Detroit’s Bankruptcy Approved: Time To Gear Up!

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On Tuesday, December 3,  Judge  Steven  Rhodes  granted the city of  Detroit Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection.  If you have been following the fate of cities like  Detroit,  New Orleans,  Chicago,  Oakland,  East Saint Louis,  Camden  and others that have fallen victim to staggering manufacturing facility losses, soaring unemployment, and increased crime, this may not come as a surprise.

What Happened?

Over the past 10 years, the  U.S.  has suffered a 33.1% loss of manufacturing jobs along with 56,000 manufacturing facilities being lost to bankruptcy or off-shore moves to developing nations such as China,  India  and  Brazil  to avoid crippling over-regulation and other out-of-control costs. The good news? 

This gold mine of cheap labor, that manufacturers jumped ship for, has begun to lose its luster as wages continue to climb.  Economic projections point to some of these manufacturers returning to  U.S.  soil.  If so, this is very good news for the American  labor force.  It would give us a fighting chance of saving the middle class which has taken a beating over the past decade.

(David’s note:  Don’t hold your breath on this.  The EPA, OSHA, nAHA (Obamacare), and other bureaucratic snafus will do their best to keep making large manufacturing companies from being able to operate profitably in the US for the near future.  If they’d simply get out of the way, we could bring all of our jobs home and have full employment.  Small companies will be able to slip under the crushing regulation, but the system is currently geared to beat down and mercilessly punish success through regulation.)

But however the job market shapes up, it isn’t going to help those tens of thousands of  Detroit’s retired civil servants who are facing the potential of losing over 80% of their retirement benefits with the verdict that was just handed down.

The following are excerpts as reported by  David  Shepardson  in The  Detroit  News on December  3, 2013, Next up for Detroit: Plan of adjustment to settle debts

“The deal proposed giving unsecured creditors such as pensioners and bondholders a $2 billion note for $11.5 billion in estimated debts, or less than 18 cents for every dollar owed.”

The report went on to say, in part;

“Many questions will need to be answered in a plan of adjustment: including the size of cuts to pensions and other of the cities $18.5 billion debts, as well as whether the city will propose selling assets like the Detroit Institute of Arts and other city assets including the water department.  “We have to be fair and equitable in our treatment. . . of all creditors,” Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr said Tuesday. “We have a long road ahead.”

This new reality should be on the forefront of our minds as we head into the Christmas holidays.  The groundwork has been laid.  Detroit’s having been granted Chapter 9 bankruptcy may lead other bankrupt cities to follow suit.  The repercussions, should other major cities grab this out-clause, would negatively impact people across the board, no matter whether they are retired or not.  Should an economic tsunami start in bankruptcy court for other major cities, the resulting ripples would impact businesses who are left holding the bag, and we would need to brace ourselves for higher unemployment rates.

Not everything is lost.  Understanding the potential of what may come, ahead of time, gives us that extra push and time to check off those remaining items on our must-have list.

But it doesn’t necessarily have to stop there.  What if those purchases were  “Made In The USA”  products?  Buying imported products only fills the coffers of other nations.  Buying American-made goods keep our manufacturers solvent and saves our jobs!

I’ll admit it’s getting harder to find  U.S.  made goods, but it’s not impossible.  And many of the manufacturers that have stayed on American soil just happen to dovetail with preparedness–definitely a win-win!

Below is a list of  American  made goods that might still be on your must-have list.  If not, they would make excellent Christmas gifts for loved ones.  I’ve intentionally listed items that are preparedness-related, broken down first by online sites that promote “Made in the USA”  goods, and then by the products themselves under the appropriate category.  The list is not complete by any means, so if you have any favorites not mentioned here, please share!

Before moving on to the list of  “Made in the USA”  products, it needs to be noted that some of the companies listed outsource a portion of their manufacturing, but remain on U.S. soil.

Online Sites Who Offer Links to, or Sell, “Made In The USA” Products

Made in the USA Product Directory

Description: Here’s where you can chose from hundreds of categories to click on to see if what you’re looking for is made …you guessed the USA.

Buy Direct USA

Description:  offers a list of companies that sell products Made in the  USA  and/or manufacturer products in the  USA.  Shop for clothing, handbags, fitness equipment, health & beauty products, baby products, lawn & garden, camping gear, home decor, luggage and so much more.

