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Survival Diva here with exciting news for the forum. David saw the need to add a daily news update on preparedness related subjects along with regular weekly posts. News and Views will include current information and news on preparedness, the economy, legislation impacting self-sufficiency and enlightening how-to’s via articles and podcasts. Links are provided for easy access.

So here is Survive The Coming Collapse  kick-off of News & Views, and something that is on the minds of many; the REAL state of the economy and the impact of Hurricane Sandy. Our hearts and prayers are with everyone impacted by the devastation brought on by this historic super storm.

As always your comments are valued. Please sound off on today’s installment of the News & Views and we hope to see you here for current news impacting preparedness in these uncertain times!


Panic buying left latecomers without basic survival supplies, then the looting began!

From SHTF plan. com By Mac Slavo October 31st, 2012

Tempers Flare: Residents Complain Government Is Too Slow Distributing Food and Supplies


Hear what the experts say about the real state of the economy!

From Seeking Alpha By Charles Biderman October 9, 2012

Why The Bernanke Put Is The Walking Dead.

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