If The Lights Go Out In November, or the Banks Close, Are You Ready?

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- David

Survival Diva here to discuss recent developments that has grabbed the nation’s attention over long-term security. None of us has a crystal ball that will tell us, ahead of time, what type of crisis may befall the nation, although it’s for certain many of us are experiencing that gut-wrenching feeling that it’s coming. . . in whatever form. The good news is we ARE aware and we have the information we need to get that preparedness list checked off.

It appears the government has its own concerns that things may be headed south (but they aren’t sharing), and will be launching an upcoming November 13 – 14 simulated drill called GridEx 11 which will feature simulated cyber and physical attacks to the grid that results in prolonged blackouts. The exercise is a joint effort involving the U.S., Canada and Mexico and will include the FBI, anti-terrorist experts, various government agency’s, private business, and thousands of utility workers.

The New York Times article published on August 16, 2013, written by Matthew L Wald, wrote on the simulated drill, titled As Worries Over Power Grid Rise, a Drill Will Simulate a Knockout Blow.

Here is an excerpt:

The electrical grid, as government and private experts describe it, is the glass jaw of American industry. If an adversary lands a knockout blow, they fear, it could black out vast areas of the continent for weeks; interrupt supplies of water, gasoline, deisel fuel and fresh food; shut down communications; and create disruptions of a scale that was only hinted at by Hurricane Sandy and attacks of Sept. 11.”

If this is only a drill, it’s a step in the right direction considering that the American Society of Civil Engineers recently gave the state of our power grid a grade point average of a D+. Think about that! Nearly everything we depend upon is driven by electricity; our lighting, communications, food and goods deliveries–critical for basic survival, water and sewer, the Internet, our ability to cook and heat and cool our homes, banking, the stock market, even our roadways depend upon operational street lights to avoid complete bedlam. There is also the lack of emergency services to consider and the nation’s ability to put gas in the tank or for agriculture to run the equipment necessary to grow and transport fruits and vegetables, or for ranchers and farms to supply beef, pork products and chicken to the grocers.

Should an actual grid-down event occur, we all know it would lead to lawlessness as people grow desperate.

The Internet has been abuzz about the upcoming drill, and some are yelling “Duck and Cover”. Their warnings about preparing for an actual large scale power outage include recent threats to the power grid as reported by Reuters Sep. 13, 2013, Al Qaeda calls for Attacks inside United States

The following is an excerpt:

Al Qaeda leader Aymen al-Zawahri urged small-scale attacks inside the United States to “bleed America economy”, adding he hoped eventually to see a more significant strike, according to the SITE monitoring service.”

At this moment in time, many are questioning just how far this grid-down exercise will go and whether the scope of the drill will cause the exact problems it’s trying to prevent.

Others are concerned over disruptions to the power grid through EMP weaponry, CMP EMPs from the sun, and most controversial; Comet Ison.

The current public concerns may stem from people’s concerns over last Septembers reporting of  DHS’s recent massive buying sprees of ammunition.

There have been numerous reports of the government buying up and putting out requests for proposals (RFPs) for millions of MRE’s and consumer grade dehydrated and freeze dried foods, which a few years ago monopolized the market of freeze dried and dehydrated food supplies.

It’s good to know we can expect help, if only for a short while, but it would be comforting to be privy to the exact reason for these massive-level preparations.

(David’s note:  I’d rather they just stop spending like drunk sailors with money that they either take from us or borrow on our credit, tell the American public to grow up, get prepared, and that they’ll take care of external threats and we’ve repeatedly proven that we’re better off taking care of each other when something does happen.)

An Educated Guess

Baring a false-flag event, the upcoming GridEx11 is a step in the right direction, because if it goes anything like an exercise I was involved with (in a small way), coined Shaker Three, they’ll be scrambling for answers once the results are in.