Made In USA Forever

Description: Made in USA Forever sells over 4,300  “Made in the USA” products.  Here are their main categories: Stocking stuffer’s, organic/green gifts, clothing, furniture, toys/games, tools/automotive, lawn & garden, flags/patriotic, accessories for computers/tablets/smart phones, electronics, outdoor sportsman/hunting, pets, books/card, wallets, sports equipment, office, health products, firefighter bags, and more…


Description: Here’s where you can shop for many  “Made in the USA” products,  Prepper-style: Emergency food & disaster kits, lighting, flashlights, weapons, flags, electronics, camping & outdoor goods, knives, clothing, grills, lawn & garden products, tools and more. 


Description: Type in  “Made in the USA”,  and you’ll be overwhelmed with over 5 million products! Just about anything you’d need can be found here, and in most cases, you won’t have to pay for shipping.


Description: Typing in the search words made in the USA will reward you with 42 pages of products like: compost toilets, wood and kerosene heat/cook stove, compost toilets, fun (and difficult to find) old-school toys, tools, garden tools, axes, knives, lanterns, manual well pumps, and one of my personal favorites; Lehman’s galvanized well bucket, and much more.

Garrett Wade

Description: Here’s a smaller site that sells  “Made in the USA”  tools, hand carts, garden tools, wood-working tools, knives, saws, a manual chain sharpener, candle lanterns, and children’s toys.

Products by Category


Pro-Tect Quiver




Martin Archery

PSC Archery

Barnett Crossbows

Stryker Crossbows

Ten Point Crossbow Technologies



Axes, Tomahawks & Knives

SOG–Knife & Tool Manufacturer < (David’s note:  my daily carry knife is a SOG Pentagon Elite)

Cold Steel–Fixed Blade Hunting & Tactical Knives, Bowie Knives, Training Knives

Snow & Nealley–Axes & Mauls

Barco–Axes & Wood-Splitting Wedges

Council Tools–Axes, Sledgehammers, C-Clamps & Firefighting Tools

Council Velvicut Hudson Bay Ax

Ontario Knife–Knifes, Picks, Axes, Tomahawks

United Cutlery–Knives

Gerber–Knives, Tools, Flashlight

Hibben–Fixed Blade & Throwing Knives & Axes

Condor Tool and Knife–Combat Axes, Swords, Machetes, Hatches

Thrower Supply–Hand Forged Tomahawks

Buck Knives

Blind Horse Knives–Quality Working Knives

Randall’s Adventure & Training–Esee Field Knives

Emerson Knives

Benchmade Knives

Pro Tool Knives

K-Bar Knives


TOPS–Knife & Tool Manufacturer < (David’s note:  I own and use more TOPS blades than any other blade manufacturer.  They’ve got knives that range from “all show” to “all go” for the zombie crowd–which doesn’t do much for me–current operators, collectors, and everything in-between.)  In case you ever wondered…the money they make with the “all show” knives that look sexy makes it possible for them to put out as many high quality working knives as they do at an affordable price.

Camp Gear & Related Clothing

Pole & Paddle Canoe–Reflector Oven (great for baking beside an open fire pit or fireplace)

Tarptent–Ultralight Tents & Shelters

Outdoor Research Gear–Ultralight Shelters, Bivy Sacks & Quality Hats, Jackets, Gloves, gaiters

Purcell Trench–Ultra Lightweight Camp Grills

American Outdoors–Soft-Sided Coolers in Many Styles

Camp Time–Lightweight Camp Furniture

Cascade Design–Quality Camp Gear From Sleeping Bags to Hydration Packs to Kyack Accessories

Equinox, Ltd–Ultralight Backpacking Gear; Tarps, Ground Cloth, Back Packs, Stuff Bags

E-Z Sales & Manufacturing–Hammocks, Camp Chairs, Cots & Canteens

Feathered Friends–Down Sleeping Bags, Outerwear, Comforters

Fuerte Cases–Waterproof Protection Cases for Laptops, Firearms and more

Nomadic Stove Company–Camp Stoves

Wiggy’s–Sleeping Bags, Back Packs, Shelters, Pack Boots/Footwear, Survival Kits, Clothing

