FEMA Detention Camps & Gun Confiscation

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Here’s a question that I get fairly often: “There’s a violent knocking at door followed by command to open door and evict the premises by at least 5 uniformed armed military personal (not necessarily U.S. troops) possibly United Nation troops on Sovereign State territory. Followed by confiscation of all weapons and ammunition and packing victims into vehicles for transport to detention camps aka FEMA camps. What do you do?!”

Well, this brings up a few good points. This is a very serious matter. Right now, it has a low probability of affecting anyone reading this, and we can be thankful for that fact.

It’s important to start off by saying that most of my friends are in the military, law enforcement, work for alphabet soup agencies, or are private contractors. They all took oaths to defend the Constitution and take their oaths seriously. They love America, liberty, individual rights, and recognize that the right to defend yourself is a right given by God and not government.  In fact, I’m quite confident that if there ever was a roundup of Constitution supporting “God & gun” types that many of them would be seen as more of a threat than me and rounded up first.

Besides my friends, I have had mostly good and fair interactions with law enforcement throughout my life and when I see law enforcement that I don’t know, I *usually* see them as more of a potential friend than as a potential threat to my liberty.

Unfortunately, we know from Katrina and the news that not all law enforcement personnel understand the Constitution, respect individual liberty, or take their oaths so seriously.

Fortunately, as a result of what happened after Katrina, many states have passed laws prohibiting confiscation of firearms, even in disaster situations and after martial law has been declared.

Most of the problems that I’ve seen with law enforcement in the US in the last several years haven’t been because of rogue actions by front line law enforcement, but rather front line law enforcement following policies, like the overuse of no knock warrants, that I consider questionable, at best. Rogue actions definitely occur in departments across the US, but I still see the bigger problem being bad policies and not bad officers.

So, I’m going to interpret the question as if it’s NOT US troops or law enforcement that we’re talking about, but foreign troops.

It could easily be UN troops or Chinese troops protecting their investment after an EMP attack, a cyber attack that knocks out electronic banking, or a breakdown in civil order after an economic collapse.

If that was the case, then the situation that we’d be in the middle of wouldn’t be like Katrina. It would be comparable to what the French Resistance experienced during World War 2 or, what any nation experiences after they are invaded by a hostile nation.

It would be time for setting up multiple weapons cachs or caches away from your house, (depending on whether you prefer the French or English,) and even having guns and ammo that you are willing to give up if confronted to avoid a fight where you’re probably out gunned, out numbered, and out armored.

The important thing to remember is that militaries and law enforcement around the globe have years of experience finding weapons caches. If they suspect that you have weapons hidden on your property, it’s pretty straight forward for them to demolish it with a dozer and dig up your property with a backhoe. If you hide weapons in your home, you want to do it with thieves and looters in mind…not thinking that you can effectively hide them from police and military. Anyone who’s found caches in Iraq & Afghanistan can vouch that with enough time and resources, weapons caches WILL be found if they’re in your house or on a small lot.

Back to having a gun to give up…If you’re a member of the NRA, have a concealed carry permit, are a hunter, or are a competitive shooter and we are occupied by a hostile force, your claim that you don’t have weapons will simply fall on deaf ears. Make sure that you have at least one firearm and ammo for them to “find” if you know that weapons confiscations are happening.

History has shown us that neighbors will turn on neighbors in situations like this, so if you haven’t shown your firearms to your neighbors, keep it that way. If you have, you might want to tell them that you’ve sold some of your guns because of the economy.

Keep in mind that if we find ourselves in a situation where we are occupied by a hostile force, the last thing that you want to do is escalate a conflict where you live. Rather, you should set up a situation where you aren’t a target to start with or make sure that you have nothing to find, other than what you freely give up, if you do get searched.

The second part of the question was about getting rounded up and sent off to FEMA camps. This could play out in one of several ways, but you’ve got to decide whether it’s in your best interest to go to the camp or if you’re not willing to go.

A few weeks back, I commented on FEMA camps…in my mind, the whole FEMA camp thing is kind of like a rabbit hole that connects to a worm hole that drops you into a teleportation deck that leaves you in a house of mirrors.

There are supposedly over 600 FEMA prison camps that are fully manned 24/7, the largest one reported to hold 2 million people. A few of these sites that are reported to be FEMA prison camps have barbed wire pointed in.

Unfortunately, any truth that there is about the FEMA camps has been warped and twisted to where I don’t believe either side and I think people are lying whether they say there are no FEMA camps or 650. It’s one of those things that I just don’t have the bandwidth to spend time on because I don’t see any benefit, other than curiosity, of categorically proving them true or false.

I DO know that people have tried to centralize power and subjugate the masses throughout the ages and will continue as long as man is alive. They’ll do it whether they have FEMA camps or not. The presence of FEMA camps doesn’t make me less safe and the absence of them doesn’t make me more safe. Either way, I’m going to continue to vote for limited government and personal liberty. And if FEMA or some other entity decides that I’m an “undesirable”, they’ll figure out how to take care of me regardless of whether they have 650 prison sites or none.

Do I find the storyline fascinating? Yes. Does the thought of it being reality bother me? Of course! But I KNOW I’ve got control over a lot of things that will help my family through much more probable events like hurricanes, earthquakes, and other natural and man-made disasters.

So, regardless of whether we’re talking about FEMA camps, Chinese re-education camps, UN political re-alignment camps, or something else, if you’re not willing to go, then you need to make sure that you bug out as soon as they start rounding people up. Simple as that.

If you wait until they show up at your door to decide that you don’t want to go, then you’ve severely limited your options and your chance of having a good outcome.

As I said earlier, we’re blessed that these aren’t high probability situations in the US and that there are MANY other things that will benefit more from our continual attention and energy, like putting a broad based preparedness plan in place that will benefit you not only in the event of low probability extreme events, but higher probability disasters like fires, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, and economic problems.

Want to know more about how to quickly and easily prepare for martial law?  I strongly encourage you to check out my friend, Jeff Anderson’s Social Chaos Survival Guide.

What are your thoughts on foreign forces in the US? Good fodder for fiction? Possible? Probable? What events do you think would need to happen to trigger it? Please share your thoughts by commenting below:

Until next week,

God bless & stay safe!

David Morris


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  1. Christopher Kennedy says:

    *yawn* i grew up in a neighborhood that was a horrible situation, with a family that was a horrible situation, educated by a government that was a horrible situation, attending a church that was a horrible situation. I found truth in that. ‘No one’ will harm me, or my family while I am alive unless it is Gods will, especially not the wills of any godless nation of this earth. I do not feast on fear nor do i bank on doubt but all that i am is for the glory of Him. When the time comes, i will not hesitate, and all who oppose the lord god will be wiped from this earth, for his glory, in the name of Jesus.

  2. Debbie says:

    Regarding foreign troops on our soil. Sometime this year, there will be Russian troops training in Colorado. Now that is something to take heed about. It could begin any time now and I don’t think we as a country, should allow it, but it looks like we don’t have much say in it, So, listen, learn and be ready!

  3. They are training United Nation troops in Southern Indiana and have been for a while.

  4. John Titus says:

    I have served about 20 years working in government with 15 years of this time in law enforcement or related positions. I just want to say that I know many in militaru, law enforcement and government positions who are just as concerned as you are about the future of the Republic. We have had many conversations about our stand on protecting the citizens and the Constitution if there is an attempt to take over the US as it appears there may well be. We stand behinf the citizens and the Constitution and will defend these to the end.

    The good news is that there are resistance groups already oraganized and fighting this takeover as you read these words. However, in most cases you would not even recognize these for what they are. In some recent cases, you may even have been lead to believe these are terorist acts by the largely controlled mainstream media. You may have seen recent reports about cyber threats and hacking of US government computer systems by a groupd called “Anonymous”. All I can say at this point is that they are allies in this fight and don’t believe everything you are fed by the media. Do your own research and you will see thr truth.

    Another recent set of incidents that happened in August 2011 are worth noting here. You all no doubt remember the earthquake in Virginia on August 23rd. This was not an earthquake. This was a 2 kiloton underground nuclear detonation that destroyed an underground CIA facility. This facility was part of a massive underground network of facilites that speads from the east coast across the nation’s midsection and extending to Edwards AFB in California. Another CIA underground facility in Colorado was destroyed as well. Please see the link below for details.


    The facilites were destroyed because they were to be used as underground hiding places for those who are attempting to start WWIII by using Iran as the flashpoint. Their goal is to depopulate the Earth and bring about the final phase of their New World Order. Believe me ladies and gentlement this is very real. There are definitely forces within the US military who are fighting against this everyday. Many high level officers in the military have expressed their refusal to commit the US to another illegal war of agression. This conflict which is now ongoing just below the surface is likely to erupt into a full fledged civil war with the factions withing the military that support the citizens and the Constitution fighting against tose that support the New World Order.

    Those of you that support saving the Republic can begin doing so by first identifying the enemy locally through political means. Many of them are in your city and county government and state legislatures. They can be usually recognized by the way they vote on certain issues that affect rights and freedoms . You will also find that many who are your enemy are 33rd degree Freemasons.

    Be watchfull and be safe! You are not alone. You will know when and how to act in defence of the Republic when the time comes.

  5. First, I am a veteran and have similar friends and contacts to you, Mr Morris.

    Bugging out doesn’t mean anyone will live 24 hours longer than staying put. And that is because of satellites and drones. Mix that with the fact that most people don’t know the difference between “pleasure camping” and “fighting for survival”, so running to the mountains or woods is NO guarantee of safety or longer life.

    Eventually, every single man, woman and child is going to have to make an active decision to fight or die. LITERALLY!
    Our borders are wide open, Obama hates America and Americans (white especially), Michelle clearly has as much contempt for our Republics Constitution as Reid, Pelosi, Frank and Mitt Romney and about 850,000 others in the US Guv do.

    The EPA, FBI, CIA, NSA, FEMA and about 3,000 other agencies are clearly against America and freedom. The same with cops who are caught between bad policy and American rights, turning them into the appearance of bad cops. And along with the escalating numbers of actual bad cops as a result of federalizing police dept’s.
    There is literally NO WHERE to run as the US Guv has enacted laws making them a world dictator.

    You want you individual rights back? Your freedom? Your Republic?
    Then YOU, (everyone reading this!), is going to have to fight… whether that is while you’re running thought the woods or on your front porch,

    Ever since the 2012 NDAA was passed, the guv has been staffing “so-called FEMA camps”.
    Holloman AFB is 26 miles from where I am sitting. They have one, according to military personnel and friends who work there. Fort Bliss has one, as does Ft. Leonard Wood and about 600 other military bases.
    Holloman AFB is a Deutsch Luftwaffe (German Air Force) base and home to UN troops, training and equipment base. (perhaps if your friends, Mr. Moriis, were a little more honest about what they knew…) Those CILF (Civilian Inmate Labor Force) Camps are reality, sir.

    The USA has more foreign troops than many of you reading this are aware of. Obviously.

    I’m not moving one damn inch. I’m not surrendering my home, guns, ammo, food, extra water… ALL OF WHICH… has been passed into law as being ILLEGAL TO POSSESS.

    Will I die? Maybe. But even if I do, I will die standing as a white, hetero and conservative man and loyal to our Republic that my entire family has fought for generations to defend.

    I have relatives in the Arlington National Cemetery and I will not disgrace them by “bugging out” and leaving the fight for those unequipped mentally or physically to do so.
    I will fight!

    Will you?
    Or will you run?!

  6. Sheriff Slim, i believe that number is WAY below the actual number of guns and gun owners. I must point out however that, the vast majority of them would gladly turn their guns in if necessary to receive a life saving operation for them or one of their family members (government run health care) as well as for food & water is there was none available or they hadn’t prepared and didn’t know how to produce their own food or know how to purify and filter their own water. There is a reason that Col Dave Grossman calls most people “Sheep” and that’s one of them.

    • Leonard M. Urban says:

      There are a number of ways to render unpotable water safe to drink. If bacteria, parasites or viruses are your concern, something as simple as ordinary Chlorine bleach will work–if chemical pollutants, whether accidentally introduced into water, or deliberately to force the populace into the camps is your fear, the Berkey line of filters are probably the best for purifying water by the gallons, with specialty filters available for dealing with more specialized chemical threats, and if only water from brackish coastal areas, or sea water’s available, an old-fashioned pot still will distill the salt out of the water–you can buy these online for a couple of hundred bucks. Check eBay!

  7. Sheriff Slim says:

    80 million gun owners…300 million+ guns…I think we’re in good shape…bring on the blue berets!

  8. There is little doubt, in my mind, that should obama-soetoro call on “his friends”, at the un – -to help him enforce his (probable) declaration of martial law, we would, indeed, be invaded by “foreign forces”!
    At 74, I have little to loose and am prepared to fight them, tooth, nail, gun, dagger, whatever, to give my family a chance to escape to “where ever”! The “where ever” places, around our area, are numerous and well concealed – -of course, K-9’s and “heat imaging” equipment could seek them out. I pray, daily, God will not allow this to happen in our still great nation and we will have vast opportunities to remove the presidential impostor and his entire cabal, before we ever reach that point. I also pray, after this recent experience, that America will be MORE alert AND defensive about what goes on “within” our halls of government!

  9. Galicant Bailey says:

    A few things to consider. Our own troops, most likely national guard, could be tricked into rounding up citizens. (Think Valkaryie) A biological threat, real or imagined could be the threat that is used. The national guard is called to duty and begins evacuating citizens to “medical camps”. A missle attack on those sites elimanates both the soldiers posted there and the citizens. The first civillians to be rounded up will be from Texas up to Montana and the great lakes area, the rugged mid-west people who are most likely to stand and fight. Our enemy is not dumb. Despite our governments inability to do anything good the right way they can and likely would do this with some degree of precision. I doubt there would be police or military forces at your door demanding your guns and shuttling you off to cattle cars at gunpoint. It would be much easier for men in biohazard suits to show up with alarming details of a horrible virus quickly spreading throughout the area. Outside waits a school bus full of neighbors ready to quickly bring you to a school or hospital where a flu shot is waiting for you. No room for personal belongings though. No weapons allowed. “Don’t worry when the threat has passed we will bring you right back.”
    Those who went into the military about the same time as me already have some idea about what life in a concentration camp is like. The training I received replicated that environment on purpose, cattle cars and all. Vicktor Frankles book “Man’s Search for Meaning” is good reading that can teach us a little about how things go in such situations (and why we never want to let it get that far). If you ever find yourself in any camp against your will a violent organized revolt is your only option for survival.
    Any invading force, including those sent by our own government will be outnumbered, out-gunned and will require enough food and supplies to feed an enormous invasion force. A sustained, organized resistance force defending it’s own territory can overcome this force that is depending on a quick take-over. Perhaps the greatest threat to our freedom is the apathy of our fellow citizens. Using the Rockies and the Ozarks as our boundry lines we can stand together and quickly retake our country from any enemy, however, who else is brave enough to stand and fight and die for this country? Who is healthy enough? I can tell you from what I’ve witnessed with my own eyes, the socialist takeover of this country started years ago in our schools . I recently pulled my own children out of an “I.B. world school” – a U.N. funded wimpification camp for our kids. The generations willing or able to stand up for this country are being replaced by a generation of kids that are punished for exhibiting any sign of independence or testosterone. Gone are the days when boys played war on the playground. Comming soon – the days where football and soccer are frowned upon as dangerous activities.
    Don’t forget we face a patient enemy. One who is thinking about his great-grandchildren taking this country from ours if his grandkids can’t.
    We need to consider this election our last peaceful stand. Ron Paul has my vote. You should look at his website if you disagree. Check out his policies for yourself. Look at what your government has taken from you in the past 10 years! Republican and Democrat alike have whittled away your rights, what is it going to take to make Americans stand up and say enough is enough? Is it too late already? The frog has been sitting in hot water and Obama has turned the stove up to high. There has to be a tipping point and soon or our nation will be lost.
    Finally, a strong mind and will is your greatest resource next to the protection of your creator. A strong purpose to guide you in your survival is essential. My hope and prayer for this nation is a peaceful return to our founding principles next winter. My heart and mind are ready to restore those principles next spring. My prayers are with you tonight and always patriots and countrymen (and women).
    The saddest epitaph which can be carved in memory of a vanished liberty is that it was lost because its possessors failed to stretch forth a saving hand while yet there was time. – Justice George Sutherland (1938)

  10. If there is martial law and troops of whatever kind start rounding up innocent citizens, the same thing will happen to us that happened to the innocent citizens of Eastern Europe in the late 1930s. We will be rounded up like cattle because are not organized, and cannot get organized without breaking the law. No paramilitary organization will be allowed to thrive.

    The Nazi’s were out numered sometimes a thousand to one and still were able to Disarm, Disrupt, and Destroy.

    I’m surjprised that Glenn Beck (on his radio show) and his urging of organizing hasn’t suffered severe sanctions.

    Someday, after it all over, historians will wonder how so many Americans chose to be herded like animals to the slaughter, rather than fighting.

    The trouble with free Americans is that we have no leadership, and will not be allowed to have leadership.

  11. Knowing what to do and being prepared is key. If you don’t know what to do you can have all the emergency supplies you want but what good will it do and like you said if someone comes and takes it from you then again it is worthless.

  12. I have a comment to make about Dick’s message about the section of armed troops pounding on your door and then going to search for your weapons.

    First — Why would they ever want to pound on your door when a suprise is more efficient?
    Second — Once they’re in you house you will be rounded up like cattle and “escorted” to a waiting truck which you will not be given time to get your weapon to fire upon them.
    Third — Instead of them coming to us why not WE go to them first? I we had intelligence of their training, i.e. location, time, types of equipment they will be using, live ammo(?) granades (concushion, fragmatory, etc.) Pepper sprays on them, not on us. Tasers for them.
    Fourth — Makes better sense for us to strike them first and take all of their weapons for us to use against them. But it must be a coordinated operation.

    What do you think? It might work.


    • Good idea if it could ever work. Citizens organizing for mutual defense makes more sense, although a pre-emptive strike would be more effective.

  13. You all got it right about the UN being here.The UN are going to make laws the the U.S. will have to fallow.We might have to fight or lose all our rights. America could fall to the UN without a fight.The UN wants us unarmed.Now what?

  14. Roger Buss says:

    People are put to sleep one at a time . They wake up one at a time . Wake somebody up and then wake up somebody else . It is something that can be done .

