Pandemic: What You Should Know

Welcome to this week’s Survive The Coming Collapse newsletter.  With all of the talk this week about the threat of this year’s bird flu in China turning into a pandemic, we thought that we should cover what you can do to prepare.

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Now on to pandemics…

Survival Diva here with a confession; until recently, preparing for a pandemic was not at the top of my SHTF list. When I acted upon that “knowing” we sometimes get, it was over the concern of an economic crash that I see fast approaching.

That isn’t the case for everyone. Some preppers are preparing for a short-term crises of 1-3 months. That will work for life’s hiccups, where within a few weeks, life returns to normal. But what about a long term crisis like a pandemic? It’s something we should ask ourselves when setting up for self-sufficiency.

Preparing for a pandemic requires long-term prep goods because experts warn that a pandemic can last for a year or more. With the recent news of a new strain of bird flu in China, H7N9, being prepared for a global pandemic bears consideration. So far 102 human cases of H7N9 has been reported which led to 23 deaths.

(David’s note:  Keep in mind that flu outbreaks normally correlate with a lack of sun exposure.  What that means is that long-term widespread quarantines aren’t likely.  Pandemic outbreaks of other viruses, like smallpox or cholera are a different story.  It’s important to also understand what a pandemic is…in short, it’s a geographically widespread epidemic and an epidemic is a virus with a high rate of an infection in a given area.)

The World Health Organization reports there is no evidence of human to human transmission with this new strain of bird flu. However, the circumstances of this new virus is being watched closely, as this new strain is problematic on several levels. Reports of a 4-year old boy who tested positive for the H7N9 reflects he did not display symptoms of the flu and he is considered to be a carrier of this new strain of bird flu. Another issue with this low-pathogenic bird flu is that although flocks can be infected, they don’t necessarily die off at the rate of previous strains of bird flu, meaning humans may be unaware of an infected flock and are thus more likely to be exposed.

Contradictory to WHO’s lack of concern over human to human spread of the H7N9 virus, top American virologist Anthony Fauci has warned China to prepare for mutation of the virus, even though no case or evidence of any human-to-human transmission of H7N9 bird flu has been found yet.

With regards to historic pandemics, the various strains of bird flu pale in comparison to The Black Death (1347-1351) with estimates of 75 million deaths, or the Influenza Pandemic of 1918 which killed 20 to 40 million people (an estimated 675,000 Americans died of influenza during the 1918 pandemic). Thankfully, scientific advances has led to a clearer understanding of the spread of disease and its cure, putting us at lower risk than what our forefathers were.

*   *   *

Although we may not be able to stop the progression of a pandemic, there’s plenty we can do to prepare and to protect ourselves when they occur and luckily it’s covered in David’s January 13, 2013 post titled Flu Prevention–Myths and Time Tested Strategies. Here are some of the excerpts from David’s article:

Very few people have ever died of the flu. When you read news reports saying that ## number of people have died from the flu, what they really mean is that those people had the flu and while their immune systems were compromised, they got a secondary infection, like pneumonia or hemorrhagic fever and the secondary infection killed them.

Neither drugs nor “natural medicine” are necessarily a silver bullet. When I got drug resistant pneumonia after a hospital stay, natural medicine is what saved me and what has kept our family healthy for years since then. Our 5 ½ year old has never needed antibiotics, despite getting all sorts of bugs. Our youngest got over croup in less than 24 hours instead of having to make a midnight visit to the ER like most of our friends’ kids. That being said, we have used antibiotics with our youngest son and for both my wife and I when absolutely necessary. While we prefer to avoid prescription drugs, we aren’t dogmatic about it.

Next time you get ill, consider working with your healthcare professional to figure out multiple ways that you can attack the illness. You might need to shop around for a healthcare professional who will take the time to help you with such a “non-traditional” quest. It’s no fun to be sick, but look at it as an opportunity to figure out how to beat illnesses without prescriptions. Personally, we have tried to find solutions that we can buy without having to get permission (a prescription,) that we can stock up on, that “bugs” can’t build up a resistance to, and that we can still get and use immediately if the medical system is overwhelmed.