Nanatak Gear–Sleeping Bags, Footwear, Clothing

Western Mountaineering–Sleeping Bags, Jackets, Vests, Booties, Flight Pants

Coleman–Extensive Line Of Camp Gear

North Face–Extensive Line Of Camp Gear & Clothing

Volcano Camp Stoves

PS Camp Stoves

Osprey Back Packs & Hydration Packs

Mystery Ranch–Back Packs & Medic Bags

Outdoor Products–Camping & Hiking Gear and More

Kavu–Backpacks, Clothing & Accessories

Stephenson’s Warmlight–Down-Filled Sleeping Bags

White Boots–Boots, Women’s Wear, Men’s Wear, Caps

Gregory–Back Packs


Motorola–2-Way Radios, Landline & Cell Phones

LaCrosse–Emergency Radios; Solar Panel & Hand Crank

Midland–2-Way & Emergency Crank Radio

Uniden–2-Way & CB Radio

C Crane Emergency Radio

Cobra 2-Way Radio

Dakota Alert 2-Way Radio

Ten-Tec– Ham Radio

SGC, Inc. (–Ham Radio

Disaster Kits

eFoods Global–Survival & Trauma Kits

ParaPack–Compact Emergency & Survival System

Best Car Kits–Union Made Car Emergency Kits

Food: Bulk, Freeze-Dried, Dehydrated & MRE’s

Honeyville Grain–Great Source For Bulk & Freeze Dried, $5.00 Shipping, No Weight Restrictions

Wise Foods–Grab & Go and Long Term Food Kits, Freeze-Dried Fruits, Vegetables & Meats

eFoods Global–Low Heat Disaster Rations Grown & Produced in the USA

Mountain House Freeze Dried Food Pouches, #10 Cans, & Emergency Food Buckets Pharmaceutical grade antibiotics (amoxycillin,  ciprofloxin, etc.) for your fish.


Country Living Grain Mill


Corelle Ware

Orec Vacuum Cleaners

Sub-Zero Refrigerators

Sun Oven

Sun Power Solar Cooker Oven

Kitchen Aid

Lodge Cast Iron Cookware

Tattler Reusable Canning Lids

Ball & Kerr Canning Jars (manufactured by Jarden Home Brands)


Heating/Cooking Stoves

Dura Flame Logs

Weber Grills–Gas & Charcoal BBQ Grills

Colorado Cylinder Stoves–Affordable, Collapsible Wood-Burning Heat & Cook Stove, Indoors & Tent

Vermont Casting–Wood-Burning Heat Stove

Alaska Stove Company–Coal-Burning Heat Stoves

Baker Stoves–Coal & Wood-Burning Heat Stoves, Wood-Burning Cook Stoves

Buck Stove –Wood-Burning Heat Stoves & Fireplace Inserts

Kuma Stoves–Wood-Burning Heat Stoves & Fireplace Inserts

Madera Stoves–Wood-Burning Heat Stoves

Harman Stoves–Wood-burning Heat Stoves & Fireplace Inserts

Heartland Cook Stove–Wood-Burning & Gas Cook Stoves

Coleman–Portable Propane Stove & Oven

Firearms & Accessories

Henry Rifles

Smith and Wesson





PTR Industries

Black Hills Ammunition


Lighting–Flashlights & Lamps







Pewter Oil Lamps

W.T. Kirkman Lanterns



Milwaukee Tool

Seymor Manufacturing

Stanley Proto Tools

QPI Bully Tools

Union Tools

Thomas & Betts









Mac Tools

JH Williams

Kahn Tools

Water Purifiers

Sawyer–Water Purification Systems

Berkey–Water Purification Systems

Tactics and Preparedness Products < 35% off for Christmas! < 35% off for Christmas! urban survival Course ultra-fast preparation course monthly newsletter and membership site

So what are your favorite Made in the USA products? Did you find anything on the list that scored with your wish list? Please comment below!

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Chapters 32 and 33 of the book,  Implant,  has been posted. You can Click Here for Chapter 32 and Here for Chapter 33. Things are heating up for the group!