Here’s what happened. As the general manager of a cellular company, I was tasked to write a report on the various scenarios that had the potential to take down cellular service in a 100-mile radius of our location. The results of this study is why I have mentioned, numerous times, that it would be a mistake to depend solely on cellular service for communication during a crisis. An earthquake or a flood can easily take down repeater sites that triangulate and hand off calls. An EMP, either via weaponry or a kill shot from the sun has the potential of frying the grid, which would greatly impact long-term communication for both land-line and cell service—telco’s typically only have a few days worth of battery back-up or fuel to run emergency generators, although some proactive telco’s may have a combination of both .

After battery and fuel backups are exhausted, we’re on our own. The same goes for GPS—ALWAYS have topographical and street maps of your region and a regular, old-school compass on hand for a grid-down event.

Now back to Shaker Three. . . I turned in my report and waited to hear the results of the practice drill, unconcerned at the time over there being any real problems, because this exercise was being run by the heads of the local electric company, the phone company, emergency services, and local government officials. I was wrong!

Other than knowing what day the practice drill would be held, our community leaders were not given any information. And so, on that fateful morning, the emergency call went out and each member of the drill was told where they would be reporting. Upon arrival to this designated building, reality set in.

There was no electricity to the building, no land-line or cell coverage and no supplies . . . of any kind. The first problem was revealed immediately. No one had brought a flashlight, or candles, or lanterns. Nada. They soon learned lighters heat up quickly and burn the fingertips.

The “emergency” that was announced to the participants was a 9.2 catastrophic earthquake and the epicenter was in a somewhat remote area that few were familiar with. Not one of the dozens involved with this drill had thought to bring a map to be able to determine which bridges were likely to have collapsed or been undermined. Without communications, none of the managers were able to contact employees who may have been able to pinpoint likely weak spots. It had to be assumed by the strength of the earthquake that  communications would stay down for an undermined length of time.

No one had brought emergency medical supplies, or water, or food of any kind. Throughout the long day, these community leaders had plenty of time to regret their omissions of basic preparedness items.

By the end of the day, they had determined the community would have been in huge trouble had this been a true emergency.

And Then There is the Potential of U.S. Debt Default

It’s being reported that there is a real potential for U.S. debt default. Previously, the Republicans have backed off from actually allowing the fiscal solvency of the U.S. government to go down in flames under the current administration. That may not be the case with this newest debacle.  It appears that the Democrats aren’t budging from a non-negotiation stance.

Should this be allowed to continue, by next week, the country may pay a terrible price.

On October 3, 2013, Huff Post reporter, Jack Carter, reported what the U.S. Treasury Department had to say regarding the “catastrophic” damage should Congress fail to raise the debt ceiling and prevent the government from defaulting on its debt:

“A default would be unprecedented and has the potential to be catastrophic: credit markets could freeze, the value of the dollar could plummet, U.S. interest rates could skyrocket, the negative spillovers could reverberate around the world, and there might be a financial crisis and recession that could echo the events of 2008 or worse,” the report states.

(David’s note:  Now that the hook is set, here’s the catch.  The whole raise-the-debt-ceiling-or-we’ll-default-on-our-debt argument, including what the Huffington Post, Fox News, CNN, and almost EVERY major newspaper, TV, and radio network have been saying is complete B.S.  It’s a lie.  A manipulative fabrication that has been able to spread like wildfire due to the general ignorance of the press.

The argument is like saying, if you have a great income and max out your credit cards due to living beyond your means, going to your credit card company, mortgage company, car loan company, and grocery store and telling them that if they don’t raise your credit limit, you won’t pay any of them…even though you still have your income.

We have the money coming in from IRS receipts to pay the debt service on the national debt, social security, the military, and other essential expenses.  The country is just not living within it’s means and won’t have enough money to keep paying for pork barrel programs without getting the bank to raise the credit limit (aka debt ceiling).  To read more on this, check out Thomas Sowell’s article from earlier this week, >HERE<

It’s Up To Us

Even if the government had the capability of offering emergency help during grid-down or in the case of  a banking catastrophe, we would still be better off preparing for ourselves. It would be impossible  for the government to offer food, water and emergency supplies to even a segment of the country, long term.