  15. Chuck and Heather says:

    Well don’t get lost down in that rabbit hole David, we need you up here doing more articles! although I do have to disagree on some points. There seem to be 2 main personality types as far as LEO’s go, the first is the “make the world safer” type, the second is the “power trip” type, the latter will be happy to help in confiscation, and sadly I think that some or a lot of the former will also in the false idea that it will make the world safer. As far as the military I do believe that some or hopefully lots will not obey such an order, but I am troubled by the amount of non-native soldiers we have in uniform. And I am not so sure it would be that hard to get a large percentage of the guns away from people, you don’t need to kick everyone’s door in, if you do a few here and there and have the media cover it, make an example out of some high profiles, then just sit back and wait for them to be turned in! between the big talkers getting scared, folks who think they are to old or sick to make a stand and husbands or wives going behind one or the others back to keep the family safe I think a lot will be handed over. And unless you buy all your guns through private sale I am not sure how well the decoy gun idea will work, Chuck.

    • Leonard M. Urban says:

      Am concerned about people I see divesting themselves of firearms because they’re unable to survive the economic downturn. They are desperate for cash, and I sometimes wonder if the crashed economy wasn’t planned for this very purpose. For a few months, I was among them, but as I’ve always had a decent collection, I sold only a relative few weapons, mostly rare revolvers chambered for proprietary cartridges. However, I had to stand in line at the gunshop to sell my weapons, and those ahead of me were selling weapons of a type that would be most useful in a scenario of the types discussed here.

  16. olwreckdiver says:

    If SHTF I know we won’t get out of major urban areas -roads will be bumper to bumper, storm channels, river beds (at least here in SoCal will be jammed with 4×4 trucks and SUVs.
    After many years in public works construction, if I think SHTF is close I’m going to rent a couple or three trench plates -you know, the ones they put down in the street to cover open trenches, and get them leaned up against the front of my house. They are 1-1/2″ thick, so will stop most rounds and one could torch out a firing slot.
    I really think most rioters and looters will just go on by.


  18. Actually if the USA defaults on it’s debt the UN or some other faction may wish to secure there assets located in our country. Nationalization of Corporations may be protected by the State and or Country however tangible assets such as mineral rights, land, etc. are not something that is normally nationalized! This is subject to International courts and thus laws beyond our borders and control!

  19. As a VietNam-era enlisted Marine, husband and father, I appreciate all of these comments. But the one thing that is conspicuously and tragically missing is an awareness that ALL of this is prophesied in the Bible. Anyone who would like to find out what our Lord Yeshua (“Jesus Christ”) PROMISED to those of his faithful disciples who would OBEY his commandments, and thereby SURVIVE the worst of what is surely coming, please check out our article on the subject:
    (I removed the link…we have most of the religious conversations on the forum here: secretsofurbansurvival.com/forumdisplay.php?36-Christianity-Religion-and-Prepping)

    ps: His name MEANS “Deliverance” in Hebrew!

  20. Can we post these articles on our own site with a link back to you? I posted it on 1 lesson self defense.com and will take down if I need to. Thanks, Coach David

  21. If they come for what I have they will be treated as looters and thieves and leave with a bloody stump. If everyone puts up a fight they will not carry out their plans.

  22. Bob Anderson says:

    I think it would be giving to much credit to any Government agencie(s) to be coordinated enough, and to accumulate the necessary information, to accomplish anything like that. However, I agree with Lady Constable: for every decent LEO I know or have trained and shot with who was decent, there was a correspoding officer who was nothing more than a thuggish bully with a badge. As a Navy vet, same for servive personnel. While we all took the same oath to protect and defend the US and its Constitution, so don’t the members of the Legislative, Judicial, and Executive branches – and we see how well many of them fail to follow their oath. As for UN troops, they would be foreign invaders to be met with deadly force. No other response would be remotely meaningful. “A lost cause is the only one worth fighting for”.

  23. Jan R. Hershberger says:

    It’s all a part of their overall agenda. I have included this Excerpt to which I’m posting on many other different sites as well to maybe awaken up the American Peoples to maybe finally have them put their foot down so to speak? I also can’t understand why people like George Sorros and whomever else it deems necessary to relinquish their offices aren’t being brought up on charges of insurrection as well?
    Greetings Robert,
    There is one more stipulation We must discuss. The new World Order. It is talked about in a Book called “Hope of the Wicked” and in this book another book entitled: ” “The shape of Things To Come” By H.G.Wells and certain criteria is brought to ones attention. In this Second book the author states this New World Order, which was called “The Modern World State” back then in the nineteen twenties and thirties would succeed and will come about by something which would Occur/Begin in Bosra, Iraq. It is also noted/stated: although this world government had been Plainly coming for some years, and although it had been plainly feared and murmured against, It found no opposition anywhere.
    Do you not recognize the nature of the facts of events now occurring starting within Iraq with the overthrow of Saddam Hussein then Afghanistan, and continuing? When are the people going to wake up? My advise to you is to pass on these words written herein quickly and prepare also as H.G. Wells also states this coming world statehood will be of communistic Principles.
    H.G. Wells in another book entitled New World Order also written about in this book “Hope Of The Wicked”proposed a collective One World State or New World Order comprised of socialist democracies. He advocates universal conscription for service and declares that nationalist individualism is the worlds disease. He continues; the manifest necessity for some collective world control to eliminate warfare and the less generally admitted necessity for a collective control of the economical and biological life of mankind are aspects of one and the same process. He proposed that this be accomplished through universal law and propaganda or education,
    The American Birth control league was founded in 1932 By Margaret Sanger and I wish to discuss her book “Plan For Peace” also covered in this book “Hope of the Wicked”. Back then, in the early twenties and thirties, in her book, she calls for coercive sterilization, mandatory segregation, and rehabilitative concentration camps for all dysgenic stocks including Blacks Hispanics, American Indian and Catholics. Does anything sound familiar concerning this today as you see the present camps being built throughout the United States?
    Well I could go on and on writing to enlighten you of why various detainment camps are being built now, our educational systems have been taken over already by this group of people, why we are overseas at this moment and many other detrimental situations presently being enacted but unless you consider enacting/doing some kind of preventative measures now and fast it will be too late.
    Greetings again Alexandria,
    I write to inform you of just why this war in the Middle East is of another greatest value to this One or New World Order. It is to become a tool used for complacency among the Peoples of the Middle East to have them accept this New/One World Order in the future and in the achievement of this it will be to lull them into a false sense of Peace among each other. It is a temporary covering but one must look behind the curtains. Don’t worry though as I assure you there has been people put in place to lead them to wherein these One or New World Order delegation of subversives wishes them to head. In other words what direction these New/One World Order people wishes them to go once we withdraw our forces you can be sure of that. It is all part of their scheming plans to bring it all about. The trade agreements were instituted for this purpose as well and is written of in the book I relayed to you in my last excerpt. The book Entitled “Hope Of The Wicked”. There is also mention of this new trade agreement as well as the old one. All this is also to purportedly Take/Steal the Wealth from the Richer Nations and Spread this wealth to the poorer Nations thereby weakening these richer nations into com-pliancy as well.
    There is no one looking ahead to see and place this all together and they have written as such in the words of; once the peoples have figured this all out it will be too late for them. I would hope you will take the time to enlighten the peoples of the world through your web site of this dastardly program now being instituted subversively and just maybe it mightn’t be too late but I fear it may be already. It is also written as to what they will do with the ones who have as well as continually oppose this new system being instrumented today and it is neither pretty nor good.
    It is also scripturally written why this is all coming upon mankind but not in this book I have just spoken of. It is written briefly in this book concerning and about the G-D of my Fathers and this New/One World Orders intent concerning HIM though. They wish to eliminate HIM from Any type of existence including any material content as they have said to wit; mankind is in charge of his own destiny to preclude G-D in any way shape of form. I personally have a book in progress explaining the details concerning why the G-D of my Fathers is allowing this to come upon mankind. It contains some very harsh words but notably they are words of truth. If one wishes to know the truth then this book is for you as it spells it out with the correct answers for one with an accuracy and faithfulness. If nothing else it will be a wise achievement and direction for one to acquire and fully read this book throughout. The pieces to which I have included must be placed together like a hand in a glove to fully comprehend everything and is why I have noted to anyone wishing to read it to finish it thoroughly first.
    Respectfully Yours,


  24. DW, you are right.

  25. It has been my experience that when push comes to shove, most big talkers are little doers. When someone busts down their doors they are very likely to give up without a fight. Those who are actually do resist will in all probability lose quickly in a big way.

    The executive orders passed over the last 70 years have set up the basis for the fear of a scenario like that outlined in the article above. With the declining popularity of Obama it is unlikely he can stay in office without either major election fraud (which isn’t unlikely) or a declaration of martial law. In the event of martial law those executive orders give him the right to set aside the constitution, suspend elections, confiscate vehicles, confiscate food and property, take control of the media and round up anyone he labels a dissident and put them into internment camps. As to whether these camps exist, I believe they do. And if they don’t then why is the Army training a new rating called Internment Specialists trained to act as guards for internment camps holding U.S. citizens. All it will take for martial law to be declared is a natural disaster or a terrorist attack, real or staged.

    As for me, I am trying to learn how to live off the land and how to live without electricity or modern conveniences. I’m also trying stay off the radar, so to speak. I moved to a home in the middle of a major forest area and if they want to find my big guns or the food I have stored away, they are just going to have to dig up 150,000 square miles of forest.

    I am unapologetic in saying good luck to you all and God Bless the United States of America!

    • Bill in Colorado says:

      Here’s a question for those here who think that the military will become our worst enemy if the top of the government decides to disarm all of us: Why do you think that the soldiers who have been trained to fight FOR freedom and liberty are going to become robots of the government, turn against their fellow citizens, the US Constitution, the posse comitatus act, etc., all argue against that happening. When we think of the government rounding people up to put into FEMA camps, why do we always think it will be those of us who are “most” American? Could it not be that the government, if they are preparing camps for anyone, are doing it for the many Muslims who see all of us as infidels and are sworn to kill us and take over our country? There is much documentation on this from the Muslim Brotherhood itself, and I do not think the government is blind to it.

      Granted, the current occupier of the White House does not trust the citizenry, but I do not believe that we will face an organized US Military that uniformly, to the man and woman, will wilingly deprive other US citizens of their lives and liberty: They have sworn to uphold the Constitution, and I believe many of them will do it rather than “follow orders.” Even the Nazis only “followed their orders” in regard to the Jews among them, whom they saw as sub-human — not in regard to fellow German/Aryan citizens.

      IF TSHTF, I am here and willing to defend, but I don’t think it will happen the way many here do. Okay, flame away … First Amendment is still in effect, right?

      • Leonard M. Urban says:

        Well, it’s the people you refer to as the “most” American we saw beat an old woman and confiscate her antique .38 revolver as well as weapons from the homes of other Americans in the aftermath of Katrina. I think the promise of promotion, and a really good pension will be more than adequate compensation for some of our GI’s. Not all. But enough to make me uncomfortable…too, it’s been well established that last administration made a pact with Mexico and Canada to have their soldiers assist in the event of an insurrection here, and US soldiers would, in return, assist those countries in the event of insurrection in theirs.

  26. I am a US Army veteran of two tours. I know for fact that the UN has a least 1 division including vehicles stationed at various locations one of the locations is Ft. Knox. You have to look for them, because they are not out in the open where everyone can easily see. Yes we have other countries troops including aircraft for training with and help these countries better defend themselves against terrorism. At least that is the reason they give. With that in mind I highly recommend people arm themselves now, while they can for the simple reason they will never have enough troops to go to all the homes and properties at the same time and word of mouth will travel at the speed of light if this happens. Being prepared is the best defense against martial law and any type of attempt to disarm the people of the USA. As was said in this article keep at lease 1-2 firearms that you don’t care if they get confiscated along with ammo for these firearms. I would definitely try and buy a piece of property that you can put into a trust and the excuse that will work perfectly is a hunting property. Unless you are some sort of major collector they will not waste time and effort to search 2-30 acres or more for the small possibility of finding 3-5 weapons. The black market will increase beyond their wildest dreams in an event of hostile takeover by another nation so you will be able to obtain almost any item you want. However, I plan for the worst and pray for the best and always try to be prepared for any type of disaster and the possibility of having to leave my home. To address being prepared, there are a ton of survival books and even more information on the internet and I would highly recommend and advise everyone with or without a family to always be prepared for any type of disaster, be it man made, (economic collapse), or caused by nature, (tornados, floods etc). You see contrary to popular belief, the people are the first and last line of defense. You can not and should not depend on the government to arrive quickly and start helping people. The only person you can fully depend on is yourself, even family help may be limited depending on the situation. I do realize that you can not prepare for everything, but, you can be prepared for a lot of situations, because preparing for one situation will cover several other situations. As for hiding firearms, ammo and other necessities yes you can put them in the ground in your backyard, but, that leaves them accessible to others. I would recommend that you use your imagination to its fullest and look on the internet for ideas or companies that specialize in hiding safes and even rooms, you will be happily surprised at how many and how good they really are at this type of work. God Bless and good luck your future might depend on what you do to prepare.

  27. All the comments about Denver are so interesting, I live just west in the foothills. I’ve seen those murals in DIA… I think the most disturbing of all is the giant horse sculpture outside, it’s positively creepy! I heard that delivery of the sculpture was delayed because the artist was killed too. Everytime I see it I think to myself “wow, what a way to welcme people to Denver – scare them ..”

  28. why was jesse ventura taken off the air for good and why has the denver interanationa airport construction brought to light by the mainstreem media i wonder why?! could there be a connection? and byt the way the construction here at fort bliss has almost finished and its a huge base and boy they ar e going to pump lots of troops under the guise of base realinment does any one see a pattern emerging here? dia and the fort bliss constuction are to red flags the need to be address will anyone please address this

  29. The Rex 84 law during the Ronnie the Red Reagan administration set up a Gulag Archipelago of above and underground detention camps across America, the largest being under Denver Airport that is a third the size of the Panama Canal. Denver will be the new US Capital if Washington, D.C. is destroyed. The EPA and IRS have already relocated there. The murals on the walls of Denver Airport that are online tell what the plan is. Dead Christians (all ages) with crosses and Bibles with two soldiers standing over them: a Chinese looking soldier with an AK-47 and a Muslim with a curves sword (scimitar). Satan likes to reveals his plans in some way.

    • DIA IS bizarre. I’ve had layovers or flown in/out of DIA half a dozen times this year and the place really makes me scratch my head.

      Although I believe that someone may have told you wrong about the Chinese soldier with an AK and a Muslim with a sword. The soldier is actually holding an AK in his left hand, is stabbing a dove with a scimitar with his right hand, and he’s wearing a funky gas mask that hides his identity. (This isn’t a joke…that’s REALLY what the mural is. Do a google search for “DIA murals” and then click on “images” in the upper left hand corner of the results page to see all of the odd sick stuff.)

  30. Brother, by all means, we need to be prepared for anything at all things. Family first!
    Being prepared before any disaster happens presents itself in your area, we need to have the peace of mind that we took all the necessary precautions that are available to us knowing that we have been warned over and over time and again. The bible is very clear about this. Only a fool will suffer the consequences and end up being destroyed, whereas we who prepared for a disaster should have no fear. We need to take all things into consideration that we are here for a purpose and that is to be prepared. Stock-up, pack-ip
    or shut-up

  31. David, I have a question, my wife is on an insulin pump. without a continous supply of insulin she will dye. We can’t stock up more than one month supply every twenty eight days. Is it worth being prepared to survive desasters or camps if we know that she will dye within a day or two of running out of insulin? I too am diabetic, but I only take medication and suplimintal insulin. If I watch what I exersice, I could go a little longer without my medication. However, I would probably develop serious complications. What plan should we make?

    • If it’s type II diabetes, I would suggest seeing a medical professional to get guidance about adjusting your diet and lifestyle to get completely off of insulin. This is VERY common now, and type II diabetes is increasingly becoming a choice rather than a condition that you have to live with.

      If you do have to stay on insulin, you CAN get more than a one month supply every 28 days. You may have to pay cash for it, but several insurance plans will allow you to get a 90 day supply at one time.

      Also, if you do have to stay on your insulin, talk with your medical professional about changes you can make in your diet and supplements you can take that will allow you to safely use LESS insulin than you currently are. You don’t want to screw around with this, but with proper supervision, you may be able to cut the amount of insulin you use every day by 2/3 with diet, supplements, and exercise. If you are able to do this, then the amount of insulin that used to last 1 month will now last 3 months. Likewise, if you get a 3 month supply, it could last as long as 9 months.

      Again, it’s critical that you don’t screw around with blood sugar and that you get high quality professional guidance with this.

  32. Broadsword says:

    Thanks for the newsletter. I was just referred here. First, ever since I was in Boy Scouts, I have been slightly obsessed with disaster/urban survival. Not an expert by any stretch, but very interested. Second, I believe that, in the event of the government going after its citizens to flush out “threats,” that they would face deadly resistance from those of us who are “armed and concerned,” and incur too many casualties. Besides, I think that too many law enforcement(police) would be sympathetic. I could be wrong, but, like New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina, certain “high value” areas would possibly be searched and weapons confiscated, but in my area (Los Angeles suburbs) there are just too many homes and apartments for the liberal politicians and their foot soldiers to go after. Most likely, patrols would stop and interrogate people on foot or in vehicles. There just aren’t enough resources to carry this out.

  33. Always think out side the box.Don’t just have a plan A and think you are all set.If you have plans A-D?Then you stand a chance.

  34. 77705256
    Everyone is your enemy if they are on drugs, hungry, thirsty, etc. Remember a criminal is a person that makes unwise or wrong choices. I am NOT a doom and gloom person, my glass is half full, my preparation is per my situation. Life sometimes throws us a curve ball so be up for it. Just 169 mile WNW of my home is a camp ~500 acres center mass with 2×16 ft fences and 3 strands of concertina wire all around and a perimeter area of maybe 10000 acres with the same fences and a strand of wire. Signs around the perimeter say ‘No Trespassing by order of Homeland Security’ what will this be used for is unknown to me however my spine tingled when I saw the site and my first thought was ‘Hanoi Hilton’! My stand is on the original Constitution and the Bill of Rights, nothing else matters to me. If the SHTF EMP or otherwise give me a gun and ammo and I will be your rear guard as you bug out. I move slow with 2 bad legs however I shoot to kill not wound. If it happens may God protect one and all for it seems our government has no intention of protecting us in the least!!! Stay sharp, watch your sector, trust in God and live long

  35. David P. Dupuis says:

    How great it is to read true feelings from honest American’s. I am a Viertnam Era Vet and live with the thought of how great this country is and will be. All of the comments are telling each one of us, “yes I will be there to help and we will get through this and it is not going to be easy'” My God, trust is going to be so important and is going to be hard to find when we are going to look for it. People talk about groups, plans etc. but yet do we realize just who we talk to. The things that will happen will be so mentally and phsically hard to deal with that we will have to rely on each other. As true Americans you have to be able to give your life for the value’s of God and Country and also for the one’s you trust so much. Talk is cheap, but it will come down to that decision and will you be able to carry it out. When the time come’s, and it will, I hope 100% will stay with there decision to ”STAY THE CAUSE”. There is not greater feeling to have than the person next to you who will give himself just as you would for him, you feel almost unbeatable. There if a message that was left after the battle of Khe Sanh which read ” YOU HAVE NEVER LIVED, TIL YOU HAVE ALMOST DIED, AND FOR THOSE WHO FIGHT FOR IT, LIFE HAS A FLAVOR THAT THE PROTECTED WILL NEVER KNOW”. The initials RVN was with this message. May God be with us.

