A quick note on the Iran and Syria Situation…

Iran, China, and Russia have all warned us that they would retaliate against the US if we take any action agains Assad in Syria.

If Russia or China decide that they want to retaliate against us, they have a world of options…the easiest of which would be to facilitate the crash of the dollar to get even with the US for selling them Treasuries and paying them back with dollars that are worth less money than what they paid in the first place.

Iran, though, is the wildcard of the bunch.  Enough so that Israelis are buying gas masks in bulk, even though they’ve been in the crosshairs of chemical attacks for at least the last generation.

If Iran attacks us, it’s not like we’ll stop trading with them like we would with Russia and China.  Since we don’t have many positive relations with Iran that we can sever, they don’t have the disincentives that Russia and China currently do.

So what could Iran do…or more accurately, what do we KNOW Iran can do and what have they said they would do?

Well, they have been exporting fighters and expertise to Muslim conflicts for decades.  Their unconventional/asymetrical warfare tactics are honed and well practiced, as are their instructional methods.

And we know that their elite Quds forces have been pre-positioned in the US for quite some time.  Conventional thought was that they were pre-positioned here so that Iran could quickly and easily retaliate in the event that we attacked their nuclear facilities or supported Israel in an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

It’s not too big of a stretch to think that now, as Iran is warning us not to interfere in Syria, that these pre-positioned assets would be a big part of any retaliation against the US.

So, again…let’s not look at what they COULD do…let’s look at what they’ve done in other conflicts and what they’ve said they’d do:

1.  Wildfire attacks.  The Japanese was unsuccessful in their firebombing attacks on US forests during WWII, but their strategy provided a roadmap for future generations.

2.  Infrastructure failure from wildfires.  Wildfires in areas where there are power lines can have a double effect of knocking out the electrical grid locally or regionally.  As power lines heat up, they get more resistance and makes them stretch.  If the lines stretch too much, they short out.  As the resistance increases, not enough power gets to the end of the lines. Ash, dirt, and other sediment in the water can reduce the quantity and quality of water getting downstream for drinking and agriculture.

3.  Bombings.  Especially bombings combined with radio jamming and denial of service attacks on emergency call centers and first responders by robo-dialers to prevent effective responses.

4.  Attacks on schools.  (Think “Beslan Masaccre”)  Cause enough fear and schools close and parents pull their kids out of schools.  Until parents figure out childcare, national GDP drops.  If schools close, do teachers still get paid?  If they don’t get paid, their spending is going to drop and investments in the stock market by teacher retirement funds dry up.

5.  Attacks on markets/currency.  This could be simple kinetic attacks against exchanges, denial of service attacks against web sites or call centers, or it could be a semi-sophisticated bear raid like what triggered the 2008 market crash.  It could also be a denial of service attack or full-on hacking attack on credit card networks.

6.  Random acts of violence in gun free zones.  This has been happening around the globe for decades.  Simply declaw and defang the sheepdog and the wolves can eat as many sheep as they want.

7.  Oil.  Our unwillingness to become energy independent gives Iran a lot of leverage against us.  Roughly 20% of the world’s oil passes through the Strait of Hormuz and Iran has spent the last several years figuring out tactics to control it…even against a US Naval carrier group.  Besides lining the shores and islands with anti-ship missiles, they have developed a “swarming” attack technique with small, fast, manuverable attack boats.  In EVERY non-classified US naval exercise, these swarming attacks eventually defeat our ships.

8.  Freighter based Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attacks.  Iran has already tested ship based launching systems for EMP-specific warhead delivery.  Russian arms dealers even have rocket launchers built to look like a shipping container.  Bring one of these sereptuitously across the Atlantic, launch it in international waters, and we’ve got a serious problem.

So, what should you do?

It depends greatly on your individual situation.

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Until tomorrow,

David Morris

About David Morris

David Morris is the creator of the Survive In Place Urban Survival Course, the Fastest Way To Prepare Course, Urban Survival Playing Cards, Tactical Firearms Training Secrets, and other books, courses, and articles on preparedness, survival, firearms, and other tactical topics. He lives with his wife, 2 boys, and 2 dogs.


  1. Hey Dave, just one more thing. Don’t forget about that little agreement that FEMA and the Russians signed. So we really do not know how many foreign troops are in the US currently or what their capabilities are.

  2. This item is seriously flawed:

    “2. Infrastructure failure from wildfires. Wildfires in areas where there are power lines can have a double effect of knocking out the electrical grid locally or regionally. As power lines heat up, they get more resistance and makes them stretch. If the lines stretch too much, they short out. As the resistance increases, not enough power gets to the end of the lines. Ash, dirt, and other sediment in the water can reduce the quantity and quality of water getting downstream for drinking and agriculture.”

    The cause of power failures is that fires are electrically conductive. The power lines have a high potential (voltage) relative to the ground where the fire originates. Flame is so perfect a conductor — you need to see it. www.realclearscience.com/video/2012/09/18/flames_theyre_electric.html Flames GROUND OUT the power lines. This damages the generators and switches and causes massive disruption to the grid.