This isn’t necessarily bad news. If we heed that gut-wrenching feeling that it’s time to prepare and actually act upon it, we’ll get by. Think about the food and water you will need for a protracted crisis and buy accordingly.

The good news is that October is an excellent time to invest in canned goods. The flat sales have begun! This means you can save up to 50% of the costs of most canned goods like canned fruit, vegetables, soup, tomato sauce, spaghetti sauce, canned stew and chili, and canned mushrooms when you buy a whole box (flat). You can call your local grocers and request a flier. Nuts are also likely to be on sale.

If you home can or dehydrate your own food the following items are typically on sale in October:  apples, artichokes, arugula, beets, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbages, chard, chestnuts, cranberries, lemons, parsnip, pears, pomegranate, potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, spinach, squash, winter turnips, and yams.

October is also an excellent time to check for sales on batteries, safety equipment (like fire extinguishers), and smoke detectors.

In November, bulk goods like flour and sugar and most Thanksgiving meal-related food go on sale. Often times this includes cooking oil, brown sugar, canned milk (it stores well and can be mixed half-and-half with water), hot cocoa, coffee, tea, coconut, cake mixes, nuts, canned pumpkin, cranberry sauce, jello, canned soup, broths, boxed potatoes, gravy mixes, spaghetti sauce, fruits and vegetables.

Likewise, if you dehydrate or home can look for the following to be on sale; pears, beets, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, celery, cranberries, kiwi, lemons, oranges, potato, squash and yams.

This is not the time to procrastinate. If you’ve been putting off getting started with food or water storage, it’s time to consider kicking it into gear!

Have you wondered about the upcoming GridEx11 drill? What about the potential of U.S. Debt default?  Are you truly prepared to get by should October/November brings a grid-down or a banking crisis? Please share your thoughts and any preparedness tips that will help give others a leg up on getting prepared as economically and swiftly as possible.

For concrete, step-by-step ways to prepare yourself and your loved ones for local, regional, and national disasters like what we discussed today, check out the SurviveInPlace.com course, the FastestWayToPrepare.com course.

Chapter 25 of Implant has been posted. You can Click Here to continue reading.


God bless and stay safe,

David Morris and Survival Diva


  1. i think there is much more to all of this. is this when they come for the guns? no communication with people. it just might last longer so they can get all their things together.
    this is not good at all.

  2. GoneWithTheWind says:

    The timing of the failure of the EBT system is suspicious. Was the administration sending a message to Republicans? First they get the media to make sure everyone blames the shutdown on them, then they have this little EBT “glitch” to show what the Democrat Base will do and finally they threaten to shut down the EBT system nationwide if the shutdown persists and Obama doesn’t get his way. Hmmmmm!

    • Survival Diva says:


      I’ve been wondering about that myself. If so, it should delay cut-offs to food stamps and subsidized housing and other services. But just how long a delay is anyone’s guess.

      • what most people don’t know is that the gov.has already started reducing Fs amounts.After talking to someone who is a recipient I found out they have lost$16 worth this last week.This was for one person receiving $165 a month.He said he was told it was an elimination of Federal subsudies and was across the board.A family of 4 is looking at probably looking at $50a month.It is already sowing dissention in the population and I don’t want to be around when tshtf.

  3. In my area (Central NY) we received a message at work that Homeland Security was going to be doing “detonation” exercises and if we heard loud sounds not to be alarmed and they would also be doing them for the rest of the year. They never told the residents in the area about them. Seems they are ramping up the exercises.

  4. Please don’t fall in the trap of believing everything said in the media. The government will not default. The US can pay the interest on the current debt without borrowing more money, plus maintain vital functions such as military, on the current taxes paid each month. Of course, this will require someone in the government to behave responsibly and prioritize spending and cutting luxuries from budget. Here’s a more reasoned assessment from Forbes Magazine www.forbes.com/sites/jeffreydorfman/2013/10/03/dont-believe-the-debt-ceiling-hype-the-federal-government-can-survive-without-an-increase/

  5. One thing that is a good way to prepare for trouble is this; From Mid September thru October in my area (central New England) the grocery stores have sales on canned soup and vegetables. Progresso and Campbells , prices are usually from $I.00 to $1.25 a can compared to upwards of $2.79 a can regular. No limits, buy all you want. My guess is that the soup companies need to make room in their warehouses for the soup made from the new crops coming available in the late summer and early fall. After all you can even eat soup right out of the can if you cannot cook it. I have been buying soup at this time of the year for as long as I can remember to stock up at a low price.