  36. I have been receiving your email for awhile. What you are saying in this article will come to pass one day. One of my books on Amazon, The Las Vegas Worm Club, is a story about Fema camps and Americans surviving. The three book trilogy, the God Trilogy, also tell a tale of government takeover and citizen rebellion in a science fiction format. What I wrote in these books two years are frighteningly start to occur. I though events would start to happen in 2012 and not this fast. I can only speak for myself, but later this year I am moving out into the high desert near a small town. Here in Las Vegas no one will be safe or for that matter in any large city.

  37. Constitution Lady says:

    This type scenario is one of the reasons I ran for constable. I wanted to have an ear to the ground in the event of SHTF and if necessary grab my family and get out before they started coming around. If we would be willing to step up and fill some of these positions, we would have a better idea of what the locals would be willing to do. Befriend your local sheriff, give him a copy of Sheriff Mack’s book, get to know him (and I mean really), find out what he thinks about these things, make sure he knows he has your back-up.Yes, these things take time and effort, but there are no easy fixes. In our state we had a project to get a copy into the hands of every county sheriff. I even gave one to all the candidates in my county in the last primary. Sometimes a little seed will take root!
    Oh, and one other thing: when I first met one of the other constables several months after the election, he told me that “when I put on this constable’s badge, I check my conscience at the door.”
    I’m pretty good at keeping a straight face otherwise I’d have been reaching down to pick up my jaw.

    • I know exactly what you’re saying. We used to live in a little town in Oregon, part of the LEFT COAST. I’m a Ham Radio operator with many years experience. I was once listening in on the local P.D. TAC channel when an officer said OVER THE AIR about a civilian, quote: “I would KILL ———— if I thought I could get away with it.”

      My dear, your copncern is WELL FOUNDED!

    • Right! find out what the Sheriff is thinking! and get Mack’s book to HIm!

    • Interesting that you would mention Sheriff Mack. At a freedom rally in San Jose, CA
      some years ago I got up and told the audience about my anti-tax activities. I then held up a $100 bill and said that I was going to contribute it toward Mack’s political campaign, and that everyone in the audience should do the same. Within thirty minutes while the sheriff spoke I collected $3,500.00 including a check for $1,000. Today that total would probably be around $10,000.

  38. look….I’m not a big poster of comments. and i don’t want to disrupt your site or its conversations with my opinions. my apologies. I don’t trust the fed gov…nuff said there. But, i am suggesting that technology and the government’s use of it is such now that there is no privacy of information relative to online activities and discussion. be thoughtful but keep the good stuff encrypted and personal…not social.

  39. look folks…I toyed with the idea that i should maintain a blog or website to tried and get the word out…these issues are critical and affect everyone…BUT…I feel i should bring to your attention my reasoning behind my decision not to do so…
    Mr. Morris is a hero. he is putting his proverbial a** on the line with the feds everyday by maintaining this site for the enlightenment of his readers and the sales of his materials. People need to know these things, now more than ever! He is at great risk…but so are you!!!
    Have you heard of Attackwatch.com where people report others that are talking badly about obama?
    anyway…what i’m getting at is that the feds know about this site and you can believe that the will sooner or later if they aren’t already monitoring the ip’s and info about each of the individuals that post here or in any other site that promotes or discusses these and other issues that might suggest that the gov. is unfair, failing , oppressive, etc. Be careful and thoughtful…just remember that logs can be supoenaed anytime or confiscated surreptisously. AND YOU WILL BE IN THOSE LOGS!!! what easier way of locating those people that the powers that be will want to be placed into the detention centers? These days it’s not nessecary to confiscate connection logs…technology is very advanced…be careful…the web is NOT anonymous anymore…peace…forgive me Mr. Morris….it is a fact. i have more than twenty years in the field…G_d Bless America

    • You’re giving bureaucratic agencies WAY too much credit. We’re talking about the same FEMA that has responded to disasters from Katrina to the latest Texas wildfires. It doesn’t matter how many top notch people there are on the front lines, they’re crippled by bureaucracy.

      Were talking about the same local law enforcement that’s staffed one officer for every 4000-10000 people at any given time. They have a hard time responding to violent crimes as quickly as they/we would like during good times. When civil order crumbles and the number of calls for help skyrockets, do you really think they’ll have time for people who aren’t actively causing trouble?

      Maybe so. But there are a LOT of higher probability concerns that people CAN take steps to prepare for right now.

      • Larry Reid says:

        Their real reason is a private army ( brown shirt style)

      • You made me think of tehe paralell situation in the UK. Our government is so inefficent they wouldn’t know where to start with a round up.Unfortunately all gun owners have to registar each individual weapon in the UK and you cant byu a weapon without it first being authorised to purchase on your permit , so the duff gun to sacrifice idea wouldnt work here.
        I’ve been following your election and I must say that Ron Paul guy looks pretty appealing to me. I like his idea of the USA leaving the attempt to police the world and concentrating on domestic issues for its citizens. TH eUK too punches far above its weight internationally but the real war is the war against crime in teh UK not the one far away in Afghanistan. It seems like whoever (except Ron Paul) will win your election this year, a false flag op to incite a war with Iran is on th ecards. And can someone tell me, doesn’t Israel have the most nuclear weapons in the middle eastand does it not hold the record for the middle eastern country with the mos incursions into other countries borders, why arent we threatening them?

        • DevilDoc1 says:

          Threaten Israel? The only viable democracy in the entiere middle is Israel! also why try to intimidate a country that has been quite effective in keeping their Arab neighbors in check. Maybe the US should stop being the 911 responder for the world — who do you suggest pick up the cudgle? China, Russia, FRANCE! :>)) The UK — the UK needs to start looking after it’s own citizens, allowing law abiding souls the RIGHT to own and carry firearms for self and or property defense as witnessed in the recent riots in London — compare that to citizens in Los Angeles a few years back defending their property and selves against the armed gangs. To stop being a nation of sheep. Katrina was a fluke — I think the actions initiated by their idiot mayor woke up a lot of people and not likey to be repeated again in this country very soon. Respectfully submitted for thought

      • Roger Buss says:

        Just a note on Katrina –possible scenario= Katrina was artificially enhanced. Well within the technical capability of HARP. The response of FEMA was deliberately delayed until the masses screamed for the military . End of “posse comitatas” by precedent . It is technically possible , morally acceptable to the government and accomplishes a desired result that is essential and integral to their plan . They were either effective or lucky . Also on the subject of foreign troops . I think it was back in the late 80 s that the US Marine Corp was researched to discover whether or not individual US Marines would fire on US citizens . The research showed that they would not . Thus the need for foreign troops under the banner of the “UN Peace keepers”.

        • I’m not entirely convinced of that chain of events in New Orleans. Katrina could have just happened and FEMA could have just gotten there slowly because they’re a bloated bureaucratic organization. That being said, the “wait until they beg us” approach has been predicted for the Fed and the next round of quantitative easing…that the Fed will wait until the general population is begging for help before they do another massive injection.

    • Well, well, being scared of the future must be a mind-numming experience. Fear of one’s government is the first step to decadence and subjugation. Isn’t that stance the very reason we’re in our current economic crisis?

      Stand up for your rights and be prepared to die defending those rights. Others did.

    • May America be obedient to God that she might be blessable!

    • Bill in Colorado says:

      DW — It’s a good thing to be careful, but a regressive thing to be overly paranoid. When we get so afraid that we think we have to spell the name of GOD in some kind of code, like G_d, the other side, whoever they are, has already won much of the conflict.

  40. Sailorman Andy says:

    There are several things that will have to happen as “government” takes complete control. The reduction of those who will oppose them will have to be initiated soon after as many arms as possible are confiscated. Over the long term there will have to be work camps in order to provide sustinance for those interred. Otherwise, as came about in the prison camps of the past, starvation will reduce the number of those who are incarcerated. We only have to look into the past to see where we are headed if we don’t stand for our freedoms. Short term food and water supplies will only provide a little respite before having to make the descision to either resist or comply, and those may be confiscated if not secretly and safely hidden. These are the reasons we have planned for long term survival with hidden sources that we provide for ourselves. Of course they will eventually find me, but they will be met with resistance. I realize that each of us who resist will be met with unlimited force, so being right with God makes it easier to stand up and at least take some of your enemy with you when you go. I’ll let God sort it out when the time comes. I’m a Navy veteran who, like the rest of our remaining patriots, honor the constitution and my duty to defend it and what it stands for.
    The declaration of Martial Law may be sooner than expected as people like those in New York become more violent with their protests. It’s clear that Obama and his communist friends would like to prevent having to vacate their cushy positions and they are running out of time as a complacent population begins to awaken.
    As for Ron Paul, looking at his past record of constitutionality, he stands head and shoulders above others seeking the presidency. On the Iran issue, how do you think we can prevent their eventual escallation into the Nuclear world ? Why spend millions of dollars and unlimited time and still have no real control? We need to get our noses out of other countries business and take care of our own problems, and compliance to our constitution is the first step in that direction. If we have a legitimate election, we will be rid of the current problem in the Whitehouse, but it will still take years to recover even if the interrment camp senareo never takes place.
    For God, Family, and Country, Andy

    • Freeme2742 says:

      Well said Andy. The government has had join training ops with many foreign countries over the last decade and before. UN troops are already here in Arkansas, German troops, Russian troops and equiptment from all above, in addition, Mexican and Canadian troops. The Government knows that x percentage of the US Army will not participate in dearming the American people since the Constitution gives the American People the right to own and bear arms, also to over throw a government that oppresses the constitutional rights of its people. No Americans want to think of such a terrible thought, however I see ever clearly that this is going to happen, the Government is pushing the buttons of the people and hoping that some faction will step out and take up arms and resort to violence so they can justify their actions. Further the division along racial lines is being used to cause great tension among the people.
      Fema camps are real, and I believe the government after another false flag disaster of great proportion will use the event to declare martial law. The gun toting , bible clinging people will be the first sought after. Then the x military, or visa versa, then the libertarians, the constitutionalist, ect.. Preparation is paramount.

    • Andy, I hope and pray you live nearby or at least relocate adjacent to my farm in Texas.
      Well said and well recieved.

      Thank you

    • So far as getting Ron Paul into the whitehouse, that is not likely – as the shadow government has ALWAYS put the president in, Elections have very little to do with it. And witness what happened to JFK when he wakened and opposed them! we should be standing up to get the UN out of the country and our country out of the UN, as a beginning. You are right about relying on God, as A christian I know He is in control, but we are to stand up for the right! And obeying Him is the first thing in each individual life. He can save the USA if there is a turning to Him and living in obedience in every detail of life.

    • I’ve said this on other websites, so I’ll repeat it here. Qouting Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata:” I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.”

    • This Freedom and Liberty lover could not handle imprisonment even if truly for my own good.
      “So, regardless of whether we’re talking about FEMA camps, Chinese re-education camps, UN political re-alignment camps, or something else, if you’re not willing to go, then you need to make sure that you bug out as soon as they start rounding people up.” Guess I’ll bug up to a camp in the brush, only to reappear after the initial round up is made and continue to remain low profile. Not much use to bug out to a place that is next in their sweep. Just hope whatever stash I can’t carry out will not be found and confiscated.

  41. Tom-Hazleton,Pa says:

    First off, if foreign armed troops are on our soil, why aren’t we doing something about it? It doesn’t matter where they land, there are more armed civilians in this country then there are military and police personnel. If invading troops hit our shores, or land a plane most likely civilians will be there first, followed by police, and then military. Reading this, I realize most people aren’t prepared to mentally handle that question of what to do. My first response was get out of your house with as much equipment as you and your family can carry by vehicle and later foot. Guns and ammo included. Be prepared to be persued, and to defend yourself and your loved ones with everything you have. While I do believe it will be more of a disaster situation that affects human beings, I don’t discredit the possibility of a government take, not specifying which one! In some of the articles that I have read, I also don’t discredit the fact that a natural disaster could lead to a hostile take over, such as the next major hurricane. In either case in my surviveinplace plan, or evac. plan I’m thinking of the black suits with no identification showing up looking for weapons and “enemy personnel.” Bare in mind, I’m not crazy, and I’m not looking over my. In fact, just the opposite, I’m a student enrolled in a college course of Criminal Justice, planning to join the law enforcement field.

    • Larry Reid says:

      There are already German airforce, and fighter aircraft @ the Alamagordo N.M. Airforce Base. Who knows how many more non- U.S. troops the Politicians have brought in.

      • Larry, I was in the USAF from 1975 to 1983. At that time we had German, English, Italian and Iranian Air Force personnel at most bases here in the states. They come here for advanced pilot training and we were providing technical training for ground crews. I met people from most of the NATO member countries. Note: the Iranian personnel were from the pro-American Shah’s forces at that time. So it is not unusual to see foreign troops on US bases.

      • Palatono ordered 3 Russian Brigades Feb. 2010, they landed in Calif. May of 2011, skyped pictures of thousands of white vans were parked behind the base in Jacksonville Fl, and when discovered, within a week, they were all GONE. Russians are in Calif. Fl. TN and I believe TX. No telling where else they are. Now I’ve heard there are Chinese troops too.

      • I don’t have any first hand knowledge, but I’m told by someone I trust there are 1000’s of UN troops in training in Nampa, Idaho. This source says he has seen them and and believes they are throughout the US. Again, I haven’t seen them, so who knows? I do believe, like Dave, if there ever is such an incident, it probably won’t come from our police and military. Unlike obama, they believe in the Constitution and their oath to abide by it. The recent incidents of the feds violating the Constitution (Operation Gun Walker for one) came from high up in the administration and if not for the grunts on the ground, we probably wouldn’t have ever heard of it. If something as serious as Martial Law raises is ugly head, from my experience of 31 years in law enforcement, my belief is it won’t come from those who took the oath to defend the Constitution.

        • Hey,
          Don’t blame Obama – the crap started going down with Bush and his personal alliances in the mideast and the introduction of “His” Patriot Act.

    • Tom,
      There are plenty of foreign troops on our soil right now. The obama administration has given tens of thousands of acres to the Chinese in Idaho where they have built their own communities, it’s now considered foreign soil. They have over 50,000 soldiers at one such community, with armored vehicles and personnel carriers. Also, almost all ports in the US are now owned by foreign powers and guarded by their militaries. It’s not “if” it will happen, just “when” will they try it?

      • davidmobile says:


        Fortunately, I can tell you that someone fed you a load of B.S. about the 50,000 Chinese troops and APCs in Idaho.

        There’s partial truth to the rest of the items, but even they are over statements. I want to suggest that, before you lose sleep at night or cause others to, that you verify items like this.

        We’ve got SO many clear and present threats that have been verified that there’s absolutely no need to muddy the water with rumors.

      • deadheadfred says:

        I have seen some really good comments here and some not so good ones. In my opinion anyone who has posted any of their plans on the internet has already screwed those plans up, so, most important thing is to start teaching our children and granchildren just how deadly the web can be to ones life and liberty, which i consider one in the same.
        Lets face the truth, the web is a great source of information, but it is also a collection source for the goverment to easily get information on people it normally would have to do lots of leg work to get. people feel safe running their mouth on the internet in the comfort of their home, and feel this internet thing is just as safe as a baby kitten, but us thinkers know the truth behind the “net”, it is exactly what it says it is, a net. Every site you visit every word you say is monitored, they have programs to pick out key words, so you start running your mouth and “uncle” ( the people of cambodia can tell you first hand about “uncle”, It aint uncle sam either). WILL come for a visit. Im not delusional, just a realist. People have been rounded up for hundreds of years by their goverments, America is not immune from this. Be ready, is all you can do. Im to broke down to fight to far but my family is being prepared by me to save themselves, i will hold’em off as long as i can. for them to get what they can and get out. God Bless the real American patriots who still believe in the constitution, the right to bear arms and the pursuit of liberty and happiness for every man and woman of all races.

  42. I learned a long time ago, the only person you can really count on in this world is yourself. Make no mistake that when push comes to shove, you WILL be standing alone. If you DO NOT prepare for whatever, you are not very intelligent!!!

    • Please call each campaign today and demand that these four candidates stop stonewalling gun owners on important Second Amendment issues.

      Make your calls right now:

      Newt Gingrich: 678-973-2306
      Mitt Romney: 803-575-0698
      Rick Santorum: 603-518-5199
      Rick Perry: 855-887-5627

  43. 1Fearless1 says:

    I well remember the defense the Nazi leadership used” I was following orders.’

  44. John Flaherty says:

    I remember having a conversation with a few fellow Captains (Air Force) during a deployment to Iraq back in 2003-04. I distinctly recall hearing comments about how the right to bear arms guaranteed that many would be prepared to fight.

    For all that I agree with the idea, I must ask: Who do we think we’ll be fighting against? Who do you think we’ll be fighting for? WHAT will we be fighting for?
    Freedom? Freedom from what? Freedom to DO what?

    Let’s not forget the French Revolution. Many hundreds (I’m being DESPERATELY optimistic) died then, most of them fighting and dying for “freedom”. What did they get? The Reign of Terror, 3 or more Constitutions, and general chaos in the land. After all that, they settled on Napoleon as Emporer, “united” enough to quit killing each other all the time, and resumed fighting with other nations instead.

    Some of the attitudes I’ve run across in the last 15 years scare the dickens out of me because I can easily see this nation falling prey to the same folly.

  45. Jam,

    Two thoughts on what you’re saying, because I felt the same way for a long time. The fact is that there are MILLIONS of people expressing healthy distrust of the course our country is on.

    This creates WAY too much noise for everyone to be easily targeted as you’re suggesting. I’ve talked with law enforce, met from fusion centers and there’s a LONG list of credible threats that are higher priority than preppers trying to protect their loved ones.

    I do suggest that people don’t use their first and last name when posting, and use VPN or other tools if the need seems necessary on a case by case basis.

    This doesn’t apply to everyone, but most people will find that it does apply. I have a LOT more to fear from the 22 year old meth addict who lives with his parents around the block than I do from local, state or federal government at this time. Do I like over-reaching government? No. Do I think there’s over reaching on all levels right now? Yes. But the biggest threat to my family is the delinquent punk living a couple hundred yards away.