God bless and stay safe,

David Morris and Survival Diva


  1. UV PaqLite is a line of ambient lighting products that provide some light…made 100% in the USA.
    PaqLites “charge” in 1-5 minutes in the sun, under lamps, by flashlight, etc. They last forever…they also allow battery life to be extended by charging the PaqLite for 5 sec and then using the ambient light from the PaqLite for up to 10 hours….

    They come in flat models, tube models, tag models etc. Great for emergency prep, camping, backpacking….PaqLite also offers the ScoobLite for scuba divers…

    They are a great addition to survival gear! Check’em out at:

    I’m not affiliated with the product or company…I just use the products….

    • Thanks, Frank. Except for saying that they’re great, all you stated was facts and there’s no need to say that you’re not affiliated with the product or company. The habit of saying that was evidently started by anti-capitalists who hate small business, profitability, and self promotion. It has since been adopted by many people, like you, who I assume don’t fit that description 🙂

      In short, truth is truth and lies are lies. Regardless, it doesn’t matter whether or not you’re affiliated with the company you’re mentioning. Truth is good either way and lies are bad either way. Ironically, the one exception is that I AM more willing to buy products from companies where I know the owners or key personnel.

      And, FYI, I’ve got them and use them too.

      • Jeez, I was brainwashed and didn’t even know it….thanks David for pointing that out…..devious, devious are the methods that these anti-American liberals use to get in one’s head….

        Gotta stay aware and conscious of the subtle methods these enemies use to plant thoughts, beliefs and actions into the subconscious mind…..

        Yep, I’m a Free Market Capitalist Libertarian who believes in the restoration of our Democratic Republic that Our Founding Fathers intended…not some pinko commie liberal ……lol


  2. Survival Still an emergency distillation apparatus and is 100% Made in the USA! It will purify ANY water (water cannot become radioactive but particles in the water can and make the water “radioactive”…this would be very dangerous to do and would be a last resort….I would also pre-filter the water with ceramic/carbon filters while wearing a radioactive suit, gloves, respirator…once used the filters and container will be radioactive so it must be disposed of following radioactive precautions…but this is beyond the scope of my product recommendation), even ocean water…as distillation removes everything like bacteria, viruses, protozoa, heavy metals, chemicals (VOCs, dry cleaning fluid, pesticides, herbicides, rocket fuel (yes, even rocket fuel has been found in rivers, lakes, ground water, etc.) and radioactive particles in the water; uses any heat source; electric stove, gas stove, outdoor grill, camping stove, camp fire w/grate, etc.

  3. boiling frog says:

    Thanks great list.

    Yes, the US economy is toast, thanks to the corporate tax rate and over regs, and tax burden on individuals in the paying for everyone else category.

    As to pensions- its just math, and many cities and states are in the “un-fixable” category right now, as any actuary knows, but the Pension Boards and politicians cant fess up, or lose their jobs. So everyone keeps whistling past the graveyard, while socking away what they can.

    We are leaving a huge mess to our kids, and I for one wont blame them when the inter-generational finger pointing gets ugly, as I am sure the Dems will demogogue that when the time comes for votes too.

  4. Diva, Just a tiny correction; it’s Kuma stove V Kume. There are some companies on the list that I didn’t know were MUSA.

  5. Doug Johnson says:

    Doug says

    You can add Black Hills Ammunition to the list.

  6. K-BAR knives and Cut-Co both from Upstate NY. Also Correll Ware made in the USA.
    love your posts so keep’em coming.

    • Survival Diva says:

      These will be added to the list! It’s too bad there isn’t a nation-wide data bank that lists all products manufactured in the US. Or if there is, I sure couldn’t find it. The sites shown on this list who DO list “Made in the USA” is not complete, possibly because of manufacturer’s oversight in not making sure they are added. Tonight, when it’s less disruptive, I’ll list what we come up with. Thank you for the feedback.

  7. R1S1NGT1D3 says:

    As far as the cheap labor (here’s lookin at you China), I just read an article the other day talking about the Chinese 1 child policy leading to a workforce shortage in the coming years. I think the stats were something like 120 men to every 100 women, and the rise of what they termed a 4-2-1 family, 4 grandparents, 2 parents, and 1 child to take care of them. As their middle class grows and consumes more, there will be less workers to fill the roles, causing a rise in pay to compete for the scarce labor pool.