  6. Montana Mike says:

    I am concerned about disasters at a local , regional and national level. What is most unsettling is that a drill was supposedly taking place during the Boston Bombing. Certainly not in all cases but drills can be precursors for government actions.

  7. Joseph L M says:

    David -Am I missing something here Our government is going to have a disaster simulated drill called GridEx 11 in November to see how well prepared the government is prepared?
    Is our government concern that different terrorists or home grown nut jobs will be watching and taking notes on these activity’s? I have lived throw a half a dozen disaster in my life so far I can tell you the government is sometime cause more problems then the disasters has created destruction .
    A word out to preppers who live near the different farm belts across our great country many of the farmers haven’t been able to get in a good percentage of there crops due to lack of migrants harvesting the crops. I was able to work for 3 different farmers – instead of asking for pay I ask for vegetables . When money is on short supply , some hard work pays off. I have enough veggies for the next 2 years for canning, and dehydrating. One famer said I could cleve his fields free , I was able to carry out about 300 pounds of mixed veggies that would of gone to waste. Americans need to get more created to off set our economy and our sorrowful government we have right now. Thank you for the articles this week like always you given me something to think about .

  8. Of course you’re right David. No drill is ever wasted.

  9. Great Grey says:

    MMM no bugout bag in their cars.
    Me, ever since we had trouble with water in the gas and I was stranded by having 2 flat tires at the same time, I always like some supplies in the car.

  10. Somehow, this year there are supposed to be 36 other states involved. FBI, DHS, etc. Now that HAARP is finished in Colorado they might just decide to turn it on New Madrid for effect. Awful silly to have a Nationwide drill for eathquke prep. Silly OR prescient.

    • Amazingly enough, in the last 30 days, there have been earthquakes over 2.5 in SC, AR, OK, NM, NV, CO, UT, WY, AZ, CA, HI, and AK…literally from coast to coast. Remember the earthquake in NYC in 2011? Well, in addition to that, there was one in NH earlier THIS WEEK! Earthquakes, while low probability concerns in most of the country, are a more widespread threat than people appreciate.

      Now…what do I think? I think that a nationwide “earthquake” drill is silly. But the preps that go into preparing for an earthquake are a lot more palatable than other disasters that are more likely, so I’m all for doing drills that cause people to take steps to get prepared.

  11. Or a “disaster by design”.

  12. Just curious as to what your thoughts are on the “Great Shake Out” drill scheduled for 10:17 am on October 17th? Coupled with the “GridEx 11″ drill that you’re talking about in November, it would seem that the potential for real damage would be exponentially enhanced by conducting 2 major “Driils” like these back to back. I wonder if they will be portayed as “Real” events to the general public as were Newtown and Boston. I mean the information that they are upcoming is out there but not really in the mainstream. I wonder how many really know they are coming. Personally, I would tend to be ready for ANY eventuality. Sounds to me like a FUBAR getting ready to happen.

    • Survival Diva says:


      FEMA and the Red Cross will be coordinating this earthquake drill. I haven’t heard any chatter about this drill.

    • The “Great Shake Out” drill is run annually, at least in California. Most people aren’t even aware of it.

  13. Mrs. Jilby says:

    I kind of worry that this may be a way for the govt. to identify those who ARE prepared, so they know where to go to confiscate supplies when the SHTF. Maybe if you are a prepper, you ought to keep a low profile and not make it obvious during this exercise. Do some whining and moaning like the unprepared, and stay quiet otherwise. (But if any of your friends are in real trouble, help if you can, just don’t advertise it.)

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