    • i agree that delinquent punk is the immediate threat to your family. but in the scenarios considered here, martial law would likely be in place. this gov is monitoring social media constantly for keywords and phrases, as well as cell voice and txt conversations. I’m sure you are aware this is happening at this time. that process is automated and requires no human oversight, allowing “them” to focus their attention on high value targets. that is correct. but the monitoring is active and generalized and further facilitated by the fact that webmail providers, websites and social networking sites are now widely sharing contact lists which require the release of email server passwords. opening further avenues of information harvesting.

      • Once again, there are SO many clear and present threats to our country that there’s a LONG list of people who will get actively monitored and rounded up before ordinary law loving people do.

    • I agree with you completely on this point. Where we live in Clatsop County OR, we have the second highest per-capita METH use in the United States! I was told this personally by a retired LAPD officer I’ve gotten to know.

  46. still standing says:

    I think you are a fear monger and plant every conceivable fear into peoples minds under the cloke of “preparedness”. I would suggest you control your fear driven over imagination, and leave “God Bless” off your salutation! God does not bless fear and paranoia!

    • It’s interesting that this article is getting criticized for both not taking the threat seriously enough AND for mongering fear. Does that make it balanced, or is it a sign that I was all over the place with my writing? 🙂

  47. It would be very stupid for legally armed U.S.citizens to turn over their firearms to anyone !!!
    I will die fighting for my freedom and security. With this Administration’s repeated failure to do anything to improve the economy and our decent into class warfare, civil war may erupt in this country at any time. Armed citizens are an army that is many millions strong – we should not be afraid to defend our liberties or ourselves during any social unrest or Gov’ t crackdown. My favorite state motto is ” Live Free or Die “

  48. MantaRay67 says:

    A recent fictional work called “Homefront” by John Milius and Ray Benson outlined how the North Korea reversed their economic crisis and exploited ours. After detonating an EMP they invaded. The story is a familiar twist on the Red Dawn scenario.

    I honestly believe that we will experience an economic collapse where the have nots come after those that do and the infrastructure will collapse and will do nothing about it.

    We will be required to take care of ourselves and those with some sense of self sufficiency will be the ones that survive.

    • Great book…I talked about it a few weeks back. The original invader was the Chinese, but that got changed along the way…kind of like it did for the remake of red dawn.

  49. I’m an author, books on Kindle-Peter Sowatskey–authors write what will sell–from reading the foregoing posts I conclude doom and gloom as to our future will sell–so that will be my next book. Oh, can’t have a book without a happy ending. It will have to be in a ‘next world’ as few see a possibility here. And why not? Focus! Everyone is worrying about surviving. Surviving is not the worry. Getting dead quick enough to not suffer is the worry. Don’t eat. Drink only water. You’ll be dead in a month, or sooner. Don’t like that scene? Get your guts together. So we have FEMA camps? (personally I don’t think this govt. can do that much right) but if that’s the case we just take the camps away from whoever has them and declare a holiday. We’ll have food and water to last a long time. So we should cheer them(FEMA–whoever) on and hope they do us proud. Sure you have to do all the positive things, and damn few will help, but that’s not a reason you should prepare for failure. Get that fire in your guts, and the attitude of “Bring it on.”

  50. What is so hard to think on is who will we be able to trust and who will we not be able to. When push comes to shove the best are the good ones and the bad ones are worse than the worst.!.and to tell them apart, will be very hard in an emergency situation. Trust is a lost word. And then if you happen to be a woman (and no man around), not much money in the first place, for all this preparing, hiding and whatever; well it just seem impossibe to think of what to do. There is only so much one can do, without others to stand together. Where does one go when you live in a city and how do you ban together when they have all the techno stuff to root you out? I can only afford to have so much on hand and after that what about room to put anything? If you can’t bug out and they will find whatever you have on your property or in your house, what hope is there?
    We are not smart in digging a shelter in the back yard or burying things under the shed or having a place to put things somewhere else..who can afford a second place, when the first place is hard enough to keep? And ‘they’ will find whatever you have anyway. So guys~~ what can any of us do??. You bet I will shoot first and ask q’s later, but the bullets will only last so long and THEY have the good guns and techno stuff, so how long can one hold out? I think we, the patriots, ought to start talking among ourselves and make a plan of communication, signals and where to go and take what along? I am a grown military ‘brat’ and am not afraid of guns and know how to use one…the thing is how to tell whom is whom and protect your home when there is only one or two in the house and YOU have to protect the other one?….and to know this is what we are thinking of our country, our neighbors and what ‘they’ are planning; like we have never been America and honorable…that everyone goes bullistic when times are bad, instead of banning together and being patriots and soldiers…how can ordinary people fight against the Soldiers of the Dark side?~~Nnless there is a plan and that plan is not found out or told to someone that could not be trusted to give it up if they were threatened….see what I mean..I feel hopeless except for my faith and determination to do what I can and hope for the best otherwise…..With so many people in America and in the larger areas where can allt hose people bug out to, if they could? Too many of us and we would trip over each other! It is for sure that ‘they’ think something is coming or up as they are preparing for something; whether it is from outside the nation, within the nation, from the sky, int he water or the lack of food and water…..it is coming and we are going to have to be able to trust someone! We NEVER should have gotten so complacent to think that America would remain strong and united! Here we have trusted our own government and THEY are our worst and closet enemy…the very people we thought we could trus tto help at least defend America…’they’ have done their work well in driving the wedges, created the mistrust and the next thing is they will just take us by suprise with no time to do anything!!……Makes ya want to walk the peremiter and carry a cannon! Or hang out on the roof and keep watch….God be with us and keep us awake! And I pray I can at least find decent folks out there when the stuff hits the fan. I know that there is a place for those that believe, so if we go we go out together and with class, honor and patriotism for America!! Salute!!

  51. First off, as a LEO I will tell you Amos is NOT a law officer and is a flagrant liar trying to stir up hate and discontent against those that are. There is not a REAL law enforcement officer who would put their life on the line, by trying to confiscate weapons from those who lawfully possess them, for the simple reason that these are the very same people who will have our backs wheen the shit hits the fan. This brings me to the second, but primary point of my response. The number od people who are posting here who have such a defeatest attitude id outright disgusting, several have voiced the opinion of food and medical care for their children over their firearms. Do you really think that a government set on disarmament of it’s people will take care of it’s people? Where the hell is your head? Look to history for your answer to what happens to disarmed people! the Germans, Poles, Russians and every single other population that was disarmed by their government STARVED and suffered deprivation of medical care until someone stepped in on their behalf. Even right up to the fall of the Berlin wall and the collapse of communism in Russia, the longest hold out, people were starving to death and being denied medical care. Surrender to totalitarianism is NEVER an option. Especially for your children.
    You sell them into slavery when you surrender, and if you do not see that you are blind.

    • Sir,
      Everything I said in my posts is true, and I am a personal witness to the events I described, and I could prove it if I wanted to bother.
      I hope you are correct in stating that most LEOs would not violate the Constitution, but my personal experience tells me otherwise.
      Consider the case of Michael New in the military. Lots of guys with him agreed with him that wearing the UN uniform and taking orders from UN commanders violated the Constitution, but NOT ONE of them, except Michael, actually refused.

  52. I think if Marshall Law is declared, foreign troops will be used. My reasoning is people in the US have family here and they may worry, word would get out and their families will be harmed.
    I also believe there are people that know what is happening and are waiting for the best time
    to act fighting this tyranny.

    Marshall Law could easily be declared by this malicious president in order to keep himself and this regime in power. He could create a crises and then claim the only way to solve
    this is by declaring Marshal Law.

  53. and as far as police, if a person in california was to practice their God given and Constitutional right to bear arms, their rights would be violated, they would be arrested, tried , and convicted as a felon. The real criminals are those who are violating the constitution and their oath.

  54. sorry folks , but I have heard some of our military say that they have to rely on the information given to them by those who give them orders. do you really think those who wish to oppress us will give true information. Be extremely careful, in whom you trust.

  55. Control can be easily made by controlling food, water and gasoline. Don’t assume that if someone is coming to arrest you that it will be at your home in the bright light of day. it could be a notice to come join your spouse who has been relocated (late at night) or while you are away, or is at an emergency room! (a lie to get you into their vehicle) the situation most are talking about, the bug out, – what will trigger it? We can also be rounded up at church!
    To me the greatest threat is the lie of a pandemic (they control the media) – it sets up a situation that will have most of us pursuing a cure – consider the movie – contagious! interesting scenario. Be prepared to the best of your ability – make some good like minded friends or family members you can count on.



  57. My brother in law is a firefighter in Oregon. During the fall of 2009, non-english speaking (sounded germanic) foreign troops were brought into southern Oregon to fight forest fires and American fire fighters were sent home. Those troops are still there. Please explain???

  58. form survival groups now and try to have each person crosstrained in a different skill. you must hide weapons,ammo,food,clothing and medical off site in caches and some discrete way to locate them. transportation will probably be by bicycle with offroad gas vehicles if fuel can be obtained.you need to have underground shelter near each cache to hide the heat signature. even a leanto with a couple feet of dirt over can be effective.there is an old saying in the marines[kiss] keep it simple stupid. choose a combo of 3 rifle calibers,2 pistol calibers and 2 shotgun calibers. choose frame backpacks where the bag can be removed to carry water or a toddler.train and train some more. try to have interchangable equipment and parts. start preparing now for various scenarios.keep your prep low key and if your buddy asks your just going on a hiking trip this weekend. there are lots more suggestions out there and as a former marine the few plans i made kept me safe thru hurricane katrina and 2 years of living in the woods. good luck and prepare now

  59. What disturbs me most are people with their heads buried in the sand and think all is well after all we have “the chosen One” in office and he believes in an oath he took on the Koran. OOPS! did I say Koran. As the world stands right now, anything could happen at any time, whether some believe it or not. People are going to be put into 3 colored categories when all hell breaks loose. They will be red, blue, yellow. The red group are the strong contenders with a fighting instinct and smart enough to stand their ground; the blue group will be the poor, uneducated who couldn’t fight if they wanted to; and the yellow group who are easily persuaded and look the other way at everything will be the last group and if anyone in that group starts problems, they will end up like the first two groups. I recently discovered this and when you study history, it is very realistic. The FEMA camps are real and they are for a diabolical plan instigated by our government and the elite. It’s so sad that man has never learned a thing about the existence in harmony. There have been wars to conquer another man’s favors since the beginning of time. All the other countries hate America and we continuously kiss their a–, send them billions of dollars to help them educate themselves to no avail. Greed and Power have been the demise of many nations and America has joined the world and will fall just like Rome did. Death will come to all of us sooner or later, there is no choice, but to kill for the greed and power never wins, never will. Unfortunately we all have the instinct to live, unless you are a radical Islam who worships death, and might I add, those are the people we should fear the most. AND, whether you believe it or not they live right here in America along with other nationalities who don’t like us and want to take our country from us. There are dark days coming and I don’t like to think of it myself but I look at it as a reality. My comfort comes only because I believe in God Almighty. There are many who have no hope because they don’t want to accept God, and so be it, it’s their choice. May God Bless us all.

  60. Well, there’s a lot to consider. I am also a former Law Enforcement Officer, 29 1/2 years retired, and now work for the state as an investigator. Also, my two sons are in the Army.
    If you live around a prison you need to think about this. Prison guards are among the lowest paid employees in the state. How long are they going to stay at thier post when it really goes bad? The county I live in has six state penitentaries. Thats a lot of bad guys getting out and looking for a party. And as for Law Enforcement, most will take thier families and run for the hills, the rest may or may not pitch in with the goverment, after all, what will they be promised? And try as I may, when I talk to my friends about what’s coming, they either tell me to stop the crazy talk or they just laugh. One even told me he know’s it’s coming but what can he do? What I am saying is this, there are maybe 10% of the people that are aware we are in trouble, the rest don’t have a clue or just refuse to deal with it. Sure, most of them will kick in and fight, that is if they’re in the camps for the food and water. And with our fighting military units spred all over the globe, we’re ripe for the pickin folks! Be prepared.

    • solotravler says:

      You’re right about that,Rick.I have friends that tell me to stop reading all the conspiracy threads and not to worry.I worry about them too,now.But when the SHTF,I’m thinking it will almost be every man for himself and family.And as much as I hate to say it-you can count on losing alot of faith and trust in friends and possibly family as well.

  61. Georgia Grandma says:

    I am concerned, too, that Obama will manufacture an excuse to declare martial law before he will allow anyone else to take his place in the White House. I suspect the “plans” are already in place as to “who” and “how” to take care of “us.” Just like his 2,000+ page health-care plan was not written overnight. “Keep your eyes upon the eastern sky. Lift up your heads; your redemption draweth nigh.” That’s not to say we should not prepare. I am doing what I can.

  62. After reading all of these post, it shows what I’ve believed for a long time, that Americans are the most scared society in the world. Manipulated by the Media and Government, most Americans will line up like sheep and march single file into the FEMA Camps. I hate to say it, but that day will come.

  63. hey cindy that aint near love canal is it ? the place is so toxic they had to evacuate. I think everyone here has heard about 2012,comet strikes,nuclear weapons missing in russia, surface to air missiles missing in libya, etc. etc. would you rather have the govt have a system in place to help out during a crisis or be caught off guard with their pants down ?

    so there are fema camps with plastic coffins, I’ll make up my mind if and when the time comes on whatever the issue is. strange things are happening, you only need to look around at how things are getting out of control, and I doubt it gets better until after, 12, 21, 2012. so buckle up folks get prepared and pray everything comes out ok.

    or plan for the worst and hope for the best.

  64. If my experience as a Texas Peace Officer is true for most of law enforcement, then there will be very few law enforcement officers who will do anything but fully cooperate with unconstitutional actions, no matter how egregious they are.
    Recently, the officers in my department were discussing what would happen if the President ordered us to go house to house confiscating guns. Every last one of them said they would do it, except me.
    The biggest kicker? That was a small, rural community, with a small department.
    Imagine how the larger agencies would be, with all the propaganda and brainwashing they are subjected to.

    • Did you ask them WHY they would take away all guns? Even though that is Unconstitutional?

      • Quite simply because they believe it is their duty to “enforce the law.” I said that I took an oath to uphold the Constitution, and that I would uphold the Constitution. They had no interest in the Constitution. They said they were going to look into removing me from being an officer. They said they wished they had fished around more before hiring me, so they could have found out that I have objections that prevent me from doing my job (meaning, that I will not enforce unconstitutional laws); which is nonsense–because my job is to uphold the Constitution!
        You can bet that they and other departments are working to ensure that no one who believes in the Constitution will become a law enforcement officer.

    • Thank you Amos , for being a real oath keeper. 🙂 and be careful. I will be praying for you.

  65. Just a couple things, notice the “cell towers” study them well they will and are a controlling factor
    second when time comes they must come down just facts

    • So what exactly do you mean by this? You think the towers need to come down so that the gvt can’t track our every move? What about the ones on top of high tension power lines? Those won’t be easy.

  66. I have personally gone over these scenarios in my mind a thousand times. As the former officer said, the gov isn’t going to be able to depend on local police or even our military to round us up, so I feel sure that UN troops are being trained as we speak. And since we have been duped out of trillions of lost dollars, its easy to fugure out how this can all be paid for. Obama himself sent $140 BILLION to the IMF, even though congress told him no… and this is simply one example of lost money that has left our country with no explanation of its intended use. Of course the fact that GPS locators have been placed near every military base in the country tells you that their first line of business will be to get what they need from our bases. And since most of our troops are kept overseas, there will be little resistance to these raids that will supply UN troops with all the might they could possible need to secure the country one piece at a time. What will kick all this off? When Obama’s numbers continue to fall, he will play the race card like never before to insight riots and racial unrest, giving him his reason to institute martial law. And since leaders (???) like the congressional black caucus are already yelling “kill whitey”, it won’t take much more to insight some serious unrest. The big “O” narcisist does not want to leave the office and will do whatever he can to stop elections and hold his office… no elections take place during martial law. Until then he will continue to purposely break the country to weaken us. But what these dictators are not counting on is the fact that darn near every household in America has guns, and 10 men fighting for freedom is worth 100 fighting against it. They’d better bring a lot of troops before they attempt such a bold move! Veterans like me have fought for our freedom abroad, and you can bet that I will fight for it at home! God, please give us the strength to defend the lawlessness that seeks to break us!

  67. I really think that being invaded by another country is highly improbable, but the government is building those fema camps for a reason, I personally think they are for marshall law when the dollar collapses and hyperinflation hits this country. Just my personal opinion.

  68. If you bug out, remember this. A lone man or family in the wilderness won’t survive any longer than you can stay awake. You must form a group. This way, you can post guards round the clock if needed. Its awfully hard living in a tent. Trailers are a must if you’re going to make it. Your camp must be defendable and have a clear killing field of at least 500 yards. You will not make it without a permanent supply of water. You better have filters. You must be prepared for extreme cold and extreme heat. This means some kind of heat source and plenty of shade. Food, water, shelter, clothing, guns, lots of ammo, skill and trustworthy freinds if there is such a thing. If you don’t bug out you better organize your neighborhood for the long haul. It’s gonna be a rough ride.


  69. Geeze.. Really people? REALLY?

    Ok, a few things first..

    1. There ARE approximately 300 “FEMA” camps in the U.S. and Threat Fusion Centers.
    2. They were authorized by the Bush Administration and there is even a house Bill that provides for it.. Have you ever heard of NorthCom? The US has been split into 10 different localities, each with its own commander and a selected “governor” for those areas.

    The majority of the population will LINE UP to go to the centers eventually.. WHY?

    FOOD & WATER. The centers will be the only place you will be able to get it. Its up to your own imagination the scenario to take place where there are NO food on the shelves at the grocery stores, and for some reason, no water is coming out of your tap.. what will you do? 3 weeks or so after an “event” and most people will be out of food, and then they will throw in the last kicker, the water will go dry. People will line up at the centers to get water and food.. they have kids to feed. They will control us through food and water. My best bet right now is total economic collapse. Even IF there are scraps of food available at the grocery store (under armed guard) you wont be able to buy it… so the only recourse the sheeple have is to go to the government camps to get food and water.

    Now, as far as the federales coming to get you at your house, you will be easy to find, because all your neighbors will be gone or at the fusion centers and you that have chosen to stockpile a little of food and you will stick out like a sore thumb.. they will find you and take your stores and guns and ship you off, unless you fight them, and if you do, you will lose.

    They control the media 100% so they will say Anthrax, pandemic flu, smallpox, take your pick. Just do a thought experiment.. sit back and think of what would happen if there was NO food you could get, no water, no electricity.. and think of what the general population would do.. especially with the media saying to go to the centers for food and water.. it will only be for a “short while” while the crisis ends.. ya right.

