said.   ***   Routine testing of seafood is being done by state and federal agencies  and consumer safety experts are working with NOAA to find the problem.”No link has been established at this time between these sea lion strandings and any potential seafood safety issues,” NOAA said in a statement. Given that the FDA has refused to test seafood for radiation, we’re not that confident that the government is looking that hard to see if Fukushima fallout is the cause.”

And here is another excerpt from the same article about the fate of  Alaskan  Seals  who are suffering from hair loss and leisions:

“As we’ve previously noted, Reuters reports that Alaskan seals are suffering mysterious lesions and hair loss:  Scientists in Alaska are investigating whether local seals are being sickened by radiation from Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear plant.   Scores of ring seals have washed up on Alaska’s Arctic coastline since July, suffering or killed by a mysterious disease marked by bleeding lesions on the hind flippers, irritated skin around the nose and eyes and patchy hair loss on the animals’ fur coats.   ***   “We recently received samples of seal tissue from diseased animals captured near St. Lawrence Island with a request to examine the material for radioactivity,” said John Kelley, Professor Emeritus at the Institute of Marine Science at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.   “There is concern expressed by some members of the local communities that there may be some relationship to the Fukushima nuclear reactor’s damage,” he said. Here’s a picture of one of the injured seals:   We reported yesterday that a new scientific paper shows that the Fukushima radioactive plume contaminated the entire Northern hemisphere during a relatively short period of time …. “

*   *   *

On December 9, 2013 it was report by  News.Com. AU  that Three Years on from Japan’s nuclear emergency, the fallout continues to spread. For anyone wanting news about the current situation  Japanese officials are battling, and what it may mean to the rest of the globe, this is an important read, beginning with the following excerpt:

“WELCOME to Fukushima, where the radiation’s so bad it can be fatal within 20 minutes. The tsunami may have happened some 33 months ago, but the fallout just keeps getting worse.

Japanese media is reporting that the intensity of radiation levels in the nuclear power plant devastated by the earthquake – and subsequent tidal waves – of March 2011 is now at its highest levels ever.”

*   *   *

Staying on top of the radiation levels of Pacific water fish, and the possible health risks Fukushima poses to the U.S. and other nations is

For anyone interested in incoming reports and the current radiation levels for your area, you can visit the Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center.

Have you been following the elevated radiation levels caused by the Fukishiman meltdown, and if so, has it altered the amount of fish you consume, or the amount of canned fish included with your food storage?  Please comment below.

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God bless and stay safe,

David Morris and Survival Diva


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  2. Robert LeFever says:

    Why would a government warn the population of radiation when their high level government employees are working on population control. They look at this help with their plans from an unexpected source.

  3. The before its news website reports radiation levels. Just a couple days ago there was a RADCON 5 radiation level report for Austin, TX. It is all over the country, Colorado, a high level today in Vegas, high levels as well on the east coast. The number of still births in humans on the west coast has risen highly since 2012, will continue to rise. The Japanese are going to attempt to remove the fuel rods and with the slightest error, which is more likely than not, we could that the incidence of lung cancer will skyrocket across the northern hemisphere in 5 years, the incidence of “solid tumor” cancers skyrocketing in 10 + years. In Japan the number of thyroid illnesses and cancers is already skyrocketing, especially amongst children, the most vulnerable. The entire Pacific Ocean is contaminated, and most of the seabed is dead. I saw a report by a former executive of our NRC who said if they go ahead with their plans to try to removed the spent fuel rods from the holding pools, which they are doing, if one of them touches another, she will move her entire family to the southern hemisphere as the entire northern hemisphere will become so radioactive that it will be uninhabitable for about 1000 years at minimum. Those in the know say people do not even receive training on how to handle a disaster such as has happened because no one anticipated a disaster of this magnitude. they are purely winging this.
    I am old enough and have no children or grandchildren that for myself I’m not too concerned. those with children or grandchildren need to move their focus for the moment at least from political considerations since this crap in Japan could well make anything Obama does meaningless in comparison as far as your family’s survival is concerned.

  4. Talk about overreactions! You guys commenting are something else. (Other than logical and rational, I mean.) According to coastal scientists here in Oregon, all of whom still eat fish, the amount of cesium in tuna is minute. You’d have to eat 4,000 pounds to raise your annual rad level less than 1%. tinyurl.com/mjl6tqp My thoughts: Trust but verify, as the one guy is who’s buying a geiger counter for the northern coastal towns here, allowing fishermen to verify that the fish in their holds are free of radiation. If they find some hot ones, THEN I’ll start worrying. But an elevation of radiation in many cities around the globe has proven to be beneficial to health. I’m much more afraid of CONgress than I am of fish right now…

  5. Gardens may want to follow in the path of Robert Schindele from Germany and the Austrian farmer. Chernobyl occurred on a Friday and the Austrian public was notified on a Monday. The Austrian farmer who had followed Schindele in using rock dust on his farm tested negative for radiation on his land, the animals and their milk, none on or in his veggies and no one in the family tested positive for radiation. When Russia found out, they went to Schindele and acquired some of the rock dust. It was also studied at the University of Vienna. Also, it would not hurt to keep rock dust and the green Illite clay from France or India on hand too as that is what the Russians covered the site of Chernobyl with and rubbed on themselves prior to donning their hazmat suits.

    • Survival Diva says:

      Thank you for sharing this information. It’s the first I’ve heard of it, and it looks to be a solution. It would be wonderful if our FDA/govt. would tell us the truth, so we are aware of the problem.

  6. Chris Camera says:

    Looks like I will have to stop eating fish altogether rather than eat highly radioactive glowing fish.


    Anyone who remembers Chernobyl should be very worried about Fukushima and all that radiation that is spewed up into our atmosphere is coming down wherever it rains in the USA and around the world. Obama lied through his teeth as usual when he said it would not reach the USA and our corrupt government keeps raising the acceptable limits on radiation so as not to sound any alarm bells. It lends a lot of credibility to the conspiracy theory that they are trying to depopulate the world. We need more articles like this to get the people up to speed on the dangers they face. May God help us.

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