  8. R1S1NGT1D3 says:

    I do agree that we’re over regulated and not just on the business side of things. As Ron Paul once said, “How many people here are going to use heroin if it were legal? I bet nobody! “Oh yeah, I need the government to take care of me. I don’t want to use heroin, so I need these laws!”.
    That being said, while our corporate tax rate on the books may be 40%, let’s not kid ourselves about the actual percentage (or lack thereof) that most corporations are paying, what with the numerous shell accounts and companies. Good looking out on the American made lists though, will be bookmarking this, as my family tries to buy as much locally and made in USA as possible.

  9. j l morehouse says:

    Thank you David for the list , I try to buy only American made but at times it impossible unless I buy at a second hand store or Craigslist.
    But this list helps.
    Is there a medical supply store online you would recommend , a store that supplies are all made here in the U.S.A?
    Any advise would help Thank you.

    • Survival Diva says:

      j l morehouse,

      Just a quick not to let you know I’m researching medical supplies made in the US. So far, it’s returned disappointing results, but I’ll keep trying and will list what is found tonight.

      • j l morehouse says:

        thank you.

        • Survival Diva says:

          jl morehouse,

          I am stumped! I did research on US based Pharmaceuticals off and on for several hours today…I’m no quitter 🙂

          I wasn’t able to find a single one. I will be adding to the “Made in the USA” list over time and if I find any, I will post the information on the forum.

  10. What about Windham Weaponry from Windham Maine, formerly The original Bushmaster then bought out. Recently former owners and the best employees went back on their own again. They have a one person build on each firearm from start to finish unlike the assembly line builds out there. They have a 308 coming out in a couple of months. No i don’t work for them, i just have some M4’s of theirs and want to recommend a superior USA produced product. Great site and I am a long time member.

    • Survival Diva says:


      Thank you! Windham weaponry will be added to the list (including their soon to be released 308) of “Made in the USA” products.

    • davidmobile says:

      Thanks, Art…and I’d love it if you DID work for WW and wanted to accurately promote your product 🙂

      • David, I really don’t work for WW but will tell you that if you contact them they always have contacted me back with any and all questions. They run their business like this site is run, with open commo. I first learned of them in the early 1970’s when they made M16 for the “Conflict” . I shot a H-Bar that preformed better than some National Match models I have since fired. I just wanted to add to the list and it seems Mission accomplished, I hope!
        Keep Prepping, time is running out!

  11. Stargazer says:

    On the Fire Arms list I would add Smith and Wesson for rifles and pistols and my favorite Rifle Manufacturer PTR Industries; maker of the H&K G3 Clone rifles. PTR moved their factory from Conn. when their state passed Anti 2nd Amendment Laws in the wake of the New Town murders. The PTR factory is now in production in South Carolina.
    Yours in Liberty,
    Oath Keeper

    • Survival Diva says:


      They’ll be added to the list and thank you! Later this week, a “Made in the USA” products list will be available on the forum, and hopefully added to by readers. As it stands now, it is difficult to track down what products are truly made in America. The list shown on the article took 3 days to compile. Clearly, there are many others, and with heads-up like yours, this list will grow!

  12. shipcarpenter305 says:

    And the winner is….. According to KPMG, who has the largest corporate tax rate of 130 nations in the world? Yup, Numero UNO at 40%, good ‘ol USA. No wonder Dow Chemical, big pharma, steel, et al skeedaddled. Now I enjoy the safety of our large military too and I proudly believe were #1. That has to be paid for, but can anyone explain to me an inexplicable tax code that could sink a battleship, failing cities now or how we’re ranked in the 20’s in education & healthcare while spending 10x per capita and BOONDOGGLING BILLIONS of dollars? How did Rome fall?

    • Survival Diva says:


      Tax codes, and NAFTA & GATT have crippled the US. It needs to change, just as the quality of education does–starting with revisionist history taught in our schools, where children are made to loose their pride in being American. Years ago, it was discovered that history books were omitting Pearl Harbor, and instead, zeroing in on Hiroshima. As far as I’m concerned, there is only one reason to educate our young with half-truths.

      We need to turn things around, or yes,…”Rome” is on the chopping block!


    Thanks Dave these links are just what the doctor ordered!:)

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