    Imagine the worst “labor day camping trip” possible, with 500,000 “enlightened” people heading for the woods and the boonies.. the boondocks will be thick with people, and easily rounded up with those FLIR helicopters. Why not go to the center? your extended family will be there, your parents, your siblings, uncles, etc.. you might as well go too, right? there will be NO FOOD, or water anywhere else… this is why FEMA is buying all the MRE’s they can lay their hands on.. what was it, 400 million meals?

    The show is called conspiracy theory, with Jesse Ventura, and yes, those WERE thousands of coffins, each capable of holding 5 corpses, with lids. For those of you who think the American people will rise up, and take control.. you are dreaming.. not going to happen. We would have done it already. Heck, football season is starting up, and the new dancing with the stars is starting a new season. (sigh)

    The fact of the matter is its going to get really, really BAD, and soon. I hope to god I’m wrong.. I see only one hope, and that is if Ron Paul gets elected, we might avert this, but even if he is elected, we better hope nothing happens to him… some say it will happen before the elections, to keep a corrupt President in, which there will be a revolt, or after the election, and if Obama retains it, another revolt, especially if there is fraud reported.

    Good luck everyone.

    • Finally, someone gets it……we need Ron Paul. The rest of them are a joke.

    • BJO: I agree with your outline and many others agree. The ones that prepare like storing food, etc. will have to be away from cities or they will stick out, unless they hide themselves and have good plans to stay in town.. Others talk about organizing the neighbors. Won’t usually work, as I’ve talked to others that tried also are very informed, educated. People just don’t care what happens and don’t want to take the time to research the facts. Patriots have always been divided into small groups and not very effective, with a lot of infighting over minor issues. Most all patriot activities and various groups haven’t produced any results in decades. Many in the know folks have lost hope and given up on this country and hunkered down with preparations for their family.

    • Not everyone thinks as you do. MANY are willing to defend our country and not assist the traitors in our government and the “wossie” citizens. (by meakly walk into the “camps”)

      As for Ron Paul, he sees nothing wrong with Iran having nukes – even tho they have stated that they would only start with Israel. (We would be next). Up until he stated that, I was FOR him. Not now.
      I will die a patriotic, loyal, American.

    • And don’t forget, if it’s the U.S. Gov’t. you’re trying to hide from, forget it. There are now satellites in space that can read heat signatures through your roof, walls and in tree cover. Not to mention FLIR on helos and unmanned Predators. Read Top Secret America: The Rise of the New Security State by Dana Priest and William M. Arkin. Any electronic communication you attempt will be detected if not deciphered. As the population at large thins, it will be like shooting ducks in a barrel for gov’t forces. You are correct, BJO, the only solution to this mess is political and depends on the American people standing together for liberty. Any other scenario is horrifying.

    • BJOin AZ,

      You paint a very rosy picture here! I can see the logic behind your scenario, but I don’t think Ron Paul has a chance in hell of getting the nomination. I like him and agree with many of the things he says, but I don’t think he has enough people who agree enough with him to get the nomination.
      That aside I think you don’t give enough credit to the American spirit although I think you’re probably correct for a great many who were not prepared, or even aware this might be coming. Your theory presents other possibilities, since not everyone will go quietly into the gates.
      What other countries might exploit this civil war and or civilian uprising; adding to the problem? Do the Americans turn their focus and anger towards a common enemy uniting Americans , or would we be facing tribal warfare, where each group looks out for its own interests? What could the outcome be when the dust settles and rebuilding starts? Are there enough of us left to protect the constitution? The probability of is this senario is remote, I think we are more likely to have something less severe but painful.God bless us all lets hope we all don’t self destruct.

    • Al Sieber says:

      BJO,I agree with half of what you say. I live in Arizona and I’m a miner and live in the mountains, where I work and live is in the middle of no where and is in a hostile environment and very rugged and unforgivable, high temperature’s in the summer, rattle snakes, scorpions, etc. there’s thousands of mine shafts and tunnels and some go miles underground plenty of places to hide out and hide anything. I live miles from civilization and can see anyone coming a long ways away. I’m not giving up anything to these bastards but hot lead, and I’m not starting any trouble first, just going underground, or higher into the mountains. I’m sure glad I don’t live in any city and suggest to anyone to get away from populated areas ASAP. thanks for the article Mr Morris. Ron Paul in 2012 and I hope we have enough time.

    • Thats one of the main reasons most of us would be vulnerable, because of our dependency on modern life. Look at the many prisoners and fugitives that escaped capture by literally living like some feral human in the wilds, doing whatever they could to stay hidden. While many that try to take to the woods will still stick out due to the lack of knowledge in escape/evasion, there will be those that when the choppers start spotting people to round up, they will stay low until the dust clears then make their next move. While this can also work in urban environments, using the chaos to mask your movements, we may have to throw all orthodoxy out the window as to survival living and be able and willing to do anything necessary to survive and thrive.

    • DON/INCAL says:

      If and when times get BAD – First read “one second after” How to survive story about after an EMP attack. (Iranians have a ship off the east coast that could do that.) or This* could happen if the Electrical Grid (Sun spots) go out. *”No Utilities, water pressure, transportation, – no food in stores, Gangs and wild people – when they get hungry – look out. Then read “Left behind series” story about the tribulation. same-o same-o. Do some research and stock up on all you can afford..and don’t the mark at the F Camps….

  70. Up here in Northern NY, there are apple trees everywhere, yet noone picks them, as far as I can tell: It’s almost a sin- all that food going to waste- Good apples, too, I’ve picked some.
    Even up here in a Zone three growing area, there’s free food everywhere. Dandilion greens are still edible, even this late- just pick, dry the leaves in a food dehydrator, and use in stews or to balance the flavor of Cream soups. Cattail roots are very filling- they taste a bit like celery, but high in starch. The less dependant you are on Government “help” the better.

  71. A former IRA member said “If you have a AK 47 buried in the yard it won’t be of any use to you when you need it” Conspiracy theories aside folks. All of us have to remember we are AMERICANS first. I was brought up to believe never to trust a government that won’t trust its citizens with firearms. We all can prepare for the worst and hope for the best. They can take away our things. They can never take away our knowledge, or spirit to be free from any bonds they try too place on us.

  72. The FEMA camps exist. They are all empty. There is also a brand new, high security prison in Montana that waits empty. Many of the camps have zillions of what appear to be large, plastic coffins stacked everywhere. This isn’t rumor, it’s fact. The rumors run the gamut as to why this condition exists, from bird flu to the New World Order and purges of the non-compliant types as happened in the Soviet Union, China and Cambodia. I’ve heard recordings on the Glenn Beck show of Cass Sunstein in casual conversation with ohers of his ilk as to how to handle the logistics of liquidating millions of dissidents to hasten the transition to the new order. The camp fences are all designed to keep people IN not OUT. If roundups begin, we must attack and kill the Goon Squads as they come. They have to KNOW they are risking their lives trying to take us away to some camp or rendering plant. Far fetched? Aushwitz…Buchenwald…Treblinka ETC. Google SS Kill Squads and watch the videos.The Germans were making soap out of people as well as lamp shades. They are on display at the camps for the skeptics. They were tossing live people into mass graves and dozing them over burying them alive. They were tossing live people into ovens. to cremate them. If you can’t bug out, bury the food, guns and ammo off your property.

  73. According to your 3rd paragraph, you are not a “Constitution supporting “God & gun” type.”

    Why should I trust anything you say?

  74. Well than I agree with Eileen’s comment. She is right about all of the above.

  75. Eileen is correct.

  76. The American people are a lot tougher than these fools think. As a famous man once said “GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH “…Also a man said ” I REGRET I HAVE BUT ONE LIFE TO GIVE FOR MY COUNTRY” !!!!

    • But that was a long time ago, and our schools are teaching our children how to have fun and frivolity, not the tenets of a free society!

      • Yes, and these same schools teach our children how to use an ipad or a Kendall. They DON’T teach them how to filet a fish, or plant, care for and harvest a crop, or ANY basic survival skills for that matter! Let the schools teach our kids that guns are evil. When these starving ignoramuses come to my house looking for whatever they can steal, they’ll be bringing a knife to a GUNFIGHT!

    • R.D.WYLIE says:

      That was 200 years ago too many things have changed, esp the govt.

    • Gary I wish you were right, but we are not the Americans of 1776, the vast majority have been (and I include myself here) softened by technology and a life style they could never imagine. Many have lost those senses and skills necessary for the possible outcome we face today. I’m thankful for those here and others that have knowledge to pass on and have a chance to re-learn what we need to know to increase our chances of survival. The will to fight for God and country may still be inside those of us who still believe we are an exceptional country; and have not been brainwashed by progressive ideas that have been drilled into many to think this country is nothing special; and therefore nothing to fight for. It will be a challenge I hope we do not have to face, but we are preparing for anything just in case, we do live in California

    • And their both dead. A life worth living is worth fighting for.

  77. Their control will be through food and/or medical care.
    When parents see their children crying from hunger, they will gladly turn in their firearms for a piece of bread. The same goes for medical care.

    • MSgranny: I agree with you on how they’ll control. Same way if the gov decides to force people to get a chip implant to use their bank and debit cards.. David: Good article, let’s hope Oath Keepers is strong enough with other’s support to stand up against the opposition if and when needed. From looks of this train wreck economy, this country’s future is zero, when no amount of work or effort will produce just rewards. We are speeding into a third world hell hole under a fascist dictatorship.

    • I’m not so sure your right about that, Granny. Won’t a thinking person be concerned about his loved ones lives AFTER his weapons are taken. Think about it.

  78. I’m an ex-state cop. When things were bad in the 60’s (Viet-Nam; campus riots, etc…) I remember being in meetings advising us what to do incase of …………. All of us officers at that time, inprivacy, decided; incase of big trouble we’d take our cruiser; pick up our family and head out. I hope there is enough of these old-time patriots to do the same. They would protect their own and help us if they could but they would not attack us!!!!

  79. These responses are quite interesting. Regardin foreign forces coming into the U..S,:To a large extent they are already here and more are on their way. The state of Idaho is setting aside several thousands of acres for a Chinese community Just South of the City of Booise. These will be primarely Chinese business men and their families. The children of the families will provide many of the workers needed to sustain their new comunity.

    Keep in mind that these are people that the Chinese government has already vetted to be supporters of the Chinese Government and Communistic ideals. They have already been trained in militant activities. They will be a force to be reckond with.

    It is my understanding that China already has some 3000 state owned buinesses established in the U.S. They are already here and we invited them. They are here to help us. That’s how Hitler conquered Austria. Austria voted to have Hitler be their savior. Kind of like HOPE AND CHANGE .Our ignorance is excelled only by our supidity

    • How about all those warehouses owned by Chinese businesses next door to Edwards AFB? Just drive by them sometime. Doesn’t strike you as a bit ODD that ALL of their radio & TV Antennas are pointed DIRECTLY AT THE BASE?!

    • I’d be interested to see supporting data for your claims. I anxiously await your response.

  80. Oh, and I almost forgot. An instructor at a CPE class I attended for my renewal of license purposes some years ago, 1999 or 2003, I don’t remember which, once half-joked that although the federal pens were full they (the IRS?) had plenty of room to house federal income tax evaders in the Southwestern deserts.

    I’d like to suggest that maybe one or two of your investigators might look into the plans the IRS has in place on how they would enforce and collect federal taxes in the event of a nuclear attack or some other national catastrophe. Who knows, maybe you could learn where those “tax resisters” camps might be…maybe even double duty for FEMA, United Nations troops, etc.?

  81. I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees. I will be among the resistors.

  82. Ray Williams says:

    do you think that passing a law that says the govt. wont confiscate guns in an emergency really matters? the constituton says this is a god given right and they still confiscated the guns. now that the state govt. is giving us the right to keep our guns in disasters, so what. obviously the right to keep and bear arms is less or a right and more of a privalege now that it is a right gven by govt. itself.

    • There’s quite a bit of truth to that, if some locality still wants to take your guns, what are you gonna do? Shoot the cops? See where that gets you, even if you shoot a cop in clear self defense because he was violating a law and/or your rights, YOU will still go to jail because laws have been written that have elevated cops and other gov’t demigods above the rest of us peasants. While I’m not an advocate of killing anybody unless they try to kill you, this whole thing played out already when the cops frogged up some of their “wonderful” no knock raids and hit the wrong house and the unsuspecting soul inside thought they were being broken into and started shooting, only to end up getting charged big time for it, if not killed in at least one case I recall, point is, cops and gov’t can and will continue to do what they want and when they want, and they will continually tell you that if you have a grievance with the gov’t, take it up in the courts, (as if THEY are going to be any more sympathetic). But what good are the courts if after TSHTF the cops take your guns and the looters move in right behind them and take you? Something to really think about….

      • Actually, it was a no knock warrent, wrong home. Homeowner thought he was being broken into and found four armed men in his home. No announcement of they were police. He fired four times killing all four LEOs. Was charged but jury ruled in his favor and found him not guilty.

      • Go to jail, go to jail !! I’ll be lying dead on the foyer floor.
        The courts and the leaches (lawyers) are a LOL joke.

  83. According to my sources, the old world cabal is failing, badly too. Global finance, etc…
    Several groups are involved in straightening the whole mess out. Of these, our military is some 85 – 90% supportive, constitution, law, etc.
    Beyond that, the people where I live ain’t happy with our government anyway. Were officials to start anything towards coming after guns or going into homes, not only would the owner put up a fight, but all the neighbors would join in…avid hunters, lots of X military, etc.
    FEMA camp locations have been listed, do a search.
    Countries with the ability to invade the US were asked about that. All of them stated that it would be too costly in personel as most Americans are armed and already mad.
    So yes, be ready.
    Thing is I know of no way to get away from present technology, so I decided to make my stand right where I’m at. Infra-red, two mile targetting, laser sites, etc.
    One might think of being ready when the economy goes down, to be on your own for six months to a year before there is any resupply(if then)…when everything stops, no utilities, no food, and limited ability to get water.
    IF you have supplies, being able to keep them, AND go un-noticed living where you live…
    If staying in a city/populated area, you will be on the run.
    If near the above, be ready for uninvited visitors, not nice ones either.
    If well planned, you live in or close to the woods, be ready to be invisible. No noise, no smoke from fires, no ‘trail’ of empties, and outdoors (maybe) for the duration.
    Supposedly those who are taking over leadership are looking at temporary, free elections to follow, and reverting to our original Constitution and Common Law.
    I hope everyone makes it intact.

  84. I myself think those talking about FEMA camps, Chinese troops in Mexioco, etc., are a bit off the deep end, but thinking about how you would handle your survival in such a situation is worth at least some cogitatin. However, I still agree with Mr. Morris that time spent in preparation for GENERAL survival is where the majority of your effort and planning should be concentrated, and that any time spent on preparation for SPECIFIC scenarios should be directed toward those which are statistically more likely to occur.

    But to address the specific situation mentioned- if every European Jew had been a budding Israeli, and had been willing to take down one or more SS or collaborator troops trying to round them up, rather than marching meekly to the trains and the death camps,how long do you think the Nazis would have kept it up? Even if they had, wouldn’t it have been better to take some of them down rather than having a few more miserable days of survival in the cramped cattle cars, and having the final score wind up being Jews 6,000,000-Nazis 0?

    Those who have ears, let them hear!

    • Otto, while the Nazis may have scored the most murders they wound up losing the war, both in terms of WWII and their ideas; I might add Germany paid a steep price for their road to evil. Not sure how many of you are religious, myself I consider to be religious but need a lot of work. My point here is that Israel will be protected by God and if we abandon them then we may have a bigger problem (see Germany) than the previous scenarios for that knock on the door. I have no idea if Obama is well meaning, inept or purposely trying to take this country down, it does not matter what his motivation is to me only that the results are not acceptable and time is running out to fix it. Best to be prepared for the worst and pray for the best, this country of ours is worth saving and restoring, but it may be awhile before that happens. God bless you all.

    • Robert Pittman says:

      Before the Jews were rounded up, the Nazis had confiscated all private firearms.
      The Jews did not have the means then to resist.

      • Anybody know what the U.N. is talking about; International tracking of ALL firearms sales?! Nazi’s on a GLOBAL scale!

  85. Having spent 27 years in law enforcement and witnessed both the best and worst in people and officers; I will NOT trust many of them to keep their oaths of office. The, “We vs.Them” philosophy is too ingrained in local,state and Federal law enforcement for me to believe otherwise. While I do not believe in some of the suggested numbers of FEMA Camps, they DO exist! At least once a week, information comes out about some exercise involving Feds/Police/DoD. At lot of it surrounds training for dealing with civil unrest after an economic collapse. For the skeptics, who do you suppose these exercises are for? Canadians? Iceland? Zimbabwe? No dear friend; it’s all about you!

    Fortunately, I’m older and in failing health. My kids are gone and have families of their own. If ANYONE comes to my door, ordering me around or demanding the surrender of my firearms, I’ll open fire before they finish the sentence. I will do so with a clear conscience. I too once took a solemn oath and intend to keep it against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic. So help me God!

    • I agree with you here. The exercises you mention make “friendship” between federal, state and local officials more acceptable. Hoping that the local authorities will fall all over themselves to do whatever the feds say. The feds provide money, equipment and resources and the locals are sucked in. Happy camping.

      • R.D.WYLIE says:

        Bring your sterno your SIG ammo and weinies, and the tent It’s going to be long

      • You are right on! I don’t see it so much with our sheriff’s dept. but the city cops have lots of new vehicles, SAT phones, and other “advanced” communications & monitoring equipment Captain Kirk would envy! The Astoria P.D. does not fully appreciate just how MUCH we Hams REALLY know!

        This raises another area of concern. When Big Brother comes, he will be just as much if not MORE interested in confiscating radios, because they know we’re independent of the grid and the internet, and WE can get the word out. They do NOT want this!

    • With you 100%, brother. Don’t let them take you alive…you’d regret that. And take as many of them as you can. Your position in heaven or hell will be determined by the outcome.

    • John Flaherty says:

      I think we need to keep a degree of perspective on these matters. Regardless of what you believe spiritually, we have ample historical evidence to demonstrate that a populace can be, er, “inspired” to do some really wacky things when times become desperate. Remember that video of hungry people that David posted some weeks ago? That could happen here too. For that matter, remember the civil disruption that came about from the Great Depression? That COULD happen again.

      Of course various agencies have a need to be concerned about the consequences of economic meltdown! And, if personnel are to handle such crises effectively, they certainly need to practice their plans.