As you’re figuring out your plans for survival situations, one of the variations you should throw into your scenarios is what you would do if one or more of your family was sick. How would it effect bugging out? If you had to do security watches, how would you adjust? Does your plan depend on everyone carrying their weight all the time, or does it account for life circumstances like temporary illness? Do you have an isolation/quarantine plan figured out? Are you allowing enough down time so that your immune systems won’t get compromised?

Make as many decisions as you can when you’re not under stress. When anyone in our family starts getting sick, we know it is time to pull out our little plastic storage container of supplements. We know which ones to take, how much to take, and how often from past use. We don’t have to figure it out from scratch. All we have to do is run the drill that we’ve used successfully in the past.

Don’t underestimate the importance of air quality. I am convinced that at least some part of our big cities’ air problems have to do with the new ethanol requirements in fuel. Besides having 34% less energy per gallon than gasoline and requiring more fuel to be burned to go the same distance, a 2007 Stanford University study showed that ethanol produces more formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, and ground level ozone than burning gasoline.

Why do I mention this? Because there’s pressure in Washington to mandate MORE ethanol in our gas and if you believe that you are sensitive to smog and other airborne pollutants, you might want to consider the prevailing winds in your area and where you live in relation to your local city. If you determine that you’re in a bad spot and moving isn’t an option, then you might want to start looking into whole home air purifiers.

And, while on the topic of air quality—in a survival situation where local utilities aren’t able to provide fuel and electricity for heating and cooking, people will switch over to burning wood, coal, lumber (treated wood,) and trash like was common as recently as the early to mid 1900s. These will all put more particulate matter into the air than electricity and natural gas and bad air quality will become a VERY serious issue.

It’s vital that you figure out how to take care of your body without the help of the traditional healthcare system. I’m not a fan of what lawsuits, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, just in time supply chains, and a population with an entitlement mentality have done to medicine in the US, but what I’m about to tell you goes way beyond those factors. In a post disaster situation, you simply must be able to take care of as many health issues as possible without depending on the healthcare system. The “system” is overstretched during ideal times and has no way of flexing or adapting to anything remotely close to a true disaster.

*   *   *

Later on in this post, I’ll be including excerpts from another post of David’s that is a must-read for anyone wanting to prepare for a pandemic. In the meantime, Outbreaks Global Incident Map is a site you can go to for breaking news, location and articles on pandemic breakouts (they also give alerts on all other threats). A secondary site is Google Flu Trends.


Since the advent of air travel, the spread of disease has become a growing concern for officials tasked with keeping the population safe.

During breaking news of a pandemic outbreak, it might be a good time to opt out of optional travel.  If you find yourself stuck away from home–most notably a foreign country, without the lifeline of friends, family, or preparedness goods, survival will be all the more difficult.

If your plan to survive a pandemic involves getting to a bug-out location, it’s wise to set out for that location as soon as possible before areas are cordoned off in an attempt to prevent the spread of disease, especially in populated urban areas.  With the exception of an orchestrated bio-attack, you’ll probably be able to predict when a quarantine will be enacted a few days in advance.

Exposure & Quarantine

In the midst of an easily spread pandemic, it is safest to stay isolated from others who may be infected.

It’s possible you may be faced with the difficult decision of whether or not to allow others into your home after a pandemic has begun. If you decide to help anyone who may have been exposed, it is safest to quarantine them away from others until sufficient time has passed to be certain they are not infectious.

The safest route to avoid the spread of disease is to have that person stay in a cordoned off area as far away as possible from others in your household. If they’re in the house with you, a series of  barriers can be created with plastic sheeting that can be secured with duct tape.

This quarantine space should be supplied with water, prepared meals like MRE’s, and a camp toilet to allow for self-sustained living during the quarantine period.

On the surface, this approach may seem cold hearted, but if that person turn out to be infected, everyone in your group will have been exposed. It’s important to remember that with some viruses, like the flu, peak contagiousness happens BEFORE peak symptoms…or symptoms at all.  Why risk it? Consider how you would wish the situation to be treated should it be you arriving after a pandemic has begun. I believe most of us would prefer to remain isolated away from loved ones to protect them until you’re certain it is safe.