    • The video you “linked” is very informative. I was unaware of this. I hope others have the time to watch the short video.

  3. If the US attacks Syria, we will be stepping in another cow pie or will it
    be camel pie. The limies are already retreating.

  4. walt willis says:

    I think that the US dollar and debt problem to other nations has been prop up and kicked down the road to the point where our federal reserve told the government it can do no more to save us from a finatial collapse and that the only way left to reset the fiat currency is through war.

    The rumors of a comet that will soon pass the sun causing a Corona Mass Ejection knocking out all communication was started as a way to deflect blame away from the government’s future use of an EMP weapon that will cut off all communication.

    The lack of information between the patriot communities would allow the time necessary for our EMP weapons to do the job on major cities to self-destruct.
    The infrastructure would survive, as the useless eater bodies would feed the soil with needed fertilizer. There would be a wholesale self-destruction of flesh and bone.

    The other way out is for the government to provoke either China and or Russia into attacking the US cities as it would give us the High ground morally to start a nuclear war killing most of our useless eaters in the cities and leave us no choice but to use our above top secret weapons to destroy all other super powers of the world leaving us the only super power standing.

  5. Mr. Morris,

    I think your list of Quds force or other attackers state-side could be expanded a lot. You mention:

    1. Wildfire attacks.

    2. Infrastructure failure from wildfires.

    3. Bombings.

    4. Attacks on schools.

    5. Attacks on markets/currency.

    6. Random acts of violence in gun free zones.

    7. Oil.

    8. Freighter based Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attacks.

    I think direct sabotage against more routine infrastructure elements could be done cheaply, without explosives and possibly by remote control. For example:

    A. Induced failure of high-voltage substations on the electric power grid – These stations are largely unguarded and have dozens of vulnerabilities. Something as simple as draining the cooling oil out of a large transformer (and, if you’re really good, fooling the auto-shutdown protection) will cause the transformer to overheat and explode (i.e., self-destruct). (Here is a small example: www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkDCS8xeobg ) Besides the black-out of thousands of homes and businesses per substation, if someone disrupted power stations strategically over a large enough area, the whole regional grid could become unbalancable, causing a half-continent black-out. A lot of the components of these substations are not stocked in reserve in depth, so they cannot all be repaired for maybe weeks or months, in some cases.

    B. Sabotage of cell phone towers and upstream infrastructure – Similar to the power substation scenario, except that the utility power to self-destruct is not available. Still, there are small damages that can be costly and lengthy to repair.

    Interestingly, at this level, it might actually be possible for local residents to patrol these sorts of infrastructure facilities and catch/kill/prevent saboteurs attempting to compromise them.

    Thanks, Dave B.

  6. The only thing I see as really damagable is the EMP. Everything else is Bull.

    My first impression is BRING IT ON mf. You want to see what Americans are all about, I’ve got something for you Iran/china/russia.

  7. Patriot Dave says:

    Hey Dave. The Tactical Firearms training secrets is great. I have already picked up a lot of useful information to become a better shooter. Just recently my sister informed me she is readly to buy her first gun. I plan to use it with her to create the right rut or groove from the start so she will not have to un-learn bad habits.

    • Thanks, Dave! Glad you like it. Any before and after feedback?

      • Patriot Dave says:

        It is a bit embarrassing. But I have never taken a formal class, nor even had a more experienced shooter show me anything. So, I did what ever I wanted to do without regard to doing it consistently. I really only knew what I could observe others do from a distance or photos and a little reading. But no real explanation. I could put holes in paper and was fairly satisfied. It has been only recently that I started studying more on training to shoot better. I heard about dry firing drills but they did not mention consistency or other things. You are right they were boring and I quit. Or maybe it just took an ‘x’ number of times for the info to sink in and you were that right number. I would have to go back and review them again and see if it was just me or the advice. I like the photos that SHOW the jargon. I also like the incremental drills and building up on previous skills instead of trying to do every action from the start.

  8. Patriot Dave says:

    3, 4 and 6 could easily be coordinated by all the sleeper cells already in every city and attending all the mosques.
    8. a few scud-in-a-bucket off each coast, the gulf, great great lakes, Hawaii, & Alaska, and a few rivers; could wipe us out with inaccurate short range missiles and emp’s (N.K. caught trying to move one through the Panama Canal from Cuba. How many got through? How many went the long way?)
    1 & 2 are related. But if you start a house fire, and then ambush the first responders. (It happened about a year or so ago). How long would it be before fire dept and ambulances refused to go without armed backup? Overwhelm the system.
    But The PTB are more worried about going after patriots, tea partys, Christians, home schoolers, knitting circles, and those exercising their 1st and 2nd amd. rights.
    And now we are going to take sides WITH al quada??? The biggest sleeper cell is in DC.

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