      I think we need to exercise regular vigilance. Let’s understand the risks associated with standing agencies and learn how to address them. It’ll be much easier to restore order if we behave as though we can trust law enforcement and others to a fair extent. Keep an ear tuned to what’s going on, but don’t behave as though every officer might incarcerate you the second he has a chance.

      I think we need to have a LITTLE faith in our fellow human beings!
      Just don’t turn a blind eye to what’s going on or could happen….

    • Wish I’d said that. Great comment, Swift.

  86. whiskeyjack says:

    Something else to think about. The Feds are on the verge of controlling the internet. Phones are already monitored, and if you have a cell phone it is probably equipped with a GPS tracking capability. Time to think of alternate forms of communication? Not a bad idea. As we all know most of the unrest that happened in the middle east was organized by cell phones. If the Gov shut down the internet and cell phone communications, help will never arrive.

    • One way I read about in a book about building up privacy, written by JJ Luna, was to use the lowly beeper and keep your cell phone off. Since beepers are a passive device that only receives transmissions and doesn’t periodically communicate with cell towers revealing its location, you can have your friends call your beeper and leave a message based on what the priority of the message is then make the choice as to whether to call via cell phone or land line at a convenient time. One of my theories would be the use of scramblers and CB or similar radios, you and your close friends have the scrambler/descramblers and can communicate via CB radio. While this would only work in local groups, unless you tick off the FCC and put an amp on your radio (better done in cars, harder to pinpoint your location if you’re constantly moving), it may be another alternative in a world of Big Brother snooping.

    • Mike from Occupied US says:

      Whiskeyjack – I think that we need to setup alternative forms of communications just for this reason. I will not pretend to be an expert, or even very well informed in this area. I have done some reading but need to find out what someone with much more knowledge thinks of these ideas.

      One choice that comes to mind is to organize ham radio operators just for this reason.

      Here are some alternatives I have come across, I am sure there are many more:

      ***** Wireless mesh network; en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wireless_mesh_network

      ***** Daihinia™ offers a Mesh Network layer for WiFi Ad-Hoc (IBSS) networks, thus making the network infrastructure be implicitly maintained by the users themselves. It’s a nice idea that a network user supports the network around him/her just by the fact that he/she uses the network; daihinia.com/about

      ***** ‘Dead Drops’ is an anonymous, offline, peer to peer file-sharing network in public space. USB flash drives are embedded into walls, buildings and curbs accessible to anybody in public space; deaddrops.com/

      ***** PC World article: Get Internet Access When Your Government Shuts It Down
      Does your government have an Internet kill-switch? Read our guide to Guerrilla Networking and be prepared for when the lines get cut; www.pcworld.com/article/218155/get_internet_access_when_your_government_shuts_it_down.html

      I would love to hear what David Morris and other knowledgeable experts have to say about this subject. I am sure there are very many followers of David Morris teachings that would love to be part of something like this organized. I know I would like to do my part.

      Regards – Mike

    • HAM RADIO!
      There are MANY tactical tricks which can be done with a pair of handi talkies. low power, dual-band, odd offset frequency splits are just a few ways you can stay one step ahead of them!

  87. about fema camps, look up detention camps in u.s. or interment camps, they are real.
    the U N has and and still does have troops here training somewhere down south. i will try
    to find the info. and post it. also, once the supreme is controlled by the nuts [ right now
    it’s only 5 to 4 in our favor ] we will be loosing much of our rights if not all and the constitution will be no more.
    i do believe marshall law will be declared in sometime in 2012 so that the powers that be
    will stay in place. they want unrest in our country as that will be an excuse to declare marshall law. hehas said in the past that the consitution is out dated.
    most people do not think this will happen, they are to wrapped up in their daily lives to see
    this coming.
    god bless america and god help us

    • Joseph C Moore, USN Ret says:


    • I see that coming too, ron , it’s like you wrote down almost word for word what I have been trying to tell friends and family. I think part of this economy meltdowns is to make everyone so concerned about just making ends meet that they don’t have time ,or even want to think about anything else.

    • R.D.WYLIE says:

      Detetion camps I don’t dought, trust the govt BS I had a stroke so I won’t be bugging
      out ,.Martial law it just a matter of time.

    • A-men Ron, I am with you.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I thought that when Clinton was in office too. Everyone said he would somehow declare martial law to suspend elections and stay in office indefinitely. Let’s hope that’s wrong this time around as well. Although we have lost substantially more freedoms under this administration and absolutely nothing would surprise me at this point.

    • I’m with you Ron. FYI, best rifle for general purposes is a .270. AMMO is a bit pricey, but it is a very fast round, very stable in flight, and will drop anything short of a Moose or a Grizzly. Savage makes a great weapon that can be had for less than $300.00 in most cases. I have shot sub-2 inch groups with mine at 200 yards.

  88. If like me, you have family/loved ones scattered around the country, a little early planning can help build peace of mind about keeping them and you safe through any possible coming natural or man made disaster. I have researched and picked a spot that is remote enough that no one will care to chase us, and warm enough that the winters will not be difficult for us to endure. This is a rallying point for us to gather as soon as the balloon goes up. We have a calling tree established so that each family head needs to call no more than two other members and then concentrate on getting his family moving. Everyone knows where to go, what the danger signs are and has the necessary resources to get there. When it happens, we will gather at our prearranged location, set up camp and try to live in peace until things get somewhat back to normal. Anyone that shows up that we don’t know will be given the opportunity to join us, leave peaceably, or leave feet first.

  89. Fear the Lord for the battle is really of a spiritual nature! In God we trust (which is the last official act of President Lincoln signing into law this motto on all US currency ).

    • Kim said the magic word, Abraham Lincoln.
      Could she/he be unaware that our present day problems started with ‘ol Abe who believed it was better to kill half a nation than dissolve the union. It gets complicated from there on to today, so I’ll stop and rest here.

  90. Deeply embedded into everyones mind, including this blog and subject, is the false, unsupported, child like delusion that someone has taken an oath to “uphold the Constitution”, and therefore we can all rely on its written contents but still must labor to elect politicians, to conform their legislation to it. This Article of Faith in a false religion is easily provable as false! That belief is a complete well managed myth as a disinformation campaign upon your minds since the ratification of the written constitution by nine states. Don’t waste my time and yours with your “opinion”. Use the time instead to read ALL of Article II of the written Constitution, maybe a five minute read. The oath of the President of the United States is “to support and defend the constitution of the United States”. Now, ask what is the United States? You are beginning to put yourself on a learning path that will unwind the myths and provide you written facts and correct construction of law to comprehend, like a masterful legal puzzle, what was wrought by the Constitutional convention, the ratification of the document, and the unsubscribed (unenforceable) oath to support and defend “the Constitution of the United States”. Sure, that term is a title: “Constitution of the United States”. But what does the title or label refer to, is it a document, or is it a composition of land and territory which an executive as Commander in Chief of the Armed forces and President of the confederacy the United States of America, would “support and defend” as those land parcels, “constituting” the United States – parcels over which exclusive jurisdiction was claimed as owned by the USA, within new States being created as a more perfect union under the written constitution that became imposed on States which ratified it and those which would join later? And why then is the phrase “this constitution” found nine times in the written document, but not found in the words of the oath? But why, mysteriously is there another oath in Article VI, containing the words “this constitution”? But which was never allowed to be uttered by any federal or State officer of the new government the United States? I can point you to the answers, but you must let go your unfounded faith on a written document “Constitution of the United States” which has betrayed you consistently over your entire lifetime, in order for real comprehension of the facts and law to begin to coalesce in your mind and eventually replace your childish faith and fervor for an illusion that keeps your mind under its spell. Contact me at jboysfree@yahoo.com you find I have offered you real and provable substance in what I have just taught you. This knowledge is just as important as any other component “constituting” your general and emergency preparedness, and probably more important. What good will we do if our ladder is set against the wrong wall? Or our arms aimed at the wrong foe? Only the mind can direct us aright and we must be well informed of the facts and law to prepare our minds with correct comprehension.

    • Joel…I’m not sure how I’m delusional to think that my friends, family, and myself have taken an oath to uphold the Constitution.

      • Well, this is just a small daily sample of the ones that got caught.


        As far as Law Enforcement Officers taking their oaths seriously, well… it is a bunch of hogwash. Cops know the difference between the constitutional oath they took and company policy … unless they really are stupid. Cops look at company policy more as a “law enforcement tool” which trumps the constitution.

        If I were to strap on my sidearm right now and cross paths with a cop … I’d be in jail. And every single cop will makes excuses for that arrest regardless of the constitution in smug self-righteousness. So please cops, don’t come here in your fake self-righteousness telling us how you obey the constitution. Sure, you give lip service to it… but you do not obey it.

        Any cop here want to tell that driving is a privilege and and road blocks are constitutional?

    • Joel, try substituting “The United States” with “These United States” …more enlightenment may occur.

      • I think there is truth in both veiws. I have lived places where i wouldn’t trust the police in my driveway alone, let them in my house? trust them to ” do the right thing”? no way. I have left those places. Now I live were I can trust the police and would have no problem with them at my house, alone! just a choice I made , everyone should. That should be part of a suvival plan. not get tangled up with the police.

    • Obviously Joel, you’re on the wrong channel. This is what too much education does, it skews your perspective of reality & truth.

    • John Flaherty says:

      As I recall, well before I received my commission in the Air Force, I examined the Oath of Office VERY carefully. I wanted to know what I would be swearing to do.
      Whatever our current President may think, it’s not an obsolete document. If we have persons in this nation who lack faith in that Constitution or who would to ignore it, what’s new?
      I do not believe the Constitution irrelevant; I think rather that people have failed to understand what United States citizenship requires of them. We haven’t educated people on this matter. It shouldn’t be any surprise then, that when life grows difficult, many are willing to run away.

      I have long felt that we could easily fall prey to hopelessness. We COULD, indeed, quit believing that others will play by the rules. Certainly, the ties that bind us together as Americans have been made much weaker over these past decades.
      Keep in mind though, we’ve been through crises before as a nation. We fought a war for about 4 years regarding whether or not the Constitution of the United States would guide the whole country or whether half the nation would walk away with a revised version. History shows that the Constitution won out in the end.

      We should not ignore threats to our Law of the Land, but neither should we exaggerate the gravity of the situation. I believe the Obama Administration quite misguided; but I notice that even President Obama has not allowed UN troops or whomever to assume control. Perhaps he HAS done his best to ignore the limits to his power. I notice too, though, that he couldn’t get his beloved healthcare baby through Congress by normal means; since then, 26 states have filed suits against various abuses of power the Act contains.
      We’re struggling, sure. But we’re anything BUT broken!

      According to the view of the world I received from college, this nation should’ve abandoned moral scruples and the Constitution en masse by now. We have not.
      Again, we must be vigilant and stubborn. We need not surrender merely because others loathe our nation’s existence.

      • I too support the idea of America, and agree wholeheartedly that to be an American it takes practice, dedication, and maintenance. Yes, maintenance. Daily. We need to respect each other and hold those we place in public trust, accountable for their actions. We do this by being aware, and informed. Most importantly we do it by the ballot box. ALL of us. Not the paltry turnouts of a complacent population. But truly being an American comes from within. It is a blessing we have come to take for granted, much to our current state of health. America is a gem, to cherish… to keep it takes vigilance, and strength. We need to ask God for his help and His healing hand.

    • Hmm I guess I wasn’t present after all when I raised my right arm to the square and swore my oath and allegiance to the United States of America and to Support and defend the Constitution and abide by the laws of the lands that comprise the whole of the United States and her territories. I was also absent on the day that I raised my right arm to the Square again and swore on my honor to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and all the separate states which form the United States of America proper AND the territories over which America has control. Dang it all, I would have gone to my grave thinking that I was present at both swearing in ceremonies for the United States Navy and as a Police Officer and others during my career of supporting and defending the rights, laws and privileges of ALL Americans everywhere that America has control over the laws and ordinances of the lands.

      Thanks Joel Boyce so much for clearing this up for me before I went to my grave misinformed.

    • Tom-Hazleton,Pa says:

      Very well spoken, almost politician sounding. And thats the problem! You can take your well written copy and pasted speech from a Microsoft program, and believe in it if you wish. I would rather be prepared to defend my family and myself in the event of any emergency sitatuion. When you put your blind faith into anything it leaves you vulnerable, and just that BLIND! I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but I don’t trust a government that blows billions of dollars without fully reporting on what it spends it on, including countless overseas projects. I don’t care who steps in that office to take any oath. If they are sworn to uphold the constitution they suck at it and should be impeached. Unless the person in that office is cut from the same stone we are instead of born with a silver tounge and have a top dollar education that they can’t use.

  91. Did anyone notice that less than 10% of the comments involved fighting and dying for our God given rights.
    That’s about the ratio you can expect to protect you when the SHITF.
    If you’re not prepared to protect yourself, you’re not ready for the future.

  92. Milton Mann says:

    I think civil war is in the offing. Our opttions, kill and be killed.

  93. It would be nice (and could make obamas kind think twice) to have Village type militia groups headed up by retired or ex militarys to head them up using their own experiences to work and even fight in the defense of their own neighbor hoods as a first line against such invasions, Each person would furnish their own weapons,and ammo, and be instructed in they type and use of the weapon. The ex military could furnish a lot of help this way, fighters, medics , meal suppliers etc.Sound fantastic? Sure but soi dose the “invasion” you speak of. Its a matter of being prepared to take care of whatGod gave us for our labors .There are some groups already founded and they have war games at times , Thats agood place to start. Thamks Mr. Morris

  94. John Varner says:

    Nice article for selling your stuff. The big but and if is rightly that if Americans don’t start organizing and take their government back, they all belong in FEMA camps anyway.

  95. OutlawCajun says:

    Only the willing can be taken.
    Only the willing can be disarmend.

  96. Sue the Frugal Survivalist says:

    A foreign invader would have a pretty rough time in California. Especially if they interferred with illegal drug sales. The gangs in this state are well-armed and organized. They’ve been out smarting the police for decades. I think they would fight hard against invaders to protect their business interests. Might make a good movie.

    • Al Sieber says:

      They’ll probably use the gangs to take away our firearms like in the banned book “The Turner Diaries”.

  97. Deathtotraitors says:

    My generation of boomers, for the most part, have been patriots, have matured in their old age, and are willing to go down to the grave to ward off an external attempt to take our guns and liberties. That being said, however, when the ‘unrighteous’ rule the land, no matter what religion, there is neither safety nor protection from on high. Look at Israel’s history and see what happens when a ‘righteous’ nation turns to all forms of idolatry and gives their children up by murder and allows the the heathen to run things. Our founding fathers knew that America would only survive if she remained a ‘God’ fearing nation and placed their lives on the line to make that a reality. Freedom comes at the cost of blood. We will have to step up.

  98. Upto this week I would have agreed on low probability. However with politicians, openly remarking on suspension of elections, in order to stabalize the country, I would now say High Probability. What would trigger it? Perhaps an economic collapse, or food distribution riots, or the un deciding to enforce it’s treaty on gun bans, that congress will not ratify. I do not know what is coming, but I do know it will be rough, real rough. I am preparing for all my predictable scenarios, as quickly, and quietly as possible. I am praying that I will prepare in vain.

  99. I believe that anyone who looks back at history and TRULY UNDERSTANDS EVIL has no problem believing that the “Powers that Be” will stop at LITERALLY NOTHING to subdue the people of this earth and make slaves out of them; Otherwise, why do they want to “number” us, (which the Bible calls a sin), and track us, and continually make new “laws” and “rules” which they expect US, but not themselves, to follow, (because, as everyone knows, “they” are “above the so called “laws” that “they” make for “us”)? The most prominent trait of Satan is arrogance. These people truly believe that ONLY THEY are capable of running the world “correctly,” and that everyone else MUST conform to their views. WE MUST conform because we are “incompetent,” and thus it’s for “our own good.” After all, in the minds of the evil ones, the “ends justify the means.” If you just look around, you can already see signs of HORRIBLE police, judicial, and governmental abuse of the people EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK! Yes, I believe that, just like in Nazi Germany, they will round up “dissenters,” because they do not want anyone who DIS-agrees with their sick philosophy passing their views, like freedom and true justice, (which are “poisonous” in their minds), on to other people. They want total and complete control over every human being on the earth. As Forrest Gump might say, Evil is as Evil does. Many people just cannot conceive of an Evil like FEMA camps happening in the United States. The Jews in Germany could not conceive of it either. They just kept burying their heads in the sand and convincing themselves that what WAS happening right before their own eyes just could not be happening in their beloved country – but it WAS happening and it DID happen. All I can say is prepare the best you can and leave the rest to God, because this thing is MUCH, MUCH bigger than we are, and is FAR beyond the control of any of us to escape without divine intervention on our behalf. Perhaps that is why it is called “The Beast.”
    As for the FEMA Camps, I believe they will first try to put as many people as possible out of work. They will then lose their homes, and then get to the point where they cannot afford food to feed themselves and their children. Then, MANY people will not only “VOLUNTEER” to go to the camps, but will probably be “begging” to go, because they will BELIEVE they have no other choice, (Oh ye of little faith). It is much easier to enslave people if you can get them to “voluntarily” become enslaved. Then they will come after the rest of us. Like one of Obama’s “friends” said, “At first we will ‘nudge’ them, and if that doesn’t work, there’s always the barrel of a gun.” Again, “Evil is as evil does.” The agenda of the “Progressives” is to bring the great US to its knees to make it “even” with the “not so great” other countries of the world, and then they will be able to implement in earnest their life’s dream of a one world government where they will rule the world as tyrants under a one world, worse than Communist, government. I do NOT believe we will be ruled by Islam, but we will be under a tyranny much worse than either Islam or Communism, because the Bible speaks of the revived “Holy Roman Empire,” not revived “Islam.” The Communists and the Muslims are now “working together” for a common purpose – to subdue the rest of the world, but eventually, as always happens when two evils work together, one must necessarily overtake the other. When the Communists are finished using the Muslims for their purposes, then they will turn on them and they will win and this Communism will morph into something that NOBODY can even imagine. Satan will run this world for a while through the Anti Christ & the False Prophet, but one day they will both be cast ALIVE into the Lake of Fire – then shortly thereafter, during the Millenium, we will finally be able to rest.