Medical Precautions

Having medical supplies available will be extremely important during a pandemic—and this requires having those medical supplies set aside before a pandemic, because running out to buy them after the fact means you will be exposing yourself and your loved ones to illness. If you haven’t checked out the recommended medical lists already, you can Click Here.

Consider researching naturopathic remedies, and now would be a great time for those of you on the blog with knowledge of naturopathic healing to jump in with recommendations! To effectively administer natural remedies takes extensive knowledge, so it’s important you trust your source.

Wear gloves and don’t forget antibacterial soap when coming into contact with someone who may have been exposed. They are both cheap insurance in helping to avoid becoming infected and to prevent the spread of disease. If you must care for someone infected, another layer of protection is to wear protective disposable booties (which should be removed before exiting a quarantine space).

Do not buy into the safety of an N-95 mask! This is extremely valuable information that David teaches in the Survive In Place Urban Survival course. Unfortunately, many preppers believe the myth that the N-95 mask will protect them from disease, but it is a critical mistake.

Here’s why; when breathing in and out while wearing an N-95 mask, there are always gaps. These gaps allow the air, and thus airborne disease, in and the mask essentially offers nothing more than a false sense of security. N-95 masks help to protect others (if only slightly) when worn by someone who is ill because it catches fluids, but even then, it does not stop airborne illness from infecting others.

Time Isn’t Always On Our Side

The deadly pandemics that people are generally afraid of and prepare for can last for a year or more. During that time, it may not be possible to work, or risk being around others who may have been exposed. Automatically this excludes shopping for goods and services. Those who are able to live self-sufficiently, living in relative seclusion, are the most likely to survive a bull-blown pandemic.

*   *   *

In an earlier post of David’s titled Preparing for a Pandemic Flu Worst Case Scenario, he brings up chilling facts over why the government fears a pandemic. The facts may surprise you!

Although I encourage you to read David’s post in its entirety, I’ve highlighted just a few excerpts here:

  • During a full-blown pandemic vast numbers of people will flood across the Mexican border into the U.S., seeking the best healthcare possible, while hospitals will already be turning away U. S. patients because hospitals simply won’t have the bed space to accept them (and why we should expect to have to care for ourselves and our loved ones).
  • The overwhelming influx of people seeking help from the U.S. would make it impossible to protect our borders. Add to that the fact that food will be in short supply.
  • Here in the U.S., schools would shut down, parents would stay home and stores and malls would be empty. The effects on the economy will be devastating!

*  *   *

One of the best ways to prepare for disasters like this and others is to get things in order to be able to survive them right where you currently live in case you can’t bug out or don’t have anywhere to bug out to. You can learn how to do this by following the step-by-step guide in the Urban Survival Course.

Do you believe a pandemic is worth preparing for? Do you have experience with naturopathic remedies and healing? If so, please share with the forum…it may save a life!

And for those of you reading the book, Implant, chapter 8 (part 1 0f 2) is available. Click Here to read.  Your feedback, by the way, is greatly appreciated!

God bless and stay safe,

David Morris and Survival Diva.


  1. A follow up comment on Colloidal Silver. Two top safe brands are Silver Sol and Sovereign Silver. Both are newly making the claim that their processing is now sophisticated enough that the silver will pass from the body. The standard processing will cause the silver to be stored in the body. It is not harmful, but out is better!

    I have a new nasal spray bottle from Sovereign Silver. It works great and I will stop ‘snorting’ the Grape Seed Extract and Alkalol in the future as I am able to save the Sovereign Silver nasal spray bottles and re purpose them for the other two great products.

    Hope this has been helpful!

  2. I see specifically the comments about natural health. My favorite source for information about this is Dr. Schulze. He was the top student of the herbal healer, Dr. Warren Christopher. Schulze, for 1st Amendment protection from bureaucrats, now relies on communicating through his blog instead of continuing what was a highly successfull practice.
    For information about strengthening your immune system, got to his website, at
    https: //herbdocblog. com/
    In the left column under Archives, select Search By Category then Immune System. That will bring up a targeted list of his postings.

