Top Shot All Stars Episode 2 Highlights

I was excited to see that the All Star season of Top Shot started up.  I missed the first episode, but caught #2.

The crazy thing about Top Shot is that I’ve been fortunate enough to get to meet and actually get to know several of the shooters.  Dustin Ellermann, winner of season 3 is on the cover of my book, Tactical Firearms Training Secrets and demonstrates skills throughout, and I spent just over 2 hours yesterday talking shop with another one of the guys from the show.

In episode 2, they go right into practicing for a challenge using the Sig P229 in .40 S&W.  The P229 is double action on the first shot and single action on subsequent shots.

One interesting twist this episode is that as each shooter is picked, THEY get to pick who they shoot against.  So, to add a little confusion to the picture, Navy Rescue Swimmer, Jamie Franks, deliberately made himself look like a MUCH worse shooter than he actually is by aiming low on the target during practice.

The challenge, like every Top Shot challenge, was a fun one…they shot at ½ gallon jugs full of water at 30 feet, 50 feet, and an 8” exploding target at 75 feet.

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Adam Benson got picked first, chose to shoot against Kyle Sumpter in what Adam called the “geriatric division” and Kyle won by a fraction of a second.

The second shooter was William (Season 4) who called out Jamie (Season 2).  William is a Federal Law Enforcement officer and one of my favorite competitors from previous seasons, but he evidently didn’t know that Jamie was sandbagging in practice.  William shot well, but Jamie won FAST.

Brian Zins was #3 and picked Alex Charvat from Season 3.  Brian was the first of the 3 “pickers” to win.

Peter Palmer (Marine sniper) was #4 and picked Gary Quesenberry, who works with William and is also a personal favorite of mine.  Now this was a little unfair since Gary carries Sigs as his duty weapon and Gary smoked the course of fire.

Joe Serafini (Highway maintenance worker) picked Kelly Blanchard (USA National Rifle Team) for round #5.  Kelly is primarily known of as a champion rifle shooter, but he is young, adaptable, and is pretty much good with every platform he touches.  Again, they both shot well, but (I’m not positive about this) Kelly seemed to clear the course of fire with 3 very fast shots.

Next, was Chris Cerino and he picked Gabby Franco (former Olympic shooter).  I couldn’t tell if Chris missed one, or shot clean, but he won quickly.

Finally, Chee and Phil Morden were the last 2 left and Phil won.  Phil was the only one of the competitor who they showed “air firing” the stage before picking up the gun and doing it for real.  It was nice to see the discipline and nice to see him win after doing it.

So the winners went back to the house and the losers did a bullseye challenge.  Chee and Gabby were the 2 furthest from the bullseye, so they had to go to elimination against each other.

For the elimination challenge, they were given the Schofield revolver and had 4 rows of 6 steel plates—if they missed any, the plates got reset and they had to start over.

One of the big differences with their approach was that anytime Chee would miss a shot, he’d eject all of the rounds and reload as the plates got reset.  Gabby, on the other hand, just waited for the plates to reset and started engaging them immediately.  The tactic paid off for Gabby and she cleared all 4 rows of plates before Chee could get his second row cleared.

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Are you a Top Shot fan?  Anyone you wanted to see this season who isn’t on the show?  Any thoughts so far?


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