  100. Conspiracy theories abound, but don’t let worrying about the “big picture” keep you from being prepared for regular ol’ everyday disasters like blizzards, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, etc. They happen ‘way more frequently than government treachery of the scale talked about above. In fact, the existence of FEMA camps has yet to be proven beyond LInda Thompson’s money-making videos that take advantage of victim mentality and fears of monsters under the bed. Just get ready for the things we KNOW will happen and don’t worry about the rest; if the government ever decided to wage war on any segment of US Citizens, they’d have a hard time getting the military to cooperate, and a harder time getting another country to invade for such a criminal and unConstitutional purpose. If they did get the US Military to wage war on citizens, the approximately 50 million* hunters and shooters wouldn’t be enough to win or last for long anyway, so don’t worry about what you can’t control or possibly win. Ditto the confiscation issue: Try to outsmart them if you can, but don’t think you can beat them; you can’t, unless you are wiling to sacrifice your lives: Remember Ruby Ridge?
    *Source: American Rifleman (NRA), October 2011 issue

  101. I have a question. I currently live in Utah and the government is building a billion dollar NSA facility near by at the National Guard Camp Williams complex. In and of itself does not necessarily mean anything but this type of intelligence complex is something that would normally be built on the east coast for logistical reasons. This state did not vote for Obama and there is no reason the federal government would be doing us any favors in putting it here. To add to the creepy hot breath I am already feeling on the back of my neck, Camp Williams just announced their brand new ammunition warehouse. In the past they had to procure ammunition on an as needed basis. Why would Camp Williams need to be battle ready? Am I just being paranoid or does this combination of events, that being the ability to know every phone conversation, everything I do on the internet, and respond with violent force, reveal preparations for something more sinister? Oh, and you can add to the military activity that Camp Wiliams is the neighbor of Dugway proving grounds (bombing range) so there are armed aircraft flying overhead all the time. This might make some people feel more secure but it makes me uneasy.

  102. Carolyn Watson says:

    David 169
    Never under estimate the stupidity of Govt. Maybe there is something in the works to weaken us first if not kill us before troops come in.
    Govt. is stockpiling MRES food and water for many people, for years and taking it to Denver bunkers (so I’ve read).

  103. To: B Lee
    The name of the former wrestler and gov was Jesse Ventura. I think he was gov of Minnesota. Not sure. Don’t know anything about what happenend to the tv show.

  104. I have to agree with the consesus opinion that such a scenario is more than likely to happen. I have taken some measures to be sure I have the ability to bug out wtshtf with enough supplies to last me for a while. I have the fortune to live in a largely rural area off the beaten track so I’m sure that I will know about crap happening before it gets close to me. I believe that the confiscations and round-ups are most likely to start in the larger cities first due to the fact that that is where the largest riots and other problems will begin. I am also realistic enough to know that it won’t end there. If we are facing foreign “troops” or jihadists ( a very real possibility) I will do everything in my power to take as many as possible with me. I would rather die a free man than live as a slave. The one thing that we all need to do is find as many like minded individuals as we can and band together so that when it does happen we at least have a small army at our side. After all there is strength in numbers – and there are many millions of us in this country who believe in the rights and strength given to us by our constitution. Isolationism doesn’t work on a national level and it certainly doesn’t work on a personal level. While it is true that you don’t want to advertise to the world that you are prepared and have this much of this or that we do need to band together as much as possible if we are going to survive in the long run.

  105. With the Iranians sailing to Cuba, the threat of an EMP strike, I think, concerns me more than anything.

  106. Good article. From what I hear, there are already UN troops being trained all over this country. I was told by some people whom I trust there were 600,000 being trained in Nampa, Idaho. However I have no first hand knowledge of it. I agree our military and law enforcement would not likely take part in such a martial law situation, especially if it comes about due to our corrupt federal government. I truley believe under the current admin, this is a highly possible event and the only possible defense option for Americans, would be if our law enforcement and military stood by the rest of us.

  107. I’ve heard forever that foreign soldiers are here on US soil. The thing that seems to worry me the most however currently outside of a natural disaster is the fact that we are selling land to the chinese, even here in Idaho. thenewamerican.com/usnews/politics/7797-idaho-governor-selling-his-state-to-the-chinese or the fact that even the europeans are laughing at us for selling the land to the chinese. www.eutimes.net/2011/06/china-wants-to-build-a-50-square-mile-city-in-the-us/comment-page-1/ so for all intents and purposes invasions won’t be necessary they will already be here, and they can do whatever they want. What better place to hide weapons than in a fertilizer plant. I agree there are lots of things to consider, and I do believe the FEMA camps are legit and you will see one day Americans detained in them, but not me or my family. God Bless those that are prepared.

  108. My Dad and I have always talked about “give away” weapons and it is nice to see our speculating affirmed by your article. Of all the preparations made for times like these, I think the most important is just thinking through the different scenarios. If/when this happens, you don’t want to have to start trying to figure out what you are going to do. If you have already read articles like this and made conscious decisions about your actions, your mind will be able to default to your plan and not get bogged down by the stress of the situation. Great article. Please keep them coming.

  109. I believe we have more to fear from our own government or domestic entities than from a foreign power. They have demonstrated that abuse of power is what they are good at, especially in the last few years.

    I appreciate the manner in which you voiced this topic. You are right that there are far more productive preparations and focuses to occupy our time.

  110. John Ritter says:

    Lets think about this for a minute. There are over 350,000,000 million Americans atleast, compared to any occupying force of lets say, 500,000 troops(foreign), How does such a small number control so many people? The answer is they can’t occupy us or go door to door on all of us, the word would go out, like Paul Revere, that they are coming to get our guns and wives and children. There are enough firearms to almost put a weapon in everybody’s hand. Some would argue, “Well the military has force multipliers( such as; artillery, bombers, guided missiles etc) and we wouldn’t stand up to a conventional force.” True, if we fight them in a conventional way, we would lose. Iraq has taught us this lesson, that you can go toe to toe with an occupying force and possible defeat them. I don’t believe they( our Enemys, both foreign and domestic) will attack us conventionally. Its suicide. I do believe they will use subversion, clandestine, secret societies, and secret agendas to name a few to slowly bring in a new form of government. Its been happening for decades or even for a century. We are getting less and less free with each passing decade. I remember growing up and listening to my elders, how America was different and more free than it is today for them back then, but my freedhom is much different than theirs’, I’m a little less free without nowing it, and so on and so forth with the next generation. Eventually we become socialistic indeed. Its like the proverbial frog being thrown into a pot of boiling water it jumps out right! ( thats what a occupation would be like or door to door would be like- americans would not put up with that), but put the frog in a pot of water and slowly raise the temperature the frog ends up excepting the temperature change and slowly he cooks to death without escaping the pot! Likewise, with each passing generation those that would seek to detroy the constitution and our way of life will continue to slowly cook up the laws and regulation and making our freedhoms illegal. God Bless all of us and may he come quickly!

  111. Which states have passed these laws baring confiscation?

  112. @David – I don’t consider it much less improbable that an occupying force, whether internal or external, would materialize in the event of a catastrophic collapse of any kind, than the collapse itself. I also don’t have your faith in police and military forces that you do, as, though I have not ever done anything illegal short of minor traffic infractions, I have personally had several non-encouraging encounters with the legal system that have left me feeling raped by the system. I have also observed egotistical LEOs behaving like criminals on too numerous occasions to count, including personally and via media (eg: “COPS” shows and you-tube videos). In my opinion, it seems to be a 50/50 chance you encounter a good cop or a bad one. I’m guessing it’s about the same in the military, as human nature says that not all would be in it for altruistic reasons.

    So reason brings me to the conclusion that IF there is a major social collapse that occurs in our country, it is likely that the powers that be would be nearly the same here as they would be anywhere else on the planet…maybe a bit better because of our cultural history, but then again that has been taking a work-over based on leftists occupying much of our educational system since before the 60’s, and because of the country allowing a huge influx of foreigners (who don’t share our values) to immigrate both “legally” and illegally since the 80’s. And then again, human nature is human nature, and there are always those who seem to want to take and use power over others if given the chance.

    So, in a nutshell, I think we definitely have to be prepared for the worst. I see surviving the situation of occupation the same as you. The only alternative, other than the few you presented, would be to proactively (ie: ahead of time) set up a resistance plan with freedom-loving people such as you seem to be surrounded by (or more likely surround yourself by), and practice your plan as a military or militia operation would. The downside to this is being identified, targeted and/or infiltrated by existing anti-freedom organizations and personnel such as federal, state and local law enforcement that interprets freedom lovers as a threat. We’ve all observed statements by the current administrations Justice Department and DHS personnel, as well as the existence of secretive “Fusion Centers” run by the DOJ/DHS/FBI that have been training state and local LEOs with the same sort of propaganda. Unbelievably they get their training programs from the leftist “Southern Poverty Law Center.” So this is not in the “imaginary / paranoia / conspiracy theorist” realm. It can be verified by these department’s own documents and via footage that patriotic first responders have filmed in the course of taking said “classes” and such.

    In summary, I guess I’m a lot more skeptical than you are, David. But I believe that the skepticism is based on reality, from my own personal experience, as well as thorough and objective research I’ve done for my own enlightenment on the subject. I think it is important to assess the situation realistically. Out of my own concern, I’ve tried to do that, and I’ve kept my eyes and ears alert about this subject for many years, and seen the real threat grow over those years. Unfortunately, as you’ve stated, there are limited actions an individual can take to protect oneself in a “situation,” and given the nature of said situation, there is really nothing one can do to preserve the freedoms we know and enjoy today, short of coordinated counter-resistance and ultimately counter-offensive.operations. That is why I suggest we should form a peacetime, nationwide militia that is setup to protect our national freedoms. It would naturally need to include and work with existing LEOs and military, and have a component that would partner with same to try to work against the propagandized re-education that is currently going on to pit our LEO agencies against patriotic Americans. It would have to operate fully transparently to counter any perception of being some kind of radicalized “whacko” militia movement, though as we see from accusations against the Tea Party, there leftists will still be their dastardly selves. Actually, much of the membership of such a militia would come from the Tea Party rank and file.
    Anyway, something like this is the only measure I can think of, short of the invention of some sort of super defensive weapon out of a sci-fi movie. 🙂

  113. Let them come I will just leave this earth a little sooner but so will some of them.

  114. Darrell Lynch says:

    I like this article, as I do all of yours. Many of these scenes could happen, although, like you, I don’t see it, at this point. But, I’m not foolishly thinking “no way”, either, so we’re preparing as much as time and money will allow. ( which, being retired, on a very small social security income, is painfully slow. ) Having been into living history and experimental Archeology for over 30 years, wilderness survival comes easy, even at my & my wife’s ages. My advice? Invest in a good bow, with as many quality arrows as you can. It’s quiet, and a good broadhead will pierce even hard body armour. It’s slow, but very effective, with a good hit. Also very easy to hide, especially if you live near woods. Second, get a good quality hatchet and knife, and learn how to use them, for survival or defense. Look at every aspect. Bug out? Stay in place? Depends on the scenario. But look at all the options you can.

  115. Steve Veritas says:

    Conspiracy Theory.
    Supposedly out for a third season Jesse said a few days ago again.

  116. Steve Veritas says:

    The reality is that this is possible and has been the plan for many years.
    Conplan, REX 84 et alia etc. How assurance do you have that you will be kept alive ? What assurance that a vaccine your given (not by choice) isn’t a time bomb ready to kill etc.
    The other part that is rarely discussed or know is that the Chineses/Russians are already in on it and know it as well. They have population problems as well. With over 7 billion people lots of work to do….

    I know the following to be fact. That Senators don’t like to admit that FEMA Camps exist. That can’t be good. I know we have done it in the past, which can’t be good either.
    There is an overpopulation problem & this is THEIR solution to that problem. Long term plans are to Chip/RF Transponder in EVERY human w/ E Money used instead of bills. The theory is less crime against persons (i.e. robbery, assaults etc.) less Police needed, turn a person transponder off so they can’t buy food, goods etc. They are off the grid so to speak and then hunt them down via Cell Phone or Transponder signal to Satellite. Whether you believe this or not is irrelevant, as the technology is here and already developed.

    One thing I do know is that most of you will be amazed at the chages coming and most in disbelief etc.


  117. I think what you mentioned about foreign ownership in this country is more a reality for them imposing their will upon us. The Chinese are purchasing oil wells in Texas and have negotiated a deal with Boise Idaho for a 50 square mile area for their manufacturing plants. Not to mention areas of Detroit and other places in the country that have enacted Shiria law in their neighborhoods. Yes it’s true the police look the other way due to their strict control of their culture in those neighborhoods. So there certainly is possibility there. Also remember the DNR can search your home and property already without a permit.

  118. I have heard about FEMA camps for the last 3 years. However, nobody has ever been able to give me a location of one. If I knew where there was one it would be easy enough to Google Map or fly over and photograph. If they exist they would be another federal government program that is a waste of money.
    There is a possibility that US troops or police could make a few weapons pick ups in our country but the populus would quickly organize to put an end to it. As far as foreign troops on US soil it would be open season with no quarter. After the buying spree caused by Obama it is estimated the US civilian population possesses 100 million battle worthy rifles and adequate ammunition for them. We own almost ever WW2 weapon. The US has over 5 million competition shooters. Nobody with any sense would even consider a hostile takeover.

    • 5 million against the Chinese is a drop in the bucket. For that matter 400 million against the Chinese is a drop in the bucket. But then again, Gideon and his 300 men beat the 135,000 Midianites with God behind them…

      • Agree! God is in control. We MUST LISTEN. He gave the marching orders. We are to prepare, not sit sleepily waiting for someone to fight our battles for us. Look in the Book of Judges (chapter 4, verses 4-end) when Deborah the prophetess heard from God and called for Barak to obey God and fight an impossible battle. His reply to God was (v.15) “Oh my Lord, how can I save Isael? Indeed my clan is the weakest in Manasseh, and I am the least in my father’s house.” He was fearful, but with her leading, he complied. God delivered them victory, but in the hands of a handmaiden. No matter, the battle was won The point is we must fight on our knees in prayer, then go forth as directed in obedience to God. He will deliver us from our enemies! We are a people of peace. God is our deliverer.

    • Did you read about all the M-1’s being returned by Korea that Obama ordered dumped at sea? Did you read he wants to up the taxes on ammo by 500%?

  119. Never mind “foreign forces” in the strictest sense of the term. Law enforcement in any extreme situation takes on the “us” versus “them” connotation for the sake of their survival! WE become “them!” the “brotherhood of blue,” will act at the basest level of the senior officer’s (on the scene) moral demeanor… Please reference “Katrina” for historical precedent! My confidence to expect surviving whatever unfolds at that fateful moment would be to INSURE my absence upon the anticipated
    arrival of ANY enforcement personell. Human nature is like water… It always seeks the lowest level when faced with a life threatening event. The true, fruit-bearing, devout Christian is sometimes the exception, sometimes! Holders of political, humanistic definitions of “ChrIstian” need not argue the point; I won’t be listening.

  120. There used to be a tv show hosted by that former wrestler and govenor (of Texas) Jesse somedthing that showed FEMA camps and other things the government doesn’t want us to know about but suddenly it wasn’t on any more. Does anyone know if it is but I am missing it. I am thinking the government stepped in and made it stop. Plese let me know. Thanks

    • Jesse Ventura is an ex-governor of Wisconsin, I think, not Texas. He is an ex-wrestler and ex- Navy Seal. He has left the US and currently resides in Baja Mexico because of all the threats to his life.

    • Carolyn Watson says:

      B. Lee,
      I saw it too. The man was Jesse Vanturis (sp) You might be able to find it on Prison Planet .

    • The name of the man is Jesse Ventura, he was the governor of Minnesota and he was a wrestler that went by the name of “The Body”. I think he bought into the conspiracy theory stuff a bit too much. I think he still is on the air somewhere.

    • Hi B Lee:

      Like you, I have watched the TV show ‘Conspiricy Theory’ hosted by Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura, former governor of Minnasota, I belive. The show covered the FEMA Camps showing that the barbed wire was pointed in, not out, to keep the people in, not intruders out. An interview with the keepers of the camp was not allowed.

      The TV show aired other issues that were also controversial and pretty scarry. The program has since been discontinued. They brought it back for a while, but it is no longer on. I enjoyed watching the program, and believe that Jesse Ventura was sincere about the information being presented. Like you, I think the government stepped in and had the show banned. Go figure.

  121. samnjoeysgrama says:

    An EMP would knock out all or most of our electronics. The US military is really dependent on technology. It wouldn’t hurt the electronics of any new machines (tanks, airplanes, etc) that come on the scene AFTER the EMP. So if you want to hear some scary scenarios, talk to some active duty military. They have been briefed on post-EMP dangers. I don’t really fear our military as much as I do invaders or some “special government police force” that has been purged of those nasty individuals who actually take and keep an oath to uphold the Constitution. I don’t know how much danger we are in, but the possibilities are terrifying.
    If you haven’t seen the technology dependence of the military, watch this. Cool, but is it EMP proof? Hope so.

    • Read an outstanding novel titled Lights Out by David Crawford. It is fiction, but the possibilities and the effects of an EMP are truley Scary.

  122. I have subscribed to both your Survive in Place and the 40 Days and Nights training. I am not as far along on preparing as I should be. We are in our mid 60’s and the thought of “bugging out” – carrying heavy packs – things like that are beyond our physical ability to do. We can, however, prepare for surviving in place and getting out by car if possible. I am thinking and making plans and purchases to that end.

    Like others – I think it is entirely possible that we could see a government takeover – look at all the pushing going on now to see what we are willing to accept – the UN Small Arms Treaty that Hillary and O are pushing – the recent proposal to “suspend elections” – the purposeful use of labor unions, especially SEIU, to create situations of violence and the use of force.

    My primary concerns are (1) weather related – we are in a severe drought here in Texas with no end in sight. We are also subject to hurricanes and tornados – and now wildfires. (2) Civil unrest – if (probably when) the economy fails we will have riots like Greece and England. Does anyone really think that all the gangs, etc. in every city in the nation, will not take to the streets when the government checks stop? A British author used the term “feral humans.” Don’t think they don’t exist here.

    Water is my main concern. I can get the food packs, the knives, etc. I probably need more in the way of firepower. I am working on the medical kits, cording, knives, cooking, water purification, etc. Water storage – how to get enough to last. How to transport if necessary.

    One thought I have that no one has mentioned – that I have seen – if you are thinking about using sling shots or guns, etc. – practice now, practice often, become proficient.

    • David in Texas,

      Purchase some five gallon buckets and at least six 30-50 gallon wheeled trash barrels w/lids (the black one’s at Walmart). Place all of them, if possible, just below the roof end of any structures, you own, that have no gutters to collect rain water. Even though we’ve had drought in Texas, there has been an occassional shower from time to time. Re-direct the corner gutter pipes into the trash barrels everytime it rains and you’ll have plenty of water available. I use the smaller five gallon buckets for water transport from one barrel to another to maintain a level balance between the barrels. Once the barrels are filled, move them to a shady area and keep the lids on. I suggest you either obtain one of those Katydid water filter systems or have regular Bleach on hand for quick consumption. Otherwise boil the water before drinking it.