  3. Colloidal silver was used as an effective cure for many illnesses for generations before the drug industry took over in the 1940’s. You can get it at any health food store. Quality is very important and you should read up on this aspect of it. Also ask the people in your health food store about what is important to know about it. In a Bradenton, FL health food store I used to frequent, one of the owners used Colloidal Silver exclusively with her family for flu, bacteria, fungus infections, cuts, anything that needed ‘mending’. It comes in dropper bottles and also a gel, which is good for topical applications on cuts or irritations, etc.

    I use the Colloidal Silver liquid, 10ppm ( the lower the number of ppm the better, as the silver is smaller and more effective). I have not found it to be as successful at stopping a cold or flu as other things, which I discuss below. I do add it to my regimen when treating a cold or flu that has taken root. I put a dime size puddle in the palm of my hand and snort routine! : ) Do both nostrils.

    I also use Elderberry capsules ( avoids the sugar of the juice.. I am diabetic). You can of course drink the juice. Dr. Oz gave Elderberry juice as one of his all time 5 best remedies, and Elderberry juice was for keeping the immune system in top shape. He said to take 2-3 oz. daily, and increase it if you got a cold or the flu, etc. I called my health food store and yes, they had it in capsule form. Turns out capsule form is 10 x more potent as well. I tried it and it is wonderful. It is my #1 cold and flu stopper!!

    Of course you should also take Vit C, zinc, (Other helpers are Olive leaf extract, Goldenseal and Echinacea.) But the elderberry extract has been as effective as the Zicam nasal gel (which the FDA pulled because a few hundred people complained it affected their sense of taste). Truth is that it really worked to stop a flu or cold within 24 hours and that was hurting the drug industry’s sales of symptom relievers. Do take zinc, howeve,r only while sick, or it looses it’s effectiveness. Zicam has the zinc in lozenges, but they irritate my throat, so I don’t like them.

    I also inhale Grape seed extract, diluted with water, at the first sneeze. It has anti viral, fungal and bacterial properties. I put a dime sized drop in the palm of my hand and snort it up. It works! You could use a neti pot I guess, but I could never get interested in them.

    If you have gotten a cold (and allergies) and have mucus problems in your nose, sinuses and/or throat, there is another old, tried and true remedy created by a pharmacist in 1896. A friend recommended it to me about 4 years ago when that terrible cold came around… my nose never ever stopped running for a month. Never had a cold like that one. The product is called ALCALOL. Again, a dime sized drop in the palm of the hand, snort in each nostril… as many times as needed… it will shed the mucus, and sooth the nasal passages and your throat if it has been struggling with it for a few days. I rely on this instead of Mucinex, now.

    You can call the Wal-Mart pharmacy and order ALKALOL. They don’t stock it, but their supplier has it, and you will have it the next day. In Fl they charged my friend about $12 for a 16 oz bottle. For me, in the Western NC mountains they only charge about $7.50 for the same bottle.

    I also use a dropper to place the liquids directly in the nasal passages if congestion prevents inhalation. This is true of my use of Grape Seed extract, ALKALOL, and Colloidal Silver… (I save the empty stopper bottles from Colloidal Silver and put the diluted grape seed extract and ALKALOL in them.)

    To bottom line it all, I now SUCCESSFULLY depend on Elderberry Capsules, Vit C, zinc, Grape Seed extract diluted, and ALKALOL. I FULLY expect to stop any cold or flu dead in it’s tracts with this arsenal within 24 hrs. I only fail, when the germ is insidious and I don’t have any symptoms until it has established itself for a few days… then I sneeze or my nose starts to run… if so, the arsenal will cut the severity and duration at least in half if not to a low grade level. It is at this point that I am inclined to add Colloidal Silver to the group for more clout! But by itself, I have not found it as effective at stopping the onset of a cold or flu.

    Then there is Noni juice….. a new thing I am learning about! ( I am on my first bottle). If you can get CTN (Christian Television Network) I have Dish, Monday-Friday from 2-3pm, they have a wonderful program called “Your Health with Dr. Becker”. He talks about cutting edge research on supplements and takes calls. There is a wealth of information he is sharing and everyone can benefit from watching this program. I record it on my DVD and watch it in the evenings. Or you can TIVO it… He is a physician who has recovered from cancer and has become a natural healing advocate. He combines the best of both worlds.

    I hope this helps!! Discover your local health store, if you have not done so already. Ask questions, they are there to help. (I do not consider GNC to be a valid health food store….)

  4. David H says:

    Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is a product that has been used to kill pathogens in industry and other areas for over a century. It is used as a municipal water purifier and to kill various pathogens in the food industry. In 2012 the Red Cross conducted a study on its effects on Malaria in Uganda. youtube. com/watch?v=5jY2yab0uLc shows that of 154 people diagnosed with Malaria 143 were Malaria free within 24 hours of being treated with ClO2 and the remaining 11 another 24 hours later. Those 11 did not take the full treatment the first time. http ://jimhumble. org/ gives information on how ClO2 is used to successfully treat many diseases worldwide.
    My wife and I have used it for three years with great success. A serious skin condition requiring medication that could destroy the liver is gone. Reflux, no longer a problem. No more prescription medications and at a cost of about $25.00 a year. Not only that, I can purchase the materials online to produce this myself.


  6. Bryon Rankin says:

    Your article reminded me of something I became aware of in 2009. I am not sure of the reasoning behind the change but think you and your readers should know about it. In your article you stated “It’s important to also understand what a pandemic is…in short, it’s a geographically widespread epidemic and an epidemic is a virus with a high rate of an infection in a given area”. This is true but the DEFINITION changed in 2009. The old definition insidevaccines. com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/WHO_Pandemic_preparedness_May_1_20094.pdf included the caveat “with enormous numbers of deaths
    and illness” the new definition insidevaccines. com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/WHO_Pandemic_preparedness_webpage_Sept_2_2009.pdf does not even require that it be a fatal illness to declare a pandemic. This is interesting in that the WHO has the global authority to declare such a state and for countries to implement measures to control it. Are we being conditioned (look at the (non) pandemic swine flu / bird flu scare) for something else? My point is be aware of the details in what you are being told and act accordingly. This web site has been at the top of my list for some time. Keep up the great work.

  7. great tips and advise. I will look into them.

  8. Years ago I gave up drinking and smoking. I noticed that I didn’t catch severe colds or flues because of my early decisision to give up those items. I did notice however, that a vast many, who still continueed the use of alcohol and tobacco always got hit badley whenever an epidemic would appear. I’m not trying to preach but I think that it is sound advice that I’v experinced to pass off to all.

  9. melissa partington says:

    Last summer, everyone in my family ended up with a nasty strain of flu, and we discovered Oscillococcinum, a homeopathic remedy. It works. Just take according to the instructions on the box. It reduces the severity and duration of symptoms drastically.

  10. Centurion 6 says:

    Many of you are talking to yourselves. Everyone keeps saying collodial silver is this and that and how
    wonderful it is, but you are not talking to those who are not aware of it. What exactly is it? How is it
    used? In what form is it created? How does it work? What are the medical results? What do independent
    researchers say? To someone who is not familiar with

    • Centurion 6 says:

      ‘the product, it sounds too much like a scam or a fool’s errand. Give those of us who do
      not know or are not involved more specific data, and avoid the adjectives. Let impartial
      data allow us to make up our own minds.

    • Survival Diva says:

      Below is an excerpt from an E-How article, but an internet search will pull up pages of info on it: the article goes into depth. Hope this helps.
      Colloidal silver is used all over the world for its ability to heal infections, cure colds and eliminate ear infections that resist modern antibiotics. But manufacturers of colloidal silver products cannot legally claim their products “cure” anything because an FDA ruling prohibits it. However, while claims of actual colloidal silver cures may be overzealous, using colloidal silver may be helpful as long as it is used properly.

  11. Sue the Frugal Survivalist says:

    During the 1918 flu epidemic, my grandmother and her two sisters (all in their early 20’s ) survived while many of their friends died. My grandmother credited her mother for their escaping the flu. They lived in Chicago, but their mother , seeing the illness targeting young adults, insisted her daughters leave the city and spend the following year on a relative’s farm. The girls did chores on the farm to cover their room and board. They were so isolated, they avoided the pandemic.