  123. Because I am “a potential domestic terrorist”, a tittle tagged on me and many others by the current abomination, I am astonished to find I am not currently on the “no fly list”. I observed, studied and perused the gun confiscations that took place in New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina, in addition to other violations of the 1st & 2d amendments taking place on a daily basis.

    Because of my curiosity about the US/Mexican border, I took a trip to AZ to see for myself, shortly after Agent Terry was killed. In conclusion, you can believe everything FOX News Nat Geo, and Ollie North reports, it’s real!

    In preparation for what I fear is about to happen, either just before or just after the coming election, I have decided I will go down fighting rather endure the probable end I think they have in store for people of my ilk.

    It has been reported that there is a very large military force some 300 miles south of the US/Mex. border made up of troops from China. I have read reports, but have no concrete information personally. It is very possibly true.

    I am not going to disclose what I have done in preparation for the EOTWAWKI. And I suggest everyone else do the same.

    Personally, I think everything that has happened since Ruby Ridge, Waco, Murah, and the border problems, voting interference, and operation “Gun Runner” have been with the intention to piss off as many true Americans as possible, so that we will rise up against the government in revolution or civil war. Thus giving the proponents of “One World Government” and those that wish to limit the world population the opportunity to strike here on our soil with UN troops & all those implements at their disposal. I don’t think it will be troops from China, because they are not proponents of OWG. I just know the first Blue Beret or Blue Helmet I see will be delt with in my own way.

    In closing, it comes down to GOD’s Will as to what is going to bring about the end times. However, I don’t recall HIM telling us not to resist. Liberty or Death!!!

  124. I appreciate your detailed description of these matters. I know very little about guns but have watched the videos on Youtube about the FEMA camps. I was terrified and almost in a panic when I thought of my grandchildren and my children. Thank you for putting some doubt to the stories. I don’t know if these places exist either but it helps to think maybe they don’t. Afterall, what can we do about it if they do? God is in control, all we can do is try to vote out the evil that has taken us by the throat. If Americans really believed there were death camps in America they would be rioting.

    • Carolyn Watson says:

      Carrie, some know it and others refuse to believe it. We’ve had freedom so long that people just refuse to believe anything could change our life. There’s no hope in mankind and it’s proven everyday. Most have sold their soul to the devil all for the love of money and I remind them-“there’s no shopping malls in Hell so why are they selling out?” I think we’re nearing the Midnight hour on God’s time clock (watch Israel and what’s happening) and some of the people are just like they were in Noah’s Day. Well some of the people bought in to the Hope and Change but had no idea what was planned . We promote immorality and call good evil good and good evil. Sing of the end times too.

    • I’m sure they are probably afraid to. They’d likely be the first to have a free “tour” of the places they are rioting against.

  125. Have you shared in the past where some good “bug out” locations might be, in case of populas round up?

  126. I have seen pictures of the “FEMA Camps” only problem is that the barbed wire is set up to keep people out not keep people in. These are storage areas that allow people who don’t prep to get free food from Uncle Sam after (whatever) takes place….if you think we are going to be occupied by UN troops just exactly how they gonna get here?

    • The Fema Camps you saw were the storage areas for the coffins and materials that those troops will need. As for the UN troops they are already here they are at diffrent camps traing according to the treaties that were signed during the Clinton Gore days as a rouse to fool those that ask how will they get here. If you remember Gore spent a lot of time in China and Asia,they received a lot of campaign money from Chinese Monks for their campaign,when those that asked about it it was covered up and never followed up on. Katrina was just a dry run to see what people would do if they came into confinscated their weapons This has been going on since the Korean war for their New World Order both sides are in on the push to take our freedoms

  127. Back around 1998 I read an article & saw pictures of a base in Texas that was completely occupied by the German Air Force. even the street signs were in German. No doubt it is still there. Also ,Russian Speznaz troops have been coming into Alaska as civilians.
    Be prepared for anything. Control of some our National parks has already turned over to the UN by some of our traitorous politicians

  128. I’ve been researching this for some time now, (FEMA camps, etc.). There is a going to be a time in the not to distant future when its going to get real bad. They will come for you, they will come for your weapons. The Global elite think there are too many of us, there is an ongoing plan of eugenics. If you don’t think they will turn the military on us think again. They know who will follow their orders and who will not. I believe we are at a point of no return. I believe in every word of the Bible. satan’s (small s intentional) plan is in full swing. Our Government has given themselves over to seducing spirits. Our only hope is in Jesus Christ…….Be prepared its going to be a bumpy ride….Thank-you David for all your hard work and God Bless

    • Carolyn Watson says:

      You are so right. We are seeing the puzzle come together for what was predicted in the End Times. We have to fight against the evils but remember- God is still in control and He is who we have to depend on. When God says “Enough” it;s over.
      God bless you!

  129. I have your “Survive in Place Course” and would think that any foreign troops, of any stripe, would be considered fair game. The hunters in just Wisconsin & Michigan alone make up the 8th largest army in the world. The Japanese in WWII didn’t try to invade the West Coast when they could have easily done so because they knew there would be someone with a gun “behind every bush” and that is equally true today even though we have a lot more lilly livered people today than during our fathers & grandfathers generations. Hopefully, it won’t be necessary, but, we all need to have the mind set to take as many as possible with us & don’t sell yourself cheaply.

    • Look what has happened in Detroit. The place is a disaster area & war zone. If you think so highly of the 8th largest army why haven’t they fixed the problem like the folks in Wichita, KS did?

    • Amen! Walt We got your back in Missouri if and when it comes to that! I suggest everyone have a long range .308, mid range carbine, and of course infra-red night scopes and a quality tactical handgun such as a Glock 22 or better yet G-20. Spend a week unattended in your own back yard and you’ll soon discover what items to put in a “bugout bag” to get you through. I think we need to come up with a form of communication other than the internet, though. These things sound “hairbrained” to some at this time. The key phrase is “at this time”. The more that those of us who will stand are prepared, the less likely we’ll be called upon. Bill

  130. Makes you think…..and develope a plan or plans.

  131. Eileen is SO right on the money, They are not just already here, they have been here for quit awhile and have been getting the people to depend more on the govenment all the time, The more people depend on gov. the more Control the gov. has over the people!!!

  132. Youre article is spot on. WillmAmerican soldiers and police shoot and roundup their fathers , mothers brothers sisters ?that question is moot.

    However the US under Bush and Canadian PM Stephan Harper in 2010 have signed a treaty to allow each others troops access to each others countries in time of civil strife,which means Canadian troops will come in and shoot American citizens and round them up or American troops will come into Canada and shoot Canadians and round them up with little fear of interacting with their own citizens , or relatives.

    Seems the policiams KNOW whats coming so they have laid all their cards on the table.

    • Unfortunately, the triangular intelligence/military swap between the US, Canada, and England isn’t new. I first learned about it 12 years ago and it seemed like I was late to the party when I found out back then.

    • Carolyn Watson says:

      With the NA Union planned, there will be no borders and every Tom, Dick and Harry can come in. You can see why they aren’t concerned about protecting our borders as by merging us with Canada and Mexico, there will be no borders and the Constitution will be null and void. This will be the North American Unio similar to the European Union. The treasonous leaders have something panned as they are stockpiling MRES food, water etc. for many people and years. WHY? My Congressman still hasn’t answered what this is that is being sprayed all over the globe. It’s believed to be toxins that will destroy our water an soil.It’s Military planes or drones but it leaves 2 trails that don’t dissipate. They fly making x patters across the sky and when they finally start to clear, it looks like strange clouds. Something is in the works and we have a big disadvantage for the fact, Media is controlled so all will not know what’s happening at the same time and we know there is strength in numbers so they have that taken care of.

  133. Daryl Neergaard says:

    I have come up with what I think is a reliable indicator of whether someone who speaks of these things (government subversion of the people) is telling the truth.
    If the person consistently talks about such things to a wide audience and is afterwards persecuted or eliminated, that person is telling the truth.
    If someone says such things and seems to be immune from such retribution, he is either not telling the truth or has been planted to spread fear, to paralyze people into inaction.

  134. I think if there were no foreign forces in the U.S. that 9/11 would not have happened. They had inside help is my thought. I imagine there always have been foreign forces in the U.S. and always will be.

    As far as taking people to Fema camps, isn’t that pretty much what Hitler did with Jewish and Polish people? Who’s to say it can’t happen here? It’s not just Americans in America now – it’s people from every country……….

    What events would need to happen to trigger it? It’s already happening. Food shortage is a fear that is already spreading……………..starting with our right to grow our own food and eat what we want.

    Confiscation of our right to choose, and our right to protect ourselves.

    • Carolyn Watson says:

      Kathy, I think like you do and I have seen Linda Thompson’s tape showing FEMA camps here in U.S. Think Obama is pushing everybody’s button to provoke us to violence so we can be put under Martial Law. I don’t think he can win another election and that boy has no intentions of leaving. Kissinger and the Establishment had a plan when they helped put him in office. Rigged polls and all else that is corrupt. The plan was to dismantle the Country and destroy our freedoms through unconstitutional laws and control of our resources–Cap and Trade (Energy), water and food. Coming out with GMO food that are unsafe and when you control the 3, you can control the people. As you said, with food shortages, we can see the same happening as has happened in other countries. It’s no accident what’s happening; it’s part of the plan to bring us to our knees and become dependent on Govt.
      I’ve read that Obama already has foreign troops her and when he was campaigning he mention about having a standing army within just as the other Military we have now.
      We’ve seen Union thugs attacking people at the Tea Party rallies. No accident, it was planned and Americans have been more than tolerant as we know they hope to incite riots so he can bring in his Martial Law. Now I just read where MN. is honoring Sharia Law. Is all of Congress sleeping or just too cowardly to deal with this. Personally, I now see our Govt. as the enemy of the people as all are trampling the Constitution and
      acting as if there is no Rule of Law. Both are what has given us the freedoms and liberties we have and they are being destroyed. In MN. they Muslims refuse to assimilate to our Laws and people at the airport can’t get a cab if they have any alcohol with them, no leader dogs allowed with the blind person, etc. And according to the article, Muslim women working as cashiers at Target refuse to touch Bacon or any kind of Pork so Target re-positioned them in other areas so as to honor that. Now is Target going to honor Sharia Law?
      Maybe the issues and suffering we now are facing is God warning us and bringing us to our knees to know it is Him of who we have to depend. If we don’t wake up and turn back to Him and His Commandments, the suffering will increase and possible just totally destroy our country. God has extended time to others when they repented and turned from their wickedness. Will America see where we have lost our way? Congress is a Law unto itself and they will be dealt with but present time, they don’t fear God– they think it’s all about them. Sorry for being so long winded here but consider it short as I can rant and rave forever about what I see happening and it’s guaranteed to get worse.Even worse is those who have their head in the sand and think it can’t happen here. Freedom is free and neither is it guaranteed. We have not been the Watchman on the wall and now look at the mess we are facing. History repeats itself and we never learn. Of course we have the revisionist re doing the books so that the younger generation will not know History.
      Keep the Faith and Pray.
      2nd Chronicles 7:14 is our only Hope.

      • Awesome post, Carolyn. I agree with you completely!

        • Carolyn, you have hit the nail on the head. I dont live in the USA, I am on the other side of the world in New Zealand and my heart goes out to all of you. My prayer is that more of you there will have this awareness, and we all just need to pray for your country. If only the people would repent……God is bigger than all of this.
          And I dont think you are long winded 🙂

      • @Caroline.

        Very much wisdom in this paragraph! We must take action to prepare. Heirloom seeds and faith.

    • I believe the FEMA camps already exist. I’ve done a lot of research on this topic and I have to make a trip every 3 months to Tinker Airforce Base in OK.City for my wifes med prescriptions. I have (while touring the base) seen some installations that match descriptions of what I have researched. The installations appear to be faily new construction but no activity within.
      So far as forigein troops being involved I do believe there will be some involvement of them, however, I do not believe they will appear as forigein troops but will be disguised as local police authorities (deputy sheriff, state FBI,etc). I believe one of the possible scenerios to triger such an invasion will be brought about by nation-wide martial law as society starts to break down similar to Greece and other forigein countries. I do believe that the U.S. will see economic break-downs in just about every catagory and bring about lawlessness all over. Even if the is a turn-around in our government I personally believe there is too much corruption already in DC to bring our country back. The way this country is linked to worldwide economics and the coming UN mandates (which I think is enedible, because I do believe that the world is heading on a non-reversible OWG).
      Our Constitution is under attack from every angle and I don’t believe there is enough initative from government and many American people to stop its eventual demise.
      So far as our own military involvement I am not sure what kind of role it will have if any. I do know that as a soilder they are trained to obey orders from thier superiors. To use thier own judgement (as a group) in such a scenerio is something we will just have to wait and see but even if the military plays no part there is no reason for me to believe that thier assistance would be needed.
      I believe gun confiscation will be performed on local levels and this would happen so fast without warning (no news announcements except to law enforcement) that a lot of fear and confussion would be name of the game. Any kind of refusal from individuals would result of thier arrest and would be taken to local jails until arrangements made to be moved to encampments.
      This country has had an invasion of corruption in our society to the point that it is in every major avenue of our lives and too many people do not recognize it as such. As we look around us is it not evident that so many people can’t see what is happening or simply just dose’nt care so long as the government promises to take care of them. This is not to speak of all the ones that feel they cannot do anything about the situation even if they wanted to. There is a lot of people out there that feel helpless and are unprepared. There are a lot of us that do see the potential threats that lie ahead of us but the ratio is what bothers me. I do believe that history dose repeats itself but I just hope that it isn’t about to happen to this country. Nations fall because of corruption and our country shouldn’t expect that it is immune. We have more now than ever before especially since we have turned our backs on God in our country and he is left out of nearly every aspect of our lives now. When we as a people turn our backs on God he will surely turn his back on us just like history has proven. God is the only answer to turning this country back around. Not man and his survival plans. However, I do believe that God intends for his people to plan and brace himself for the things coming upon this world. I believe that he has given us the vision to know and plan for the hard times ahead before his return. God helps them that try to help themself with the knowledge and tools he has gracefully given us. Just like the man who awaited for his rescue from the housetop in the flood who God sent the helicopter but the man was too blind see.
      Or, just like Noah who built the ark and other such stories God gave us to learn from.

  135. I think that we would hear about “them” rounding people up to send to FEMA camps ahead of time so I could bug out. I think we will see infrigement of media rights, confiscation of weapons and things like that, before we see FEMA camps. If I’m the first one to get my weapons confiscated, then I’ll tell all my friends, so they can tell others and hide their weapons. Odds are that I won’t be the first, but I think we should see plenty of real signs ahead of time to act accordingly (not the tin foil hat stuff).

  136. Since reading the book,One Minute After, I have been haunted by these type of thoughts, not so much for my generation, but for my childrens and grandchildren’s. I believe it will be another country, like China, who is just waiting and watching for the chance, the USA has everything they want and need. I just pray we get our act together in this country before it is too late. As a Bible believer, there is no mention of any country like the USA in the end times.

    • Disagree about endtimes mention of US. I really believe that the Great Harlot is us, our dollar, and international banking. We are at looking at the 4 horsemen. We are here, but I hope we are just irrelevant and outside the Anti-Christ and his economis slavery. Hopefully, we Christians will be in revival while we are rebuilding and waiting our Lord’s return

      God Bless

    • John Ritter says:

      Slyvia- read Daneil it talks about a Anglo Saxon World Empire- First it was ruled by the English, but they share power with the United States. It uses symbology, but we are that seventh world power. An 8th world power tries to emerge(U.N.), but won’t succeed because they attack Jehovah’s people.

    • Oh yes there is! There is a list of countries that will survive “end times”. As i recall there are 7-8 of them, and while the U.S.A. is not mentioned by name, it leaves little doubt that we do survive. Israel and those that side with Israel will survive. Sorry I can’t give the details in detail (?), BUT I do recall the outcome, and we do survive.

    • sylvia,
      What do you mean there is no mention of a country like the USA in the end times? Thank you for some insight here;o) Semper Fi

  137. They are here already.

  138. Cant happen here? Ask the Japanese. Americans fdr said constitution be dammed!

  139. The only way I see foreign troops in the US is if the progressives get their way and the sheeples allow them to opt in to UN or some other world control and under the name of Uni-National police state emerge. I think the chance of that occurring is very very low since I do have faith in the population to wake up and smell the coffee before it gets to that point.

    I also believe that local and state police as well a National Guard troops would do as they pledge to defend the Constitution and refuse to follow illegal laws the feds impose. Granted, some heavily controlled liberal states would have a different scenario.

    • Wake up and smell the coffee. I have a document that on 9 December 1945, the de facto “government of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” (the pretend government that is actually a for profit corporation) was turned over to the United Nations. This “government” has always denied the constitution and stepped all over it. DO NOT be surprised. What a shame. Let’s go back to the Constitution FOR the REPUBLIC of the united States of America, (1787-1791 ORIGINAL) the (real) de jure Country.

      What a shame that the supposed “oath of office” of government employees seem to mean NOTHING.

    • rogers daughter says:

      Obama has implemented many programs of the UN through his Rural Council…enacting policies that are part of the UN Agenda 21 goals. It is here in the EPA, laws on private property, transportation, farmlands and much more….I’ve asked the candidates where they stand on Agenda 21 and so far only Newt Gingrich has answered. He said he would cut federal funds for Agenda 21 if elected…he is against it. So, I want to hear how the others feel…our freedoms are being taken from us and we aren’t even aware.

    • Look up Northern Command in Bing or Google. I believe it was back in the last decade, maybe around 2002, that the then Commander of NorthCom and the military commander of the Canadian Armed Forces vowed to assist each other’s country, if needed, to support actions during civil unrest. When you access information about Northern Command, you will also find that part of Nothcom’s mission is to support Homeland Security in the US, but all US interest and including Mexico. Surely there is an agreement with the Mexican Armed Forces to assist the US Armed Forces during large scale civil unrest, if called upon.

  140. A foreign force on our soil would be a loseing situation for them. Unless our Government castorated us before they couldn’t possibly take this country. Sure there would be casualties but not near as much as theres.

    Because of above comment I do believe it is very unlikely at least in my lifetime.

    All points you made seems like common sense to me but there are probably some out there who read your article that don’t have a clue. Especially the part about guns to give up willingly and bugging out before it gets to that. Good article.

  141. CLAYTON DOWNS says:


  142. Like your article. I know anything can happen with the government we have now.I have set up a place that my wife and I can bug out too. Have bug out bag ready with what we will need.I only pray to god that it never comes to that.As far as Martial Law being called. I think if it will happen it will come in the yr. 2012. Again time for a change and more getting back to the way our country was and God back in our schools and less tree huggers. Stay safe and be prepared the worse is yet to come. God Bless

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