    • Survival Diva says:


      Your grandmother was a wise woman. It must have been terrible for your mother and your aunt’s to loose friends.

  12. Caribou says:

    Hi Diva.

    As I read your article it sounds as if wearing a mask is all but useless. This is contrary to my training. While I agree that no mask is 100% effective I believe the N-95 does afford a certain level of protection. They claim it filters 95% (N-95) of the pathogens out. Okay, I don’t believe those numbers either, but still, they are way better than the old style masks.

    I’d like to talk a bit about pathogens (things that make you ill). Some pathogens are more virulent than others. This means that it takes fewer virus particles or bacteria to make you sick. Some people are less resistant than others. Example: Three people sit down and finish off a pizza that has been sitting out for too long. One person eats two slices and gets sick because two slices contain enough pathogens to make a normal healthy person sick. A second person eats one slice and does not get sick because one slice does not have enough pathogens to sicken a healthy person. The third person eats one slice and gets sick because he is recovering from an illness and has a compromised immune system.

    Let’s say that that your N-95 mask filters 95% of the air that goes through it and that 10% of the air comes in from leaks around the mask. You still avoid 80% or better of the pathogens. Far from perfect but still an improvement. As you point out putting a mask on the patient adds to that protection by reducing the number of airborne pathogens. Reducing the time you spend near infected individuals or critters will also help you chances as does hand washing.

    • Survival Diva says:


      Actually, I agree with you. It is better than zero protection. What worries me is that people may have a false sense of security while wearing one and expose themselves to the pathogen.

  13. Humic acid is one of the best natural anti virals out there. Just google humic acid anti viral and you will see a plethora of information on this natural substance. We use Immune Boost 77 and It is very economical.

    • Survival Diva says:


      I’ve never heard of it until now. Thanks for the heads up for the forum. Will check it out!

  14. Charles Tuesburg says:

    Thanks for all the helpful info. Have you checked out what I feel to be the best preventative and treatment for nearly any illness? That would be colloidal silver.
    The new improved product is silver sol. One website I use is Lifesilver. com.
    I highly recommend it.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Survival Diva says:


      I should’ve replied to you and Gordon in my last response. Yes, colloidal silver is amazing!

  15. In regards to your pandemic article, I strongly suggest looking at the single product on www. healingorbs .ca as it fits that need specifically. No matter how much viruses and bacteria mutate, the healing orb will work on them. It works on 90% of the diseases known to mankind. It just recently has been posted in the public. There are some testimonials attached to the website of people who have used it during the last several years. It uses a 9 volt battery that lasts with normal use 1 year to 1.5 years. Its very portable and fits in your hand. Its round and 7 cm diameter. There is a protocol to using it and its posted on the website. The website is so new, there is no button to buy the healing orb by credit card. In the meantime, my e-mail address, cell phone number, and mailing address are provided on the website. Thank you

  16. Gordon Shumway says:

    Any discussion of preparations for pandemics which omits true colloidal silver is tragic. We have been making our own TRUE colloidal silver since 1998, using a CONSTANT CURRENT CS generator from silvergen. com. This guarantees uniformly colloidal-sized particles and makes the so-called “argyria” /blue-skin/ Smurfman effect impossible. We also have a solar distiller to make distilled water from the air, solar panels and an inverter to power the CS generator, and a load of cobalt-blue bottles (to minimize oxidation of the CS from light), and reusable Zork closures. Talk about barterable? What value do you think that a 750 ml bottle of 15ppm CS will have when TSHTF and a pandemic hits? TRUE colloidal silver (as opposed to anything that has anything in it but silver and distilled water) has been proven effective against OVER 650 pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, and fungi, has ZERO undesirable side effects (when properly made), is CHEAP to make, and keeps indefinitely. In addition, NO pathogen which is susceptible to CS has EVER been known to mutate into a CS-resistant strain, simply because ALL pathogens that come into contact with it, DIE. For more personal testimonials, contact us at the email address given.
    [We have no financial interest in silvergen. com whatsoever. But we have been using their products for almost 15 years, and recommend them without reservation.]

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